Research Assignment Haunted House Movies English Literature Essay

There are many films about haunted houses that I have ever liked so it was difficult for me to contract down merely one. The Shining, Poltergeist, The House on Haunted Hill, House of Wax, Beetlejuice, and The Skeleton Key all came to my head when composing this assignment. However, I wanted to concentrate on a authoritative that I thought represented some Gothic elements. I decided to concentrate on Alfred Hitchcock ‘s Rebecca which was made in 1940 and stars Lawrence Olivier and Joan Fontaine. Although this is non your mean bloodstained horror flick, it is a psychological thriller with a skittish sign of the zodiac.

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The “ obsessed house ” in Rebecca is an estate called Manderley. Manderley is an English sign of the zodiac where characters Maxim De Winter and Mrs. De Winter move after a speedy matrimony in France. The new Mrs. De Winter is a really delicate and immature adult female, who feels inadequate to Max ‘s first married woman, Rebecca. Early in the movie, we presume that Rebecca De Winter died in a boating accident while shacking at Manderley. Fontaine ‘s character feels something incubation as the movie begins:

“ Last dark, I dreamt I went to Manderley once more. It seemed to me I stood by the Fe gate taking to the thrust, and for a piece I could non come in for the manner was barred to me. Then, like all dreamers, I was possessed of a sudden with supernatural powers and passed like a spirit through the barrier before me. The thrust lesion off in forepart of me, writhing and turning as it had ever done. But as I advanced, I was cognizant that a alteration had come upon it. Nature had come into her ain once more, and small by small had encroached upon the thrust with long retentive fingers, on and on while the hapless yarn that had one time been our thrust. And eventually, there was Manderley – Manderley – secretive and silent. Time could non impair the perfect symmetricalness of those walls. Moonlight can play uneven fast ones upon the illusion, and all of a sudden it seemed to me that light came from the Windowss. And so a cloud came upon the Moon and hovered an blink of an eye like a dark manus before a face. The semblance went with it. I looked upon a desolate shell, with no susurration of a past about its staring walls. We can ne’er travel back to Manderley once more. That much is certain. But sometimes, in my dreams, I do travel back to the unusual yearss of my life which began for me in the South of France… ” ( Finest Quotes 1 ) .

Throughout her stay at Manderley, the new Mrs. De Winter ( she is ne’er truly given a name ) tries everything she can to do the topographic point like a place. However, Rebecca ‘s presence is ever in the house. Rebecca remains alive through the characters, ownerships, memories, and overall being of Manderley. The housekeeper Mrs. Danvers adds to the creepy abode since she resembles a enchantress. She dresses in black, wears her hair slicked back, and perfectly “ adores ” Rebecca, but does n’t look excessively fond of Max ‘s new married woman sardonically naming her “ Cinderella. ” When the 2nd Mrs. De Winter decides to throw a party to do Maderley more inhabitable she ends up have oning a ball gown that Mrs. Danver ‘s suggests. However, the ball gown was Rebecca ‘s favourite and Max petitions that she take it off stating “ What the Satan do you believe you ‘re making? … Go and take it off. It does n’t count what you put on. Anything will make. What are you standing at that place for? Did n’t you hear what I said? ” which adds to the enigma of Manderley.

After several reminders of Rebecca ‘s presence, we realize that there is a 2nd house in the narrative. The beach house is a topographic point where Rebecca used to dock her boat, and the scene of her presumed decease. It is in the beach house that we find out what truly happened to Rebecca. Rebecca was a cruel and uncaring and extramarital individual, who merely married Max for his money. She cheated on him with his cousin, and tried to state Max things that would do him desire to slay her. Finally she slips, falls and hits her caput, which is what kills her. Interestingly though, Max still covers up the accident by puting her organic structure back on her boat and cutting a hole in it. As a consequence, everyone thinks that she died by submerging in an accident. The truth finally comes out when a female organic structure is washed ashore at Manderley. Everyone goes to test to see if Rebecca ‘s decease was a slaying or a self-destruction and in the terminal we find out that Rebecca had malignant neoplastic disease and tried to arouse Max into killing her by stating him she was pregnant with his cousin ‘s kid. Alternatively she falls to her decease, ironically killing herself before the malignant neoplastic disease does. Mrs. Danver ‘s feels deceived by Rebecca since she was the one closest to her. Danver ‘s even attempts to model the new married woman into going a shadow of Rebecca. In the terminal of the film, Mrs. Danvers is seen looking out Rebecca ‘s sleeping room window, while Manderley goes up in fires. Mrs. Danvers burns the house down, and Mrs. De Winter says “ It ‘s Mrs. Danvers. She ‘s gone huffy. She said she ‘d instead destruct Manderley than see us happy here. ” ( Finest Quotes 1 ) In the terminal, Rebecca and Mrs. Danvers become one with Manderley in a cavity of ashes, and the freshly married twosome ne’er returns to Manderley. However, one can merely think what happens to the beach houseaˆ¦

Like so many Gothic plants, this film originated as a novel. Daphne Du Maurier wrote Rebecca in 1938. I have n’t read the novel, but I do cognize that many people prefer the book to the film, and that there are many differences. Even Jackson ‘s The Haunting of Hill House was made into a film called The Haunting, which would be interesting to research for category. Nevertheless, the thing I have noticed about houses in the stories/books/movies is that the house literally consumes its dwellers psychologically, which is the instance of Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca. If the 2nd Mrs. De Winter stayed there long plenty, I think she would hold been driven brainsick every bit good.

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