Protect The Consumer Against Unfair Trade Practices Marketing Essay

The right to be assured, wherever possible, entree to a assortment of goods and services at competitory monetary values.

The right to be heard and to be assured that consumers involvements will have due consideration at appropriate forums.

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The right to seek redressal against unjust trade patterns or unscrupulous development of consumers.

Right to consumer instruction.

The above rights are provided to all Indian consumers through the Consumer Protection Act of1986.This act aimed at doing the pronouncement, caution buyer ( ‘buyer beware ‘ ) a thing of the yesteryear.

The Scope of Rural Marketing in India

The range of rural selling is really large. The tabular array below shows the assorted classs of chances. The possible mentioned as high, really high or moderate is based on the part which selling map can do to each of these classs.

Table 1: Scope of Rural Marketing in India



Rural Markets

Urban Markets

International ( Export )


Moderate ( R2R )

Very High ( R2U )

High ( R2I )


High ( U2R )

( Not applicable )

( Not applicable )

R2R- Rural merchandises sold in rural markets has moderate potency for selling houses.

R2U- Rural merchandises can be sold in urban markets by following assorted methods by marketing houses. This class has really high potency. Selling houses need to come frontward and happen advanced ways of marketing rural green goods to urban consumers.

U2R-Urban merchandises ( particularly FMCG and Durables ) havehigh possible particularly when adopted or designed for rural context.

R2I-Unique merchandises [ particularly with Geographical Indication ( GI ) tag like Kanchipuram Silk Sari ] , can be exported and has high potency.

In 2005, ‘Kanchipuram Silk Sarees ‘ received the Geographical Indication ticket, the first merchandise in India to transport this label.

Challenges of Rural Selling

Rural Marketing procedure is both as a accelerator good as an result of general rural developmentprocess. There are many challenges in rural selling and few of them are as follows ;

Lack of sufficient and competent human resource to set about gross revenues and selling activities

Lack of sufficient infrastructure-Roads, Transportation, Electricity, Warehouses

Illiteracy among rural consumers

Counterfeit products- Look alike, Spell likewise, Extras

Adulteration ( as most of the merchandises are sold loose – in unpacked and unbranded signifier )

Lack of good mediators

Indian Rural Market is highly fragmented- Heterogeneous.

Slow acceptance of new merchandises

Small retail mercantile establishments restricting visibleness and show chance for new merchandises

Poor stock list keeping ability of retail proprietors ( lack of infinite and capital )

Holistic Approach to Rural Marketing

The 3 P Framework of Rural Marketing can non merely give entree to the rural chance but has the possible to make markets, advanced merchandises, green merchandises and align CSR activities of the house to its value concatenation. Theinclusive ( Urban and Rural ) attack to selling is non merely more holistic ( run intoing the demands of all stakeholders ) , but more rewarding for a socially responsible selling house. Aholistic attack with long term committedness will give sustainablereturns, strong presence and leading in rural marketsof India which are heterogenous and hard to entree.

The 3P Framework- Holistic Framework

The 3P Framework of Rural Marketing ( Paninchukunnath, 2010 ) has three constituents:

1. The Push Marketing- The Push selling chiefly aims at market penetration.Products sold in urban markets are made available torural consumers without any alteration. Longer, multiple and intercrossed channels are adopted to reachthe rural markets.

2. The Pull Marketing- The Pull selling chiefly aims at pass oning withthe rural consumers and cut down gulf betweenwhat selling houses offer and what rural consumerswant. Common advertizements, local sentiment leadersand embassadors are used to pass on with ruralconsumers. Merchandises sold in rural markets under thisapproach are non the same? The merchandises sold in urbanmarkets are modified as per the penchants of ruralconsumers in assorted parts. Majority of themodifications are at the packaging degree ( smallerpacks ) .Pull selling usage media, melas and haats asthe focal attack to aim rural consumers – to pull, educate and do them trade name loyal.

