Psychology and Counseling: An Applied Discussion Essay

Psychology and Counseling: An Applied Discussion

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Personal Definition of Psychology and Counseling

            Psychology as a branch of knowledge seeks to understand the mind or the mental frameworks of humans. It directly involves the mind and how it affects human behavior in general. For centuries now this area of scientific knowledge has evolved and developed into different branches or specialty of knowledge. It has been useful for all the practitioners of its basic theories and presumptions.

            Psychology basically pertains to consciousness, awareness, perceptions, human intelligence, mind, emotions, sensation and even impressions. By taking them into consideration we will be able to identify what encompass this area of study. Across the different professions the study and understanding of psychology has greatly help them in understanding human behavior and mentality as a whole. From doctors to teachers and other professionals, psychology has greatly helped them in the execution of their work.

            Counseling and psychology are very much link to one another. Your knowledge in psychology will definitely be useful in the practice of counseling. People undergoing counseling are in need of treatment, advice and guidance. Taking consider of this, psychology and counseling work together to successfully help people.

            Counseling psychology as a branch of psychology helps individuals coming from all ages and backgrounds. It aims to help them in different areas of their lives such as emotional, social, vocational, educational, heath-related, developmental, and organizational concern. This is done through the combination of theory, studies and research, practice and even sensitivity to multicultural issues. Because of this area of practice many people were helped to improve their well-being, reduce their stress and social maladjustments, resolve crises, and increase their ability to live more highly and effective lives.

Psychologist as a Scholar Practitioner

            Being a scholar practitioner for a psychologist gave several advantages. Theories need to be applied in the real life situation. Through intensive research, psychologist will be more knowledgeable and expert in the field they are undertaking. Education must be continuously embarked on to further once understanding of principles and ideas. In the course of ones duty, one can identify and assess the needs of the people one is serving. Training and practice is always beneficial to the learner. There are wide concern in the practice of psychology and counseling. Thorough investigations as well as strong foundation of basic knowledge are required in the process of ones professional work.

            Psychologist must devote their life to lifelong research and study as well as to look for improvement in the practice of their profession. Investigation of current trends in the practice of counseling and psychology highly recommends them to be a scholar practitioner in their respective field.

Behaviorism as a system of psychology

            Behaviorism as a system in psychology is known to put emphasis on observable and measurable behavior. B.F. Skinner theory of behaviorism had become a governing force in psychology as of today.   Various therapy techniques based on this theory are still used significantly today including behavior modification and token economies. This area had greatly contributed to our knowledge of the basis of human behavior. It aided us with background information in the field of behavior modification which becomes helpful in dealing with a wide range of behavioral problems. There are many cases in which this system of psychology can be applied. It is effective in terms of the point of views, investigations, theories and assertions that it provide. Behavior is the main factor being considered in the study of human psychology.


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