Problem Of Worker Motivation In Capitalist Economies Management Essay

Motivation defined as: The set of procedures that arouse, direct, and maintain human behavior towards achieving some end Greenberg Baron, 2003. Motivation is the interior thrust that pushes persons to move or execute. Motivated employees have greater concentration and are less likely to do errors, cause accidents or be involved in struggle. They are besides likely to demo greater trueness to the company and have less absenteeism. Some writers argue that there is no job of worker motive in capitalist economic sciences, as directors can trust on occupation insecurity to guarantee conformity. Other have identified the features of capitalist economy is that production of trade good occupies a dominant place and production of excess value. The struggle of involvements between proprietors and employees will be caused the job of worker motive in capitalist organisations ( Knights and Willmott, 2007 ) . Because of the proprietors involvement is non doing work more satisfying for employees but exploit them.

The intent of this essay was to research is at that place a job of worker motive in capitalist economic systems. The undermentioned nowadayss the literature reviews about motive theories and Marxist analysis of the nature of capitalist economic systems. Second, the instance of Wal-Mart that used illustrates the job of worker motive in capitalist economy. And besides some critical statements will be presented. Finally, do a decision that is based on the justified statement.

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Literature reappraisal: Marxist Analysiss and Motivation Theories

2.1 Marxist Analysiss

Capitalism is a manner of production based on private ownership of the agencies of production ( Heilbroner, 2008 ) . Capitalists produce trade goods for the exchange market and to remain competitory must pull out as much labour from the workers as possible at the lowest possible cost. The economic involvement of the capitalist is to pay the worker every bit small as possible, in fact merely plenty to maintain him alive and productive ( Isaac, 2008 ) .

In capitalist economy, the worker, who is alienated from the merchandises he creates, is besides estranged from the procedure of production, which he regards merely as a agency of endurance. Estranged from the production procedure, the worker is hence besides estranged from his or her ain humanity, since the transmutation of nature into utile objects is one of the cardinal aspects of the human status ( Pinder, 2008 ) . The worker is therefore alienated from his or her “ species being ” -from what it is to be human. Finally, the capitalist manner of production alienates human existences from other human existences ( Harder, 2008 ) . Deprived of the satisfaction that comes with having the merchandise of one ‘s labour, the worker regards the capitalist as external and hostile ( Carter, 1995 ) .

2.2 Motivation Theories

In this increasing competitory universe where satisfaction of workers demands is the Centre of attending for both private and public organisations. Not all people are motivated by the same thing and over clip their motives might alterations ( Hutchens, 1989 ) . Therefore, Motivation theory can assist us to see the different investings which can be made in people. A motivated and qualified work force is important to increase productiveness and the quality of the organisational services in order to accomplish organisational aims ( Isaac, 2008 ) .

The most popular demands categorization is the 1 developed by Abraham Maslow ‘s. Maslow Hierarchy of Needs put forward a theory that there are five degrees of homo demands which employees need to hold fulfilled at work. At the most basic degree, an employee is motivated to work in order to fulfill basic physiological demands for endurance, such as air, H2O, nutrient, sex and slumber. The lower order demands have to be satisfied in order to prosecute higher degree incentives along the lines of self fulfilment. Following the accomplishment of physiological demands, 1s attending displacements to safety and security demands in order to get the better of the menace of physical and emotional troubles. The following three degrees in Maslow ‘s theory relate to rational and psycho-emotional demands: love and belonging, regard and eventually the highest order demand, self-actualization. He believes at this point persons have the desire to accomplish their full potency and accomplishments ( Anonymous, 2009 ) . All of the demands are structured into a hierarchy and merely one time a lower degree of demand has been to the full met, would a worker be motivated by the chance of holding the following demand up in the hierarchy satisfied ( Pinder, 2008 ) . For illustration a individual who is deceasing of hungriness will be motivated to accomplish a basic pay in order to purchase nutrient before worrying about holding a secure occupation contract or the regard of others ( Locke & A ; Letham, 2004 ) .

The demand theories maintain that an person is motivated to make something if he or she experiences a specific demand that may be fulfilled straight or indirectly by executing that action. Specifically, Herzberg ( 1966 ) proposed a two factor ( motivation-hygiene ) motive theory. The satisfier/motivators include achievement, acknowledgment ; work itself, duty, promotion and growing, while the hygiene factors include company policy and disposal, relationship with supervisor, working conditions, personal life, salary, and relationship with subsidiaries, position, and security. Incentives are the factors that fulfill single ‘s demands for significance and personal growing ; hygiene factors create dissatisfaction when they are mishandled.

