Personal and Professional Skills accountancy and management


Management is about acquiring things done from others. This requires a set of accomplishments which are both personal and professional. Good directors must hold these accomplishments to transport out his everyday occupations. Manager could be successful by smoothing these accomplishments. This assignment identifies and analyses these accomplishments.

Undertaking 1

Personal Skills Review

Time Management: Good clip direction is one of the basic accomplishments that one should possess. Any employee to accomplish excellence should be able to pull off his clip good. He has to give clip for the little but of import undertakings. All these things are possible with good clip direction.

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“ When we pull off our clip more expeditiously and efficaciously we cut down emphasis and defeat, we become more confident and we feel better. ” ( Mancini M. , 2007 )

I am non really good at clip direction. When a undertaking is assigned to me frequently I am non able to run into the deadline. I keep blowing clip in other unimportant activities and leave the hard occupations for the last minute. This is one of my failings every bit good. I want to pull off my clip such that I could carry through my occupations at clip before deadlines.

When I have to work on my assignments I choose the easy undertakings foremost and apportion less clip to hard occupations. This is one of the job I face while using my clip. But clip direction is really of import for a director.

In order to be after clip ; one must measure the work burden. It will salvage clip in the long tally. All clip direction begins with planning. Planing means believing about what is wanted and how it is to be accomplish ; finding in progress what is to be done ; and fixing for the hereafter by doing determinations now.

Communication Skills: Manager besides needs to hold good communicating accomplishments. When working in a squad with other employee, one has to pass on with them. An employee should be able to go through the information and besides find that how much have others understood. This of import in instance of both seniors and juniors as employee has to depute the occupation to juniors and study to seniors and acquire information organize them.

My communications accomplishments are all right but still I want to better them. Many times I am comfy speaking to others and able to show my positions and do others understand what I want to state. I can pass on confidently.

Communication accomplishments can be improved by reading books, magazines, direction articles and newspapers. It will better cognition and convey assurance to pass on. Besides bettering linguistic communication accomplishments by larning new words besides add to these accomplishments.

Stress Management: Stress direction is about managing the force per unit area. Peoples get stressed when they have to make batch of work to run into deadlines. This is common at workplace for directors, who have to acquire things done from other in clip.

“ Stress is a demand made upon adaptative capacities of head and a organic structure. “ ( Fontana D. , 1989 )

Stress is a status or feeling experienced when a individual perceives that demands exceed the personal and societal resources the person is able to mobilise.

In my sentiment emphasis could be managed by prioritizing the undertaking and making hard undertakings in beginning, so there is no force per unit area at end minute. Other method of stress direction is mediation which helps to command our head and emotions. I try to chew over at weekends when I have free clip. I like to execute this activity after acquiring up in the forenoon. Meditation provides peace to mind and loosen up it which helps in cut downing the emphasis.

Professional Skills Review

Some of the professional accomplishments are must hold for directors like reding and mentoring. Counselling and mentoring can assist staff in their development in Tesco Plc. Tesco is largest food market retail concatenation in UK. Hundreds of employees work for it in one shop. Tesco has 277 big and 81 compact Superstores around the UK, every bit good as 224 other supermarkets. A director in Tesco has to work with different types of employees. Each Superstore has a Store Manager in charge. His or her function covers both operational effectivity and squad leading.

A director in Tesco is leader of squad in a shop. So he should be able to take his squad members. Counselling and mentoring or training are two of these accomplishments.

Harmonizing to Stone F. ( 2007 ) Counselling is concerned with your hapless performing artists while mentoring is an activity directed to training your best performing artists non merely in their occupations but besides in their calling development. This means that if any employee is non executing bad, he should be counselled by the director. Manager should be able place the ground of his hapless public presentation. The guidance is one to one communicating between director and employee. The hapless acting employee is advised to better and lend favorably in squad work. On the other manus coaching is about measuring the development demands and giving preparation to employees to better their public presentation. This includes both good and bad performing artists. Coaching needs forbearance and ability to understand the others positions. The leading accomplishments include reding and training which are indispensable for a shop director in Tesco. For illustration a client attention executive in shop is non acting good with clients and non listening to them. If director comes to cognize about this he should foremost advocate the employee ; to allow him better his behavior. Mentoring and training are required for a boulder clay operator who should cognize how to pack the things in bag rapidly.

Along with above accomplishments, multi tasking is the accomplishment that is required by director. If we talk peculiarly about a shop director this is indispensable accomplishment for him as expression into operations every bit good as leading. Multi tasking is about transporting out many undertakings at same clip instead than concentrating on one undertaking. This is more efficient manner of working and increases the productiveness. A director has to make more than one undertaking at same clip. For illustration devising to make list and taking on phone with his secretary. These accomplishments are advantage for director in today ‘s competitory clip.

