Pel Company History

Pak Elektron was setup in 1956 as a Public Limited Company with the object of ab initio bring forthing transformers, switchgears, and electric motors. AEG experts and PEL forces carried out the designing and production of this equipment jointly.

After the decision of joint venture understanding with AEG Saigol Group acquired the PEL COMPANY in October 1978. The company floated its portions to the general populace and was listed on Karachi Stock Exchange ( KSE ) and Lahore Stock Exchange ( LSE ) .

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In 1980, Appliances Division was established and in 1981 its starts the production of Window Type Air Conditioners with the proficient coaction of General Corporation of Japan. This air conditioner was good received in the market for its quality. Subsequently in 1987 the production of Refrigerators and Deep Freezers was started.

In 1993 the company has started the assembly of Compressors for Refrigerators and Deep Deep-freezes under proficient coaction with Messrs. NECCHI COMPRESSORI of Italy.

It was in early seventies that PEL became known in abroad markets due to its quality. The company started its export to states like Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar etc. Subsequently on PEL supplied electrical equipments to assorted other states in the Middle East, Far East and Africa with great success.

1.2 Vision

“ To supplying technology goods and services through uninterrupted betterment ”

1.3 Mission Statement

“ To supply quality merchandises & A ; services to the complete satisfaction of our clients and maximise returns for all stakeholders through optimum usage of resources, To concentrate on personal development of our employees to run into future challenges, To advance good administration, corporate values and a safe working environment with a strong sense of societal duty ”

Chapter NO 2

Business Operations

This chapter has been divided in five subdivision, Section one described the merchandise in which PEL trade. In 2nd subdivision concern operation analysis are given. In subdivision 3rd SWOT analysis is given. In 4th subdivision hereafter scheme is given. In 5th subdivision competitory analysis is given.

2.1 Organizational Structure

2.1 Division of PEL

There are two division of PEL:

Power Division

Appliances Division

This division is comprised for four sections.

2.1.1 Power Division

The most powerful gross bring forthing concern unit of PAK Elektron, produces Transformers, Switchgears and Energy Meters for the public sector such as KESC Karachi Electric Supply Corporation, LESCO and PESCO. They provide these three merchandises:

Production Transformers

Production Switchgears

Production Energy Meters

During the twelvemonth 2006, PEL retained its market leading in the Power Equipment market, increasing its market portion from 33 % in 2005 to 36 % in 2006 in the switchgear market and besides maintained portion of 35 % in 2006 as good in the energy metres market. PEL ‘s leading in the Power Equipment market is mostly due to its strong Research and Development cognition and high merchandise quality. Production Transformers

PEL has huge experience in design and fabrication of criterion and particular intent transformers up to 33kV and up to 6000kVA evaluations.

PEL ‘s transformers have been successfully type tested for Impulse electromotive force and short circuit trials at KEMA, ( Holland ) , HV & A ; SC Lab, Rawat ( Pakistan ) , NIP ( Pakistan ) and UET ( Pakistan ) . Production Energy Meters

Another successful and most powerful section of power division is its energy metre production section that manufactures Electro-mechanical Energy Meters under licence from ABB-USA.The quality of PEL metres has been certified by KEMA Laboratories ( Holland ) and conforms to IEC 521, SGS Yarsley, and U.K, has certified PEL Energy Meter works for ISO 9002.

Following types of metres are manufactured:

Electro mechanical

Single stage

Three phase_ Direct connected


Single Phase

Three Phase Directed connected Production Switchgears

Switchgears are one of the extremely proficient and specialised power merchandises of PEL. They are produced for indoor and out-of-door installings following with international installing criterions. A major client for this merchandise is WAPDA. The Company provides one twelvemonth after gross revenues service guarantee to WAPDA, KESC and other clients. In Switchgear, PEL enjoys market portion of 33 % while rivals are Alstom, Siemens and Fico. Power Transformers

Owing to massive growing in power sector, demand for power transformers is besides turning proportionally for all evaluations from 66KV to500 KV. PEL has stepped into this activity by get downing the fabrication of 132 KV transformers, being the most demanded evaluation, and for these intents has formed a schemes partnership by subscribing the two understandings. Based on the demand prognosis of Power Transformers for WAPDA, KESC and other undertakings, PEL ‘s market portion is ab initio targeted to be 20 % , turning in five old ages.

2.1.2 Appliances Division

The Appliances Division of PEL is the pioneer maker of electrical goods in Pakistan. The Division ‘s merchandise portfolio comprises of air-conditioners, iceboxs, telecastings, microwave ovens, and split air-conditions. PEL is one of the three taking participants in the place contraptions market.

