Product Strategy For Existing Clients Marketing Essay

Abstraction: Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs ) are a high potency mark for Bankss to assail, but besides a hazardous section ; high potency because the demand for funding is increasing, but hazardous because the crisis affected a batch the solubility and profitableness of these companies. On the other manus, loan installations are some of the most complex banking merchandises ( if we analyze diverse funding demands of little companies, but instead due to the analysis and blessing procedures in Bankss ) . In specifying strategic options for funding merchandises for SMEs, the undermentioned stairss are indispensable: measuring possible market sections and/or sub sections, ever concentrating on the general and peculiar commercial aims of the bank, analysing the schemes used by the major rivals and last, but non least: developing motivational systems for the employees of the subdivisions – the chief distribution channel for a banking merchandise.


Cleavage is an indispensable measure in specifying the merchandise scheme for bing clients, but for possible clients besides ( if generalizing the decisions of bing informations base analysis to the possible information base appraisal ) . The purpose of each cleavage is to place similar behaviors, by grouping different bunchs ( set up by different standards ) , and besides to place the correlativity with the commercial consequences and with the potency of each bunch ( possible from the client ‘s concern point of position, but besides possible in footings of turnover, grosss and so on – from bank point of position ) .

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Calculation of profitableness per each section ( the section construct including besides the bomber section construct, the difference between the two constructs being merely the degree of inside informations ) even by the simplest method of mean net gross per client generated to the bank, is taking to set uping the most profitable sections from the bing portfolio. It besides leads to place the highest possible section ( in footings of concern addition ) , while correlated to the company standard ( for illustration, comparing between the company one-year turnover and the turnover made by the company through the bank in the same twelvemonth of analysis ) . Based on the cleavage analysis and decisions, different strategic options are proposed for each of import section ( for illustration: keeping and trueness addition for really profitable clients of the bank ; turnover addition, loan volume addition, cross sell, up sell and so on for non profitable clients with high potency and so on ) .

On the other manus, cleavage procedure and computation of profitableness leads to designation of bunchs which are bring forthing loss. For certain it is of import to see besides these clusters/ sections and to set up an action program in order to minimise the loss and increase the profitableness.

Banking Services – Characteristics and Particularities

In the banking sector, the service proviso implies the presence of the client: face to face with the service supplier ( normally a so called Relationship Manager or an Operational Military officer from a Branch ) or even self-service, if utilizing Internet Banking, specific equipments and so on.

Normally, pro-active merchandising by demand designation and care of the portfolio of clients is the Relationship Manager ‘s duty, while the Operations Officers are involved in re-active responses to transactional demands of the clients in a certain minute of clip. For acquisition and offering to possible clients, the duties can be split, and even the Branch Manager can take action ( depending on client value and potency ) .

Another facet to be considered is the engagement of the client in the structuring of the merchandise ; the Relationship Manager will place the demand of funding, for illustration, merely based on information provided by the client ; the client itself can suggest to the Relationship Manager the optimum solution considered. Face to confront meetings play an of import function if the demand and therefore the service to be provided is more complex. In these instances, the engagement of the client is truly important. There is a truly strong concern relationship between the client and the supplier, particularly when seamster made attack is needed, connoting a higher grade of interaction. We are talking about a low interaction with the service supplier when the demand is characterized by low complexness and the client is able to utilize specific equipments ( other channels, such as: Automatic Teller Machines, Points Of Gross saless and so on or the most common: cyberspace banking ) .

The success of carrying the client to purchase the banking service is strongly related to the soft accomplishments of the Relationship Manager, together with his cognition of the merchandises and internal processs. It is demonstrated that the profitableness and the market portion growing is straight related to the efficiency of the Relationship Managers. Another feature of the banking service would be low seasonality ( with some exclusions for clients triping in industries with high seasonality or specific concern rhythms, such as: agricultural companies ) .

For increasing the quality of the service providing, the focal point is on making strong long-run concern relationships with the clients, the trueness of the most profitable clients being a cardinal success. On the other manus, trueness can take to referrals, which are good known as of import acquisition maulerss.

