Organisational structure of St Davids foundation

St David ‘s foundation was started i the twelvemonth 1979 by Heulwen Egerton a nurse coach at the Newport royal Gwent infirmary. It was started in the name of “ Gwent Hospice Project Group ” . The major purpose of the charity is to supply and go on the alleviative attention service which is free and comprehensive. They take attention of the people and their households who have the life endangering unwellness which does n’t hold remedy for their unwellness ; this can be done in cooperation with other bureaus. It was started with the six patients ; it has grown to hold more than 2600 patients with over 200 voluntaries, and became the UK ‘s largest hospice attention at place attention. Its major portion of fund coming from the retail stores, it has 30 retail stores around the South Wales, because the service costs norm of ?4.6million for every twelvemonth. In which I have chosen one of the retail store in stow hill, Newport for my research to analyse the assorted operations of the charity.

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St David ‘s foundation has a really good organisational construction with Dr. Roy Lurvey as a president responsible for each and every operation of the charity, and besides they formed a squad of managers to keep the activities of the charity. Mrs. Emma Saysell as a manager of nursing and besides keeping the place of main executive of the charity responsible for


Chief executive/ Director of fund-raising Director of operations

Director of nursing & A ; lottery

( Mrs. Emma Saysell ) ( Kris Broome ) ( Adrian Hadley )

Senior Manager Senior nurses

( Gill Tanner ) ( Karen Hughes )

( Joanne Smith )

Fig ( 1.1 )

Pull offing the Hospice attention of charity and besides she is accountable officer of the charity maintain the records and study to the board of legal guardians. Mr. Kris Broome as a manager of fundraising and lottery responsible for the direction of fund-raising activities of the charity by making more ways for raising the financess like carry oning the running race, lottery, making some shows, retail stores. Mr. Adrian Hadley as a manager of operation responsible for pull offing the activities of each and every section of the charity. Gill Tanner as a senior responsible for all our 2-day hospices, resource centres and our household support services. Senior Nurses, Karen Hughes and Joanne Smith responsible for the squad of clinical nurses and comprehensive nursing unit.

Board of Trustees:


( Malgwyn Davies )

Vice Chairman

( Mr Simon Boyle )


( Mr Bernard Kutner )

( Board of Directors )

Mr. Ian Mrs. Judith Mrs. Penny Dr. Chris Mr. Michel Dr. John Mr. Denis Mr. Peter

Burge Child Davies Gaffney Hine Holland Jessopp Kirk

Mr. Jim Mrs. Margaret Mrs. Pat Dr. Anne Lt. Col David

Thompson Van de Weyer White Evans Evans

Fig ( 1.2 )

Malgwyn Davies as a president of legal guardian responsible for pull offing the financess and maintain the records of the charity with a squad of board contains 13 members. Mr. Simon Boyle as a frailty president working for forming the fundraising activities on all around the Wales with a financial officer will keep the records of the financess.


( St David ‘s foundation hospice attention, 220 stow hill, Newport )


( Alyson Morgan )


( Bernadette Day )


Fig ( 1.3 )

The St David ‘s Hospice store in Stow Hill has a little organisational construction with a director Alyson Morgan responsible for the full activity of the store. They have about 20 voluntaries who are working for no rewards. They will keep the warehouse of the store and helps in presenting and picking the merchandises. A nomadic director ( Bernadette Day ) is at that place to counterbalance the absence of the directors in the Newport stores.


Operation procedure of the organisation can be analyzed by utilizing

different methods from which I have chosen Total Quality Management and its tool for analysing the jobs of the organisation.


For analysing the public presentation of the store I used five constructs such as quality, velocity, flexibleness, dependableness, and cost. Based on these five constructs we can analyse the public presentation of the store.

Quality: Quality of the service is “ Making the Thingss Right ” . The Quality of service is good, staffs are gracious really friendly and helpful. They will take attention of each and every client separately. Most of the people coming to the charity are aged people so they will take care really efficaciously.

Speed: velocity is “ DOING Thing FAST ” . The clip taken for functioning the client is really efficient when they have more clients in their store. As mentioned earlier their most of the clients are aged people so they will take clip to function for their clients.

Flexibility: Flexibility is “ CHANGING WHAT YOU DO ” . Since their motivation is to function the people they will be really flexible to the people. They will take attention of the aged people by traveling to their place and being with them and taking attention of them.

Dependability: Dependability is “ BEING ON TIME ” . The organisation is wholly relied on the contributions from the people and the sponsorship from the companies they will gain the financess from their givers invariably so they can able to make the things on clip.