The Company is engaged in the fabrication and/or selling of the undermentioned place contraptions.

The Company ‘s Appliances Division contributed significantly to its gross revenues in 2005-06. The chief grounds for this growing are increase in market sizes along with PEL ‘s strong trade name image accompanied with its extended franchise web spread countrywide with over one 1000 mercantile establishments and an after gross revenues service web with over 100 workshops.

Another major ground for the increasing growing in the place contraptions market is the easy handiness of consumer funding at lower involvement rates. PEL itself is involved in selling its merchandises through a selling wing for gross revenues against consumer funding.

Handiness of Chinese merchandises at really competitory monetary values has non proven to be that large a menace to the local industry. This is because of the improved quality of the local merchandises and cost efficiencies due to economic systems in merchandise and natural stuff purchases therefore doing the local merchandises competitory with the Chinese imports.

In 2005-06, the Appliances Division contributed about 53 % to the Company ‘s gross revenues whereas the Power Division made up the staying 47 % . Refrigerators and Split air conditioners were the chief beginning of gross in the Appliances Division, whereas transformers and energy metres are the chief gross drivers in the Power Division.

The Appliance Division accounted for 44 % of Net Gross saless during the twelvemonth ended June thirtieth 2007. Refrigerators and Split air conditioners were the chief beginning of gross in the Appliances. The Company is engaged in the fabrication and/or selling of the undermentioned place contraptions.

Manufacturing Trading

Refrigerators Microwave Ovens

Air Conditioners ( Split ) Conditioners ( Window )

Deep Freezer Floor Standing ACs

Generators Washing Machines

2.2 Business Process Analysis ( Industrial Analysis )

2.2.1 Transformers

PEL has huge experience in design and fabrication of criterion and particular purpose transformers. New proficient designs for improved efficiency and quality against particular orders of non-standard transformers are continuously being explored. These transformers are available for assorted applications.

– Distribution Transformers

– Car Transformers

– Furnace Transformers

– Welding Transformers

Transformers are usually supplied in a period of 3 – 4 months after the reception of orders from several distribution companies of WAPDA and varied supply clip for private clients. The Company provides one twelvemonth after gross revenues service guarantee to WAPDA, KESC and private sector clients.

2.2.2 Energy Meters

PEL industries three types of energy metres ; Single Phase and Poly Phase. The electro-mechanical energy metres are manufactured under licence from ABB of USA. The quality of PEL metres has been certified by KEMA Laboratories of Holland. PEL metres are superior than others due to their ability to lower gross losingss through accurate & A ; precise operation and decrease of care disbursals.

Single Phase energy metres provide maintenance-free operations over a long period and accurate measuring of electrical energy.

Poly Phase energy metres improve burden public presentation and preciseness truth. The metres require minimal care and can defy maltreatment from rushs and magnetic meddling.

Three stage digital electronic metre with double duty capableness late launched and supplies to WAPDA has begun this twelvemonth.

Energy metre orders from WAPDA are received yearly and their supply period is 9 -10 months. Energy metres to KESC are supplied in a period of 3 – 4 months. The Company provides one twelvemonth after gross revenues service guarantee to WAPDA, KESC and Others.

2.2.3 Switchgears

Switchgears are one of the extremely proficient and specialised power merchandises of PEL. They are produced for indoor and out-of-door installings following with international installing criterions. A major client for this merchandise is WAPDA. The Company provides one twelvemonth after gross revenues service guarantee to WAPDA, KESC and other clients.

2.2.4 Refrigerators

PEL Refrigerators were introduced in 1987 with characteristics such as VCM ( Vinyl Coated Metal ) coating ; fashionable coating and car drain systems. PEL iceboxs carry compressor made by Danfoss of Germany.

The low noise compressor is highly soundless and keeps the icebox running swimmingly. Furthermore, the compressor is resilient to fluctuations in electromotive force degree, thereby turn outing to be a more lasting merchandise.

PEL is actively involved in the fabrication and trading of iceboxs, which is a major beginning of consistent growing. The iceboxs concern contributes to 48 % of the Company ‘s gross revenues and this tendency is expected continue in old ages to come ( which is reflected in the figures for 2005-06 in the tabular array below ) .

