Product And Market Analysis For Burger King

Burger King known as Insta-Burg King was established in 1953 but so company ran into fiscal troubles and was taken over by David Edgerton & A ; James Mclamore. Today it is headquartered in Florida ( Miami ) .Burger King serves Global with 12,200 mercantile establishments in 73 states.

Part 1: The merchandise and market

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Harmonizing to Merriam-Webster online lexicon fast nutrient is designed for ready handiness, usage, or ingestion and with small consideration given to quality or significance ” .

Basically fast-food is deriving impulse due to the busy lifestyle prerelavant presents.

This type of nutrient is served to clients in short span of clip on order made.

The merchandise: Food like Burgers, Gallic french friess, Veggi etc.

Merchandise type: Fast nutrient

Type of Engagement: Harmonizing to, India ‘s fast-food industry is turning by 40 per centum. Post liberalisation 1991 Fast nutrient industry has developed in India as many transnational suppliers have set up their concern. McDonald ‘s, Domino ‘s, Pizza Hut and Nirula ‘s are well-liked fast nutrient articulations in India.

Harmonizing to the findings of the recent online study from AC Nielson [ 7, 8 ] India being

At the 7th topographic point, is among the top 10 markets for hebdomadal fast nutrient ingestion

among the states of Asia-Pacific region.Over 70 % of Urban Households consume outside nutrient fast nutrient from takeout eating house at least one time in a month or more. As per the study conducted Pizza Hut is the most preferable fast nutrient trade name in India. India is one of the top 10 states among the 28 surveyed devouring fast nutrient.



Selection standard for Fast nutrient

% Indians




Cleanliness & A ; Hygiene

Quality of Service

Healthy nutrient options offered by take away trade names.




The Market ( Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning )


Types of Segmentation.

Geographic segmentation-Urban Locations in India.

Two chief metropoliss of India Delhi & A ; Bangalore.

The ground to take to Delhi is because it is a widely distributed metropolis & A ; people are unfastened to encompass new thoughts & A ; life style. It is besides going a major Information Technology finish of India. Here many major multi subjects like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Sony etc. Many Business procedure outsourcing industries are at that place. Delhi is the symbol of old and new turning India.

Bangalore metropolis is the nervus of industrial metropolis. It has the IT Park which has gained the popularity of being the “ Silicon ” vale. It is ranked among the 10 fastest turning metropolis. Today Bangalore is the 5th largest fastest turning metropolis in Asia.

Demographic segmentation- Urban Middle category

Urban Upper Middle category

The Urban % of Middle category income group is 21.7 % from 2009-10

The Urban % Upper Middle category income group is 16.3 % from 2009-10 ( Based on informations from the Market Information Survey of Households study of the National Council of Applied Economic Research


Targeting-First Concentrate on

Initial focal point on Delhi & A ; Bangalore clients.

Higher income groups.

Exposure to western civilization and open minded to variety

Middle category & A ; Upper middle category clients.


On debut of Burger King it would be ab initio introduced in the capital metropolis of India, Delhi & A ; Banglore.It would be a topographic point for upscale strata consumers chiefly to see & amp ; relax. It would be positioned otherwise unlike from its rival Mc Donald ‘s for household to come along with their kids and have fun. An single earning Rs.30K to 40K a month is expected to indulge in holding nutrient from Burger king. The age group chiefly targeted on 25-35 twelvemonth old persons.

Competitor Analysis-

Direct competitor- Mc Donald ‘s would be the rival for Burger King.