Cost: Cost is “ DOING THINGS CHEAPLY ” . The entire organisation is cost optimized because they need to work with the small financess. They must cognize how to optimise the disbursals and the service cost.


Entire Quality Management is known as the

‘Fitness for usage ‘ .


Entire quality direction is the procedure of taking attention of full activity of the organisation such as service, productiveness, and direction to full make full the demands of the client. To analyse the construct of TQM I took a new theoretical account for TQM with four Ps and three Cs. These four Ps Planning, Performance, People, Process will organize a difficult direction necessity to take attention of organisation. However the other three Cs Culture, Communication, Commitment will give the complete construction to the organisation.


Planning: It is the procedure of making the lineation of the procedure and doing a design for the procedure to make the end of the organisation. This will incorporate all the inside informations about the resources, quality planning, determinations, and blessings.

Performance: This procedure will hold predefined inside informations which contain the public presentation steps of the organisation and they need to keep on this aims. This can be done by making the ego appraisal scrutinizing reappraisal and bench marker.

Procedure: It is the major portion in the organisation because in this portion merely they will put to death the procedure and they will make the design and redesign of the maps of the each and every procedure.

Peoples: people are the major factor because all the things done in TQM is to fulfill the people and see all the demands of the client.


Culture: Culture is the procedure in which the organisation must see the cultural activities of the clients based on their part from where they belongs to.

Communication: There must be a proper communicating between the clients and the organisation to keep the smooth relationship. And besides it must be clear and simple to understand by everyone.

Committedness: committedness is the cardinal quality of the organisation based on this lone people will judge the organisation behaviour and they will believe the word and confidence they give for the clients.


TQM has many tools to analyse the jobs in which I chosen the fish bone diagram to explicate the cause and consequence of the jobs. Fish bone diagram is most normally utilizing tool for analysing the causes and effects of the job.

This consists of a center bone which is the major jobs of the organisation and the subdivision castanetss will explicate about the causes and effects of the job, i.e, upper subdivision will explicate about the cause of the job and the lower subdivision will explicate about the effects of the job. And there will besides be some bomber subdivisions which besides explains about the minor causes from the major cause of the job.

PARETO Analysis:

Harmonizing to Nigel Slack, 2007 ; Pareto analysis is a method of explicating the fury of the causes and the scope of the effects largely normally they uses 80/20 analysis which means 20 % of something will give 80 % of something else.

Pareto analysis can be explained by utilizing the Pareto Diagram which explains about the causes and frequence of the causes with a graph, which has x-axis as causes and Y-axis as frequence.



City saloon & A ; CCTV No non plenty

Center Hangouts Cam Awareness Shops

Transportation system

Public houses


Un established


Closed Drunken Little Not Lack of

Roadss Peoples Theft Recognized Fund

For analysing the jobs of the charity I have taken the “ Fish Bone ” diagram as analytical tool to explicate the cause and effects of the job. Form my research I found some job in the charity and store and besides I analyzed the cause and effects of the job. Some of the jobs are.

Transportation system: St David ‘s foundation store in stow hill faces a job of transit because it locates on the metropolis centre, so in extremum hours the roads may be closed so clients ca n’t park the vehicle in forepart of the store and it is hard for the store to lade the deliverable goods to the vehicle.

Public houses: There are many saloons and haunts are at that place around the store so it is

hard for the clients to see the store on a regular basis. And besides there might be some opportunities for damaging the store by the bibulous people.

Larcenies: Since it is a little store there will non be many workers for this store and moreover it does n’t hold the CCTV camera for the security and besides it ‘s a charity store largely old people will be at that place, so it is easy to steal things form the store.

No Awareness: There is no much consciousness about the charity so people will non cognize about the charity much ; due to this they ca n’t acquire more contributions from the people.

Not Enough Shops: The major portion of the income comes from the retail stores ; since they have 30 stores around the Wales it will non be really sufficient for running the charity.

Pareto Analysiss:

A Pareto analysis is the procedure of comparing the causes and the frequence of the cause. For the charity which I have taken for analyses have the frequence of the cause happening that can be explained by the Pareto analysis diagram.

From this diagram we can place the job which is high and which is low in figure and besides which they are often confronting.

