Point Counterpoint On Knowledge Management Essay

Knowledge Management construct is more likely to be ill-defined but in the recent old ages it ‘s been used by organisations with turning in value. Knowledge direction has different footings such as cognition ; information and intelligence all are defined unclearly with different ways.

Knowledge is being the cardinal component in the western states because western states are being more serviced based. Knowledge helps organisations of being fight. Assortment of alone merchandises or services or being economical and merchandising merchandises at low cost once more all are supported by cognition.

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As more and more organisations being dependent on cognition, it ‘s been interesting to see how well organisations accumulates, stocks and socialise the cognition for being fruitful. Failure occurs when organisations fail to utilize cognition suitably and therefore they become inefficient and uneffective.

Definition of Knowledge Management is more exciting because of no world-wide definition and from the assortment of point of views it can be shaped.

As Laudon ( 2001, p.373 ) says, ‘Knowledge Management refers to the set of procedures developed in an organisation to make, gather, shop, maintain, and circulate the house ‘s cognition. ‘

Organizations gather cognition from assortment of Organizational larning mechanisms.

As Laudon ( 2001, p.372 ) says, ‘ Creation of new criterion operating processs and concern procedures that reflect organisations ‘ experience. ‘

Knowledge Management is being underneath the main cognition officer ( CKO ) who has duty of bring forthing and acknowledging different plans and screening and besides apportioning the key cognition resources.

Knowledge Management in Organizations

Assortments of resources organisations keep looking for being competitory and cognition is surely in the recent old ages probably to be more of the developing one.

Organizations undertake Knowledge Management undertakings chiefly for different intents such as doing cognition noticeable, demoing the function of cognition through different Medias like maps, xanthous pages etc. In add-on, KM undertakings focus on animating allotment of cognition & A ; hence create cognition centred civilization. KM undertakings besides target on communicating and association amongst people by constructing a construction with proficient system.

“ Making things right ”

“ Making the right thing ”

Attentions on efficiency

Emphasiss on effectivity

Merely being efficient consequences in failure so organisations have to be effectual.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management can be termed as “ Making the right thing ” as can be seen from above.

Some definitions of KM say having the right information to the right individual at the right clip. On the other manus, in the universe of cardinal intermittent fluctuation, no anticipations can be supported by any programmable systems about the right information, right individual or right clip in the hereafter. In Contrary, the unchanging milieus of the past Lashkar-e-Taibas calculating the hereafter based on past informations. After specifying concern theoretical accounts, patterns and propositions, the challenge would be of optimization for increased efficiencies that ‘s “ making things right ” .


Let ‘s see knowledge direction provides certain benefits to organisations and add value towards enhanced glare.

Knowledge Management empowers little disposition to recurrence mistakes by utilizing extra organized procedures and hence it lowers the costs.

Licenses possibility for growing

KM encouragements innovation by new watercourse of ideas

KM ropes organisations to grok the legion demands of stakeholders, consumers, employees and industry and henceforth Additions deserving and profitableness.

KM lessens insistent mistakes and augments the quality of merchandises and services.

Fast reaction as the consecutive result of superior cognition entree

Invention is driven by making cognition which is promoted by execution of cognition direction efficaciously. Knowledge centred merchandises and services are going enhanced and cleverer. By Knowledge Management, organisations can magnify their capacity to get from its milieus. There are certain illustrations of organisations with successful KM executions.

Examples of Success

BP – Certain complications associated with procedures resolved by interpolation of practical squad utilizing picture conferencing.

Texas Instruments – Engagement of best patterns amongst semiconducting material assembly workss saved disbursement in different workss.

Skandia Assurance – Returns grown-up quicker than industry because of betterment of knowing processs.

Hewlett-Packard – debut of the new merchandises to the market go possible by engagement of expertness without stating to their development squads.

Learning Organization

Learning would be critical characteristic of Knowledge Management, while Knowledge is besides an indispensable

For Knowledge Management acquisition would be cardinal characteristic. Knowledge is an indispensable resource for larning organisation. Since, Learning is the mixture of cognition and its footing so, larning organisation associates reciprocally and directs hence. Learning organisation delivers occasions for cognition growing and distribution with others over synergistic communicating and entree to records. Learning organisations confirm that persons and squads are stimulated to rehearse diverse agencies to go through their tacit cognition and do it accessible for others over addressed paperss and functioning patterns.

Knowledge Management centres on empathic and polishing the assortments of ways things work, the manner diverse patterns of cognition interconnected, nourished by organisational acquisition and used in numbering worth to goods and services. Learning organisation boosts its work force to analyze about the experiences and best pattern so that they can progress their expertness and proficiencies. Learning organisation creates information apportioning civilization maintaining cognition as the critical constituent. Constitution of Knowledge groups aboard with formal organisation really boost larning with working for work force and hence form common linguistic communication associating with silent cognition so that it can be distributed successfully.

