Report On Public Traded Corporation Marketing Essay

Citigroup Inc. largely known as Citi is a MNC which is American based. It operates in fiscal services, headquartered in Manhattan, New York, United States. Citigroup was incorporated by the largest amalgamation of the universe between Citicorp and Travelers Group in 1998. It completed its two-hundredth day of remembrance in 2012. Citigroup is one of the largest fiscal service suppliers and operates in 140 states. It comprises of 16,000 offices around the Earth. Citigroup is an of import subscriber in US Treasury securities. ( Richard Girad, 2003 )

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Up boulder clay 2008 Financial Crisis it was ranked as a largest fiscal service supplier by Forbes. In 2012 it is ranked on 20th figure on Fortune 500 list. Citigroup is one of the four large Bankss in United States. ( CNN, 2012 ) . This group owns the Citibank.

Vision, Mission and Brand Valuess:

The vision and mission statement of Citigroup is outlined below:

Vision Mission

To be the leader in supplying concern procedure direction services to assist clients Our end for Citigroup is to be the most well-thought-of planetary fiscal services company.

Like any other public company, we ‘re obligated to present net incomes and growing to our stockholders. Of equal importance is to present those net incomes and bring forth growing responsibly.A?

( Citigroup website, 2012 )

Brand Values of Citigroup

All the concern under the umbrella of Citigroup portion and advance the same corporate individuality. It comprises of all the four values that present a superior fiscal service supplier. These are common intent, responsible finance, inventiveness, and leading. The values of Citigroup are focus oning on constructing the trade name image and repute in the industry its operating. ( Annual Report, 2011 )

The values are explained below:

aˆ? Common intent ; individual squad to concentrate on individual end to carry through clients ‘ demands.

aˆ? Responsible finance ; operate by transparence, discretion, and assurance.

aˆ? Ingenuity ; invention is the key to success, so Citigroup focuses to supply planetary clients with globalized merchandises.

aˆ? Leadership ; extremely skilled people who are trained plenty to take to success.

( Citigroup Website, 2012 )

Citigroup Schemes:

STP schemes

This scheme relates to the cleavage, aiming, and positioning schemes of the house. These are described below:

STP ( cleavage, aiming, positioning )

Cleavage The section that is dealt by Citigroup consists of the persons and endeavors who are interested to acquire fiscal services

Targeting The targeted section consists of upper category or rich endeavors and persons

Positioning Customer oriented trade name that focuses on every person around the Earth

(, 2012 )

Differentiation Scheme:

Citigroup pursue the distinction scheme by offering different merchandises and services holding point of differences compared with rivals in fiscal industry. Differentiation Strategy relates to the state of affairs where a corporation industries and distributes typical and sole merchandises and services for diverse client sections. The house choosing for this scheme is the one holding competitory border in industry along with the resources to prosecute expensive advertisement runs. ( Yoon Jo-young, 2011 )

Target range


Low Cost Product Uniqueness

Broad ( industry broad ) Cost Leadership Strategy Differentiation Strategy

Narrow ( market section ) Focus Strategy

( Cost Leadership ) Focus Strategy

( Differentiation )

Growth Strategy

Different growing schemes are figured below:

The Citigroup follows the related variegation for growing intent. This scheme shows that the house diversifies into interrelated and interconnected concerns under consistent and logical scheme. The major benefit of this scheme earned by Citigroup is expertness and resources can be used interdependently. The concern earns economic systems of graduated table by making synergism through combination of operations of related concerns. Collaboration and integrating because of similar and related concerns strengthen the group ad enhance the chances. Corporate trade name can construct little subordinates and merchandises because of strong trade name individuality. Enhance the market power because of synergism. Merely the negative impact is that cultural differences can show barriers for concerns enlargement. ( Hidayet Bahadin et Al, 2010 )

Fundamentalss of Citi ‘s Scheme

The rudimentss of Citi ‘s scheme are outlined below:

aˆ? Client focal point

aˆ? Global strength

aˆ? Constant invention

( Annual Report, 2011 )


Citibank is one of the largest international Bankss. It operates under Citigroup as its consumer banking concern arm. Citibank was incorporated in 1812. It was antecedently known as City Bank of New York and in subsequently old ages as First National City Bank of New York. It is ranked as first-class and superior bank by many known analysts and research companies. It is runing in about 160 states and districts around the universe. It operates all over Earth through globalized schemes. Merchandises offered by Citibank are diversified. Some of import fiscal merchandises offered are standard banking minutess, Citibank insurance, recognition cards and investing merchandises. Online services are the new dimension of the concern that facilitates the bank to capture more clients. ( Fiscal Advisory International, 2011 )