Worker motive job in Wal-Mart

In 2001, Wal-Mart became the universe ‘s biggest company in footings of gross revenues grosss and 2.1 million employees ( Fortune, 2002 ) . However, in order to minimise operating costs and keep low monetary values, Wal-Mart pays comparatively low rewards, provides minimum benefits to its employees, and besides “ Wal-Mart ‘s Punitive Policies Drive Employees to Work Sick. ” A deli subdivision worker said: “ Everyone comes to work ill, ” including employees managing nutrient. In the deli subdivision, “ most of misss come coughing their encephalons out, but ca n’t travel place because of points coughing excessively aloud exchange you to another section. Since you ca n’t take yearss off. ” Her cough worsened, and she ended up hospitalized with pneumonia ( Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, 2009 ) . Bing ill, deli subdivision work was hard because it ‘s a “ hot country, ” necessitating in and out visits to a deep-freeze to acquire meat. “ Everyone is sudating and your hair is all moisture, but we ca n’t utilize fans because of the dust ( Greenhouse, 2002 ) . ” Another Wal-Mart worker told: “ Wal-Mart ‘s ( ill ) policy has non changed, and no 1 said anything about this. As a consequence, one worker said morale is low in their workplace and “ reasonably much everyone hates their occupations, ” but have n’t much pick in today ‘s economic clime ( Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, 2009 ) .

Under Wal-Mart ‘s “ Open Availability ” policy, direction demands everyone be available 24 – 7. “ A inundation of people would go forth the company if they could happen other work. Fear and need maintain them at that place. ” In order to supply low-priced merchandises to clients, they cut staff wages ; cut down full-time employees ‘ wellness insurance fee and besides no wellness insurance fee wage for impermanent workers. Overall, Wal-Mart dainties employees punitorily. They ‘re overworked, underpaid, and treated like pay slaves. It ‘s besides ruthless in coercing planetary sweatshop providers for low monetary values, all the worse because the company wields such tremendous power ( Kaufman, 2000 ) .

Capitalist organisation, like War-Mart think that they had managed rather good without to actuate staff, as they still rely on the fact that people need a occupation. Marx argues that labour is cardinal to a human being ‘s self-conception and sense of wellbeing. Labor are every bit much an act of personal creative activity and a projection of one ‘s individuality as it is a agency of endurance ( Harder, 2008 ) . However, Wal-Mart deprives employees of this indispensable beginning of dignity and individuality. The employee ‘s attacks work merely as a agency of endurance and derive none of the other personal satisfactions of work because the merchandises of his labour do non belong to him ( Carter, 1995 ) . “ Everyone comes to work ill, ” all of the staff do non hold the right to rest when they are ill. Unless you found a new occupation so you can rest. If you are coughing excessively aloud that they will exchange you to another section. Everyone hate their occupation but fright and need maintain them go on to work. This full state of affairs is due to these single rights are expropriated by capitalist company. In add-on, the power of the net income motivation encourages unscrupulous persons to move unethically ( Burawoy, 1979 ) . Poor intervention of staff and deficiency of consideration for motivate. For case, Wal-Mart workers necessitating a remainder must bespeak it four hebdomads in progress, no affair what the exigency.

Harmonizing to Maslow ‘s theoretical account of work motive based on a hierarchy of demands in which persons are posited to first seek the satisfaction of physiological demands before prosecuting other desires ( Ford, 1992 ) . Employee is motivated foremost and foremost to fulfill physiological demands. Organizations must supply employees with a wage that enable them to afford equal life conditions. Employees will experience less motivated to make some undertakings if they feel their compensation is non appropriate. Paying employees less will take to dissatisfaction. A disgruntled employee is an unmotivated employee ( Hutchens, 1989 ) . However, rewards at capitalist Wal-Mart have ever been “ every bit small as we could acquire by with at the clip ” The current pay does non honour Wal-Mart workers ‘ personal development and it stifles their engagement as persons in society ( USA TODAY, 2012 ) . Harmonizing to Living Wage Calculator, the per-hour salary necessary to run into the minimum life necessities in Charlotte, North Carolina is about $ 8.73 per hr ( Washington monthly, 2006 ) . The current pay of many Wal-Mart employees falls good below this benchmark. From a more macroeconomic vantage point, economic experts estimate that the aggregative one-year income of a full-time Wal-Mart employee is about $ 17,600 a twelvemonth. Furthermore, the one-year income of an person compensated by a life pay comes in at $ 18,152.40, good above Wal-Mart ‘s mean figure. Even more distressing, utilizing really conservative estimations as estimates, a freshly hired Wal-Mart employee can anticipate to gain about $ 14,560 yearly. Not merely does this figure autumn far below the recommended life pay value, but it besides merely marginally clears the low poorness criterion for an person of $ 11,201 ( Anthony, 2006 ) . In Wal-Mart, Employee ‘s money demand does non fulfill. The company wage lower limit rewards but in acquiring in more out of them. Their lower limit rewards merely enable workers to survival, allow entirely to run into other demands. These salary figures have direct bearing on a Wal-Mart employees ‘ ability to buy wellness attention. Some writers said that it happens because the capitalists monopolize one thing: excess value of labour belongs to them ( Braverman, 1974 ) .

