Religious Symbolism In Crime And Punishment English Literature Essay

Dostoevsky was a really spiritual an after he got out of gaol. Because of this, when he wrote Crime and Punishment he incorporated instructions and symbolism from his ain faith to assist the characters advancement. There are several cases where the usage of symbolism along with H2O portrays metempsychosis and regeneration. There are besides cases where H2O represents decease, whether it is because of slaying or self-destruction. Another symbol used in the novel is the cross. As if the cross did non stand for plenty already in Christianity, Dostoevsky uses it to stand for the ordinary, along with its authoritative representation of enduring. Finally, Dostoevsky incorporated the narratives of Lazarus and Jesus. These are meant to stand for the characters ‘ religious waking up and religious decease. “ The outstanding strands of symbolic imagination in the novel are those of H2O, and narratives of Lazarus and Jesus ” ( Gibian 2 ) . Dostoevsky ‘s personal beliefs are portrayed through the usage of symbolism within Crime and Punishment including the usage of spiritual symbols such as H2O and the cross, and through scriptural narratives such as that of Lazarus, which help the characters evolve.

The usage of H2O is a repeating subject within Crime and Punishment. To the supporter of the book, H2O is a symbol of metempsychosis and regeneration, ever there when something positive occurs ( Gibian 2 ) . This is stating that whether it be when Rodya

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( Raskalinkov ) is turning himself in, or when he returns to his religion, H2O is ever present. Inside of Raskalinkov ‘s interior battle, there is still receptiveness to H2O as beauty ( Gibian 2 ) . This is stating that no affair how hard life can acquire, Rodya ever sees the beauty in H2O which has a calming consequence on him. For him, H2O is comforting and a beginning of life, such as with the flowers along the bank of a river. “ He understood the beauty of the river, and hence that of the H2O ” ( Gibian 2 ) . Even though he sees this beauty, the remainder of his life is so confusing he contemplates suicide within the river. HE so realizes that the river is life, non decease. “ The river which Raskalinkov sees is no longer a agency for perpetrating self-destruction, nor a sight bring oning melancholy ; it is the river of life ” ( Gibian 4 ) .This is a major measure because he realizes he needs to fall onto the route of salvation, which ironically begins by the river every bit good, along with Sonia ( A adult female Rodya meets who helps him on his route to salvation. ) Rodya ‘s regeneration begins with Sonia at his side at the bank of the river ( Gibian 6 ) . During his regeneration, he realizes that even though he has seen the beauty of the river, it was non as it was ; he used to see it with more concentration. It occurs to Rodya that he has non to the full enjoyed the beauty of the river because his ideas have banished him ( Gibian 6 ) . His reaction to H2O has changed since going a pupil with his new positions ( Gibian 4 ) . The spiritual symbol of H2O represents metempsychosis and regeneration to many characters such as Raskalinkov.

Even though H2O can be seen as metempsychosis and regeneration, it can besides be a representation of decease, whether it is murder or self-destruction. For the supporters, H2O has a

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by and large positive consequence, but this is non the instance when covering with the adversaries. Water has a negative influence on the adversaries, ever there when bad events occur ( Gibian 2 ) . Whenever anything negative happens to an adversary, H2O is involved. One illustration of this is the state of affairs with Svidrigalov, who, to Raskalinkov, is endangering. Alternatively of being a positive influence, H2O is negative for Svidrigalov because it is in the rain that he decides to take his life and shoot himself ( Gibian 2 ) . Before this, he besides confirms his repulsive force of H2O. “ Water holds the panic of decease for the corrupt Svidrigalov who confirms his corruption by stating “ Never could I stand H2O, non even in a landscape picture. ” ” ( Gibian 2 ) . This shows that H2O holds a place above Svidrigalov, as a higher power doing injury to him. Unlike the supporters, the adversaries have a negative reaction with H2O taking to decease.

