PetTrak Market Position

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PetTrak Market Position

UK is the considered as a pet lover society. So, the PetTrak merchandise is marketed in UK, after reexamining the facts provided by mintel. 10.4m of us ( 48 % of families ) portion our places with some 15.2m cats and Canis familiariss, a figure that has increased by 4.8 % between 2006 and 2008 entirely. [ 1 ] Pets are going a portion of household and are best comrade. But as to get by with the fast moving universe activities we are left with small to pass with our comrades. There are some times when they are non found and after a exhausting twenty-four hours what you do n’t desire is to pass your clip happening them. This concern of people has provided PetTrak the market infinite. With the usage of GPS and GPRS engineering to track and turn up pets. The mark market is cats and Canis familiaris lovers, and the device is attached to their neckband. But PetTrak has seen its concern theoretical account fail, that was caused due to mismanagement, incorrect trade name placement, operational activities and selling etc.

[ 2 ]

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PetTrak has to shift its selling schemes. They were advanced in the merchandise line, so unbroken high outlooks. It was due to the merchandise being offered at a monetary value which was really less than that of rivals and the service provided due to the progress engineering. But the company schemes were sing merely one side of the image, where as the other factors refering HRM, Operations, control and purchasing procedure and other factors were out of lime visible radiation. This affected the gross revenues and the committedness of the company. The manner company works is shown below: –

You can non get down looking if you do n’t cognize where to get down. The mission statement of the company is “Establish PetTrak to supply attention free universe for the immature male/female of high and low socio-economic groups with high service for their pets while maintaining corporate construction intact.” And the vision is to do trade name as a taking trade name in UK and to aim the planetary market with the technological promotion.

Statisticss shows that the The below graph show the sum UK people spend on pet accoutrements

merchandise development

merchandise selling

merchandise placement

purchasing procedure


human resource

The Strategic analysis of this scenario brings up certain points as how effectual was the Pet-trak direction squad was to utilize the discrepancies to their advantage for success and growing. Here we see the merchandise development and market development demands. The merchandise of Pet-trak is an effectual battery operated merchandise where there is use of GPS ( Global Positioning System ) to track pets. On first look the merchandise looks lasting and effectual. From the technology analysis study it seems that because of its general physique outer cover material merchandise can be easy broken into [ 3 ] . And this is more of a concern because here we are speaking about pets who ever run approximately and acquire into battles. So there is a high opportunity of the device being being found broken. The outer waterproofing of the merchandise should be developed farther, possibly usage of some metallic or semi metallic constituent with an aerial to increase the lastingness of the merchandise [ 4 ] . The study besides suggests that many clients would desire to utilize the GPS on their cell phones as it adds the portable option to the bundle. Furthermore the client feedback study suggests that there is a demand for a hidden screen for the device to be safe because there has been ailments of the device being lost from the neckband of the pet [ 5 ] . The client feedback study besides suggests that a big ball of the purchasers are dissatisfied with the charging and charge keeping capablenesss of the battery [ 6 ] . So the battery needs development, possibly of a different brand and usage of better engineering will work out this issue. The partnership trade with Hainan Electronics might assist in this affair. The feedback study besides suggests that there is an equal divide with some people comprehending the merchandise to be good value for money while others do non believe alike [ 7 ] . So the the market monetary value may hold to be reworked. This is in nexus with how inexpensive is the cost of industry. So the overall merchandise development will include a entire revamp of the outer shell, a battery replacing or upgradation and a sensible market monetary value. The merchandise development should should be done taking into history strategic capablenesss every bit good as undertaking direction hazards involved. Pet-trak antecedently have spent a batch on advanced selling schemes, some of which were implemented by Steve Brooks- Marketing and Gross saless Manager who is really extremely regarded in the company. But somehow these determinations may hold resulted in a short term explosion in gross revenues but in the long term scenario the determinations were non as effectual. For a better selling attack Pet-trak should look at market incursion and consolidation by which they would obtain increased portion of its bing markets. It would construct on bing strategic capablenesss and will non necessitate a venture into an unchartered district. On analysing a Porter ‘s Five Forces on this scheme Pet-trak is expected to confront strong market revenge from its rivals for its aggressive selling scheme. So to support their merchandise and market portion they should hold a well planned market consolidation scheme in topographic point. The market incursion scheme should be carefully chalked out, otherwise Pet-trak may happen itself in hot Waterss with the market regulators. Merchandise placement is another really of import facet where antecedently used schemes did n’t rather work every bit planned for Pet-trak. For future developments Pet-trak should negociate better contractual understandings with retail merchants who antecedently de-shelved their merchandise mentioning pricing issues.It is wholly up to the direction squad to calculate out an effectual manner to contract retail merchants and besides develop their dedicated retail concatenation which would necessitate a batch of selling and invention to pull the populace. It may non take consequence instantly but will pick up market portion easy and steadily. But that is a hazard worth giving a expression into sing the current state of affairs Pet-track are into. The other facet of the concern on which the hereafter of Pet-trak is dependent is the variegation of their existing merchandises into other merchandises every bit good as variegation into different markets. This will radically increase the market chances and range for Pet-trak. Diversification will assist the organisation to obtain efficiency additions which can be made by using the organisation ‘s existing resources and capablenesss to new markets and merchandises. By variegation the organisation will be able to stretch its corporate parenting capablenesss into new markets and merchandises which will give them a new skyline to look frontward to. Pet-trak should concentrate on variegation along proficient lines so that they do non necessitate to reinvest the whole cost of industry. The partnership with Hainan Electronics will assist Pet-trak to utilize cheaper resources to bring forth technically efficient, up to day of the month and diversified merchandises to capture non merely the UK market but other planetary developing markets every bit good. This will besides take to Pet-trak holding increased market power which it can work to acquire the best possible trades for its merchandises. The organisation can so cross-subsidize its broad scope of concerns to counterbalance for underachieving markets. Strategy-wise these preliminary alterations to their current concern will see them executing better than challengers in competitory markets.

