Qur’an and Islam Essay

            The religion of Islam adheres to different levels of understanding and most of which was derived from the guidance of Qur’an. It has been said that such was the ultimate enlightenment and a visible representation leading to the path of exemplifying what’s best in our personal lives as well as to the realm that we are currently into.

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            There has been several behaviors as to which the Qur’an should be interpreted and it is on a positive note that some of the ways in which it presents ideals are capable of adapting the modern kind of living. Expanding the horizon was actually an extreme interpretation of Qur’an as it transcends a very deep feeling of dealing with the current life situation, and in this regard, it would be easy for the people, particularly Muslims, to grasp what is really behind the Holy book – and that is to guide its people to the right path and be enlightened by the principle it conveys it people.

            In actuality, Qur’an epitomized the ways in which Allah wants its people to be. As the Qur’an reveals the word of Allah, it also depicts His philosophies wherein the people could put into practice. Going in depth as to what manner Qur’an should be interpreted, there were a lot of contributing factors in order to scrutinize what really should contain the sacred masterpiece. In lieu of which, it has been taken into account how imperative it is to touch the normal lives of its people and by doing so, it is essential to incorporate in interpreting Qur’an the typical life of a ordinary people dealing with their concerns in life, in this way, it would be easy for them to run through the realities of this world and make the most out of it through the views of Allah hand in hand with their concerns in their lives.

            One of the manners in which Qur’an was eyed to be interpreted was on a basis of addressing the concerns of women having the need to uplift the views of the people as regards to their worth in the society and how they are treated based on their significance. At some point there was a disparity in viewing the strengths of men and women and this is the best way to decode this perception in the minds of the people, “I briefly define the major strategies in order to establish the significance of alternative interpretation of the Qur’an as a method for addressing the identity of Muslim women and men as they face the complexities of modernity and a global culture” (Wadud, 2000, p.5). Shedding light to the capabilities of women and breaking the ideology that should do the basic household tasks as well as serving their families and instead give emphasis to other ways in which they could contribute to the realm they are into such as working in the corporate world and like of a man, provide a living. As we break the cycle of shelving the strengths of women we were able to enlighten ourselves with many possible renovation in this society, and this was basically what the Qur’an was all about – giving importance to the strengths of an individual regardless of his social stand in the society. “Both the neotraditionalist approaches address the issue of Muslim women’s identity, experiences and concerns over equitable rights and responsibilities by asserting that Islam provided women their full rights more than fourteen centuries ago” (Wadud, 2000, p.8), this particularly talks about giving importance to women as we open our eyes to their possible contributions to Islam community. By giving them chance to out shell their capabilities, we give them the pride to stand out and incessantly soar using their talents – this is a good representation of a great interpretation of Qur’an in modern way of thinking and absolutely, in one way or the other this will leave a mark to the hearts of the Muslims as it truly define what human rights is all about.

            On another account, Qur’an was also perceived to be interpreted in accordance to the way of the Prophet Muhammad; his symbolic teachings would be a good basis to drives its people to be inspire and have a grip towards the good norms of their lives. It has been epitomized that Qur’an should goes hand in hand with Sunna which was also Muhammad’s ideals, “One verse that establishes the authority of the Sunna states take whatever the Messenger has brought you and avoid what ever he has prohibited, early scholars understood this verse to refer to the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad” (Hanson, p.126). As Qur’an was interpreted in lieu of Sunna which is basically attributed to the ideals and practices of the Prophet Muhammad, it was perceived to have brought a huge impact to the people as Muhammad was a good follower of Allah and His perceptions was absolutely in accordance to His faith – and this should be what Qur’an should be emphasizing, to have a strong adherence to our almighty like that of the Prophet Muhammad.

            Perhaps, the interpretation of Qur’an derives from a very huge perspective of guiding its people to the right path and grasps the basic didactic phenomenon of absorbing the word of Allah in a most practical ways. Accordingly, it was believed that the need to Tafsir should come across as the word of Allah spread to the realm, “The Qur’an, regarded as the word of God needed tafsir – elucidation, explanation, interpretation, or commentary for an obvious reason, it had to be understood clearly and fully so that its commandments could be carried out with the conviction that the will of God had been done” (Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, 1995, p. 170). The urgency to exemplify the basis of the words of Qur’an is essential to deal with to be able to truly justify what the text should be all about. The interpretation of every word is essential as it depicts a very high connotation of faith as people hold on to the word of Allah and follows such ways in accordance to His teachings. It is imperative to go in depth to what wisdom He is trying to implore in our minds as Muslims.

            Qur’an was undoubtedly a foundation of guidance to its people thus; this should be given a colossal attention as to how it should be interpreted accordingly so that the people would have a total grasp to what really our Almighty wanted to embark within us.

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