Psy/355 Week one DQ anwsers Essay

What are the major sources of motivation? Which source affects you the most? Why?

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In my opinion the major sources of motivation are the things that make you feel proud, happy, successful, and righteous. I know I have just mentioned the positive sources of motivation but they do have negatives and I would say they are when you feel angry, embarrassed, nervous, and scared. The sources that affect me the most are the things that make me feel proud, happy, and scared. These are my top three because in my life all I ever had was myself and no one to prove myself too so I am always looking to better myself because it is limitless to me and when I accomplish things, in those proud moments I feel amazing.

My second motivator is happiness, I love being happy and it is one of my strong suits so when I am not on my game it encourages me to make sure I get back on my feet because I know how I want to feel and I know who I am. Lastly is the motivation from being scared. Being scared to me is finding the means to protect and make sure nothing ever goes wrong. I make sure everything is perfect and completed. Other emotions happen here but those are the bases for my motivation because I am scared of the worst, I need to feel that accomplishment so I can be proud of myself, and being happy and positive is who I am and losing that is unacceptable. I feel like writing down this DQ Answer is being accomplished by my need to be a success, which is a motivator!

What is emotion? In what types of social settings might an individual observe the following emotions: sadness, anger, disgust, nervousness, and happiness? What is the relationship between emotion and motivation? Provide an example.

Well in my opinion emotion is a chemical reaction that happens in your brain. It is really my favorite and most interesting subject to me. It is how you feel when you hear a cry for help, it is what passes through you when you get shot in the leg, it is that feeling of that moment you say yes to your soul mate, and your reaction to seeing your child for the first time. Emotions like sadness, anger, disgust, nervousness, and happiness all transpire within us at different times and they are all personal. In a social setting a person may feel these emotions all in the same hour.

My example would be happiness, getting married, but you are so nervous about what will happen and thought of forever. You think back to the past and how one day you saw him/her kiss another person but you never had the guts to confront your other, you feel anger and regret. You then step back and see all the good times you had and how they were always there and you see the good, the change, and the respect now. Now you can’t wait to walk down the ale. That brings us to motivation! What motivates you? Just like my scenario the feelings, emotions, that motivated him/her was the love and happiness and the same could have happened if him/her would have walked away from the ale. We fluctuate our emotions by how we feel and rather we like something or we don’t are in some cases of motivation we want something and we don’t want something. Your mind set is a very powerful thing, it can help you lift three times your weight or it can drive you down in the dirt, it is what you make it.

Deckers, L. (2010). Motivation: Biological, psychological, and environmental (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon.

I do agree that motivation does have this amazing pull on certain people. Motivation can make you rich, happy but also broke and sad. It is an invisible power that is embedded in us and makes up get up every morning to go to work, gets us dressed, lets us eat healthy, work out, and so much more. I think that is why the brain is such a fascinating thing because it truly is limitless. All the neurons and transmitters and the chemical reactions that go on and control your whole body, your whole life, it is truly amazing, Amazing.

I actually have a situation I am in right now where my motivation seems lost. I love writing and I love art but when it comes to applying myself more into it, I never feel pleased. I tend to focus more on my job and current situations that I am already involved in. I had the idea of going more into the business side of art and writing by Graphic designing and things of that nature. Just taking the classes gets me a bit excited but I am not in the environment and I start to get bored just reading about all the software. I think that with motivation it has to be both intrinsic and extrinsic.

Now don’t get me wrong I love my job as well and it gives me plenty rewards but I feel the art piece, the passion, is missing. Understand?

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