2.3 SWOT Analysis

2.3.1 Strengths

PEL has the undermentioned strengths and is in more competitory place in these countries than its rivals. Following are the chief strong points of PEL. Strong Brand Image

PEL has created the strong trade name image in the head of the clients through higher quality and low monetary value. The clients of the PEL ever prefer to purchase the PEL place contraptions like WRAC split AC and iceboxs whenever they wanted to purchase. Strong Dealer Network

It is besides the plus point for the PEL that it has besides developed the strong trader web in the market. The traders are ever seeking to sell the PEL contraption to the clients because they know there are high border in the PEL merchandises. They can acquire more money after selling the PEL merchandises. The direction of PEL besides provides more inducements to their traders than their rivals

2.3.1. 3 Free Customer Service

PEL provides free client service for one twelvemonth to its clients. So the clients ever buy the PEL merchandises due to its free service and it becomes loyal client for the PEL. PEL ever provides aid to their clients for repWRAC, Refrigerators and other points. PEL ever make attempts to fulfill the clients.

2.3.1. 4 M Arket Leader In WRAC ( Window Room Air Conditioner )

It is another strong point that PEL is a market leader in WRAC. The window room air conditioner is more demanded by the clients than its rival ‘s air conditioners because it has more lastingness in runing systems and cools the room in few proceedingss. PEL ever strives to supply the advanced characteristics in WRAC. PEL air conditioner is cheaper and has a higher quality than others WRAC. That ‘s why clients ever purchase the PEL window air conditioner. Leader In Power Division

In Pakistan the PEL is about leader in power division. Almost all power division are provided by PEL to wapda.

2.3.2 Failings

Overcome on these failings so it can go a market leader in the place contraption. Like other companies PEL has some failings in runing the concern. If PEL loses some competitory border in the undermentioned points: Lack Of Advertisement

PEL was a really deficiency of advertizement harmonizing to other contraptions companies. So it is a large failing of PEL. Lack Of Product Range

PEL has introduced more merchandises of consumer points but there are more demands to develop new consumer points like PEL rinsing Machines, Vacuum cleaner and other points. Due to miss of merchandise Range, Company can non gain more net income because consumers have high demand of these merchandises and they say that if company is puting in these merchandises so we can maintain all PEL points and we ne’er need to maintain other ‘s company merchandises. Financial Problems

Sometimes PEL faces the fiscal jobs because its stocks are so much piled up in the shops that create the job of hard currency flow because when the stocks are non sold and the production is in procedure for 24 hours a twenty-four hours than the company faces such jobs.

2.3.3 Opportunities

For the PEL there are more chances for enlargement the concern. If PEL realize that chances so it will be more fruitful and profitable for the company. Exploration of Market In Pakistan

PEL has the chance to research the market in all over the Pakistan. Even though PEL present its merchandises in all metropoliss of Pakistan but there are so many topographic points that have the capacity to absorb the PEL ‘s merchandises. Increase in Product Range

It is the chief chance for the PEL that it can increase its merchandise scope that will be a more profitable for the company. There are more demands to develop new consumer points like PEL rinsing Machines, Vacuum cleaner and other points. Due to miss of merchandise Range, Company can non gain more net income because consumers have high demand of these merchandises. Export Opportunity

PEL Company has besides the chance to export their merchandises in other international states like UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, and other Arabic and African states.

2.3.4 Menaces

PEL Company in such a competitory epoch has many menaces every bit good. These menaces are for the present state of affairss and hereafter. Company should do its policies and schemes harmonizing to these menaces. So following are the chief menaces for the PEL: Strong Competition

There is really strong competition for the place contraption in the market. So every company tries to come in the figure 1 place for accomplishing the maximal portions in the market. China ‘s Merchandise

China ‘s merchandises are another menace for the Pakistani companies because these merchandises are cheaper than the Pakistani merchandises. An even china merchandise non good in quality but it is relatively in low monetary values than the consumer ‘s place contraption that are manufactured by the autochthonal company. Price War

As there is stiff competition in the place contraption market that will do the monetary value war. So every company reduces the monetary values of its merchandises to increase the gross revenues. It will non merely cut down the net income border of the company but besides cut down the quality of merchandises. So monetary value war is the chief menaces for all the companies, which are runing in these merchandises. Instability Of Government

The rapid alterations in authoritiess will go menaces for the companies because every authorities adopts its ain policies for the industries. So it increases the uncertainness for the investors who want to put heavy sum in their new undertakings.

2.4 Future Scheme

A PEL is one of the most widely recognized trade names in the domestic icebox market. It is the 2nd largest local maker and one of the taking trade names. For the past four old ages the Company ‘s market portion growing averaged 2 % per annum.