Value Chain:

The concern theoretical accounts selected by Citibank relates to Business-to-Consumer ( B2C ) and Business-to-Business ( B2B ) . The supply concatenation is really smooth and all the activities either primary or back uping are good managed by direction. The primary activities are integrated with other concerns to make synergism and cut down the load on Citibank costs and some supporting activities are outsourced and integrated with other confederations to make efficiencies. The schemes create value by cut downing the mediators that facilitate and restructure its concern and do it be effectual costs. The value creative activity enhances concern growing and profitableness. ( Global Trade Review, 2008 )

The value concatenation is figured below:

SWOT Analysis:

The SWOT analysis is presented below through using SWOT matrix:

Strength Weakness

aˆ? Global web

aˆ? Strong Citigroup corporate image

aˆ? Advanced fiscal merchandise offering

aˆ? Complete scope of fiscal merchandises and services

aˆ? Strong policies with regard to policies and information

aˆ? Corporate societal duty aˆ? Diluted trade name name

aˆ? Online services are focussed towards US clients

aˆ? Problems of Corporate Governance -large size diluted focal point of direction

Opportunities Menaces

aˆ? Turning demand and market

aˆ? New Chinese market have possible

aˆ? E-commerce

aˆ? Community engagement enhance the image to pull clients

aˆ? Acquisitions and amalgamations to prosecute new markets aˆ? Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates

aˆ? Fluctuating and unsure market

aˆ? Concern about ordinances after crisis

aˆ? Competition from extended market participants from related sections

( Abhijeet S. , 2010 )

Schemes and Core Competences:

General schemes:

The direction and administration of Citibank has lead it to be the largest consumer bank positioned as international giant and taking the United states market through enhanced general schemes as discussed above. It is positioned as a superior fiscal solution supplier in planetary markets. It is concentrating on engineering like e-commerce to widen its concern and follow invention. It provides quality service through using TQM and other comparative schemes. Its corporate image is strong because of umbrella trade name and synergistic schemes. ( Hidayet Bahadin et Al, 2010 )

On-line schemes:

Citibank ‘s new strategic displacement took topographic point and its converts its conventional fiscal direction concern into e-business model. The major aim is to do dealing processes online and client friendly to fulfill its B2B and B2C clients. Through this displacement it can heighten the value creative activity for its clients. This scheme facilitates to offer its trim solutions to its diverse clients to derive competitory border. ( Hidayet Bahadin et Al, 2010 )

Core competences:

“ A nucleus competence is an country of specialised expertness that is the consequence of harmonising complex watercourses of engineering and work activity. ”

( C. K. Prahalad )

The nucleus competences of Citibank are outlined below:

aˆ? Proprietary information

aˆ? Operating all around Earth in about 160 states yet taken as local bank and widening its concern by assisting its diverse clients expeditiously

aˆ? Citigroup enhances the image of Citibank as largest online banking service supplier

aˆ? Technology sweetening and deductions enhances invention and lead to client oriented attack to fulfill them better compared to rivals

( Annual Report, 2011 )


The different ranking of Citibank by different research companies are outlined below:

Analyst Information for Citi Trends Inc.

$ 12.28 0.45 ( +3.80 % ) Volume: 0 4:00 PM EDT Oct 31, 2012

Consensus Rating Industry Comparison


Number of companies in industry with recommendations 49

Rank Recommendation relation to companies in its industry 26

Ranked 26 in Industry


( Hot Stocked, 2012 )

Recognition evaluations

Moody’s S & A ; P Fitch

Rating Outlook Rating Outlook Rating Outlook

Citibank Japan Ltd.

Long Term Baa1 Negative A Negative A Stable

Citigroup Inc.

Long Term Baa2 Negative A- Negative A Stable

Citibank, N.A.

Long Term A3 Negative A Negative A Stable

( Hot Stocked, 2012 )

Evaluations of top 50 Bankss in the universe


Cur Prev.