3. The Pull up Marketing- The Pull Up selling purposes at co-creation and innovationwhich involves coaction with assorted organisations ( both Govt. and NGOs ) every bit good as close interaction withthe rural consumers to understand their demands better, toempower them ( make a beginning of support ) and besides tocapture their cognition, wisdom and advanced thoughts inthe signifier of green merchandises. The local sourcing of rawmaterials and acceptance of autochthonal engineering arehelped marketer to aline CSR activities to its value chain.Empowerment of rural consumers may be throughmicrofinance, instruction, preparation, micro endeavor, royaltyfor their thoughts ( traditional cognition ) etc. Finding goodpartners is a cardinal constituent of the Pull-up selling andthese spouses can be either from the populace or the privatesector. Pull up selling usage authorization ( CSR ) and Co-creation ( DART ) as the focal attack to aim rural consumers. Authorization can besides be done throughassistance in gross revenues and distribution, stigmatization, export andprocessing of rural green goods. The co-creation procedure has four edifice blocks-Dialogue, Access, Risk appraisal and Transparency ( Prahalad and Ramaswamy, 2004 )

The 3P Framework of Rural Marketing has to be adopted in entirety for accomplishing sustainable success in rural selling. Many selling houses are following merely one or two constituents of the 3P Framework, and faceproblems. They need to implement the missing constituent of the 3P Framework. Firms holding Urban Myopia need to rapidly follow 3P Framework of RuralMarketing. Even domestic houses draw a bead oning to be a MNC demand to be strong inthe domestic market, 2/3rd of which is rural in India. The acceptance of 3P Framework of Rural Marketing can beef up the organisation in the domestic market and do them a stronger rival for international markets. In an epoch of human centric selling, providing merely the demands of the urban markets is Urban Myopia which requires immediate rectification for the wellness of marketing organisation, society and state at big.

Four AsModel – Emerging Markets and Customer Centric Model

This theoretical account is proposed by Sheth and Shah ( 2003 ) . Dr. Jagdish Sheth, a celebrated bookman, futurist and universe authorization in the Fieldss of selling, scheme and globalisation. Harmonizing to him, the more customer-oriented 4As model is to be employed before set abouting to put the 4Ps. Built around the impression that the client is the dominant histrion in most markets, the 4 As of marketing identifies four functions of clients to which sellers must react if they are to be successful.

Four As model is organized around the values that matter most to clients: Acceptability, Affordability, Accessibility and Awareness. Taken together, these properties are called the “ 4As ” . The 4As frameworkis derived from a customer-value position based on the four distinguishable functions that clients play in the market: searchers, pickers, remunerators and users. For a selling run to win, it must accomplish high Markss on all four As, utilizing a blend of selling and non-marketing resources.

The 4As model aid companies create value for clients by placing precisely what they want and need, every bit good as by bring outing new wants and demands. That means non merely guaranting that clients are cognizant of the merchandise, but besides guaranting that the merchandise is low-cost, accessible and acceptable to them.

Product a†’ Acceptability

Promotion a†’ Awareness

Price a†’ Affordability

Topographic point a†’ Handiness

Four Ps Model – Manufacturer ( Company ) centric – Tactical Model

Product – A merchandise is seen as an point that satisfies what a consumer needs or wants. It is a touchable good or an intangible service.

Price – The monetary value is the sum a client wage for the merchandise. The monetary value is really of import as it determines the company ‘s net income and hence, endurance.

Promotion – Represents all the methods of communicating that a seller may utilize to supply information to different parties about the merchandise.

Place – Refers to supplying the merchandise at a topographic point which is convenient for consumers to entree. Topographic point is synonymous with distribution.

Initiation and direction of societal and economic alteration in the rural sector is the nucleus of rural selling procedure ( Pedhiwal et al. , 2011 ) .Keeping 3P Framework as a wide and strategic model, the directors can travel on to 4As theoretical account and later to the company centric 4Ps theoretical account as they develop the selling scheme and tactics for any merchandise or service aimed at rural markets in India.

Figure 1: Selling Strategy Development for Rural Markets

Sheth & A ; Shah ( 2003 )

E. Jerome McCarthy ( 1964 )

Paninchukunnath, 2010

Addressing Rural Challenge-Expected Contribution by Stakeholders

Industry and academic establishments can jointly follow assorted stairss to turn to the rural challenge. Contribution by persons, groups and organisations on a sustained footing for at least the following two decennaries is an imperative to turn to the demands of rural consumers. Given below are some suggestions ;

( A ) What can Business schools do in this context?

Declare rural selling as an of import subject.

Launch separate sections, plans and classs for rural selling.

Introduce full clip, parttime and distance acquisition classs.

Make rural assignments/projects compulsory.

Arrange rural submergence plans for budding directors.

Partner with Government and corporate houses in their societal developmental enterprises ( CSR ) .

Committedness to quality instruction and research in subjects which are more relevant to rural consumers.