A With uninterrupted attempts in R & A ; D, PEL is concentrating on quality of merchandise and cost minimisation. The Company is sing proficient coaction for value add-on through planned capital expenditures.A

Increased gross revenues of manufactured iceboxs coupled with gross revenues of split air conditioners are the major factors lending growing in the contraptions concern. Other merchandises are besides being introduced as a portion of Company ‘s scheme to broaden its merchandise scope.

A 2.5 Competitive Analysis

The monetary values are concerned PEL is bear downing sensible monetary values to its client for all of its microwaves relatively from others. Monetary values charged by National, which is a transnational house, are really higher in comparing with others because it uses particular Nipponese parts in its microwaves and ensures high quality and public presentation and merely rich category shows involvement in National Products.

Harmonizing to the retail merchant ‘s information, people are satisfied with the monetary values charged by PAK Elektron but still their penchants travel along with Dawlence microwaves because of its extremely created consciousness.

Chapter NO 3

Learning AS Student

This chapter has been divided into four subdivisions In subdivision one, I have discussed my responsibilities as a internee during internship, In the 2nd subdivision, I mentioned achievements, In the 3rd subdivision I briefed my jobs which I faced during internship and in the last and 4th subdivision I offered that how this internship experience impact on my bearer.

3.1 Learning and Duties

In finance section there are three subdivisions.

Corporate subdivision

Renting and pledge


3.1.1 Corporate Section

In corporate finance I worked in different units. First, I learned that how missive of recognition plants in PEL. L.C Section

I started working for the Letter of Credit Section. They gave me an debut and shared of import points. Mr. Asad, Senior Executive supervised me in this subdivision.

Letter of Credit: A papers issued largely by a fiscal establishment, used chiefly in trade finance, which normally provides an lasting payment project.

The missive of recognition can besides be beginning of payment for a dealing, intending that redeem the missive of recognition will pay an exporter. Letterss of recognition are used chiefly in international trade minutess of important value, for trades between a provider in one state and a client in another. In such instances the International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits applies.The parties to a missive of recognition are normally a donee who is to have the money, the publishing bank of whom the applier is a client, and the reding bank of whom the donee is a client.

There are different types of LC:

a ) L.C at Sight: In L.C at sight, Our Company opens an L.C in a bank which provides a warrant to the exporter that he will pay the due sum.

Now, the exporter takes these paperss to his bank and asks the bank to give him money so that he can get down working on the required contract. When he fulfills the contract, he goes to his bank and provides the needed paperss to turn out that he has fulfilled the contract. Now his bank sends these paperss to our bank and our bank inquire us to corroborate the lucidity of the paperss and if cleared so these paperss are called cleared paperss. Then in conclusion we will pay the bank the due sum.

B ) Usance L.C: In usance L.C the contract between the two parties require the importer to pay in a longer term e.g. 3 or 6 months after having the stuff from exporter. Our bank will pay the contract sum after the in agreement period.

degree Celsius ) INLAND LCIn land LC means LC unfastened in a same state. Guarantees

I started working on the Guarantees, Leasing, Finance against Merchandise and Cash Financing Section. They merely gave me an debut and shared of import points. Mr. Tahir Mahmood, Senior Executive supervised me in this subdivision.

Guarantees Section: Secret behind PEL ‘s success and increasing market portion is its guarantees subdivision that actively works to acquire every order either for contraptions or for power of the company by quickly take parting for the contract with the aid of Tender Bonds of Guarantees.

Types of Guarantees

Tender warrant ( Bid warrant )

Balance of payment warrant

Advance payment warrant

Performance bond warrant Long Term Loans

PEL acquired a long-run loan to finance the import of machinery. Recently PEL has purchased some machinery from China for Digital Energy Meters.

The procedure for long-run loan is explained in following.

Preparation OF Feasibility Report: Following points are considered while fixing the feasibleness study.

Fiscal Statement

Cost of the undertaking. This includes runing assets ( land, edifice, Vehicles, furniture, capital outgo and agencies of finance )

Undertaking net income and loss history

Projected statement of alterations in fiscal place.

Fiscal Analysis

Pay back period of entire investing

Ratio analysis

Breakeven analysis


Gross saless forecast statement

Entire production cost.

Working capital

Loan refund agenda

Bank Feasibility Report

Bank surveies the feasibleness study and fix study and fix its ain feasibleness study to see where it would be executable to canonic loan to company or non.