Knowledge Management and Communities of pattern

Grouping of persons forms Communities of pattern and it ‘s the procedure of casually larning every bit good as administering ideas from each other.

Communities normally involve in networking and sharing experiences and information. These sort of activities frequently help organisations to continue and section cardinal cognition.

Let ‘s see, How Communities of pattern helps organisations for encouragement of Knowledge direction. KM and communities of pattern has the relationship of interconnection. Without KM, Communities of pattern does n’t be. Actually communities of pattern define itself as tool through which KM takes topographic point. In order to implement KM successfully, cognition has to be shared and adding value to the organisation. Community of pattern is the perfect tool for sharing cognition and returning it into the organisational system through sharing of cognition with others.

There are certain features of Communities of pattern like supplying exciting environment where people can larn and interchange their thoughts.


Communities of pattern promote accomplishment development and helps accomplishments acquisition. It ‘s besides helps evolvement of persons from foreigners to insiders.

Knowledge Management Systems ( KMS )

KMS is fundamentally a category of information systems applied for cognition direction in organisations. KMS are based on IT and developed to back up and heighten the cognition making, hive awaying and recovering, transportation and application procedures. IT does n’t use to all KM issues but can back up KM in assorted ways. Examples are seeking databases or on-line directories to happen a recorded beginning of cognition, sharing cognition and working together in practical squads, accessing information on past undertakings and larning about client needs/behaviour by analysis of dealing informations.

Knowledge Management System applications are below:

Coding and sharing of best patterns ( benchmarking for transportation of internal best patterns )

e.g. an insurance company confronting with worsening net income can use best determination doing expertness via new underwriting procedure supported by KMS acquire them to travel into new niche market.

Making cognition directories ( function of internal expertness )

Making cognition webs

e.g. Chrysler formed Tech Cul, conveying people together virtually and enabling face to confront exchange and construct the cognition in each forte countries. In this affair less focal point was on mapping expertness or benchmarking and more focal point was on conveying experts together so sharing cognition can be possible. Knowledge webs may be formed by supplying online forums for communicating.

Knowledge Management and HR

HR plays a important function in KM motion. HR has certain cardinal procedures like Corporate Education, Performance Management and nurturing ( sharing, making and caring ) civilization plays really important function in cognition development. Knowledge direction and HR ‘s endowment direction are both interconnected with each other. Talent Management is all about single enlisting, preparation, accomplishment and competence development and calling planning while KM focuses on people at corporate degree, leveraging corporate cognition through mentoring and cognition sharing and collaborative squad working.

At the initiation phase of new employees into organisations, training and mentoring systems are meant to reassign cognition, exposure during preparation to assortment of functions/units and geographical locations enables knowledge transportation and cognition consciousness. Lets see some of the HR procedures and patterns should be aligned to beef up KM.

Job rotary motions: Job rotary motions across geographical locations and concerns, in organisations help people development and besides supply a media for cognition transportation and best patterns.

Networked organisation: HR plays a important function for the development of networked organisation through sponsorship and or facilitation of cognition squads.

Training: Learning and cognition are both interlinked with each other. Training in organisations have to concentrate on functional and concern particular development plans and besides competence development plans.

Cultural alteration: institutionalization of KM needs HR to concentrate on the direction of cultural alteration to beef up cognition sharing and collaborative squad working.

One of import manner HR is critical for capturing success and failure narratives within organisations to accomplish them in preparation Centres for future mentions. This would be of import for larning and take downing the reiterating same errors.

Knowledge Management and competitory advantage

Knowledge direction and competitory advantage are two distinguishable footings but there is one similarity from both of the constructs i.e. Value being a cardinal component in each term. Knowledge direction is used to make value for the organisations and competitory advantage requires value created for clients and hence this common component value provides the foundation for Knowledge Management to play a cardinal function in organisations to accomplish and prolong competitory advantage. Organizations place themselves more competitively if they promise cognition as the portion of their services.

Larry Prusak ( 1996 ) claims ‘ the lone thing that gives an organisation a competitory edge- the lone thing that is sustainable – is what it knows, and how fast it can cognize something new. ‘

In cognition based economic system beginnings of competitory advantage are the cognition processes and illustration of that is Microsoft ‘s Bill Gates acquired wealth by commanding the cognition processes.