From the operations point of position there are a figure of inter-related issues which need pressing attending. There is seen to be a intimation of misalignment of ends between Pull offing Director – Sue Roberts and Production Manager- Jonathan Cook which has chiefly led to the misdirection of operations at Pet-trak. There seems to be no formal purchasing procedure from providers. So fundamentally the liberty is with the production director to make up one’s mind on bargains. This has non sat good with other managerial staff which might hold led to miss of co-operation at work. There needs to be a centralised purchasing panel who would reexamine and accept offers based on certain demand standards. This would assist a batch in screening out the current job. There is no reference of any kind of stock list being maintained by the company. If there is no proper defined stock list system, so this would take to chaos in the production section as it would be impossible to maintain path of every merchandise. There should be a proper stock list system for smooth operations in the mill. As micro chips do non hold an termination day of the month, Pet-track can keep a really big volume of stock list and possibly 3 batches turn-around per twelvemonth from the provider would do. More so if Pet-track outsources a portion of its operations to Asiatic states so the imports will be cheaper.

As this organisation is be aftering a tie-up with Hainan Electronics, this option of outsourcing becomes even more of import and critical. There are studies which clearly province that the province of finance of Pet-track are in confusion. It is so unorganised that the company has failed to subject its first twelvemonth of financials for scrutinizing. Possibly there is a demand for an adept fiscal adviser and a hired comptroller for the company to proper and timely direction of the Numberss that count. The human resource point of view at this minute is that workers and the managerial forces are non motivated plenty to perpetrate themselves to their responsibilities. As this company incentivizes its employees based on annual growing or net income hence at loss devising times even a difficult worker is non being paid one excess penny for his attempt. So the obvious tendencies of the employees are non to set in the excess attempt. Possibly an Individual Performance Related Pay system will actuate the employees where they will be incentivized in conformity to their public presentation and non overall company growing. Improvement in working conditions and execution of different mark based wage systems along with the flexi-time options to higher managerial forces will decidedly develop a healthy competitory ambiance within the organisation. This will take the direction to work as a cohesive unit for common benefits. Once the communicating differences are out of the manner and the marks of the different employees are in path with the company mark, it will automatically actuate the employees to set in that excess attempt and committedness to their occupations. All these constituents implemented decently can trip a turnaround in concern public presentation in the UK market for Pet-Trak.


Pet-trak as a reasonably nascent company has done good concern in the first 6 months but gross revenues have plummeted from so onwards and presently is non in the best of forms. The company needs to look at its overall direction system and needs a brisk revamp in most of its sections for a better and unafraid hereafter. These include a proper market positioning scheme for its merchandise, a dedicated operations system which will manage all cargos for the company, a good structured fiscal section which will entirely be working on financials of the company and a motivated work force to drive the company frontward.

Recommended immediate alterations include a new physique of the merchandise, outsourcing operations to maintain a sensible grade up on cost of fabrication, centralized purchasing system, hiring of experient fiscal advisers and chartered comptrollers, tie ups with Asiatic dragon-multinationals because Asia will be the epicentre of concern coevals for the coming decennaries which will besides take to entry into diversified markets with different merchandise scope at a moderately low cost compared to UK, a thin operations system and a good defined stock list care system and smart human resource direction to actuate the employees.

In decision it is safe to foretell that Pet-trak though is non in the best place in the UK market at this minute but if they follow our recommended alterations which will take 4-6 months to implement so hopefully we will see the rise of the company in the coming few old ages.This will non merely procure the hereafter of Pet-trak, but besides construct a repute among its clients and will command a greater market portion in the UK and planetary market.

[ 1 ] In the UK we Truly are favored lovers ( Mintel )

[ 2 ] In the UK we Truly are favored lovers ( Mintel )

[ 3 ] From Engineering Analysis and Sample Test Report. Petrak

[ 4 ] From Engineering Analysis and Sample Test Report. Petrak

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[ 6 ] From Market Research Group – Riboud Ventures

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