Product analysis of sprite

This paper writes on a merchandise of coca Cola “ sprite ” , and seeks to turn to the constructs of merchandise, monetary value, publicity and topographic point and its consequence on the endurance, competitory advantage over similar merchandises, preferrence by clients and it ‘s topographic point in the beaverage drinks market topographic point in the Malaysian community.


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In 1886 Dr. John Stith Pemberton first introduces Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. The druggist concocted caramel-colored sirup in a three-legged brass boiler in his backyard. He foremost “ distributes ” Coca-Cola by transporting it in a jug down the street to Jacobs ‘ Pharmacy. For five cents, consumers can bask a glass of Coca-Cola at the sodium carbonate fountain.

Now about over 120 old ages old and merchandising in more than 200 states, the trade name is regarded as the biggest in the universe and has come top of an Interbrand canvass of all planetary trade names for the 4th clip in a row. It is now estimated that Coca-Cola ‘s trade name is worth a humongous $ 67.5bn ( ?39bn ) . The Coca Cola company in Malaysia sets as the production land for about all the merchandises of Coca Cola for the ingestion of her clients in the Malaysian community.

Coca Cola Merchandises

The Coca Cola company merchandises ranges from coke, fanta, fanta sodium carbonate, krest, fairy With a portfolio of more than 3,300 drinks, from diet and regular twinkle drinks to still beverages such as 100 per centum fruit juices and fruit drinks, Waterss, athleticss and energy drinks, teas and javas, and milk-and soy-based drinks, our assortment spans the Earth.

Brand name and Logo

Coca-Cola possesses one of the most recognized trade name designs in history. It ‘s non merely the hallmark design of that white font on that peculiar shadiness of ruddy that makes it so iconic, but besides the every bit celebrated bottle.

The Product “ SPRITE ”

Sprite is a favourite drink to many coca Cola clients in Malaysia. “ Customer values ” are a really of import property to organisations today. It is perceived as the worth of benefits clients received by having and utilizing a merchandise in exchange for the entire cost needed to obtain the merchandise, after taking into consideration of available competitory offerings and pricings ( Kotler et al. , 2007 ) .

( Kinnear & A ; Bernhardt 1984 ) relates on the construct of merchandise as “ every want -satisfying attribute a consumer receives in doing an exchange, including psychological every bit good as physical ” . The construct of Product has the features of work outing peculiar demands and is categorized into physical or touchable and services or intangible The rival of Sprite is of 7up. Sprite is a lemon calcium hydroxide spirit carbonated drink that besides gustatory sensation Sweet and bubbly. However, the content of Sprite is crystal clear. Sprite is best basking cold particularly on a hot twenty-four hours. The glass bottle of Sprite is colored in dark viridity which possibly is a representation of calcium hydroxide or lemon. The fairy is packaged in plastic bottles and disposable tins with its smart European smelt design which makes it appealing to clients and creates beauty for the merchandise.

Monetary value

The monetary value of a bottle of fairy in the Malayan market sits at RM 2.00 i.e ( $ 0.63 ) which is considered really inexpensive and low-cost. Price is defined as the manner a individual acquires something by giving out something in return ( Kotler et al. , 2007 ) . In other word, the procedure of exchange is really the procedure of replacing a merchandise with another merchandise ( Exchange, 2009 ) .

The monetary value of the fairy is influenced by the handiness of natural stuffs, cost of production and authorities revenue enhancements. This inexpensive monetary value ticket despite is high quality and satisfaction, makes it really much in demand by clients.The monetary value of fairy in the market gives a good and sensible perceived value from the clients point of position. Price is value based and with such a low monetary value ticket for the fairy, clients prefer it to its chief rival “ 7 up, which sits at the same monetary value in the market but considered by many to be of a lower quality. Rivals are the market rivals to a company that will seek to assail the company in an aggressive command to increase their ain market portion ( Kotler et al. , 2007 ) .

Topographic point

Topographic point refers to the distribution or all the activities the Coca Cola company Malaysia undertakes to acquire the Sprite to the clients at the right location and at the right clip. Malaysia has a humid temperature that stands between 30 grades and 35 grades centigrade, therefore the clients are ever at all times in demand for chilled drinks and Sprite with her scintillating lemon lime spirit is preferred by many. The company uses jobbers, physical distribution with company trucks and Lorries, jobbers and retail merchants like Giant, Carrefour, KK, 7 11 and stores and mercantile establishments across the different vicinities in Malaysia to do the merchandise available to their clients.

The distribution channel of fairy in Malaysia is huge and strong doing it impossible to walk into any store or stall throughout the state without descrying a bottle of fairy on show for sale. Furthermore, the company sets up its ain retail stores around different locations in the state every bit good as where houses for whole gross revenues to bargainers.


The coca Cola company in Malaysia has taken to patronizing advertizements on fairy on the local telecasting Stationss, Astro and the local wireless FM station to inform, persuade and influence the consumer ‘s purchasing determination to purchase the fairy.

The company creates awareness, educate on the characteristics of fairy and it ‘s benefits to the consumer, thereby making involvement in the consumer to purchase the fairy. The tools of publicity used by the Coca Cola Company in Malaysia along with advertisement include gross revenues publicity, public dealingss, personal merchandising and direct selling of the fairy. The Sprite is besides promoted by the sponsorship given to local hockey squads and football nines within the Malayan environment.


On composing on the nucleus facets of merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity as it affects the endurance of fairy in the competitory market, the author merely portrays on the fact of the basic tools of marketing the Coca Cola Sprite in the Malaysian community. The paper delves on the best of the Coca Cola Company in Malaysia ‘s ability in the public presentation of their specific selling of fairy in consonant rhyme with the critical facets of apprehension, coaction, create, anticipate, influence and the execution to recognize the basic ends in marketing the merchandise “ fairy ” which takes to the facet of doing net income and fulfilling the client.

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