Psuchology amnesia Essay


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Amnesia is a deterioration of mental capacity which exhibits itself through memory loss. In case interference on the brain occurs that subsequently disrupts storage of information due to diseases or any other interference may result to an onset of amnesia.  Amnesia exhibits itself in different ways but in most common cases an individual is not able to remember past events or even learn new things. This can result from physical brain injury such as a direct impact on the head or brain surgery. Other causes may due to non physical effects such as change in emotions, trauma, growths, and even bodily chemical balance (Miller, 2009). The storing of information in the brain is a complex process that involves many regions of the brain.

In other cases, people suffering from amnesia may appear confused and out of place. This causes serious problems in their life as it may lead to loss of job, or even participate in normal activities. Severe cases of amnesia may call for supervision of the patients where such persons are supported to conduct their daily activities (Butters, 1995).  This condition can occur to both sexes of any age. The diagnosis of this condition requires the analysis of changes in the mental capacity to acquire and store new and old information. However, neuropsychological testing may be necessary to isolate amnesia from other conditions. This may include the use of scientific technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to detect injury on brain cells. Concisely, amnesia is a common condition whose severity differs according to the causative agent. Sometimes this condition can heal itself while some situations may require removal of the cause such as in case of brain tumors.


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