Undertaking 2

Activity 1: –

In this portion I we did a group treatment in our category and discourse about with our co-workers personal and professional like, in which I came to cognize that there are tonss of factors in which I would hold to better a batch. In my personal life I have no planning for clip direction and I do non analyze precedence but do cognize the importance of clip and seek to better in future. I am besides non good in communicating accomplishments which really necessary in modern universe but I am a good hearer. I can non do proper determination because I lack assurance. I ever hesitate to speak but seek to take advice from others before taking any determination.

In professional accomplishments there are a batch to better in myself. I can be a good manager but for that you have to be confident unless you can non talk good you will non go a perfect manager. To go a good leader I have to better my communicating accomplishments and to be confident but I am a really good multitasked I am ready to make any sort of function. These are some factors which I discuss in a group with my friends in which I got some negative every bit good as positive remarks.

Personal Audit Questionnaire

A: – please click the appropriate option on the following evaluation graduated table ( 1-5 ) 1 being the best, 2 & A ; 3 impersonal and 5 the strongest degree point.

Q1 ) I am a good timer?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

Q2 ) I have hapless communicating accomplishments?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

Q3 ) I do non do proper determinations?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

Q4 ) I am a good multitasked?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

Q5 ) I am non a good manager?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

Q6 ) I am non a good leader?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

Q7 ) I lack assurance?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

Q8 ) I am a good hearer?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

Q9 ) I have hapless reding accomplishments?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

Q10 ) I do non do proper determination?

Ans ) 1 2 3 4 5

C )

Many bookmans in add-on to Kotter 1990 agree that leading and direction are distinguishable concepts. For e.x. Bennis and Nanus 1985 maintained that there is a important difference between the two. To pull off agencies to carry through activities and maestro modus operandis, whereas leading means to act upon others and make vision for alteration. As I did a personal and professional audit in upper portion and I came to cognize that there are tonss of factors in me that I truly have to better a batch if I want to be a successful individual in life. For the grounds I have enclosed two print outs of my personal and professional audit in which I have been rated different Numberss.

Activity 2: –


Work experience




Communication accomplishments

Lack of assurance


Stable occupation

Good colony


No leading

Fear to lose good chance

2.1 )

The three accomplishments attack of Katz suggests that the importance os the certain leading accomplishments varies depending on where leaders are in direction hierarchy. For leaders runing at lower degrees of direction, proficient and human accomplishments are most of import. when leaders move into in-between direction, it becomes of import that they have all three accomplishments: proficient, human and conceptual. At the upper direction degree, it is paramount for leaders to exhibit conceptual and human accomplishments. ( Mumford, Campion and Morgeson, 2007 )

1 ) Planning and Budgeting

Establish dockets

Set timetables

Allocate resources

2 ) Organising and Staffing

Provide construction

Make occupation arrangements

Establish regulations and processs

3 ) Controling and Problem Solving

Develop inducements

Generate originative solutions

Take disciplinary action

2.2 )

The acquisition manner which I have used is reflectors. In which we can garner and reflect on all available information before doing a determination. We take history of the wider image and prefer to stand back, listen, observe and record information, ( e.g. ) journals, clip logos etc. The universe ‘s best trainers are pupils who engage in ego preparation. The most powerful signifier of acquisition is self managed development. The scholars know how they learn best. That is likely the manner they enjoy larning most. For those with the imitative and finding to utilize this method, the less intervention from foreigners the better. The lesson from manager is that the performing artist should non hold his or her duty for larning failing is removed. In fact the opposite applies, the manager should prosecute in heightening the scholar ‘s ownership. The manager should hold the learner make up one’s mind how they want to be after their acquisition system, what they want to larn, the sub constituents of what they wish to larn ( purposes ) , how to merchandise off maximal larning with minimal cost. ( Kotter 1990 )

3.1 )

Development degree is the grade to which the subsidiaries have the competency and committedness necessary to carry through a given undertaking as activity ( Blanchard et al. , 1985 ) . Stated another manner, it indicates whether a individual has mastered the accomplishments to make a particular undertaking and whether a individual has developed a positive attitude sing the undertaking ( Blanchard et al. , 1993 ) . Employees are at a high development degree if they are interested and confident in their work and cognize how to make the undertaking. Employees are at a low development degree if they have small accomplishments for the undertaking at manus but believe that they have the motive or assurance to acquire the occupation done. ( leading Peter G. Northhouse 5th edition )

3.2 )

Leadership produces alteration and motion.

1: – Establishing way

Make a vision

Clarify large image

Set schemes

2: – Aligning Peoples

Communicate ends

Seek committedness

Build squads and alliances

3: – motivation and inspiring

Inspire and stimulate

Empower subsidiaries

Satisfy unmet demands.

( J.P. Kotter, 1990 )

3.3 )

This construct is related to leading because it is apart of influences procedure. Power is the capacity of possible to act upon. people holding power when they have the ability to impact others beliefs, attitude, and classs of action. curates, physicians, managers and instructors are all illustrations of people who have the possible to act upon us. When they do, they are utilizing so power, the resources they draw onto the consequence alteration in us. ( Gallic and Raven ‘s 1959 )

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