Penetration Of Mobile Phone Services In Southern India Marketing Essay

1. Introduction

Recently, in the country of telecommunication, the universe has made a immense leap peculiarly with mention to mobile phone, which showed clear cogent evidence of the progresss in telecommunication. Most people today carry nomadic phones wherever they go and research workers claim that for the sustainable development of poorer countries, the efficient agencies of communicating dramas an of import function. Harmonizing to surveies conducted late showed that in many ways, the spreading of information engineering can be good that prevent the depopulation of rural countries by making chances for occupation. Furthermore, the engineering was earlier accessible merely to urban but now this is easy accessible even people shacking in rural countries, chiefly because it required really small environing substructure compared to other communicating systems ( EPROM, 2007 ) . India with a 3rd largest telecommunication web in the universe and the 2nd largest figure of wireless connexions with about 525.65 million endorsers therefore, the market is spread outing quickly in footings of both substructure and users and besides services offered.

2. Background

In recent old ages, India has undergone rapid alterations through the rapid enlargement of nomadic engineering. Mobile phones are used by all degrees of people and had made important impact on their use. Earlier in rural countries, there was less coverage but subsequently in 2007, nomadic phones are used by more than half of small towns. However, its impact on people of India has non been studied good among research workers peculiarly among working population as most of the people in India, either freelance or works for little private companies. In India, peculiarly rural countries, in 2004 the coverage was negligible, but today mobile phones have penetrated in more than half of the small towns. The lone hi-tech equipment is the nomadic phone where people of this sector have entree to. The research worker has a personal involvement in analyzing nomadic phones use and its impact on concern since the research worker is fundamentally from concern household from India, Tamil Nadu, where the research is traveling to be conducted.

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The chief purpose of the present survey is to analyze how nomadic phone incursions have affected the little graduated table concern in southern India. To carry through the chief aims following specific aims besides have been identified.

RQ1: To research the alterations in the business communities ‘s activities

RQ2: To place the function of nomadic phone in resource alterations.

RQ3: To analyze the ways of managing resources by assorted business communities

RQ4: To understand the assorted concern schemes used by the nomadic industries to perforate in southern India ( both urban and rural )

RQ5: To explicate appropriate scheme for the nomadic industry to capture the southern Indian market.

The first, 2nd and 3rd aim will place the assorted alterations in the business communities activities by utilizing nomadic phones. An interview method will be used for this intent. The 4th aim will be carried out utilizing secondary informations beginning informations and 5th aim, based on the recommendation provided by the interviewee and research worker experience in the field will assist propose appropriate schemes for the nomadic industry to capture better market.


The research inquiries are formulated based on the aims framed above and following are the inquiries that will be addressed in this survey

1. Why business communities use nomadic phone and what they are looking for?

2. What are the alterations in the business communities ‘s activities by utilizing nomadic phones?

3. In what ways the nomadic phones have made alterations in resources?

4. What are the restrictions and barriers of utilizing nomadic phones?

4. How do business communities manage the resources?

5. What are the assorted concern schemes used by the nomadic industries to perforate or to capture the little graduated table concern market?

From the research inquiries outlined above, the research range will be broadened to reply the undermentioned research hypotheses:

H1: There is an addition usage of nomadic phones among business communities.

H2: Gross is increased due to the use of nomadic phones.

H3: Customers / providers are increased due to mobile phone use. .

H4: Mobile phones increases the communicating.

H5: Service invention is indispensable to capture Indian market.


I have given below some of the Literatures.

5.1.1Growth of Mobile concern in India

Since the 1990s, Mobile phones have begun to capture their attractive force towards the developing states. South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, two of the poorest and remotest parts of the universe have been catching up quickly in the nomadic entree ( pigato 2001 ) . Harmonizing to the study published by International telecommunication Union ( ICT ) ( 2008 ) , India became the rapid turning market with about 6 million extra Mobile phone subscriptions per month ( Rai 2006 ) and has overtaken China in footings of nomadic growing rate. Three quarters of India ‘s population will be covered by a nomadic web by the terminal of 2008 ( IndiaPR wire, 2010 ) . Since the cell phones became available in the market by 1994, the subscriptions increased at a compounded one-year growing rate of 95 % .The Number of nomadic phone users per 100 people in India increased from 0.4 in 2000 to 20 by 2007 ( ‘growth of nomadic phones ‘ , n.d ) .

Fig 2: Mobile phones growing tendency in India Source ITU free statistics )

Indian Mobile industry added 113.26 million new clients in 2008, which is largest globally. The state ‘s nomadic base has contributed near to 50 per cent growing in 2008, with an mean 9.5 million clients added every month. It is estimated that by mid of 2012, around half of the state ‘s population will have a nomadic phone separately.


By this survey, five major factors has been identified which contributes bulk to the nomadic phone subscription in India. They are listed below in item.


Population is considered as one of the major factor which contributes to the nomadic use growing in India. Population acts as a chief placeholder for the market size in the nomadic industry. We can state that the population has a important association with the nomadic phone subscription base.

