Privatization In Airlines In Vietnam Management Essay

Denationalization may hold several significances. Chiefly, it is the procedure of reassigning ownership of a concern, endeavor, bureau, public service or public belongings from the populace sector ( a authorities ) to the private sector, either to a concern that operate for a net income or to a non-profit organisation ( Chowdhury, F. L, 2006 ) .

Normally the riddance of monopoly in states Begins from the demand of competition, the benefit of people and whole economic system, and besides relatives to the degree of development of the market economic system.

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In Vietnam, it is clear that there are stronger and more aggressive stairss in extinguishing the concern monopoly in the sole country like air power to accommodate current competitory demands, the involvements of consumers and the involvements of the whole economic system.

Unfortunately, about Vietnamese private air hoses suffer the failure. There have been many grounds which explain why the private air hoses are non developed, besides, experience losingss and bankruptcy. Possibly they are non to the full prepared in footings of fiscal and proficient capacity, every bit good as do non hold a carefully market research. Other grounds related to external troubles such as the impact of the economic recession, the increasing of fuel monetary values while the growing of the air power market fell.

To undertake this job is a time-consuming procedure and it demands a thorough cognition on many facets of air hoses. Therefore, this paper will discourse merely three grounds of the failure of private air hoses viz. the monopoly of national air hose – Vietnam Airlines, fiscal troubles and ‘ASEAN Open sky ‘ plan.

Discussion of findings

Current state of affairs

Among the five private houses which were licensed in 2007, Indochina Airlines was bankruptcy, Trai Thien came to a bad terminal, Blue Sky was non mentioned and Air Mekong got problems. At the minute there is merely VietjetAir with attempts to cut down monetary values and increase demand to increase market portion.

In the article “ ‘Premature decease ‘ of private air hoses in Vietnam ” , Thanh Nhat ( 2013 ) discusses further on the failure of these four private air hoses in Vietnam.

The first house mentioned is Indochina Airlines. This is the first private air hose in Vietnam, except Jetstar Pacific ( an air hose with the contributed capital from the State represented by Vietnam Airlines ) . Its first flight was on November 25, 2008, but merely a twelvemonth after, Indochina Airlines sank into crisis chiefly due to the economic downswing. In September, 2009, Indochina Airlines merely had a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. In 2011, the company was bit by bit shrunken. It owed the gasolene payment, employee wages and asked for giving up the takeoff. By the terminal of 2011, Indochina Airlines disappeared from the flight map of Vietnam.

In add-on, Trai Thien Air Cargo is the first private air hose in Vietnam which was permitted to hold professional cargo, package, packages license but besides had to give up the winging dream. Established in June, 2008, Trai Thien had domestically concern cargo licence by air in October, 2009 with a capital of five 100 billion dong. However after a twelvemonth, the company has non announced programs to secure aircraft or put flight agenda, while employees continued to direct ailments about salary debt, major staff scattered to happen new occupations. It was non until December, 2011 that Trai Thien Air Cargo was revoked the concern licence.

Blue Sky Air is besides a too bad instance. In August, 2010, the Civil Aviation Administration has granted licence to Blue Sky Airlines to put in aircrafts such as choppers, ground-effect machines, and other types of aircrafts. Initially Blue Sky Air registered to run more than twenty domestic touristry paths. However, since so there was no farther information on the operation of the company.

The writer besides analyzed the instance of Air Mekong which made an official flight in October, 2010. After about two old ages of operation, Air Mekong has four commercial aircraft – Bombardier CRJ 900 which can wing at an height of 12,000m with 13 domestic paths to nine domestically arrival points. In June, 2012, Air Mekong discussed with Eximbank about the understanding of ask foring the bank to lend 11 % of the charter capital. Air Mekong leaders admitted suffering economic state of affairs made concern hard. Its turnover in 2012 was higher than 2011, nevertheless, the state of affairs of Air Mekong was non brighter. Besides in late 2012, the fuel spouses revealed debt issues of Air Mekong. Up to now, Air Mekong claimed that they were altering the aircraft to explicate for the suspension of flights, but the concern universe still does non trouble oneself. Its employees had been informed internal state of affairs four months ago so many people had already left for seeking new occupations.

Dr. Tran Dinh Ba, an expert in the field of air power believed, “ Vietnamese air hose corporations are dawdling excessively far behind the ASEAN air power associations. I claim that the Government has to do policies to introduce activities for the air power industry to non be sunk in concern losingss ” ( Thanh Binh – Kien Cuong, cited in Air Mekong gets bogged down because of the aircraft and flight way, 2013 ) .


The monopoly of Vietnam Airlines

Ha Quyen ( 2013 ) in her paper titled While low-priced private air hoses battle, Vietnam Airlines is calculated provinces that for many old ages Vietnam Airlines has non improved the hold, hapless services, frequent proficient mistakes and this status will still likely last long when private air hoses must halt winging due to bankruptcy. Vietnam Airlines study shows that until December, 2012, Vietnam Airlines controls 69.7 % of domestic market portion. Harmonizing to Ha Quyen, that is more than plenty to make a monopoly in the development of domestic flights.

The Vietnamese private air hoses are clearly highly hard in unequal competition with Vietnam Airlines ( Aviation market is progressively hard for private air hoses, 2013 ) . While Vietnam Airlines monopolizes some land services, airdrome and port services, supply of jet fuel, other air hoses do non hold the right to work these services and have to pay really high fees to utilize them. As reflected by some bureaus, they are discriminated when these services are precedences for the aircraft of Vietnam Airlines.