Porter ( 1985 ) said that there are four possible generic competitory advantage options available to organisations: cost leading, focused cost leading, distinction and focussed distinction. For the execution of any one or combination of the four options organisations need certain types of cognition like ( 1 ) strategic cognition for market conditions, client demands and behavior of clients and rivals ( 2 ) operational cognition for managerial and operational procedures implementation like procurance of natural stuffs, distribution of goods and production.

( B ) Critical Assessment

In New York City KM consultancy house quoted “ The biggest misconception that IT leaders make is that cognition direction is about engineering 2 ” .

Over the past decennary KM has increased in popularity and credibleness as a direction tool but despite such attending, KM is still non normally shared construct. KM definition deficiencies in significance because of the fact that cognition means different things to different people. For illustration, it may mention to rational belongings ( expressed cognition ) , while for others it ‘s to knowledge in people head ( silent cognition ) . So disagreement on the definitions exists because of intangible nature of cognition.

Challenges to KM


In KM job that normally occurs is that organisations ignore the people and cultural issues. After all making an environment that recognizes silent cognition and encourages employees requires single cognition. So employees are valuable persons and should n’t be ignored.

Requirement of ongoing care

Value of cognition can gnaw over clip merely like physical assets. Contentss in KM plan require changeless updates. KM plan has no terminal point doing invariably germinating similar to merchandise development procedure, selling and R & A ; D.

Covering with big figure of Datas

KM plan requires companies to lookout for big figure of information. As mentioned in the definition KM plan is to place and circulate cognition from the whole big figure of informations.

There are certain unfavorable judgments about KM construct.

Tacit cognition features make it harder for direction to command and therefore KM becomes debatable by sing the cognition ca n’t be straight manageable.

Organizations jumped on the bandwagon for KM execution may probably to be fail because of deficiency of apprehension of KM model and no thought of where to get down.

KM patterns provide success but it really fails to give coveted consequences and overall success rate is assorted. Broad significance of KM makes difficult to happen the difference between IT and KM.

KM focuses excessively much on sharing of cognition instead than creative activity of new cognition by invention.

Most KM techniques tend to be more similar to traditional techniques those already been used by organisations for old ages.

KM tends to be more philosophical and many thoughts in KM are old and it can be argued that KM uses the constituted direction tools like IT, Human Resources etc.

Case survey of Knowledge Management failure at Calibro Company

Calibro is a big European pharmaceutical company in Switzerland with research labs around the universe. The overall end of KM system in Calibro was to supply a collaborative working environment for distributed research staff working on new drug development. The program was to construct Knowledge shop for keeping common involvement paperss to the research workers and e-rooms for meeting of treatment groups. It was expected that this undertaking named Baleine Bleue ( BB ) would increase cognition sharing and collaborative working throughout the organisation across national boundaries and that would ensue in furthering drug development amongst 1000 distributed research staff.

Analysis of Knowledge Management failure factors in Calibro

After make up one’s minding KM execution in the company, director himself did n’t analyze more and had n’t deep understanding about the topic and hence undertaking did n’t acquire support from direction. So, deficiency of support and committedness caused failure of Knowledge Management undertaking in Calibro.

Choice of person that was non sophisticated plenty for taking cognition squad. Even though KM leader showed inclination to pull off undertaking, director at Calibro made error by taking person who did n’t hold expertness. That resulted in deficiency of control and direction of the undertaking.

Employees as undertaking squad members did n’t hold competence for responsibility. They did n’t hold knowledge about the dimensions of the KM. Besides, Numberss of employees involved straight in the undertaking were non plenty. In add-on, selected squad had n’t good acquaintance with the organisation.

Incorrect prediction and incorrect planning about the undertaking dimensions were besides played cardinal function in the failure.

Execution of undertakings like cognition Management requires money. There was n’t any separate budget assign to the undertaking and hence undertaking faced fiscal jobs.

Lack of cooperation between employees and KM squad is besides a important factor for failure.

Suitable organisation civilization was n’t prepared for KM execution. Employees were besides worry about the alterations during KM executions.

KM squads faced many jobs while making cognition storage bases when they understood nonconformities between new and current systems. It was necessary to pass more money and clip behind these jobs.

Organizational civilization

Lack of cooperation between cognition squad and employees

Lack of separate budget for undertaking

Lack of acquaintance with KM dimension

Incorrect planning and prediction for the undertaking

Incorrect distinguishing of the relation

Improper squad member choice

Improper squad leader choice

Lack of CEO support and committedness

Resistance against the alteration

Non conformances between systems

Organizational dealingss



The importance of cognition has ever been at that place, but up to now organisations have n’t felt to pull off it because of no apprehension of jobs, chances, schemes and solutions. As theoretical accounts, methods, tools and techniques are acquiring available for cognition direction, organisations have realised the cognition importance and seeking to accommodate with altering universe.

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