The banking services are really different when sing sections of clients. The cleavage scheme and procedure can be done based on many standards. Normally, the Bankss are turn toing specific offers ( and have different divisions and sections ) to the undermentioned classs:

Mass Persons

Affluent clients

Private clients

Small and Medium Enterprises ( SME )

Large companies ( Corporate )


Non-Profit Organizations

Public Institutions

sme banking merchandises and sections

Each company is different and hence the banking services are alone. The dependence between the company ‘s features and the service is really high. For some companies, the service is standard, for some is tailor made ( this attack is appropriate to be used for more complex companies and demands ) .

Value and Quality of the Banking Services for SMEs ( SME banking “ merchandise catalogue ” )

The quality of the banking services for SMEs is really difficult to analyse, particularly because the clients ‘ outlooks are difficult to expect and the rating of the client satisfaction can be done merely after the banking service is purchased. However, bespeaking changeless feed-back during service providing is really helpful.

How a client perceives the value of the banking merchandise is straight related to client satisfaction with the status of run intoing the outlooks. This leads to a demand of standardising the service in order for the client satisfaction conditions to be met.

When turn toing to little companies, client satisfaction criterions are easier to place, anticipate and design. For a medium company, for illustration, it is recommended to turn to a combination of standard characteristics and seamster made 1s.

A banking service characteristic is designed and established through the papers called merchandise card ( to be noticed that the construct of banking service was replaced by banking merchandise. Any new merchandise or alteration of bing merchandises is approved through this papers. The merchandise card contains all the standard characteristics of the merchandise and besides inside informations about the non-standardized attack ( regulations of blessing, standards to see etc. ) .

Sometimes the same merchandise card will be used in order to offer standard merchandises to a specific section of clients, while for other sections, the same merchandise card will go a seamster made offer through using the bing non-standard regulations.

Another particular characteristic of the SME banking merchandise is related to the determination procedure.

The term of client has in the terminal an single individual that will take a determination. That individual could be an decision maker, stockholder or general director of the company. For bigger companies, the determination can be taken besides by the Financial Manager. Even so, when appreciating the quality of the banking merchandise, or when taking the determination of geting the banking merchandise, the client ( single determination shaper ) is influenced by his ain experiences, claims and outlooks ; the influencers can be person from the household ( for illustration, if a household member had a similar experience with the same bank/ subdivision of a bank etc. ) , a concern spouse ( client, supplier etc. ) , even subsidiaries ( fiscal director, accountant etc. ) and other parties ( agents, advisers etc. ) .

Sometimes, situational factors influence the determination ( for illustration deficiency of parking infinite in the propinquity of the subdivision, no privateness and so on can take to a negative determination ) .

While taking the determination to contract a loan, possibly the most of import factor is the credibleness and assurance inspired by the Relationship Manager. The account is simple: the fiscal state of affairs of the company is of import for any administrator/ stockholder ( net income is beginning of dividends and so on ) and the hazard that a wrongly granted loan could destabilise the fiscal balance leads to the demand of competent advice. That is why professionalism of the Relationship Manager ( proven by really good cognizing the merchandises, understanding the concern, fiscal indexs cognition and so on ) is besides act uponing the determination.

As a decision, the determination is influenced by the ability of the Relationship Manager to animate assurance, by:

Very good cognizing the banking merchandise, with all its characteristic ( including all costs )

Understanding the concern of the client and right placing the demand ( a common error of low experienced Relationship Manager is offering a Working Capital line alternatively of an Investment Loan ; experienced clients cognize really good that the company ‘s fiscal state of affairs can be earnestly damaged if geting, for illustration, fixed assets with 5 old ages amortisation, with a on the job capital line with adulthood of 1 twelvemonth )

Continuously supplying consultancy and advice

Interactivity and relationship direction ; the clients need to be involved in the structuring of the banking merchandise ( when seamster made attack needed ) . Face to confront meetings are a great premiss for placing farther concern chances for cross merchandising and future funding ( for illustration, in the meeting, the client may advert a little item sing a future investing for constructing a new warehouse )

The quality of the banking merchandise can non run into the clients ‘ outlooks unless the Relationship Manager demonstrates fairness ; this attack needs to be portion of organisational civilization, as the values reflect in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activity

Trained on soft accomplishments development: communicating, gross revenues, dialogue etc. are a must

Becoming a individual point of contact with the client, “ the bank is me ” ; high expertness and really good cognizing the concern, together with fiscal advice and good cognizing to place the demands, are the characteristics that make a Relationship Manager go the face of the bank in forepart of the client. That is why the entrepreneurship accomplishments are besides really of import.