Transportation system is the major job they are confronting in the store so they ca n’t present the good in clip and besides they ca n’t pick up the donating goods from the clients and so pubs around the metropolis centre, which affects the store security so that there may be some possibility for harm for the store. Third financess for the charity, since they did n’t hold shops around the UK they are up to Wales so they ca n’t acquire the fund from other resorts. Then there is no much advertizement about the charity so that people did n’t hold the cognition about the charity and besides there are some small larcenies in the store due to the crowd and some people in the store for long clip.

Basic Research of the charity:

The cardinal research I have taken on this charity is the job analysis. For my research I had an interview with the store director ( Alyson Morgan ) to discourse the jobs they are confronting in their store by the milieus and the direction.


From my probe I found that the charity has wholly two hospices for taking attention of the malignant neoplastic disease patients and the patients with unwellness who is enduring to take their life. They have about 260 nurses as a squad to take attention of the patients and besides they will travel to their place to take attention of the patients. And besides they have on call service, NVQ instruction as a free service, household support, the particular service of the charity is Bereavement attention for the people who lost their household member.

St David ‘s foundation has wholly 30 retail stores in which I have chosen the store in stow hill for my research, this store is 15 old ages old and has some valuable client and their sponsorship. The shops major merchandise is furniture ‘s and the apparels and they besides had some place ornament merchandises. All the things they are selling got as a contribution from the client and so, they renovating the things every bit much as they possible for selling. The store acquiring the apparels from the people as a contribution by direct or the people of the store go to the place for roll uping them so they steam the apparels to doing it suited for selling. When I enquired about the best selling merchandise of the store? They replied that the best merchandising merchandise is furniture ‘s and the house ornament merchandises and so apparels. They are acquiring financess from the caput office they are non making any fund elevation activities for the store it all taken attention by the higher direction.

The major income for the charity is from the retail stores and the lottery service. The lottery service is available in all the retail stores of the charity and each lottery cost a lb from which they have 34 lucky victors will acquire the award sum runing from 1500 to 10 this is besides a fund elevation activity which give a sufficient sum for the charity. There are some regular givers are at that place for the charity willing to donate on a regular basis they will pay by direct debit from their bank. Then the store has 20 voluntaries who are working for the store for free of rewards as a service, they are working in displacement mode and making all the occupations in the charity. They are bear downing 12.5 as a bringing charge for presenting the good to the clients home as a fund elevation and the cost for transit and moreover transit for this store is hard because it is located in the metropolis centre.

Analysis and recommendation:

From the probe of the charity and the store I have analyzed the jobs and found some solutions for the jobs by utilizing the TQM. Since it is an old charity they are utilizing the processs and some regulations as they had in the old some things need to be changed in order to better the criterion of the charity.

TQM attack:

As a charity it should keep some quality criterions to prolong. So I am analysing the charity and their store by utilizing the TQM attack. I used the new TQM theoretical account with 4Ps and 3Cs to analyse the job and I have some points for bettering the operational procedure of the charity.

Planning: The charity should be after each and every procedure about the fund elevation activities and do n’t dump twenty-four hours and besides they need some advertizement about the procedure for that they should do some proper planning where and all they should publicize and how it will make the people.

Performance: At the clip they are good in public presentation of the staffs but the things they do takes some clip because they have merely less figure of staffs and they are working in full clip and besides they voluntaries to work for counterbalance the staffs.

Procedure: The procedure of the charity is uninterrupted and they need to function for the people and they must be flexible to the clients so necessitate some alterations in the procedure ever to do a good relation with the clients.

Peoples: As a charity they are wholly relay on the people because they are working for them and they wholly depend on them in each and every facets from contribution to clients.

Culture: As a charity they must hold a good civilization with the patients and the clients coming to the store they should be polite and really helpful to them.

Communication: The communicating must be good in order to pull the people and it must be merely and easy to understand and besides they need to develop the manner of advertisement by increasing the events by the charity, so that they can make the people easy.

Committedness: As a charity they should hold the committedness to make the occupation they must be really witting and committed in the occupation which they have taken particularly voluntary who are working for the charity must hold the committedness for their work so that the work will acquire the fulfilment.


If possible charity should concentrate on spread outing the stores all around the UK.

They should set up the charity store where there is more infinite and adequate parking installation.

They should increase their advertisement programs and executing.

They must increase the scope of merchandises they are selling in the store.


In my point of position and my research and analysis St David ‘s foundation Hospice attention is concentrating more on the hospice section to service for the people. To run the charity in successful mode they are making some fundraising activities and they are besides they are gaining invariably from the retail stores and besides they have some jobs I have give some suggestions to rectify the jobs and besides for their betterment.

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