Bank Assets US $ m + or –

( local mongrel ) Capital US $ thousand Balance Sheet

1 1 Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany *2,804,332 13.56 % 3,084.10 31.12.11

2 2 BNP Paribas SA, Paris, France *2,546,693 -1.65 % 33,274.59 31.12.11

3 3 Industrial & A ; Commercial Bank of China Limited, Beijing, China *2,458,597 15.00 % 55,454.17 31.12.11

4 4 Barclays Bank PLC, London, UK *2,426,889 4.92 % 22,499.22 31.12.11

5 5 JAPAN POST BANK Co Ltd, Tokyo, Japan 2,320,244 -0.63 % 41,980.52 31.03.11

6 6 Credit Agricole SA, Montrouge, France *2,233,521 8.16 % 9,711.03 31.12.11

7 7 The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, Edinburgh, UK *2,224,124 9.60 % 10,259.24 31.12.11

8 8 China Construction Bank Corporation, Beijing, China *1,951,046 13.61 % 39,715.81 31.12.11

9 9 Bank of China Limited, Beijing, China *1,879,280 13.10 % 44,344.24 31.12.11

10 10 Agricultural Bank of China Limited, Beijing, China *1,855,056 12.96 % 51,595.55 31.12.11

11 11 The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd, Tokyo, Japan 1,840,587 -0.31 % 20,533.97 31.03.11

12 12 JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, New York, USA *1,811,678 11.04 % 1,785.00 31.12.11

13 13 Banco Santander SA, Boadilla del Monte, Spain *1,621,778 2.79 % 5,772.97 31.12.11

14 14 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Tokyo, Japan *1,591,849 10.56 % 21,242.10 31.03.11

15 15 Lloyds TSB Bank plc, London, UK *1,534,253 -2.02 % 2,443.34 31.12.11

16 16 Societe Generale, Paris La Defense, France *1,530,870 4.35 % 1,256.97 31.12.11

17 17 UBS AG, Zurich, Switzerland *1,511,838 7.74 % 408.01 31.12.11

18 19 BPCE, Paris, France *1,475,178 8.58 % 20,750.29 31.12.11

19 18 Bank of America NA, Charlotte, USA *1,451,969 -2.04 % 3,020.04 31.12.11

20 20 Citibank NA, New York, USA *1,288,592 11.63 % 751.00 31.12.11

21 21 HSBC Bank plc, London, UK *1,285,269 3.69 % 1,237.19 31.12.11

22 22 ING Bank NV, Amsterdam, Netherlands *1,245,516 3.01 % 680.32 31.12.11

23 23 UniCredit SpA, Milan, Italy *1,200,944 -0.29 % 15,742.47 31.12.11

24 24 Wells Fargo Bank NA, San Francisco, USA *1,161,490 5.37 % 519.00 31.12.11

25 25 Credit Suisse AG, Zurich, Switzerland *1,089,991 1.43 % 4,687.33 31.12.11

26 26 Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, Paris La Defense, France *1,070,369 15.33 % 8,779.32 31.12.11

27 27 China Development Bank Corporation, Beijing, China *993,091 22.31 % 48,722.95 31.12.11

28 28 Rabobank Nederland, Utrecht, Netherlands *948,121 12.13 % 10,383.57 31.12.11

29 29 Nordea Bank AB ( publ ) , Stockholm, Sweden *928,086 23.31 % 5,244.27 31.12.11

30 31 Mizuho Bank Ltd, Tokyo, Japan 881,120 2.69 % 8,396.10 31.03.11

31 32 Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd, Tokyo, Japan 880,509 -0.26 % 16,840.97 31.03.11

32 33 Bank of Scotland plc, Edinburgh, UK *866,413 -2.73 % 9,076.37 31.12.11

33 34 Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany *857,539 -12.27 % 10,107.55 31.12.11

34 35 The Norinchukin Bank, Tokyo, Japan *837,618 – 41,091.83 31.03.11

35 30 Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, Milan, Italy *828,328 -2.97 % 11,074.25 31.12.11

36 36 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA, Madrid, Spain *774,508 8.13 % 3,113.90 31.12.11

37 37 Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal, Canada *751,852 3.51 % 18,833.77 31.10.11

38 38 Bank of Communications Co Ltd, Shanghai, China *732,514 16.69 % 9,830.98 31.12.11

39 39 National Australia Bank Ltd, Melbourne, Australia *728,197 9.88 % 20,232.83 30.09.11

40 40 The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Hong Kong, Hong Kong *721,990 11.26 % 3,887.11 31.12.11

41 41 Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney, Australia *715,862 3.34 % 25,612.00 30.06.11