As a decision, the accomplishments and know-how of the Relationship Manager is decidedly really of import for the determination taking sing loan installations. Knowing really good these facets, the members of the selling section are really interested in using the selling schemes foremost of wholly by “ merchandising ” them to the Relationship Managers. The range is really good illustrated in the figure below.

The impact of Marketing Strategy over Commercial Consequences.

Loans for SMEs – Particular Features

The loans are some of the most complex banking merchandises, particularly because the diverseness of fiscal demands of the companies, but besides because the blessing procedure.

Loans can be categorized as follows:

Working capital lines ( Revolving installations, the bound stays the same ) , with general disbursals intents ( normally: payments to providers or province budget and so on )

Working capital loans ( Non-Revolving installations, the bound diminishes while paying the principal ) , for funding current demands

Factoring Facilities, based on Assigned Debtors ( no other collaterals requested )

Dismissing instruments ( CECs and Promissory notes, Bills )

Investing Facilities ( with different intents: edifice a warehouses/ premises of the company, geting a fixed plus and so on )

Each loan has a loan bound and a loan exposure ( or loan outstanding ) . The loan bound is the maximal bound sum which can be granted to the client ( for go arounding loans, this is the sum that appears in the loan contracts ) . The loan exposure ( outstanding ) is the sum utilized by the client at a certain minute. The bound is ever above the exposure, the lone instance when the outstanding exceeds the loan bound occurs if the client did n’t pay its debts to the bank, being in delinquent.

The hazard direction is a really of import characteristic of each loan. In general, little companies have higher hazard than bigger 1s, but a good evaluation is merely given by a strong fiscal state of affairs.

The collateral coverage is besides a really good known characteristic of a loan ; depending on the collateral type ( mortgage, hard currency, contract, equipment etc. ) , a certain weight is applied to the value of the warrant, so the coverage is normally & gt ; =100 % .

Rating and indirect construction and coverage determine the sum of the commissariats that the bank needs to represent for each loan. The commissariats are costs ( cost of hazard, calculated as the per centum of the proviso development applied to the sum of the exposure ) .

While ciphering the profitableness of a loan, there are three constituents: the involvement rate and the fees paid by the client ( IF ) , the support rate of the bank ( cost of funding ; F ) and the cost of hazard ( as described above, CoR ) .

The profitableness of the loan is calculated by the undermentioned expression:

RL = IF- FC – CoR, where:

RL = cyberspace Grosss generated through the Loan

FC = funding cost

CoR = Cost of the Hazard

Portfolio Analysis and Segmentation

While planing a loan scheme, the first measure is to analyse the behaviour and potency of the clients from the possible mark.

If on the market, information about the possible mark is limited ( intending expensive of deficiency of information ) , a good solution is to deeply analyse the bing portfolio of clients.

In this regard, it is of import first of all to clean up the portfolio information base, by flagging and excepting the clients with negative signals ( categorized as “ non-active clients ” ) . At this phase, the portfolio analysis focuses on placing the unwanted “ behaviours ” , the clients that generate losingss or who have a high potency to bring forth losingss.

So, the first measure consists in analysing the clients ‘ portfolio construction and extinguishing from the database the clients that have one or several jobs. An illustration for the construction of an SME portfolio and the most common negative signals met are shown in the figure below.

Portfolio construction: Active and Non-Active clients

Negative signals can be categorized as follows:

Legal issues for the database filtration:



Legal reorganisation

Activity suspension and so on.

Fiscal issues for the database filtration:

Continuously dropping incomes

Operational loss and so on.

