Product Factor And Resource Commitment Factors Marketing Essay

The simplest market entry schemes begin with taking an appropriate selling mix and so make up one’s minding on different signifiers of entry schemes. An Organization ‘s determination to come in the market is based on assortment of factors as there are several options available to it. As these factors vary with cost, grade of control and hazard, it becomes really of import to move strategically. The assorted types of entry manner available to houses can be Exporting, Licensing, Joint ventures, Foreign Owned Enterprises, and so many others. An Organization ready to travel international faces three major challenges:

Marketing – which countries/segment to capture

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Sourcing – Brand or Buy determination

Investing and command – amalgamations, acquisitions, joint ventures, etc

It is besides important to get down with little investings in abroad if you are the new market participant and so bit by bit increase the market portion once you become the mature participant. Small investings mean low hazard with low control. However many houses create their ain ideal entry manners, for illustration, the market entry of Haagen-Dazs, the ice-cream and frozen yoghurt company. First, it uses the high-end retail merchants to present the trade name. Following, it finds high traffic countries to construct company-owned shops. The last measure is to sell Haagen-Dazs merchandise in convenience shops and supermarkets. The illustration clearly indicates the safe market playing scheme.

In other words we can state, Entry Decision is a Trade- off between Flexibility and committedness.

Timing: When is a good clip to come in? Potential addition from waiting and cost of hold

Scale of Entry: Small graduated table or big graduated table

Speed of Expansion: How fast to turn?

There are different ways in which organisations can come in foreign market, these are:


The traditional signifier of entry scheme is exporting utilizing either a direct or indirect methods. In a simplest manner, Exporting agencies selling of goods in foreign markets. It is the most economical manner by and large adopted by little investors who lack information and experience of International market. Broadly talking exporting does non necessitate elaborate market survey as compared to the state of affairs if merchandise is manufactured in marketing state ; nevertheless, this does non pretermit the demand for elaborate selling scheme. Broadly, Exporting can be classified into two parts: Direct and Indirect Exporting

Direct Exporting:

Direct exporting means ain control over the concern. Goods are sold straight to the clients interested in purchasing the merchandises. An organisation, say to come in in the market ; via, exporting grips all the facets of concern say, selling, distribution, logistics, cargo and payment aggregation. Selling straight to the mark clients saves the jobber taking portion of the net income. However this attack requires immense fiscal and manpower committedness. Though the chief ground to get down direct exportation is to increase net income. The other grounds for spread outing exports may be that domestic market becomes saturated so in order to dispose the extra stock exportation is the good step.

Indirect Exporting:

Selling goods through mediators instead than straight covering with the purchasers is better and cheaper manner of exporting. Mediators are agents/distributors runing locally in the export market. An organisation can work the benefit of distributer ‘s cognition and experience about the targeted market. Using their in-market experience, repute and contacts is the speedy manner to acquire the merchandise introduced to end-user.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Exporting has its ain advantages and disadvantages. As houses has to get down from abrasion in selling, gross revenues, distribution when they enter new markets. Largely, the markets are dominated by local mediators so it becomes imperative to fall in custodies with those mediators to work the benefit of their in-depth market expertness and valuable information about local consumers.

Apart from working with local mediators, houses in order to minimise their ain hazard, hires the local distributers. Firms in foreign markets allow their local distributers to command strategic selling determinations alternatively of taking the charge itself. Exporting is rather cheap surrogate to come in the new markets

However, Exporting has some disadvantages besides, Due to presence of local mediators in the supply concatenation ; there is no direct contact with clients. So communicating is non every bit speedy as with mediators. It besides requires immense resource base in footings of money, people, engineering, etc.

So earlier make up one’s minding to travel with this attack it would be wise to look into all pros and cons to accomplish the maximal consequences.


Firms willing to hold greater control over concern without extra hazard may choose for licensing as a manner of entry.


Licensing is an agreement where licensor grants the licence to utilize the intangible belongings to another entity for a specific period, in return of royalty/fee from the licensee. In general footings, it allows the licensee houses to utilize the fabrication, processing, hallmark, know-how, or some other accomplishments provided by the licensor.

It is a better option as compared to exporting. As there are less trade barriers. It involves small disbursal and engagement and provides really big returns. The lone cost involves is subscribing of understanding and acquiring the policies implemented. Licensing is a good manner to get down operations in offshore. It is possible to fabricate the merchandises locally. Licensing besides has some drawbacks. As licensing understanding is governed by rational belongings jurisprudence there is limited signifier of engagement to the extent of specific merchandise to be manufactured, continuance of understanding procedure or hallmark, which make lead to loss of control and less income. There besides a menace from licensee going a rival over a period of clip and fabricating the merchandise independently. Besides, if pick of licensee turns out to be incorrect the trade name name or merchandise image may be tarnished.


Franchising is a concern relationship where one party grants other the right to administer goods/services under the trade name name of franchisor. Like licensing, franchising is besides a contractual understanding. But it has broader position in footings of scope of factors in operations and continuance of an understanding. The franchiser, in exchange of trappings, installations, premises, direction services and market research, gets per centum of entire gross revenues value. Franchising reduces the hazard exposure in foreign market. Franchising is different from licencing in legal nature. If a concern wants to spread out through franchising, it must register in an appropriate legal power whereas licensing is merely a concern contract between two parties.

