Real learning Essay

Learning is not only talking about pursuing exam marks, but also talking about learning by ourselves , and learning beyond the textbook, for example interpersonal skill, moral educating ,adapt to the fast change society and to be a all-rounded people. I think learning is not only in our school life, but also a lifelong career. So I don’t agree real learning start at university , its start from when we born.

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Learning does not only happen in school, it can happen in everywhere and learning from the thing surrounding you. For me, education is a process of passing on the knowledge, skills, value. Through learning, students can be instilled the correct value, cultivated a positive attitude and equipped a well-rounded development and knowledge to facilitate the progress of society and contributes to the society. In order to adapt the fast change world, better for us to learn about the latest development and techniques to equip ourselves. And surrounding thing always is a best material for us to learn. So real learning does not stop when you finish high school or university. You are learning all the time.

Since Hong Kong university seats is limited. All parents are stressed that they hope their children can enter the university to gain higher educational level and have a brighter future to earn more money. Their children are under the same pressure too. Students do the homework and exam pass paper day and night, that ignore other field development. So it is easy to observe the student in secondary school are mostly only studied and attend the tutorial class. But less extra-curricular activities and entertainment, so that why a lot of people said that real learning only started at university. Luckily, after the introduction of 334 curriculum, the examination-oriented problem seems to be overhauled. Students need to exposed more to the society and get learning experiences that more chance to learn beyond the classroom but not rote memorization. Students also can real learning from their secondary school life.

As for university study life, since university are encouraging students to pursue academic knowledge and explore our potentials. Students have more freedom to choose the elective subject and students can join the academic or interest society what you interested in. Also, the university has no detention or demerit, teachers would not force students to do homework and supervise what you are doing during the lesson any more. So it is the opportunity to train student’s self-discipline. Beside this, the hall life also is a precious chance to have a real learning from daily life.

When students move out from their home and move into the student’s residential hall, they need to learn how to overcome every little affair that will face in the hall life. They need to learn how to be independent. For example cooking , cleaning and manage their own finance. These things are not easy to learn from secondary school or home but very important for us to take care ourselves independently. So the status said that real learning can be learned from university is also acceptable.

In conclusion, real learning can start at primary school , second school or university. It can start at anytime without limitation. When to start you real learning is depend on when you know how to self-learning and get the real meaning of real learning. So I cannot agree with this argument.

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