Of Mice And Men Theme Essay English Literature Essay

In John Steinbeck ‘s novel Of Mice and Men there are a batch of subjects. The subjects consist of friendly relationship, solitariness, favoritism and dreams. All of these subjects are of import, and play huge function in the result at the terminal. The major subject is that friends stick together ; unconditionally ; this is demonstrated through Lennie and George ‘s actions in Weed, in the bunk house, and in the wake of Curly ‘s married woman ‘s decease.

One illustration of true friends lodging together is exemplified when George stays with Lennie after Lennie ‘s actions in Weed. George said “ An ‘ you ai n’t gon na make no bad things like you did in Weed ( 7 ) . ” This suggests George truly cares about Lennie, and he does n’t desire him to make anything that will acquire him in problem. George said “ we run, they was looking for us, but they did n’t catch us ( 7 ) . ” This illustration shows George truly cares about Lennie because if they were excessively get caught he would hold besides gotten in problem for assisting him flight. Slim asked if Lennie had hurt the miss at all George said, “ Hell no, he merely scared her I ‘d be scared excessively if he grabbed me. But he ne’er hurt her. He jus ‘ wanted to touch that ruddy frock, like he wants to pet them whelp all clip ( 42 ) . ” This suggests George is protecting Lennie, and his actions. This statement besides implies, even though George cries at Lennie for his actions he knows Lennie does

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non make it on intent, and it is non his mistake. Another illustration is when George said, “ The cats at Weed start a party out to lynch Lennie. So we sit in an irrigation ditch underwater all the remainder of that twenty-four hours. An ‘ that dark we scrammed out at that place ( 42 ) . ” This illustration suggests George truly cared about Lennie, he cares so much that he lays in a ditch with his face out merely for about a twenty-four hours. All of these illustrations show friends lodging together, through difficult times.

Another illustration of true friends lodging together is exemplified when George supports Lennie with his action in the bunk house. An illustration is when George said “ Oh! I ai n’t stating he ‘s bright. He ai n’t. But I say he ‘s a God darn good worker. He can set up a four hundred lb bale ( 22 ) . ” This suggests George wants Lennie to acquire the occupation and to remain with him. George knows Lennie does n’t grok a batch of information and ends up making the incorrect thing. Another illustration is when the foreman said, “ Well, I ne’er seen one cat take so much problem for another cat. I like to cognize what your involvement is ( 22 ) . ” This implies George truly cares about Lennie, and other people recognize the problem he is taking. When Curly slugged Lennie in his face and Lennie does n’t make anything so, George said “ Get him Lennie, Do n’t allow him make it. ” When Lennie took Curly ‘s manus off from his face and looked about for George. Curly had slashed at Lennie ‘s oculus and his face was covered with blood. George yelled at Lennie “ I said acquire him ( 63 ) . ” Both of these illustrations suggest George does n’t desire Lennie to acquire crush up and he instead acquire in problem and lose his occupation. All of this illustrations indicate the friendly relationship of Lennie and George is unconditioned.

The last illustration of true friends lodging together is demonstrated with George ‘s actions and Lennie ‘s ideas after the decease of Curly ‘s married woman. Lennie does n’t understand everything and forgets everything. After killing Curly ‘s married woman, Lennie thinks about George, and how he will experience.

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Lennie said “ George gon na give me hell ” “ George gon na wish he was entirely an ‘ non hold me botherin ‘ him ( 100 ) . ” This shows Lennie cares about George and understands George does a batch for him. Another illustration is, when Lennie said to himself “ I can travel right away there an ‘ find a cave ” he says and continued unhappily “ -an ne’er have no catsup but I wo n’t care. If George do n’t desire me I ‘ll travel off. I ‘ll travel off ( 100 ) . ” George kills Lennie so he could decease peacefully and non be tortured before he was killed. When they asked George where he believe Lennie might hold gone George said “ He would of went South ” “ We come from the North so he would hold went south ( 97 ) . ” George lied to protect Lennie even though he did cognize where Lennie went and he besides knew if they found out George had lied he would hold been in a batch of problem. Curly had said “ I’am gon na hit the backbones outa the large asshole myself, even if I merely got one manus I ‘m gon na ‘im ( 98 ) . ” If George had non shot Lennie, Curly would hold tortured him before he killed him. But George killed Lennie while he was basking the narrative George was stating him. Therefore, there was unconditioned friendly relationship exhibited after the decease of Curly ‘s married woman.

The subject of true friends lodging together lodging together unconditionally is illustrated through the actions of George and Lennie in Weed, the bunk house and after the decease of Curly ‘s married woman. True friends sticks with you no affair what, this is precisely what George did, and it is an of import subject of the novel. Subject is the thoughts a fresh focal points on, Of Mice and Men has a batch of subjects that make it the narrative it is. By and large, subject is an of import portion of a novel to do the narrative advancement.

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