Offering the Letter: The bank, if it is satisfied with the feasibleness study so direct offering missive. It has,

Sum sanctioned

Mark up rate

Charge over fixed assets


Installment time period

Interest payment period


If company accepts the footings, it must react with this period.

Negotiation: Negotiation between bank and company takes topographic point to alter certain conditions of offer missive and it acceptable for both parties. A 2nd bill of exchange of the offer missive is prepared with alterations and marks of bank and CEO OF PAK ELEKTRON LIMITED.

Creation of Charges: A charge is created in favour of the bank to procure its loan with following paperss affidavit. It is an project by the company that will follow all conditions.

Form 10. It contains the specifics of assets against which charge is created.

All the above paperss are submitted with registrar against whom a Certificate of Registration of Mortgage is issued.

Types of charges



Pari passu

Loan Repayment Agenda: This agenda is prepared to demo the grade up principal and entire installment value for whole term of office. PRE-Shipment

Pre-shipment is the last subdivision of the finance section. The pre-shipment study may be summarized in the undermentioned 5 undertakings which are as follows:




Purchase order


3.1.2 Renting Section

This subdivision works in order to carry through the corporate production, forces and operational demands such as Machineries, Auto Mobiles and office equipments. It enters into the Buying Contracts ever with the 1 who offers best footings and conditions every bit good as the best Internal Rate of Return to the Company. Direct Renting

In instance of car Mobiles, a bank makes the wage order and gives it to the trader on the behalf of house. Firm wage the rule plus involvement in installment to bank.

PEL can make renting with AL-Baraka bank. They paid about 15 % interes on them. Indirect or Machinery Leasing

Machinery is imported from China and other states e.g. USA etc. incase of imported machinery PEL has an LC opened by peculiar bank. The LC publishing bank trades with the exporter ‘s bank and makes payment to it. In machinery covering the import section of the company is involved. Import section informs finance that they do non hold adequate financess to do a ball sum payment of machinery, and so renting installation is used. A 3rd bank called the leasing bank ( from whom PEL takes renting installation ) makes payment to publishing bank and acquires documents of the machinery. PEL so makes regular rental payments to the leasing bank and eventually acquires the documents of the machinery. Renting bank besides sends external hearers to PEL to verify whether the machinery is really of the value quoted, whether it is in proper status, lastingness of the machinery etc.

3.1.2 Working Capital Finance

This type of loan is secured against:


Hypothecation Pledge

It may be constructive or existent. Constructive pledge is that in which goods are non taken by bank instead maintain them in company ‘s good ain under its ain security.

In instance of existent pledge, bank holds the ownership of goods.

Logisticss: The logistics section comprises a portion of the finance section. It is headed by Mr. M. Hanif and farther consists of a senior histories officer, two junior executives and two comptrollers. The basic undertaking carried out by the individuals working in the logistics subdivision is:

day-to-day cheque on production

day-to-day look into on stock ( stuffs and finished goods )

commanding the production program for the hereafter

control on orders in manus

Materials imported by PEL fundamentally remains in bank detention. The bank makes payments for these stuffs to the foreign providers and releases them to PEL as per payments by them. The bank further higher mucaddam companies/clearing agents to watch over and supervise these stuffs. The stuffs are by and large store in PEL premises. Material demand for contraptions and power good fabrication are different therefore their requisition are besides different. PEL uses hard currency funding and assorted other recognition installation provided by the bank.

Natural stuffs are imported utilizing the different funding installations. Materials are so use to do finished goods. The stuffs when enter the production rhythm a term as work-in-process ( WIP ) . WIP is hypothecated and loans taken against it. Then a part of finished goods produced are farther pledged and payments for natural stuffs are made through it.

The whole process must be carried out in a timely manner with right information making at the right clip from mill to material subdivision, so that stuffs may be requested and obtained at the right clip without hold. Hypothecation Of Stock

In this the finance is given on work in process goods.

3.1.3 Budgeting Section

Geting started from the first twenty-four hours after formal debut of staff, MR. Masood Tahir, Manager Finance PEL assigned undertaking to Mr. Amer Khawaja ( Manager Budgeting ) and Sheikh Zaigham Ali ( Finance Executive ) Finance Budgeting subdivision of my supervising. Forecasting for following twelvemonth

He told me direction prepared

Gross saless program

Production program

Material purchase program

Direct labour

F.O.H ( factory operating expense )

Selling expense /administrative disbursal

Other income

Fiscal cost

Mr. Zaigham told me PEL has two Divisions

1st Power Division, which deals in the fabrication of

Distribution Transformers

Power Transformer

Power Undertaking

Electric metres

Switch cogwheels

2nd Appliances Division includes production of Refrigerators, Deep deep-freeze, Micro-wave Ovens, Splits AC.

