Professional And Personal Skills Of Managers Management Essay

Siemens AG is Europes largest technology pudding stone. Siemens international central offices are located in Berlin and Munich, Germany. The company has three chief concern sectors: Industry, Energy and Healthcare ; with a sum of 15 divisions.

Worldwide Siemens and its subordinates employ about 480,000 people in about 190 states and reported planetary gross of 77.327 billion euros as of 2008.Siemens AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since March 12, 2001. I would wish to prosecute my calling in this administration at strategic degree after complete my Studies. As the forces development director of Siemens hereby, I am fixing this study as per the demand of the direction of the organisation.

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Measure the personal and professional accomplishments required to run into both organizational ends and aims ( LO1a ) .

Professional Skills

As director of the administration professional accomplishments to exhibits to accomplish end and aim of administration are reding and mentoring to back up staff with their ain acquisition and development demands, training accomplishments, multitasking, leading accomplishments, theories of leading e.g. Adair theoretical account of leading which “ include specifying the undertaking, briefing, commanding, measuring, actuating, organizing, and supplying the undertaking ; leading manners ” , go oning self-development to run into demands for industry sector.

A ) Leadership: Leadership means reding and mentoring Leaderships are to take and in instance of organisation directors are to take the organisation, they are the leaders of the organisation. For being effectual, direction should hold leading qualities. They should efficaciously give orders and see that whether are being obeyed or non. It besides helps director to understanding the strength and failing of employee to delegate him or her with right occupation to demo his effectual development and indirectly assist administration to turn.

B ) Negotiation skills -The director should hold the negotiating accomplishments. Every organisation has brotherhoods of workers and they put frontward their demands in forepart of direction and if the direction denies they go for work stoppage so, the direction should hold good negotiating accomplishments so that the state of affairs of work stoppage is avoided.

For illustration – directors should move as go-between between workers and direction. He should negociate between direction and workers.

C ) Good coordination, Organizing and effectual control – Effective director should hold good coordination with the employees and should exert effectual control in the organisation. The work should be done efficaciously so the effectual direction should hold forming accomplishments so that the work should be done in an effectual manner.

For illustration – direction should keep affable dealingss between employees and direction.

Personal accomplishments

The director should look for clip direction, benefits of clip direction, how to utilize clip efficaciously, analyzing clip spent over a period, e.g. twenty-four hours, hebdomad, monthly logs ; puting aims, prioritizing work undertakings, effectual deputation of undertakings and monitoring, comfort zones, covering with breaks to planned work, be aftering AIDSs, emphasis direction ( recognizing emphasis, covering with emphasis ) , job work outing to work out above job director can utilize following methods

– Using conceptual tools

– Identifying ain strengths and restrictions.

– developing personal webs.

-CPD plan ( Continuing professional development ) .

Directors should be tactful. They should cognize how to manage the state of affairs because to utilize clip efficaciously and supervising the undertakings. These accomplishments help director to manage the state of affairs calmly and peacefully. Communication is the manner of showing thoughts and messages. Directors should hold good communication accomplishments so, that they can pass on good in the organisation and it will assist in work outing many jobs in the organisation.

As above said accomplishments are required to make anything efficaciously same as in the instance of accomplishing organisational ends. The above said qualities are required for accomplishing the both organisational ends every bit good as single ends. Directors are the individuals who are responsible for accomplishing organisational ends and their ain single accomplishments. As the director should hold the above said qualities so that both the ends are achieved.

Using Conceptual tools and methods identify and measure more effectual ways to prosecute larning in the hereafter.

The assorted procedure of pursue acquisition in the hereafter are

Continuing professional development

Clyne ( 1995 ) ” Systematic procedure of keeping, bettering, and broadening cognition and accomplishments and developing the personal accomplishments necessary to execute professional and proficient responsibilities throughout a individual ‘s working life “ CPD is used by professional organic structures to guarantee that their member will stay with up to day of the month sing new development and tendencies.

Associative acquisition

Associative acquisition is the procedure by which an component is learned through association with a separate, pre-occurring component. It includes theories like – Operant conditioning, Classical conditioning

Observational acquisition

The acquisition procedure most characteristic of worlds is imitation ; one ‘s personal repeat of an ascertained behavior, such as a dance. Worlds can copy three types of information at the same time: the demonstrator ‘s ends, actions and environmental results. Through copying these types of information, ( most ) babies will tune into their encompassing civilization. It includes drama and socialization.