Indirect competitor-Fresh homemade cooked nutrient localized eating houses

Mc Donald ‘s concern is net income devising in the fast nutrient industry compared to its rival Burger King by gross border 38 % of its challenger by 33 % . Mc Donald ‘s is holding a strong presence in United States and it is deriving international presence in the fast nutrient industry. Mc Donald ‘s has been a strong performing artist in 2009 in footings of market portion. In comparing to other nutrient ironss like KFC and Pizza Hut the overall public presentation and a liking towards Mc Donald ‘s has been really positive and applaudable. Mc Donald marketing mix: “ think planetary, act local ” . However, Taylor ( 1991 ) supports the position that companies should utilize both internationalisation and globalisation elements to make a competitory advantage: it is of import to mind the axiom: “ think planetary, act local ” . The house must guarantee that its construction tantrums in with its international environment while at the same clip have the internal flexibleness required to implement its strategic end ( Taylor 1991 ) .McDonalds efficient supply concatenation in India ensures bringing on clip with decrease on cost maximizing profitableness & A ; keeping highest quality criterions of merchandises. McDonalds has separate production lines and processes for its vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings.

Marketing mix adopted by Mc Donald’s- McCarthy ( 1975 ) formulated the construct of 4Ps- Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Furthermore in instance of service selling in recent old ages theoreticians have identified 3P ‘s given by Fifield and Gilligan ( 1996 ) variables as an built-in portion of the selling mix procedure, physical and people.

Product- Concept of “ think planetary, act local has been clearly adopted by Mc Donald ‘s. To back up this construct there are many illustrations like in India as Hindus do non devour beef, Muslims do non eat porc and Jains ( among others ) do non eat meat of any type. To accommodate the bulk nutrient involvement of the Indians Mc Donald ‘s been advanced to function clients with Vegetable McNuggets & A ; a mouton base Maharaja Mac ( Big Mac ) .

Pricing-Pricing determination is a critical factor taken attention by McDonalds. The preparation of different pricing determinations has been made otherwise based on different geographic locations. The right monetary value choice needed to be made for the right market. Assorted factors needed to be considered & amp ; researched for the same. Some elements considered by McDonalds to find the monetary value for a peculiar market. The procedure, as described by Vignali et al/ ( 1999 ) is listed below:

Choosing the monetary value aim ;

Determining demand ;

Estimating costs ;

Analyzing rival ‘s costs, monetary values and offers ;

Choosing a pricing method ;

Choosing a concluding monetary value.

The procedure listed supra is the basic model that allows Mc Donald ‘s localised pricing. McDonalds has highlighted pricing policy in the mission statement where it states that the most cardinal component of finding monetary value was:

McDonalds to stay in touch with pricing of our rivals allows them to monetary value our merchandises right, equilibrating quality and value.

When Mc Donald ‘s was looking to perforate into New Delhi India, it determined the monetary value and put it looking at Nirula ‘s, a local nutrient concatenation as a guideline. McDonalds was formed in India to hold toll free figure for clients to put the order.

Part 2: The consumer

Influence on the behaviour of consumers for purchase of Burger King.

Food consumed by a state ‘s citizen is a critical portion of their civilization. In India station liberalisation in the economic system there are many alterations in the state. India being a democratic state all faiths & A ; beliefs are considered equal with no favoritism.

India known for its rich cultural heritage & A ; strong belief has witnessed some new developments. As compared to past more per centum of Indian adult females are employed today. A rise in the adult females ‘s economic position in India has taken topographic point doing them independent and guaranting more of disposable income to pass on leisure and diversion, eating out and wellness and fittingness. Recent enlargement of service industry call centres, travel bureaus air hoses and hotels have led to more of employment chances. Therefore rise in employment is offering persons to indulge in more than the basic demand, leting them to pass and salvage both. With feverish life styles, timesaving merchandises are progressively in demand. The basic Indian civilization is of devouring homemade nutrient. It ‘s non really easy to convey alterations to their eating wonts as there are many different faiths & A ; civilizations. Reference group are besides influence to a individual ‘s behaviour of eating nutrient outside. Like a household indulging in Non-veg nutrient outside the place frequently, so it is passed to kids besides. Social category would besides be a deciding factor depending on Income instruction & A ; business. Balancing all these three elements influence the purchase behaviour of an person. Culture is an of import component from the position point of the seller. This influence the ingestion behaviour of persons. In India beef is non consumed by Hindus due to spiritual grounds. Hindus constitute the major population in India. Muslims do non devour porc meat. For Jains they do non devour meat.It is wholly prohibited. Therefore poulet is preferred. As the barriers to eat out entrenched in certain sectors of Indian society. The influence to buy fast nutrient are due to factors such as environment at place, handiness and handiness to fast nutrient suppliers, societal environment and milieus. Some other extra some of persons who are populating entirely have independency in their feeding wonts, sometimes choosing for a new assortment of nutrient than the traditional place cooked nutrient. To exhausted clip socialising in an atmosphere doing them comfy besides affects the visit & A ; liking of fast nutrient mercantile establishment. Indian consumers are of the position that hygiene conditions are to be provided in an around the kitchen.

