Paper On Good Man Is Hard To Find English Literature Essay

Flannery O’Connor was put in the class of being a southern author. Most of her narratives were written in a southern Gothic manner which is composing that focuses on unusual events, bizarre characters, and local colour to make a Moody and unsettling word picture of life in the American South. In one of her most celebrated short narratives “ A Good Man is Difficult to Find ” she depicts these features to make a narrative were she uses symbolism and sarcasm to reflect on her southern life style and how she grew up. She grew up with two Roman Catholic parents and at the age of 15 she lost her male parent to lupus. “ O’Connor ever saw herself as composing from an explicitly Christian point of position. ” holding with Ann D. Garbett ‘s point of position, in O’Connor ‘s short narrative “ A Good Man is Difficult to Find ” the misfit speaks about how he does n’t cognize for certain whether Jesus truly raised the dead. He uses this as an alibi non to experience bad about killing people. The grandma tells him he is a good adult male seeking to halt him from killing her but alternatively enrages him even more.

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O ‘ Connor started out composing newspaper articles, she was ever an devouring author since childhood. She went on to foster her surveies in Iowa at the University of Iowa ‘s author ‘s workshop. She started printing her ain narratives at the age of 20 one. When she was twenty five she was diagnosed with lupus. This had an impact on her authorship because she left were she was populating to travel and populate with her female parent. She feared she had 3 more old ages to populate like her male parent: “ Violence is frequently an component in O’Connor ‘s narratives ; in fact, she one time said that her ain religion made her witting of the changeless presence of decease in the universe, and her unwellness must hold had the same consequence. ” She continued composing exhaustively and her dealing with the disease at the same clip may hold had an impact of the deceases in the narrative. When O’Connor moved back place to her dairy farm she raised and tended a assortment of birds and kept up a complicated regimen of interventions for her lupus she was interested because as a kid she attended parochial school and early developed an involvement in domestic birds and domestic fowl, which she recalled to in her ulterior Hagiographas.

Symbolism is when the writer uses an object or mention to add deeper significance to a narrative. Symbolism in literature can be elusive or obvious, used meagerly or heavy-handedly. An writer may repeatedly utilize the same object to convey deeper significance or may utilize fluctuations of the same object to make an overarching temper or feeling. O’Connor includes several symbols in “ A Good Man Is Difficult to Find. ” For illustration, skies and conditions are ever symbolic to O’Connor, and she frequently uses such descriptions to uncover a character ‘s province of head. The skies at the terminal of the narrative is unclouded and clear, which means the grandma died with a clear vision of her topographic point in the universe. Besides the grandma ‘s chapeau, which she wears to allow everyone cognize that she is a lady. It represents her ill-conceived moral codification. When the grandma prepares for the auto trip with the household, she dresses up to be prepared for a auto accident so that anyone seeing her dead organic structure would cognize that she ‘d been a lady.Another signifier of symbolism is the old house the grandma wanted her expansive childs to travel see. What the old house represented is that the grandma desiring to populate in the yesteryear, and she besides believes that the people were much better than they are today. However the expansive female parent told her boy that the house was in Georgia, but the whole clip the old house was in Tennessee. It ‘s a realisation that symbolizes that one ‘s perceptual experience of the yesteryear is frequently distorted. This focal point on a distorted yesteryear leads the household straight to their ruin ; they have been sidetracked by a past that did non be.

Irony is a literary device that is used to leave that things are non what they seem ; the simple significances of the narrative ‘s words betray an thought that is really contrary to what has been stated. There are three types of sarcasm. Verbal sarcasm is when an writer says one thing and means something else. Dramatic sarcasm is when an audience perceives something that a character in the literature does non cognize. Irony of state of affairs is a disagreement between the expected consequence and existent consequences.

Flannery O’Connor uses sarcasm as a chief map to state the narrative. Irony occurs with the grandma ‘s confidence that she does non desire to travel to Florida where the misfit is heading. I would n’t take my kids in any way with a condemnable like that a loose in ” . The grandma is one time once more the 1 that leads her household to being killed. After the grandma convinces the household to travel see an old house and so subsequently realizes that she is in the incorrect province seting her household in danger. When they got in to a auto accident in Tennessee that ‘s when the grandma found out it was the misfits they got into a auto accident with. The verbal sarcasm is that after the auto accident June Star got out and said, “ But cipher ‘s killed. If the grandma pretended she did non acknowledge the misfits she could hold saved her household from being killed. “ But it would hold been better for all you, lady, if you had n’t of recognized me ” , that ‘s what the misfits had said. A Good Man is non shown good by outward visual aspect, linguistic communication, thought, but by a life full of good actions, that what the grandma failed to recognize. When the misfits were killing her household she asked the misfit would her kill a lady and he said no. we know that the misfit merely goes by one lesson which is beastliness and he follows it all the manner. Unlike the grandma she proves to be flimsy and inconsistent. The grandma has built her moral codification on the features that she believes make people “ good. Despite her professed love for Christian piousness, she herself is unable to pray when she finds herself in a crisis and even begins to oppugn the power and deity of Jesus. The dramatic sarcasm is that the grandma thinks that the adult male is non traveling to kill her but the audience all ready know she ‘s traveling to decease.

“ In contrast to her fundamentally satiric position of human characters, O’Connor ‘s physical descriptions of people and landscapes are frequently serious, dramatic, and weighted with symbolism. ” Her background and life style had an impact on her Hagiographas and her success.

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