Advance the subject of rural selling with latest research and patterns.

Form seminars/workshops/training plans from clip to clip to circulate the cognition.

Develop instances of model houses in rural selling.

( B ) What companies can make in this context?

Sensitize the bing direction squad to rural economic system and ecosystem.

Make rural stretch compulsory for all directors.

Recruit more people from rural countries and develop them.

Have separate rural division.

Introduce more merchandises for rural consumers.

Have CSR plans in alliance with rural selling enterprises.

( C ) What budding direction professionals can make in this context?

Ask for rural assignments.

Start new rural initiatives/campaigns/projects.

Prosecute more with rural channel spouses and consumers.

Educate rural consumers on the benefits and proper usage of merchandises sold by them.

( D ) What RMAI can make?

Rural Marketing Association of India ( RMAI ) is a prime industry organic structure devoted to fostering the cause of rural selling. Since its origin in the twelvemonth 2005, RMAI has been assisting sellers program and implement their rural selling activities across the state.

Behavior workshops at regional degree.

Conduct regional degree best summer undertaking award maps.

Collaborate with concern schools in preparing the right endowment.

Organize short term preparation plans.

Identify wise mans from industry and associate them to assorted concern schools.

Reward best patterns by persons and organisations in rural market development yearly.

Institutes in India Dedicated to Rural Human Resource Development

Given below are few of the taking institutes determining the endowment for rural selling in India.


Institute of Rural Management, Anand ( IRMA ) ( founded 1979 ) is an independent establishment located in Anand in Gujarat, India with the authorization of lending to the professional direction of rural organisations. IRMA was founded with the belief, borne out by Dr. VergheseKurien ‘s ( Father of White Revolution ) work in the dairy co-operatives which revolutionised the dairy industry in the state, that the key for effectual rural development is professional direction.

KSRM- Bhubaneswar, Odisha

KIIT School of Rural Management ( KSRM ) , Bhubaneswar came into being with the laying of the foundation rock by Dr. VergheseKurien and Dr. A Samanta, Founder of KIIT Group of Institute & A ; KISS on 20th November, 2006 in the premises of the KIIT University. The vision of KSRM is -‘Use Knowledge- Driven Approach to go a prima Global Academic Institution in the field of Rural Management ‘ and Mission is to -‘To catalyse the procedure of sustainable and holistic rural development and minimise bing rural- urban divide ‘ .

XIM Bhubaneswar

XIMB ‘s Rural Management programme purposes at developing professional directors for the rural sector. The class is designed to turn to the undermentioned aims ; ( 1 ) Blending the managerial cognition and patterns of people with modern direction scientific discipline terminal techniques. ( 2 ) Building and beef uping people ‘s organisations. ( 3 ) Knowledge and accomplishment needed for effectual use and direction of homo and valuable resources. ( 4 ) Application of engineering to analyse factors act uponing rural worlds and ( 5 ) Generating an interface between the corporate sector and societal development.

Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur ( IRM )

The Society for Indian Institute of Rural Management ( SIIRM ) is a registered, non-government, non-profit, independent establishment, engaged in research, preparation and audiences in direction and rural development in the state. With a history dating back to 1988 the SIIRM is a extremely regarded topographic point of research and acquisition that makes go oning typical parts to society and economic system.


Leadership is non about pull offing the present ; it is about dynamically making the future.This paper investigated the myopic attacks adopted by marketing organisations and sellers towards rural consumers. Addressing the basic needs or rural consumers is impossible without quality human resources. Business schools and concern organisations need to fall in custodies to turn to this human resource crisis. Determining good and committed rural directors to turn to the rural challenges is an imperative. Rural sellers have to esteem rural consumers and their wisdom to co-create solutions for rural markets.Rural consumers are difficult to make. It is non easy to assist them.The paper has highlighted the range and challenges of rural selling in India.Sensitizing the budding direction pupils with appropriate values, attitudes and critical thought tools to happen solutions for rural consumers is an pressing demand which has to be addressed by all stakeholders.As concern schools and concern organisations are the chief stakeholders in implementing successful rural transmutation, following a holistic attack in jointly developing future directors is the manner frontward. ‘Reaching out to work out and function ‘ should be the mantra of all sellers interested in developing rural markets of India. The paper has delineated some stairss which can be adopted by B-schools every bit good as other organisations in the society to guarantee the wellbeing of rural consumers of India.

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