E-Learning -Electronic acquisition or e-learning is a general term used to mention to Internet -based networked computer-enhanced acquisition. A specific and ever more Diffused e-learning is nomadic larning ( m-Learning ) , it uses different nomadic telecommunication equipments, such as cellular phones.

Informal larning -Informal acquisition occurs through the experience of daily state of affairss ( for illustration, one would larn to look in front while walking because of the danger inherent in non paying attending to where one is traveling ) . It is larning from life, during a repast at table with parents, Play, researching.

Formal larning – Formal acquisition is larning that takes topographic point within a teacher-student relationship, such as in a school system. It merely like taking and chairing meetings is basic procedure in the company.

The above mentioned accomplishments assist me to prosecute larning in the future calling to run into the demand of Siemens AG administration we I am choose to make work after my Adavance professional Development.

Undertake a personal accomplishments audit. This audit should place a preferable acquisition manner which should be focus on the accomplishments required for effectual direction and leading.

Personal Skill Audit

A accomplishments audit is a reappraisal of your bing accomplishments against the accomplishments you need both now and in the hereafter. It can assist you to place your bing accomplishments, place what skills you may necessitate to transport out your bing voluntary work and function more efficaciously and to be after, develop and better the accomplishments and cognition needed for future calling. There are a scope of accomplishments that are non merely important to larning in higher instruction and academic accomplishment but besides to your personal development and employability. This skills audit has been designed to assist you to place your strengths, failings and countries for development within assorted accomplishments countries.

Personal Evidence

Skills Gained


Like to move as director in Siemens AG

Like to work at strategic direction.

Basic IT skills ; Communication Skills, strategic accomplishments.

Communication Skills ; Negotiation Skills


Planing a trip to New Zealand with all other company staff.

Organisational Skills

Interpersonal Skills ; Communication Skills


Seminars/Tutorials: took portion in treatments ; presented subjects to the group ; argued my instance ; prepared original stuff ;

Influencing Skills ; Assertiveness ; Carrying Others ; Research ; Planning ;

Analysis ; Presentation Skills ; Communication Skills

Second tool for personal S.W.O.T ANALYSIS:



Learning accomplishments

Positive thought


Interest on the topic

Team work

Knowledge about professional leading

Active engagement in argument and treatment

Communication accomplishment

Interpersonal accomplishment

Lack of assurance

Lack of specific intent in showing something





To show the political orientation

To debate, To discourse

Opportunity to cognize about

international concern organisations and people

To accomplish professional qualities.

Opportunity to work as strategic place.

To help the directors in my organisation.

Opportunities to look in front.






Interpersonal accomplishment

Confident in showing in forepart of the group of people


Professional authorship and presentation accomplishments.

good unwritten presentation accomplishments

research accomplishments


introvert personality

Emotionally unstable.




Group presentation.

Individual presentation

Opportunity to cognize about universes

Effective Leadership qualities.

Puting aims.

Interpersonal accomplishments to use.

Global position.

International chances.

Detail personal development program and with aims

The personal audit that needs to develop for developing farther direction & A ; leading accomplishments are as follows –






1 = really of import,

2 = rather of import,

3 = non of import


I have schemes to assist me to be after and pull off my clip

I am able to efficaciously prioritize my undertakings and activities

I am able to work to deadlines

I am cognizant of what makes my larning more effectual ( e.g topographic point to analyze, clip to analyze etc )

Information SEEKING Skill

I am able to happen a specific book or diary in the library utilizing the online catalogue ( Talisprism )

I am able to utilize a assortment of different beginnings to happen information

( e.g. diaries. books, electronic resources )

I am able to entree and hunt electronic resources ( online databases, electronic diaries CD-ROMs )

I am able to utilize hunt gateways on the Internet to happen information

I am able to measure the information I find


I can make up one’s mind which parts of a book I need to read

I have a system for entering where I find information ( e.g. book, writer, day of the month )

I can choose and utilize different reading schemes ( e.g. skim, scan, in-depth )

I can do effectual notes when reading

I can do effectual notes when hearing ( e.g. during talks )

I have a system for entering and hive awaying my notes

Skills Area

I Can Make This Well

Ok, But I Need More Practice

I Ca n’t Make This

Priority Development Of This Skill

1 = Very Important,

2 = Quite Important,

3 = Not Important

Writing Skill

I can analyse assignment ( essay, describe etc ) inquiries to find what is expected