Buying determination devising procedure



( Buyer ‘s head )






Problem Solving

Information Search

Alternate Evaluation




Keegan et Al. ( 1992, p193 )

This theoretical account is an kernel assisting consumers to react in determination devising procedure. It ‘s known as black box as we still cognize how human head plant. Some other influences besides will be discussed like motives, perceptual experience, perceived hazards etc.

1 ) Problem Solving-

a ) When an person is hungry and hunt of instant fulfilment.

B ) Target to consumers who are holding unfastened mentality to seek a new assortment of nutrient.

degree Celsius ) Target to Middle & A ; Upper middle category consumers who wish to see out and socialise.

vitamin D ) Convenient to transport & amp ; looking out for a alteration from the traditional Indian homemade nutrient.

2 ) Information Search-The factors determined by consumers to remember the Fast nutrient Brand

Burger King.

Internal Factors for Consumers to seek.

Recall of advertizements broadcasted on National Television.


Worldwide Brand value of Burger King for good quality and nutrient.

Some External factors which would influence-Colleagues, public beginnings, friends & A ; household. Some articles from merchandise evaluation organisations as Consumer Report.

3 ) Alternative Evaluation- Mc Donald ‘s, KFC, Nirula ‘s, homemade nutrient and other local eating houses.

4 ) Purchase Decision-The purchase determination when made in Burger King would be backed by many factors like

a ) Social Surroundings-The sort of people around as in India it would be targeted on Middle category and Upper in-between category section. The people present and included while doing the purchase.

B ) Physical Appearance-Such as decor, atmosphere of the topographic point, hygiene factors, rapid service offered & A ; some music.

degree Celsius ) Antecedent States-The mark being on persons who earn Rs30,000 to 40Kper month. Including consumer ‘s temper and hard currency in manus.

5 ) Post-Purchase Behavior-In instance of fast nutrient articulation it becomes bit hard to cognize the clients sentiment towards the nutrient consumed by them as consumers are by and large non really acute to supply. But sometimes it can be actively put into action to garner the feedback through some questionnaire which is non drawn-out. Some point of contact for clients where an person is appointed in the shop to larn what consumers feel about the Fast-food served. Even through word of oral cavity if consumers are satisfied they would convey it to their close and beloved 1s excessively.

Some internal Influence on Consumer Behavior.

Motivation-Some people are nutrient lovers who enjoy holding nutrient & A ; indulge in assortment of culinary arts. These persons are internally motivated.

Perception-The perceptual experience of the trade name worldwide. The gustatory sensation & A ; quality of nutrient served is determined based on international criterions and studies.

Perceived risks-These hazards in instance of fast nutrient would be related to wellness jeopardies which it can convey in the long tally. The hygiene factor can be a cause of concern.

Personal factors-These factors besides influence the consumer behaviour like economic state of affairs, age, business, personality & A ; life style.

a ) Economic situation-The economic state of affairs in India is on a growing phase. With more people fall ining the labour force twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and in-between category and upper in-between category population able to pass for their leisure, nutrient and amusement nowdays.People are holding more of agencies to salvage for their hereafter excessively extra to the disposable income to pass. As persons with a monthly income of minimal Rs.30,000 it would targeted for.

