Popular culture Essay

In our civilization today, people seem to obsess over certain values that our society proceeds to the people that they need to consume by using advertisements through television, radio, magazines etc. These promotions of the latest trends such as fashion and technology, installs to the people’s head that we need to obtain these values to “fit in”. Also, the worlds “super stars” are heavily looked up to in our society. They create and image for himself or herself that the people seem to follow, for example everyone wanted to be like Mike in the Jordan era. These “super stars” are exploited to the people everyday and they may have an impact in others image such as, the way people dress and act. This act upon society can be defined as popular culture. Popular culture is dangerous for humanity because it is control within the society, “what we see is what we do”, consequently, in todays world all these advertisement that are exposed everyday are filled with violent acts, sex, drugs, money, and the use of alcohol; with all these negative attributes being promoted to into popular culture, it could potentially corrupt the minds of the youth making them to believe that these things are “cool” or “its the thing to do”.

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Taking a look at society today, there is a noticeable and drastic change with popular culture now and popular culture 100 years ago. Starting in the early 1900’s, society seemed to have higher standard of morality, men dressed up with a shirt and tie everyday and as for women, they would wear a dress that barley showed any skin. However, In the world of 2013 there are half naked women and men posted up all on billboards and other forms ads for everyone to see. Everyday people are being updated with the newest trends such as fashion and the people seem to follow these new styles with no hesitation because it is part of the social norm. The fashion industry, advertises its new designs by the mass media, making the people believe this is what they have to wear and look like.

Although some may think what one another wears is an expression of themselves, but this expression of some sort came from a particular part of popular culture that attracted oneself at one point in time. People have different types of personalities and therefore each particular part of popular culture attracts certain people and puts them in a category of some sort. The fashion industry today seems to have an obscured level of profanity of women clothing styles and it is being promoted like its something the people should be doing because it seems normal. More and more girls are wearing half naked outfits and really tight clothing that shows a lot of detail of a woman. Surley, some men not mind this to much, however it is getting to the point where girls are demoralizing them self’s because they want to be like the beautiful victoria secret models they see on build boards and TV adds. Now in days it’s all about being a “bad bitch” instead of being a lady. Besides the fashion industry, many other changes have been applied into our society through out the years such as technology.

Technology has become a worldwide phenomenon throughout the past 40 years. With the creation of technological advances such as the television, game consoles, the computer, and the Internet it seems that our society has become very dependent on these advances and are highly used by most of society. Technology makes communication more accessible to the person, which makes information go around more quickly. It’s as easy a click of a button to find any information about anything. This is good for society because people can gain so much more knowledge about subjects, however it can be bad because kids are able to access information that they should not be obtaining at that young of an age. Back in the early 1900’s, people did not have the accessibility to these advances that people do now in days, so therefor we can say that the older generations might have been more shield from things back then compared to now.

People can agree at some degree that the seem to have a great amount of respect towards elderly people because one they are our elders and two they seem to have this sense of high morality that our generations are beginning to lack. Our elders have morals such as religion, hardworking, respected themselves, and never use any type of vulgarity today. Back then kids were outside playing or working and never got exposed too much of anything. Now in days kids are obsessed with gaming, television, music that contains vulgar language, the use of drugs and alcohol, sex, and violence. However, these new forms of technology may not be bad for humanity, but it is within these advances that popular culture is able to promote certain things to society that can potentially influence younger generations to pursue these acts. Most of these advances are more appealing within the younger generations such as gaming, music, and television.

The world of gaming has become a very large and widespread epidemic throughout society. These games are intended to make sitting at home fun. Most of these games consist a lot of vulgar language and violence. For Example the game Grand Theft Auto 5 was sold to 15 million people all over the world to all ages. This game contains many illegal acts such as stealing cars, picking up prostitutes, killing cops, sex, and drugs. This game is like a real life simulation that many people are attracted to. Even though more mature citizens understand that it is just a game that takes people out of reality and places them into some kind of sick fantasy. However, for the younger kids, this game may promote certain thoughts to them that are not appropriate for their age and may give them the idea that these acts are cool or the hip thing to do. It’s not just the gaming Industry that promotes these acts, but also the music and movie industry. With all the neat new advances with iPods, mp3 players, and flat screen TVs, music and movies have been more popular and accessible then it has ever been before.

There are many different types of music genres in the world today but the most popular genre for younger generations is hip-hop/rap. As a person would listen to this genre one would hear nasty and perverted language, the degrading of women, and the use of alcohol and drugs. Music is very important to the youth because it provides them with some amount of pleasure. Given the importance of music and its central role in adolescence, it is clear that it has a number of important effects. Yet although there has been concern for decades about possible harmful effects of popular music, for most children it may or may not have a harmful effect on them. There a three major uses of music such as affective uses, social uses and the use of lyrics. These uses are all put into consideration when one listens to music. Since the popularity of music and movies have been increasing, the people or “superstars” that make these songs and movies are becoming more and more popluar and are idealized by normal citizens.

These superstars, or the rich and famous, are exposed to people everyday by mass media and for some reason the people seem to actually care what they are doing because society looks up to them as role models. For example, reality TV shows such as the Kardashians, let the normal people know whats going on in their lives like it is needed for people to know, but in reality its just another way of exploited something to the society. Famous people create a certain image of them selves that one may follow because that person idealizes them and they begin to believe that’s how one should act. It seems that whatever

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