I understand the difference between an essay and study

I can bring forth a written program to reply an assignment inquiry

I can mark, utilize grammar and spelling right

I am confident I can show my thoughts clearly in written signifier

I am able to accommodate my composing manners to accommodate the appropriate media/audience

I understand the demand to cite my work to avoid plagiarism


I am able to show my positions verbally

I am confident speech production in forepart of a group of people

I can fix, program and present a presentation

I can utilize ocular AIDSs to back up a presentation

I work good as a member of a group or squad

I am able to listen to and appreciate the positions of others


I am able to utilize a word processing package bundle to bring forth my assignments

I can utilize a assortment of different computing machine package ( e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access )


I am competent in doing simple computations

I can show numerical information accurately

I can aptly utilize a assortment of numerical techniques ( e.g. per centums, fractions, decimals )

I can construe and present information in graphs and illustrations


I am able to be after my alteration clip

I am able to put myself ends

I am able to utilize a assortment of different alteration techniques ( e.g. rehearsing inquiries, head function etc )

I can choose and utilize techniques to assist me retain and remember information

I use schemes to assist me in the test room ( e.g. planning clip, get bying with anxiousness )


I know what causes emphasis

I am cognizant of my personal symptoms of emphasis

I can utilize schemes to assist me get by with my emphasis


I am able to place my personal ends

I am a good justice of what my strengths and countries for development are

I am able to place chances for larning outside my class, e.g. nines, societies, employment

I am able to be after for my personal development

A personal development program is a program to develop and alter something. Development is by and large done in the instance of domestic and organisational frontier but, now development programs are made to develop personality and personal accomplishments which will assist in preparing the personality of any person. Personal development program is needed when something is to be developed or changed or to foreground any built-in quality of single or group. It helps from developing direction schemes to develop personal accomplishments. This helps in developing personal accomplishments, abilities and preparing the personality.

Short term, average term and long term aims –

The personal development program should stress on the undermentioned aims and ends –

a ) To develop the interior qualities.

B ) To accommodate the altering environment.

degree Celsius ) To accomplish person every bit good as the organisational ends.

vitamin D ) To take the organisation forward in which personal development dramas of import function.

vitamin E ) To take the organisation.

Actions to run into these aims:

Personal development program should assist in accomplishing these aims. To run into the above mentioned aims and ends the personal development program should stress on the undermentioned –

The jobs related to communicating should be removed like vacillation, hammering.

The program should be helpful from organisational point of position. It should assist in accomplishing organisational ends by maintaining in position individuality.

Personality should be groomed.

The accomplishments should be developed.

The leading qualities should be developed to a certain extent.

Other traits should besides be developed.

Target day of the months for monitoring and reappraisal

Monitoring and reappraisal are periodic inadvertence of execution of program and includes regular aggregation and analysis of information for timely decision-making, & A ; supply the footing for rating and acquisition. After implementing the program or after developing the accomplishments the monitoring should be done to analyze that

a ) Whether the personal development program has worked efficaciously or non?

B ) Whether the accomplishments are really developed or non?

degree Celsius ) Whether it helped in preparing the personality or non?

vitamin D ) Whether it helped in accomplishing the organisational and single ends or non?

Self- Reflection of Impact and Effectiveness of Learning: ”

Learning refers to conjunct activity that increases the capacity and willingness of persons, groups, organisations, and communities to get and productivity apply new cognition and accomplishments, to turn and maturate and to accommodate successfully to alterations and challenges. Learning coders are made to do the people learn and inculcate the cognition or to larn something. The subjects of larning programmes have an influence on work functions are as follows

It has improved my occupation cognition and accomplishments.

It has improved my morale.

It has helped to place with the organisational ends.

It has fostered my genuineness, openness, trust.

It has helped in my overall development.

Helped me in cognizing the how to work better.

Aid in developing my acquisition accomplishments, motive, trueness, better attitude, and increase the quality of work.


At the reasoning portion we can state that mhos is Europe ‘s largest pudding stone which has 15 divisions. As the director of mhos a personal development program can assist in the overall growing which will assist in accomplishing single and organisational aims and assorted larning programs has besides been made to larn that how the do quality work? How to make work in effectual mode? The acquisition has great influence on the employees. Now twenty-four hours ‘s personal development program should play an of import function in growing of an organisation.

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