Issues related to non honouring the duties towards the bank/banks:

Delinquent loans

Loans with a high hazard of going unpaid

Unauthorized overdrafts ( besides known as current history debits, resulted through non paying the committees for the held banking merchandises )

Garnishments on current histories and so on.

In some instances, the riddance from the analysis of the clients with societal capital histories and of those who have n’t used their histories for a long period of clip ( hibernating clients ) can be chosen.

After cleaning up the information base, the following measure consists in set uping the cleavage of the staying clients ( so called active portfolio of SME clients ) . The cleavage takes into history different standards, the most common being the related to company features and banking behaviour. The intent is to place common behaviours, in order to set up the classs of clients with a high potency in footings of profitableness ( in the specific sense, of class, of the profitableness gained through offering a crediting installation ) .

The most common cleavage standards are:

Criteria related to the company features

The company ‘s turnover and other fiscal indexs ( profitableness, personal capitals, and so on )

The industry from which its field of activity is portion of ( because the recognition hazard policy could enforce to avoid offering credits to clients belonging to industries with a high hazard ; it ‘s good – known that, one time the economic crisis appeared, the edifice field of activity all of a sudden became a sector where credits were being offered merely as an exclusion )

The geographic part ( for illustration, Bucharest ‘s potency is significantly higher than the potency of other parts from the state )

The debt service ( including the debt payment to the province budget )

Identified merchandise potency ( for illustration, harmonizing to the industry, or establishing on the accomplished market research )

Standards mentioning to the banking behaviour

Creditor turnover ( grosss directed through current histories ) in a certain period of clip

The incomes generated for the bank in a certain period of clip and their construction ( incomes from involvements, incomes from committees, incomes from sedimentations and current history, incomes from other banking services )

The banking merchandises held at a certain period of clip ( normally, the last available studies ) , compared with the identified merchandises possible.

The credits volume, the sedimentations volume in balance at a certain period of clip

The senior status of the client ( get downing with the day of the month when the history was opened )

The payment behaviour of the clients who have credits

The recognition guarantee coverage degree

The commercial runs which had an impact upon the client/which did n’t hold an impact ( establishing on the runs that work with predefined lists, a study may be extracted, sing the clients who answered positively and negatively to certain commercial actions – of gross revenues, of keeping, administrative and so on )

An illustration of cleavage analysis from banking behavior position is shown in the undermentioned figure.

Cleavage analysis consequences – illustration based on Banking Behavior standards

Sections become existent marks when the potency is considered big plenty and when the features and banking behaviour of the sections allow a particular placement which can make a value proposition for the clients in the section.

A market ticker analysis is compulsory, so is a qualitative research in order to place the most equal solutions for the execution. If needed, a proving session will be set up.

Normally, before roll-out of the new scheme, a pilot is done in order to place facets to be improved/removed/added.

After the execution, the monitoring of the consequences and the changeless communicating is really of import. Sometimes deficiency of monitoring may act upon the profitableness.

Sometimes, negative signals can be identified merely after the cleavage is already designed and the scheme is already set up. This happens because the hazard profile and the eligibility of the client is analyzed merely after having elaborate information from each client ; for illustration, some filters will include the evaluation, the debt service, possible to be made merely based on paperss ( normally fiscal and legal paperss ) provided by the client ‘s representatives.

Recognition schemes for SMEs

Every banking merchandise scheme follows at least three indispensable phases: the Design phase, the Implementation phase ( which includes: the release itself, the proving – before and/or after the release – and the “ proficient ” execution ) and the subsequent Monitoring ( with the intent of placing the strengths or the possible optimisation options ; sometimes it leads even to a extremist scheme alteration ) .

The attempt while planing a scheme is orientated towards the bing clients ‘ portfolio. This is widely accepted as being an efficient scheme, being less expensive than the scheme of pulling new clients. It is besides profitable to at the same time concentrate on assorted transactional sections. The portfolio choice ( clean-up ) and cleavage is applied for developing a theoretical account, taking besides into history a position based on hazard direction – clients with less hazard and high profitableness are preferred.

Once the market segment/segments have been defined, the constitution of the crediting scheme mark is made taking into consideration the potency of the chosen section ( which has to be big plenty ) , but particularly the possibilities of making a particular placement, that will be able to bring forth a value proposition for the clients within the section.