The writer besides claims that the private air hoses are besides really hard to contend with Vietnam Airlines on the commercial publicity because the fiscal resources of Vietnam Airlines are still stronger than the staying concerns. An air hose representative said, “ For illustration, if we launched the plan that buys one ticket acquire one free, they offer policy that buys one ticket acquire three free. So we lose. Everything ever happens that way. “

Furthermore, the article mentions the issue in 2012, when Vietnam Airlines held major ownership of Jetstar Pacific. It was really a measure backwards in making a competitory environment in the air power field. Although before this, there has been proposed to divide Vietnam Airlines into two corporations including one in Hanoi and one in Ho Chi Minh City and speed up the equitization procedure of this company to restrict the monopoly of Vietnam Airlines and give chances to private air hoses.

2.2.2 Financial troubles

The failure of little air hoses is non unusual. Aviation sector is non easy to do money in short term. British billionaire Richard Branson had a celebrated expression, “ The easiest manner to go a millionaire is to get down with $ 1 billion and set up an air hose bureau. ”

In an article named Where will the private air hoses travel? , many air power experts are rather disquieted about the concern methods of VietJet Air and other private air hoses because an air hose need a big and stable capital investing to guarantee the operation. Harmonizing to many computations, a house which exploits about one to ten aircrafts must hold legal capital capacity of VND 500 billion ( including international flights ) , domestic paths need 200 billion. For eleven to thirty aircrafts, this house needs VND 800 billion for international flights and VND 400 billion for domestic 1s merely. With such a big cost, virtually no company makes pure net income from air hose concern but includes other commercial 1s ( cited in Cam An, 2013 ) .

As a consequence, the bulk of the air hose concern in Vietnam is revealed as losingss. As stated by Cam An ( 2013 ) , along with the big capital investing, the volatility of fuel monetary values and the cost of engaging pilots are making force per unit area for the company. Low-cost air hose Jetstar Pacific Airlines ( JPA ) said that fuel entirely accounts for 50 % of entire operating costs, so in 2010, the lifting universe oil monetary values have consumed an extra $ 8.6 million ( tantamount to 21 % ) of the entire cost of its gasoline. The difference in the VND / USD besides made JPA lose $ 8 million.

Cam An ( 2013 ) concludes that Vietnamese air power market is expected to hold great possible for development. But this is the “ land of immorality ” for many air hoses. And surely, private air power flight way of Vietnam has many troubles when a private air hose which is still fight best on the market like VietJet Air is merely offer inexpensive concern methods to pull tourers. With the big investing force per unit area and high hazard of loss, this method would be harmful to any private company.

2.2.3 ‘ASEAN Open Sky ‘ Program in 2015

At May 11, 2010 in Brunei, the curate of conveyance of 10 ASEAN states reached an understanding on an unfastened sky plan in 2015. Consequently, the chosen air hose of each member states can wing to any metropolis in the ASEAN which has international airdrome and have the permission to transport out aˆ‹aˆ‹cargo flights of 250 dozenss per hebdomad per autopsy. There is no bound to the frequence and type of aircraft for these air hoses.

In a recent interview, Mr. Luong Hoai Nam – former CEO of Air Mekong points out, “ I am rather concerned about the possibility of the growing of private houses in the context of liberalisation of ASEAN sky in the hereafter. This will take to a non-competitive air power market but extremely good state of affairs for the consumer. However, Vietnam air hose bureaus must reasonably vie with foreign air hoses which have advantages on trade name, direction experience and concern executives. ” ( Private air hoses before the “ ASEAN Open sky ” , 2013 )

He besides states that in ASEAN, in the field of air power, Vietnam is merely stronger than Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. The clip for ASEAN unfastened sky is near and Vietnam air hose bureaus have really small clip to beef up the capital base, develop the trade name and better the direction and concern disposal. The private houses have to cover with these jobs by themselves. The State can neither work out jobs nor shut the sky to protect domestic air hose bureaus. The lone thing the State can make is make an environment of just competition for all air hoses.


In a recent article named The trouble of Vietnamese air power, experts forecasted the demand of Vietnam ‘s air traffic will be great in the hereafter. Specifically, the figure of riders in 2011 was 21 million. In 2015 it is expected to make 34-36 million riders with an mean growing rate of 11-13 % . In 2019, the prognosis figure of riders will make 52-59 million riders. Freight in 2010 was 460 1000 dozenss and will increase about from 850 thousand to 930 thousand dozenss in 2015 and from 1.4 to 1.6 million dozenss in 2019.

As can be seen, Vietnamese air power market is expected to hold great possible for development. In maintaining with the interview with Mr. Luong Hoai Nam – former CEO of Air Mekong, the job of how to do air power turn depends chiefly on two factors including the ability of the air hoses and air power substructure. ( Nam L.H, cited in Mai Phuong, 2013 ) . Mr. Nam emphasizes that the development of the Vietnam air power in coming old ages depends really much on the low-priced air hoses. However to hold well-developed low-priced air hoses, it is necessary to hold the low-priced terminuss. In footings of limited fiscal resources, the State should concentrate on investing in major airdromes, and pull private investing in the low-priced terminus and local airdromes. If non, the substructure will shortly go an obstruction in the development of air power in Vietnam. ( Private air hoses before the “ ASEAN Open sky ” , 2013 )

Additionally, Vietnam needs to privatise the national air hose of Vietnam ( Vietnam Airlines ) to heighten its fight. The of import issue is that the authorities should non step in and protect the major air hoses. As an option, the authorities should supply policies that show way and execution of clearly regulations based on international criterions.


From all the findings above, it is clear that the operation of private air hoses in Vietnam is still a truly immense job. However, there are besides grounds to believe these private air hoses will get the better of the troubles at the minute thanks to the right policies from the authorities and their ain new programs. Then, hopefully, Vietnam will make the fairest competition and the most motivated development in air power market.

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