Relationship Gilgamesh and Enkidu Essay

Enkidu is a brave and fearless man that most people end up admiring including Gilgamesh. They both realize that they are not alone and that’s why, in my opinion, they become so close. I don’t think they have neither a homosexual relationship nor anything far beyond than friendship because people didn’t have the same mentality before as they do now. With research I’ve found that men were more intimate with one another than now days. Actions that can now be interpreted as homosexual activity were just symbols of care and affection at that time. In other words, they weren’t afraid to show love towards each other. When Gilgamesh gains this love for Enkidu and vice versa, they change in way one wouldn’t expect from two men who just met.

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Gilgamesh becomes more of a gentle giant when before he was rude, careless, selfish, and raped any women that crossed his path. Enkidu, considering he was born in the wild and raised by animals, becomes more civilized from the way he looks to the way he talks. Together they become heroes for the people in Uruk and realize that together they can’t be defeated by any creature. In the epic of Gilgamesh the women’s role is very small and not as sigificant. Up until now we are introduced to Ishtar, the goddess of love, fertility, and war; Ninsun, the mother of Gilgamesh; Aruru, the goddess of creation; and Shamhat, the temple prostitute. One can see that these four women have roles in the story, but it must be noted that none of these women are regular townspeople. Throughout the poem, women are seen as either gods, mortals with a higher status than most, or objects. Take for instance Shamhat, the temple prostitute.

It is said that she can tame a wild man by her sexuality. She is told, “Shamhat, open your embrace, open your embrace, let him take your charms! Be not bashful, take his vitality! When he sees you, he will approach you. Toss aside your clothing, let him lie upon you. Treat him, a human, to woman’s work! His wild beasts that grew up with him will deny him. As in his ardor he caresses you. ” (Tablet I). But after the act is completed, she is just brushed aside and forgotten. This shows that this was an attitude or a mindset for men at this time. In today’s life style, we each believe in a higher being that we depend on and admire just like Gilgamesh was a higher being for the people of Uruk. They describe him as “ He who knew the ways, was wise in all things.

He it who inspected the holy places everywhere. Full understanding of it all he gained. He saw was secret and revealed what was hidden. He brought back tidings from before the flood… Engraved all his hardships on a monument of stone, he built the walls of ramparted Uruk.” (Tablet I). The public see him as their superior and their leader, someone who will protect them from danger and that is, for example, how Christians see Jesus Christ, Hebrews see Yahweh, how Buddhist see Siddhartha Gautama and Islams see Allah. The list goes on but although we live in a completely different period, no matter how many years pass by, having that one entity that we believe will give us hope, support, stability, and significance will always exist.

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