Another research worker said that capitalist economy has its drawbacks. Net income is a incentive who lacks ethical motives. It is focused merely on a individual result of concern actions disregarding all other results ( Cater, 1995 ) . Company pays lower rewards to derive higher net incomes. Wal-Mart can non run into staff needs it will take them lack of motive, that they tend to fall back to anti-work behaviors such as absenteeism, late-coming, failure to run into deadlines, show of unfastened defeat and all these factors work negative to the public presentation and credibleness of an organisation. As a consequence, with most the recent staff cynicism and resign, shoppers are waiting longer for service and acquiring disquieted, “ shouting at us all the clip, shouting and cussing at us ” ( Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, 2009 ) .

It can be observed that Herzberg ( 1990 ) ranked hygiene and incentive factors as the most of import motivational theory when uncertainness exists, jobs can originate. If an employee is concerned that her occupation is non unafraid, she/he may be unmotivated to bring forth a full attempt. Without safety, an employee can be unmotivated. If the motivational factors are met, the employee becomes motivated and work performs more higher ( Ford, 1992 ) . In Wal-Mart, the working environment is bad that deli subdivision workers working in a “ hot country, ” where everyone is sudating, but they ca n’t utilize fans because of the dust. For above state of affairs, Wal-Mart does non make anything and do non do any alterations to run into employees inevitably. Equally good as, “ Open Availability ” policy besides let staff experience that they become Wal-Wart Androids.

For cut downing the costs, Wal-Mart cut employees wellness insurance fee, and no insurance fee paid for parttime workers. Capitalist organisations think that they had rather good without theories of motive ; directors can trust on the fact that people need a occupation as a powerful force for motive ( Knights and Willmott, 2007 ) . Their involvements is non doing work more satisfying for employees but in acquiring in more out of them. As a consequence of deficiency of employees ‘ motive, most of employees began to detest their occupations, give a negative emotional fond regard to their occupations, and being dissatisfied with its function in the work environment. Further, a recent survey shown that ; employee motive is straight relative to organisational public presentation and profitableness ( Fortune, 2002 ) . With all these negative and unsympathetic features of being a Wal-Mart employee, why do people necessarily find themselves working at this awful modern twenty-four hours sweatshop passed off as a countrywide superstore? Wal-Mart has left their employees in a quandary that produces the mentality that no other shops will supply a occupation chance in this hard economic system but in return employees receive highly hapless intervention and well low rewards ( Nlcnet, 2001 ) .


The job of worker motive is inevitable under capitalist economy because the workers are an exploited category. The lower their rewards are, the higher the foremans ‘ net incomes. The foremans take the merchandises, services and substructure created by the workers, sell them on the market, pay the workers every bit small as possible and maintain the remainder. Under those fortunes, most of the employees began to detest their occupations, and being dissatisfied with its function in the work environment.

Employees ‘ motive in a company or a house is a really important direction pattern which should non be underestimated since its deductions are really much pronounced. So it is argue that director should utilize different ways to run into their demands, and besides they should acknowledge that workers are non wholly motivated in the same manner and make non all move up the hierarchy at the same gait ( Herpen, Praag, and Cools, 2003 ) . They may hence hold to offer a somewhat different set of inducements from worker to worker. In amount, the long-run endurance of any administration depends mostly on the motive of its employees be it fiscal or non-financial. Therefore administrations should be willing to continuously and on regular footing, undertake employees studies such as this one in order to understand what their employees expects from their current occupation. The consequence of such exercisings could turn out utile for the administration, because cognizing what their employees wants and attempts in run intoing these demands facilitate a common working environment for both the employees and its direction. Using the power to actuate workers will do worker motive job.

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