5.2.2. Expansion by Service suppliers particularly in Rural India

India has an urban population of approximately 26.8 % and 70 % of the population lives in rural countries (, 2008 ) . Subscriber growing in India will go on, chiefly by rural enlargement, entry of newer operators. These shops will open up the content and applications market to merely about anyone, and drive both usage and invention, and besides make newer gross watercourses for themselves. The nomadic market in rural India has important possible with figure of endorsers anticipated to turn at a CAGR of about 32 % during 2009 to 2012. Rural India possesses tremendous potency in economic system and in human resources and recent ICT ( Information and communicating engineering ) confirms that it helps better the seasonableness and efficiency of rural operations through merchandise oriented markets.

Beginning: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI ) , (, 2008 ) .

Use of Mobile phones in Rural India

A survey on “ how their new mobility could be used to bridge the turning economic and societal digital divide between rural and urban country ” conducted by Nokia group identified seven service countries where nomadic communications can transform rural communities ( IndiaPR wire, 2010 ) .

Conveyance: A major job for little graduated table concern in rural communities is to happen cost effectual, dependable, and safe ways to transport goods and services to market as 45 per centum of the public conveyance is non available in India and furthermore vehicle is owned by merely 1 per centum of Indian families. Therefore, amongst small towns, nomadic communications could be used to co-ordinate and create auto sharing strategies and besides information of real-time about services related to transport.

Micro-commerce: In rural countries, little concerns, in order to market their goods need to go important distances and therefore, usage of nomadic phones will alter the logistical issues such as affording telling systems of Mobile based, bringing petition, progress agreements etc.

Finance: As a tool for fiscal minutess, nomadic phones are already being used by the rural people, by trading airtime for services and goods. The study will assist the nomadic companies to promote fiscal services and nomadic web to prove and organize advanced services of finance.

Healthcare: Helps to portion and discourse information related to wellness and advice

Administration: makes easy to entree information related to authorities and services utilizing audio browse techniques.

Education: Using Mobile as a go-between to supply instruction to rural communities.

Documentary: Affording new cultural and economic chances to the communities of rural ( IndiaPR wire, 2010 ) .

6. Methodology:

The research for this thesis will be conducted in two different ways that is primary research and secondary research.

Since the research worker has no clear vision about the survey result, for the present survey, research method adopted qualitative method of informations aggregation, where the information is expressed in words instead than showing in big sum of Numberss ( Bryman & A ; Bell 2007 ) .

Primary Research:

The primary ( qualitative ) informations will be collected utilizing interview method ( face to confront interview ) ( Bryman & A ; Bell 2007 ) . For the present survey, unfastened, semi-structured interview will be more suited as this has an interview usher with already prepared set of inquiries. The personal interviewee will assist the research worker to acquire deeper penetration about the topic. Interviews will be conducted with 30 local business communities in the chosen country. Information will be recorded by taking notes and will take topographic point at comfy topographic point. For the present research, sensitive subjects and no personal information will be discussed.

Secondary research:

Apart from primary informations aggregation method, desk based research will be used to roll up the secondary information, since the value of research is associated with its informations aggregation methods ( Jackson, 1994 ) . To roll up the secondary informations, research worker will depend on published academic literatures, theories, authorities web sites, old studies, case-studies, intelligence documents and other paperss relevant to pertinent literature.

7. Significance OF THE RESEARCH:

Surveies on nomadic phone in India with relevancy to little graduated table business communities both in urban and rural countries are scarce. Furthermore, there are besides really limited surveies available in south Indian context. In add-on, the survey on nomadic phone concern scheme will be good to the readers, enterpreneurs and nomadic industry participant including the research worker to acquire a deeper penetration on their function in little graduated table businesess. The general reader will derive the cognition needed and utile information on assorted utilizations and restrictions of nomadic phones while carry oning the concern. Further this survey would steer assorted nomadic companies about alteration required in present proficient ( including applications and services ) and assorted schemes for tapping rural market.


The present thesis purposes to cover peculiarly little graduated table concern including both urban and rural parts specifically southern parts of India, Tamil Nadu. In add-on the survey is limited to concentrate merely activities related to concern. Furthermore the research worker is limited the choice scope from concern run by one adult male to four employees, as research worker believed that in this section the consequence of the nomadic incursion are seeable. In add-on since this size of concern is really common in India, acquiring in contact with these business communities would be easy. Furthermore, to give broader description of the nomadic phone usage, the research worker has confined the survey to one peculiar occupational group. The present empirical findings is limited merely to southern India, peculiarly Tamil Nadu, therefore may non be representative of full India.

9. Proposed Timetable for Completion:


Undertaking Name























26 31


Working on Dissertation Proposal




Submission of Dissertation Proposal




Course manager remarks on thesis proposal




Working on Literature Review




Finalizing Literature Review




Reviewing Literature Review




Review Methodology




Data Review and discoursing proposed analysis




Review Data Analysis & A ; see ‘Recommendations




Finalizing and redacting whole work




Dissertation Submission Deadline


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