Photosynthesis Essay

Plants can make their own food through photosynthesis and then break it down for usable energy through the process of cellular respiration. Analyze and explain how your life might be different if you could make your own food through photosynthesis. First of all if we were to be able to make our own food trough photosynthesis, we should have chlorophyll, which is the important pigment in absorbing sunlight. As an effect we will all be green in color. This may be good as there will be only one race but then again our cell must be modified in order for that to happen. Most important our cells must contain chloroplast where photosynthesis occurs. It would be great if we could make our own food through photosynthesis.

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This is because we do not need to worry about the shortage of food supply. However, it is not that simple. In order to make food through photosynthesis, we will need sunlight. Based on the Malaysia climate, we have only half a day of sunlight every day. The remaining half of the day there is no sunlight. Although photosynthesis still occurs at night but it occurs at a very minimal rate. As it is, energy produced through photosynthesis during day time would not be enough for human and animals. This is because we require much more energy compared to plants as our daily activity is higher than plants. Considering the energy produced during day time is not enough, what about night time when there is no sunlight? It is definitely not enough, as the rate is lower.

Effect of this would be lacking of energy due to insufficient food supply, causing it to be difficult for us to perform daily activities at night. Although the process of photosynthesis is quite fast, it isn’t fast or high enough to keep up with the rate of energy required during activities for human. Adding to that, an important component in photosynthesis is carbon dioxide, without carbon dioxide, photosynthesis can’t occur. If we were to perform photosynthesis, from where are going to get carbon dioxide? Most probably, we will end up attaining the carbon dioxide we expel, during cellular respiration, but this might not be enough. This is because both plants and humans will have to share the amount of carbon dioxide present. Now, we are supplying carbon dioxide, but if we were to photosynthesize, both humans and plants will have to share the same supply of carbon dioxide.

This will cause a shortage of carbon dioxide. Also plants require nutrients to survive. How do you think we are to attain Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium, and etc. to survive if we tend to only attain food by photosynthesizing. We would probably would have to also have roots to mine the soil to gain nutrients. Also what about water, we will need a continuous supply of water for photosynthesis. Plants gain water by absorbing water from the soil through their roots, hence they have a continuous supply of water. But we as humans have water in our system. However, if we were to use the water in our system n not consume water continuously, we will be dehydrated. This will affect the systems in our body. In short, it is a good thing if we can make food through photosynthesis, but it is not possible unless we overcome all the problems we are to face as stated above. This is only possible if our cells and systems were to be modified.

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