B ) Lifestyle-The alteration in the life style of people have besides under gone a alteration. Most of the persons are working and busy with their feverish agenda so barely find clip to cook and hold homemade nutrient. So fast nutrient offers them convenience, gustatory sensation and easy available at good monetary value accommodating the pockets of the persons. Peoples are today governed by instruction, income, intelligence & A ; energy degree. Mindset of people are undergoing a fast alteration ready to seek different sort of nutrient and a mode in which 1 can travel and bask good tasty nutrient outside.

Part 3: Plan to Establish the Merchandise

Brand Name-Burger King

Product Type-Fast nutrient Warren burgers

Campaign-Urban Regions

Campaign- ” One King, Burger King ”

Global companies like Burger king face the job of originating a planetary merchandise launch, as the features of varied civilization, beliefs and multicultural state of affairs of states today. Cost additions and public dealingss support across multiple markets makes it more complicated. Food is an indispensable component of society ‘s civilization and ethnicity. Even during globalisation and holding a widely distributed mentality some basic cultural gustatory sensation, local penchants and market specifications in nutrient industry of a peculiar state can non afford to be forgotten. A proper market research demand to be undertaken or it would negatively harm the merchandise launch of the trade name aching the beliefs of the mark market. Understanding the nervus and pros and cons of the local nutrient market of a state would avoid doing expensive errors. Burger King is known worldwide for its Burgers which chiefly serves beef & A ; porc as the ingredient in Burgers. But in a state like India which has people of different spiritual beliefs and civilizations were Hindus and Muslims are prohibited from ingestion of beef and porc. Burger King needs to present merchandises customized for the Indian Market maintaining in head the Indian gustatory sensation & A ; penchant. Around 40 % populations of Indians are vegetarians. This constitutes a reasonably good figure of populations. Furthermore during some spiritual occasions, as India is land of festivals people do non devour non-veg merchandises during that period excessively. And even during some fast period when observed by the people in India non-vegetarian nutrient merchandise ingestion is low. Therefore Burger King needs to come out offering a proper blend of western basic nutrient gustatory sensation with some Indian spices & A ; some healthy options in Burger itself. As now many Indians are unfastened to seek the new discrepancies of nutrient but are besides wellness witting excessively.

Brand Name-Burger King

Product Type-Fast nutrient Warren burgers

Campaign-Urban Regions

Campaign- ” One King, Burger King ”

Pre-Launch Scenario

Renowned worldwide for its “ Have it your manner ”

The challenge

Competition with Mc Donald, KFC, Pizza Hut

To set up a monopoly of Burgers is hard

Mc Donald ‘s is broad spread in bulk of locations

To perforate into the market with more tasty options to the mark market

Low degree of client committedness because of big figure of options available in fast nutrient mercantile establishments

Continuous betterment to be made in value added engineering services

Health related issues to be sorted

Target Audience

Middle category and Upper Middleclass Individuals

Target Locations

Capital metropolis of India, Delhi and “ Silicon vale ” of India, Bang traditional knowledge.

Four P ‘s of Selling

Place- The topographic point to aim would be urban countries like the Airports, Offices & A ; some shopping, promenades.

Price-The monetary value would be low-cost to Upper middle category and in-between category client ‘s persons gaining an one-year income of Rs.3, 60,000 per annum.

Promotion-Like in Delhi roll uping points for seasonal travellers of tubes would enable them with a voucher to handle them with Burger King.

Product-Burger King to present the merchandise accommodating to the Indian gustatory sensation offering discrepancy options to the vegetarians, healthy options in signifier of drinks along with tasty non-vegetarian nutrient. During some major gay seasons burger king can establish some new merchandises to pull the mark clients.