In footings of grade of control, with a franchise system, the franchisor retains control over selling, distribution and other general operations. A licensee enjoys much more freedom in footings of concern operations.

Strategic Alliances/Joint Ventures:

Joint Ventures and Strategic confederations have become the popular and successful manner for houses to come in in the foreign markets. Though both strategic confederations and joint ventures explain the same intending the two differs in legal sense. The joint venture creates legal relation whereas strategic confederations do non. In other words, Joint venture is a contractual understanding between two or more companies that pool their resources together towards the common end. A strategic confederation on the other manus is merely a formal relationship between two or more companies in chase of common end, while operating as independent organisations. Besides, in joint venture the two companies do non stay independent.

As compared to licencing or exporting joint venture is more expensive. Joint Ventures have following benefits:

Hazard can be shared jointly and ability to unite the local in deepness cognition with a foreign spouse with know how in engineering or procedure

Joint fiscal strength

Benefit of political connexion and distribution channels

Before make up one’s minding to travel for Joint Ventures the possible jobs that may originate in future must be considered. There may be struggle over asymmetric new investings, misgiving over proprietary cognition public presentation issues may originate, and cultural clangs may besides take to partnership expiration before the existent clip. Without understanding these struggles and taking stairss in progress before they originate could merely lad to competitory advantage.

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises ( WFOE ) :

A concern entity with 100 % foreign capital and under full ownership and control is entirely foreign owned endeavor. This involves the greatest committedness in capital and managerial attempts. WFOE ‘s may take signifier of amalgamations and acquisitions or Greenfield investings. Establishing a WFOE, is a most expensive and hazardous manner as compared to other manners of entry. But greater hazard besides signifies greater returns. Besides,

It provides transnational companies greater control over selling, distributions, production, and engineering.

Amalgamations and Acquisitions

The primary type of WFOE is amalgamations and acquisitions which involves transportation of bing assets from local houses to foreign houses. Companies are said to be merged when two or more states combined to organize one legal entity. Whereas acquisition involve transportation of control/rights from a local company to a foreign company.

Green Field Investment

It is a signifier of foreign direct investing where a parent company starts a new venture in a foreign company by building new operational installations. The new company has to make new production capacity and occupations, transportation engineering and know-how.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WFOE:

A entirely foreign owned endeavor offers several benefits. The list includes independency and freedom to implement the worldwide schemes of its parent company without holding to see the engagement of the other spouse, protection of rational know-how and engineering ; full control of human resources, greater efficiency in human operations, direction and hereafter development. As I discussed earlier besides, this signifier of entry is most expensive and hazardous because here the full hazard is borne by parent company, whereas in instance of franchising, joint ventures or strategic confederation the hazard is shared among the spouses. The house can non acquire any aid from other party.

Factors act uponing the market entry manner

There may be several factors that affect market entry manner determinations. The success of house in foreign market mostly depends on the pick of entry manner. Several surveies have attempted to place these set of factors. The most popular survey is been developed by Root in 1994.He distinguished the factors into External factors and internal factors.

External Factors

As per Root four influential external factors affects entry manner pick, viz. , aim state market factors, mark state production factors, mark state environment factors and place state factors.

Target Country Market Size The size of mark state market does influences the entry manner pick. If the market size is little with low net incomes the company chose the cheap manners such as indirect exportation, licensing and contracts. Whereas if the market size is big with potencies of high returns the company may choose for entry manners with high breakeven gross revenues volume.

Target Country Production Factors In instance the cost of production is low in the mark state it is ever favourable to bring forth locally. On the other manus, if production costs are high it is better to export the merchandise.

Target Country Environment Factors Political, Social, cultural, economic factors of the foreign state besides influence the pick of entry manner. If the state ‘s political environment is unstable or there is deficiency of common cooperation between parent state and host state it could be hard to come in the foreign market independently in such instances non equity entry manners such as licensing, exporting would be desirable. Another of import factor is geographical distance. When the distance between the place and foreign states is big the transit costs are high, thereby detering export entry manners and prefering other entry manners such WFOE ‘s etc. Firms frequently prefer to come in those markets that are culturally similar to parent state.

Home Country Factors Finally, the environment of place state including, market size ; cost of production in place state besides influences the pick of entry manner. If the cost of production in place state is high the company may prosecute in exporting, contractual fabrication.

Internal Factors

As per Root two internal factors affect the pick of entry manner. These are merchandise factor and resource committedness factors.

Merchandise Factors Product distinction is the key to play successfully in the market. In instance of extremely differentiated merchandise company is in the place to bear down high monetary value. With high borders it is easy to bear the increased transit costs and high import responsibilities. But if the merchandise is similar as offered by rival it would be hard to play on monetary value. Therefore, companies with high merchandise distinction adopts export as entry manner otherwise, it would be wise to take contract fabrication or equity investing.

Resource Commitment Factors Company with immense resource base in footings of capital, human accomplishments, engineering can choose for any of the entry manner. There are so many options available to them. But with limited resources companies are left with fewer options.

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