After set uping the mark section features, the companies whose hazard profile do n’t run into the eligibility conditions will be eliminated from the database. The conditions will ever include the company ‘s fiscal evaluation ( based on the marking developed by the fiscal establishment ) , the debt service, the client ‘s profitableness and so on.

A competition analysis is a compulsory measure, particularly when the mark section is composed of little companies. In this instance, the scheme will be a standard one, by and large available for all companies included in the section. For larger companies, where a degree of service personalization appears, the competition analysis becomes harder, reflecting through the clients who are willing to offer information sing the offers which they received from the viing banking establishments.

The strategic options when offering recognition installations can see any facet below, but the determination sing optimum scheme is taken at section degree:

The market portion addition, by increasing the figure of clients with credits and/or the entire volume of given loans ; if concentrating on volumes, the sections with highest potency will be attacked.

Optimized version/ new version or merchandise to be included into the merchandise catalogue of one or more sections ( working capital lines ; investing loans for equipments/ tools acquisition of for edifice branches/ deposits/ working points ; factoring ; lines for publishing letters of warrants and letters of recognition ; lines for dismissing payment instruments ; recognition cards and so on ) ; sections with low consequences and possible can be attacked by offering optimized merchandises which meet their outlooks.

Client portfolio migration from recognition merchandises with a higher hazard to recognition installations with lower hazard and/or higher profitableness ( transforming the credits with work capital into factoring installations, for which the default hazard is lower ) ; sections with high hazard ( sensitive portfolio ) ever need a particular scheme and action program.

The creative activity of merchandises and services “ bundles ” ( for cost optimizing ) ; elect and complex sections can be attacked with advanced merchandises which are taking to turnover addition through the bank ( and hence to non-risk gross addition ) ; for illustration, a bundle with limitless entrance and surpassing payments and a batch of banking and non- banking benefits included, at a monthly fixed monetary value.

The constitution of trueness methods for the bing clients/acquisition of new clients through a simplified flow of offering certain recognition installations ( for illustration, preapproved installations ) ; sections with good fiscal public presentation and with loan appetency will be attracted through a pre-approved bound of money ( working capital or recognition card ) , granted by a really simple flow, with no bureaucratism.

Promoting certain favourable behaviours ( the turnover addition through the current history, which leads to the banking establishment ‘s profitableness addition ) , by offering preapproved on the job capital lines ( harmonizing to the client ‘s old behaviour )

Some alterations of the bing merchandises are compulsory due to legal regulations ( particularly NBR Regulations )

Furthermore, besides portion of the scheme ‘s design phase, the sensory nerve processs and flows will be designed ( together with the merchandise card, the necessary set ups and flows will besides be capable for blessing ) . Sometimes the processs include besides the following stairss, such as monitoring ( normally besides detailed in a on the job instruction/guide ) . A alleged pilot undertaking may be built, for proving the scheme ‘s efficiency and for placing on clip the issues that need to be improved/eliminated/added.

The consequences ‘ subsequent execution and monitoring, and besides a changeless communicating within them are really of import. Sometimes, the scheme ‘s success is widely determined by changeless monitoring, because the profitableness can be influenced through speedy steps.

As a decision, while specifying the merchandise scheme, the cleavage plays an indispensable portion. The designation of certain similar behaviours through grouping them into classs, and besides the correlativity with the development potency ( from the client ‘s concern position and besides sing the relationship with the bank ) can take to the constitution of a right and impactful scheme which will be farther found in the consequences.

The designation of the correlativities and the computation of certain profitableness indexs generated by each identified section, can take to the constitution of the most profitable sections from the bing portfolio, but besides to the designation of the sections towards which the attending must be focused, with growing intent. Harmonizing to these, different strategic options for each section will be proposed, taking into history besides the bunch specificities and the aims that derive from the analysis. For profitable clients but without growing potential the optimum schemes are focused on keeping ; for unprofitable clients but with a high potency, the optimum scheme will see the addition of the turnover through the bank, the addition of the merchandise perforating grade or the addition of the recognition volume.

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