People-The Burger king staff demands to be good trained and their uniform while providing to the clients can be a combination of indo-western garb which would be attractive. The staff needs to be efficient in set abouting undertakings and right people to be recruited for the different nature of occupations. The staff should recognize clients non by stating hullo or Hi alternatively with ‘NAMASTE ‘ as this would showcase the traditional civilization of recognizing the invitee.

Process-The procedure of presenting the nutrient and service should be communicated good to the clients. As a big population is vegetarian lovers so nutrient should be cooked maintaining in head the spiritual beliefs and norms of Indians. The nutrient served should be speedy and tasty suiting to the Indian consumers taste. Customers need to be informed in instance of some wait period of the merchandise been delivered. Proper communicating demand to be made. Facilities such as cleanliness and proper atmosphere demand to be created for clients to bask. Burger male monarch should seek to prosecute with clients to have the feedback on the service delivered by them. This can be make fulling some short questionnaire or by presenting something similar like A immense bell placed in Indian ‘Pizza Hut ‘ to pealing so that clients can exhibit their satisfaction towards the merchandise.

Physical Service-Service ca n’t be experienced before it ‘s delivered. So pick made to utilize the service is hazardous as its intangible in nature. The uncertainness can be reduced in the head of clients prior of ingestion of the merchandise if the characteristics are good communicated to the mark consumers.

Promotion of Burger King done by marketing communicating mix


Gross saless publicity

Direct selling

Public Relations

Phase-1 Launch the Product

The merchandise launch of Burger King needs to be associated in a mode the perceptual experience which is associated of holding Burgers from other rivals of its. The merchandise being aimed at Middle category and Upper in-between category should be positioned in an upscale mode where Warren burgers are being offered of King ‘s gustatory sensation and treated like King doing them experience relaxed and bask the experience of eating the Burger in an first-class atmosphere. Besides the communicating of Quality, speedy service and cleanliness demands to be communicated good. Burger King should present options for vegetarian lovers as this would assist them to perforate, into the market more easy. The spiritual sentiments of Indians need to be taken attention in instance of non-vegetarian Burgers. The company needs to set up a trust on consumers about the method in which merchandise is been prepared without harming any spiritual sentiments.

Phase-2 Brand advertisement

The advertisement of Burger male monarch can be efficaciously done through Print Media, Television advertizements and billboards. This should include doing clients cognizant about the merchandise, assisting them for easy callback and associating it to them personally. The telecasting advertizements to be broadcasted on intelligence and concern channels like CNN IBN, TIMES NOW and some other channels like MTV. The advertizement needs to efficaciously convey to the clients the topographic point is for loosen uping and to bask the Burger in King ‘s manner. During this stage it needs to concentrate on constructing the trade name and merchandise relevancy. It would be launched non for mass audience but segmented as niche market with high on quality, service and monetary value. The trade name should leverage the cardinal subject of “ Have it your manner ” . The DAGMAR doctrine theoretical account 1961 ( Specifying advertisement ends for measured advertisement consequences ) .

1. From unawareness to awareness-To do the mark possible clients aware about the merchandise.

2. Comprehension-Customer able to acknowledge the merchandise and holding cognition about the merchandise.

3. Conviction-Customers keeping a steadfast attitude of the merchandise trade name compared to others and can be based on emotional or rational footing.

4. Action-Move made to buy reflects the advertizement has been effectual to pass on with the mark audience.

The Unique selling proposition of Burger King needs to be highlighted. ‘HAVE IT YOUR WAY ‘

Other Communication Channels-

On debut of Burger King in Metro like Delhi some vouchers can be offered to the commuters going on monthly base on ballss.

In the ‘silicon vale ‘ knock lore nutrient vouchers to the MNC offices like Google, Sony can be provided to advance Burger male monarch.

To publicize through societal media run. To advance through electronic media.

To advance in some Business seminars like ‘Retail Association of India ‘ through offering verifiers and billboards exhibiting Burger King eventually in India.

To publicize in events like, Common wealth games.

Internet connectivity can be used as an effectual medium of channel.

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