Dostoevsky used another symbol from his faith, the cross, to assist develop the characters. The chief representation of the cross is enduring. Raskalinkov wears the cypress cross that Sonia gives to him, because now he is ready to endure for his murdering of the pawnbroker. Sonya gives Raskalinkov the cross as if stating “ You are no forgiven. Go suffer. ” ( Knopps 1 ) . Sonia convinces Raskalinkov to have on the cross as he confesses which shows he is ready to endure ( Gibian 3 ) . The other ground Dostoevsky used the cross was to demo that Raskalinkov and his victim were ordinary people. The cross that Sonya gives to Rodya one time belonged to his guiltless victim, Lizavita. The cross was besides made of an ordinary wood, cypress. “ Rodya wears the cross of his guiltless victim, which is made of an ordinary wood cypress. This represents how his victim was random and

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inexperienced person ” ( Salvation 2 ) . His victim was ordinary who happened to be in the incorrect topographic point at the incorrect clip, merely like the ordinary cypress. The other connexion that can be made is between the ordinary cypress and Raskalinkov being ordinary. After he killed the pawnbroker and her sister, Raskalinkov believes he is a higher power, above the jurisprudence. This is why he has problem with faith ; he believes he is a God. However, when he takes the cross, this alterations. When he takes the cross, he admits he is an ordinary adult male, now portion of society ( Salvation 5 ) . This is cutting Rodya down to the degree of everyone else. Now he is non above the jurisprudence and must turn himself in. It besides means that he can hold faith once more and believe in God and Jesus, coming back to faith.

Since Dostoevsky was spiritual, it is non a surprise that he incorporated narratives from the bible into his novel. The writer uses analogues to the narratives of Jesus and Lazarus from the chief characters in his novel. The first comparing is to demo how Raskalinkov is spiritually dead, but with hope of being awakened. The reading of the narrative of Lazarus is of import because Rodya has experienced a kind of religious decease ( Hutt 1 ) . Before the narrative of Lazarus, a adult male whom Jesus raised from the dead after four yearss, was read to him, Rodya had abandoned religion and was spiritually dead. He asks Sonya to read him the narrative because he is spiritually dead and demands hope ( Salvation 2 ) . Even though Sonya is seeking, Raskalinkov does n’t understand and is still non calculating out the connexions between him and Lazarus. Even though there is seems to be no opportunity of it working, Rodya ‘s psyche can be raised.

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The other comparing to Jesus and Lazarus is to demo how Raskalinkov can be spiritually awoken. “ Raskalinkov feels like Lazarus in that one twenty-four hours he may hold a Resurrection that would stop his religious corruption ” ( Hutt 1 ) . Rodya asks Sonya to read him the narrative of Lazarus to give him trust that he can derive religion. Dostoevsky has Raskalinkov ask Sonya to read him the narrative of Lazarus because it is the best illustration of a human being resurrected to a new life ( Gibian 3 ) . This is because there was a demand for Rodya to get the better of his feelings of being somewhat God-like. Not merely does Raskalinkov place with Lazarus, but besides with Jesus. Rodya is raised from his religious decease merely as Jesus ad, while there were many who did non believe it was possible. Besides, as Raskalinkov is traveling through his regeneration, he keeps a bible under his pillow to typify Jesus ‘ Resurrection ( Gibian 5 ) . Raskalinkov can place with Lazarus and Jesus because of their Resurrections back to life.

Dostoevsky uses his faith to act upon his novel and aid develop the characters. “ The writer, a profoundly spiritual adult male, uses allusions to narratives of his religion to a great extent in order to demo how faith can convey about salvation ” ( Hutt 1 ) . There are several cases in which Dostoevsky uses his ain faith to act upon the characters. One of the chief symbols is H2O. Water is used to assist the regeneration and metempsychosis of the supporters, assisting them realize the beauty of life. On the other side, H2O is used to demo decease for the adversaries. The Christian symbol of the cross is used in a traditional sense of agony and a new position, as ordinary. There is besides grounds of narratives such as Lazarus assisting the characters advancement. Dostoevsky used his ain faith to impact the characters within his novel.

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