42 42 Credit Suisse International, London, UK *712,409 23.37 % 9,625.00 31.12.11

43 43 The Toronto-Dominion Bank, Toronto, Canada *686,497 10.78 % 21,816.36 31.10.11

44 44 Natixis, Paris, France *657,914 10.85 % 6,391.08 31.12.11

45 45 Westpac Banking Corporation, Sydney, Australia *647,501 8.40 % 24,592.79 30.09.11

46 49 Kreditanstalt pelt Wiederaufbau ( KfW ) , Frankfurt am Main, Germany *641,205 12.01 % 4,276.27 31.12.11

47 46 Standard Chartered PLC, London, UK *599,070 15.97 % 1,192.00 31.12.11

48 47 Danske Bank A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark *597,419 6.55 % 1,625.44 31.12.11

49 48 Merrill Lynch International Bank Limited, Dublin, Ireland *593,241 22.71 % 32.07 31.12.11

50 50 The Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto, Canada *575,371 9.23 % 12,722.54 31.10.11

*These bank rankings are compiled from balance sheet information included on available at 22nd August 2012. The information available at this day of the month is used to roll up the full universe and state rankings.

( Reed Business Information Limited, 2012 )

Fortune 500 evaluation

Rank a-? Company Revenues

( $ 1000000s ) Net incomes

( $ 1000000s )

1 Exxon Mobil 452,926.0 41,060.0

2 Wal-Mart Shops 446,950.0 15,699.0

3 Chevron 245,621.0 26,895.0

4 ConocoPhillips 237,272.0 12,436.0

5 General Motors 150,276.0 9,190.0

6 General Electric 147,616.0 14,151.0

7 Berkshire Hathaway 143,688.0 10,254.0

8 Fannie Mae 137,451.0 -16,855.0

9 Ford Motor 136,264.0 20,213.0

10 Hewlett-Packard 127,245.0 7,074.0

11 AT & A ; T 126,723.0 3,944.0

12 Valero Energy 125,095.0 2,090.0

13 Bank of America Corp. 115,074.0 1,446.0

14 McKesson 112,084.0 1,202.0

15 Verizon Communications 110,875.0 2,404.0

16 J.P. Morgan Chase & amp ; Co. 110,838.0 18,976.0

17 Apple 108,249.0 25,922.0

18 CVS Caremark 107,750.0 3,461.0

19 International Business Machines 106,916.0 15,855.0

20 Citigroup 102,939.0 11,067.0

( CNN, 2012 )

Porter ‘s 5 Forces Model:

Menaces of new entrants:

aˆ? Medium to high

aˆ? Customers are already loyal to prominent trade names

aˆ? Capital demands are high

aˆ? Increase promotional budgets demands

aˆ? High set up costs

aˆ? Insufficient resource base

aˆ? High shift costs

aˆ? Strict regulative environments

Power of providers:

aˆ? Low to medium

aˆ? There are really few providers of peculiar merchandise classs

aˆ? There are about no replacements in some merchandise classs

aˆ? Switch overing to another ( competitory ) merchandise is really dearly-won

aˆ? The provision industry has a higher profitableness than the purchasing industry.

Power of purchasers:

aˆ? Medium to High

aˆ? Increased figure of purchasers

aˆ? Volume sale

aˆ? Concentration ratio is average being international

aˆ? Easy entree to information

aˆ? Less exchanging cost

aˆ? Price sensitiveness increased

Handiness of replacement:

aˆ? Low to medium

aˆ? E-commerce presented several replacements

aˆ? Indirect competition from houses like Western Union, PayPal

Competitive competition:

aˆ? High

aˆ? Concentrated market and diluted distinction

aˆ? Less point of differences

aˆ? A mature industry with really small growing ; companies can merely turn by stealing clients off from rivals

aˆ? Technology is commercialized and all houses have entree to that engineering

aˆ? Innovation besides become dead to some extant

( Vadhadiya, 2012 )


The recommended schemes that should be adopted to minimise the menaces and acquire benefits from the chances are outlined below:

aˆ? Community public assistance plans should be employed to heighten the image

aˆ? E-commerce should be adopted to the full and communicated good associating its benefits

aˆ? Go for planned acquisitions and amalgamations to prosecute growing strategically

aˆ? Extend to emerging markets to tap immense potency markets

aˆ? Global schemes should be applied with a localised attack to heighten extension

aˆ? Innovation should be focused to premium merchandises like mortgages and equity

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