Trading points ( Imported goods ) H2O dispensor, rinsing machine, window AC, T.V, Generator.

Gross saless Plan

Gross saless program made by marketing section for contraption and power division. Forecasting Base on last five twelvemonth gross revenues which is approved by marketing G.M.

Types of Gross saless

Export gross revenues ( Afghanistan, India )

C.M.D ( Consumer selling section e.g Govt employees )

Corporate gross revenues ( Institutional e.g infirmaries, colleges etc )

Private gross revenues ( for bankers, G.M mention 50 % price reduction )

Metro / Makro gross revenues

Production Plan

Production program made theoretical account wise for icebox, split AC, micro-cook oven and deep deep-freeze.

Material Purchase Plan

For material purchase PEL unfastened L/C.

Direct Labor:

Decide labour measure required.

Labor rate decided.

Other Income

Scrap gross revenues

B brace goods

Fiscal Cost

grade -up on adoption

demrage cost ( pay excess sum after transcending the shipment yearss )

The beginning of every twelvemonth with the aid of prognosiss and so recently throughout the twelvemonth they compare it with the existent minutess of these two divisions. I did Afterwards, he showed me the budgets of both divisions which are prepared at some monetary value and cost computations of Transformers for him and I besides did different ratio analysis based on last twelvemonth consequences. Then, I was assigned to compare the production budget of icebox subdivision of the production section with the existent consequences yet achieved which I performed and demo to him the discrepancies boulder clay day of the month.

3.2 Problems Encountered

There was no such job but at same clip it was really confusing because they largely prefer to state orally instead to practical work that make us equivocal in some mode when we want to larn more and more.

3.3 Accomplishment

we were acute to cognize about different subdivision of finance section specially in LC gap ( missive of recognition ) how to acquire loan from Bankss and why made pledges. We often analyses the Lc.

3.4 How Experience Impact On My Career

During my internship I learned batch of cognition that is helpful in my hereafter planning and future calling. I learned how to interact with senior direction and acquire their experience that is helpful in my calling. Due to my internship wont of regularity and promptness.

3.5 Knowledge Acquired

I had opportunity of geting a batch of new cognition because it was my first professional experience of working existent universe of fiscal brainstorming. It was great experience that how programs and determinations are made executed. It elaborate that how risk involve in each measure of determination devising and how expeditiously direction header up themselves with their competenciese.


In the nutshell, I want to convey some new thought that PEL should originate some societal benefit plans and seek construct their Goodwill by take parting in the society.

I found that the people while buying for a certain point take great involvement in the trade name name, quality, and characteristics. A really all right illustration is that of Dawlance. Most of the people that I had contacted gave a batch of penchant to Dawlance. Peoples have a strong religion in this trade name name, partially due to its high quality and characteristics and partially due to the trade name image that it has created during all these old ages. All the other factors like monetary value, advertizement, word of oral cavity, traders etc. do n’t hold that much importance during the purchasing procedure. PEL is non aiming through advertisement, by organizing their selling attempts, take advantage of synergism among assorted communicating tools, and develop more efficient and effectual selling communicating plans.

Even a new engineerings and formats create new ways for sellers to make consumers, they are impacting the more traditional media Television, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers are going more disconnected and reading smaller and more selective audience.

PEL is making some advertisement attempts but job is that there is no creativeness in ads. No uncertainty PEL is doing first-class merchandises, but unluckily PEL is non recognizing originative advertisement is besides of import portion of their Selling success.

Suggestions and Recommendations

The PEL must hold to use the selling schemes to pull the clients, like other organisation are making such as Dawlance, Orient etc.

Selling should be done through the cyberspace besides. More selling specialised forces should be hired

They should increase their factory country for Power Division.

PEL like other large companies should besides utilize bill-boards for advertisement intents.

1 personal computing machine and two chairs should be reserved for internees merely, in all sections so that office staff may do good usage of them and learn them their working and techniques.


Waqas, M ( 2010, 9. 10 ) . Renting and pledge. ( M Hanief, interview )

Waqas, M ( 2010, 9. 3 ) . Budgeting. ( Zaigham Ali Sheikh, interview )

Waqas, M ( 2010, 9. 19 ) leter of recognition. ( Asad Ullah, interview )

Waqas, M ( 2010, 9. 26 ) lending. ( Mr. Sohail, interview )

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