Research Assignment On Employee Branding Management Essay

The followers is a research on employee stigmatization that suggests the importance of the same in this competitory environment of the corporate universe. Every company must hold the ability to make up one’s mind upon the countries which are responsible for raining employee dissatisfaction so as to forestall in the hereafter. The research has found that the top direction has a cardinal function to play in the same. To the state ‘s luck, the scheme is extremely applicable in UAE. One can see the advancement that the state has made in the Fieldss of touristry, real-estate and hotel industry every bit good. It is the high degree of satisfaction amongst the employees that has caused this success to happen. If it persists, the state would surely thrive in the hereafter.

In the competitory universe of today, every company seeks to hold the best endowment about. This is the ground that it has become highly hard for the employees to acquire into any company. But every bit far as the best endowments from the high-profile universities are concerned, companies have to come up with exciting bundles so as to guarantee that the highly-talented batch can go a portion of their operation. So, every bit far as the current research is concerned, an employee trade name is what attracts the employees towards a company. It is really an image that the company makes of itself in the heads of many that it is the best topographic point to acquire employed at. An employee trade names ensures a sense of belongingness in the people and this makes the employees play an built-in function in the accomplishment of success. Hence, one can state that an employee trade name is the value of a company that exists in the corporate. Hence, one can state that in the present scenario, one of the ends of a company is related to employee stigmatization. This end is to accomplish client satisfaction where the clients are nobody but the employees themselves. One can besides present employee stigmatization as one of the nucleus values of an organisation. Those companies that this research has seen to hold a good image in the market topographic point are the 1s which besides have a good extent of employee trade name attached to its name. The most of import inquiry that needs to be answered with regard to trade name employer edifice is that the company has to cognize as to what they are and what their vision is. Along with this, they besides have to run into the outlooks of the stakeholders in the interim. ( Mangold, 2004 )

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Internal View of Employee branding

One must be able to specify the significance of employee stigmatization to the company. It must be remembered that employee stigmatization is really the image of an organisation for the people working in the organisation. It is this repute that the companies make of themselves inside their premises that are besides carried outside to the inactive campaigners, the clients, the clients and besides the others who are affected by the proceedings of the company. Hence, one can state that within the company, employee stigmatization is done to pull the employees, and besides for their subsequent keeping in times to come so as to better the company ‘s image of employee stigmatization. The direction of every state has to understand a really simple fact that it ca n’t put a narrow focal point on the employee stigmatization. If this is done, it would merely be a departmental undertaking and would non hold been entitled to be a portion of the overall concern scheme of the company. One must maintain another fact clear that if employee stigmatization is merely considered to be a portion of the enlisting procedure and so given the back place, there will be excessively many instances of absenteeism ensuing in subsequent surrenders at frequent intervals. ( Turning staff into trade name embassadors, 2009 )

Importance of specifying Employee Brand Aims

Every activity that is regular in a company requires a definition for its subsequent planning. The ground for the same is that one time the aims are defined, the company would surely salvage a batch of money and clip in the procedure that are carried in the latter phases. We are all cognizant of the fact that every company has a different lifecycle phases and aims at different times. So, specifying the employee trade name aims would be of aid at all these life phases that the company has For illustration, one of them can be to set up an employee referral plan. These aims with regard to employee stigmatization can be to incorporate the civilization of two companies in procedure of making a amalgamation, or to diminish the turnover rates of the employees, to increase the hire volume for a peculiar period of clip, developing to better the quality of the employees, and besides to update the calling subdivision in the web sites to guarantee that the company can convey the thought of employee stigmatization and the importance that it holds in the organisation. These are all the instances that need to be defined with regard to employee branding for better execution and subsequent success of the company. ( Pickard, 2009 )

Relationship between Employee stigmatization and Selling and Communicationss

A company must specify the ownership of a trade name scheme so as to do a range to the consensus and besides so that the employees of the state remain united in their ways. The direction of a company must ever take the head in driving employee branding with the aid of instruction in the organisational premises and besides by consciousness edifice. There are certain employees who stand as unconditioned and do non necessitate a general demand for motive. But for most of the organisations it is a long-run and besides strategic effort of endowment direction. These schemes are designed in order to pull, maintain busy, prevent absenteeism etc and these schemes can merely be fulfilled by a coaction of the employee branding section with the selling and communications section. As for illustration, the selling and communications section s can be of utmost aid in the instance of analysis through web sites, or besides in the cleavage of the mark market. Research says that wherever this coaction stays weak, there is surely a big battle, or hold in the undertakings or even the creativeness can be minimized to a big extent.

Manners of Detecting Employee trade name

One can develop an employee branding scheme by doing a comprehension of the civilization followed in the organisation, the work experiences of campaigners, the drivers of endowment, external positions of the organisation, vision of the organisation, the leading issues and besides the direction patterns. If a company focuses on these countries for detecting its employee stigmatization, it would be able to do a building of its message platform which would hold the features of being the most attested, of a compelling nature and besides distinguished. This systematic process would besides be embraced absolutely in the internal organisation. Other than this, the external range of the organisation would besides better as a consequence.

There are besides assorted ways of transporting the development plan of employee stigmatization. These are both quantitative and qualitative research. This can be in the signifier of concentrating on groups, carry oning interviews of leaders and besides meetings and seminars. One can besides garner competitory intelligence in the procedure. If the company wants to develop itself externally every bit good, it can look into the on-line repute of the house so as to happen out the positions of the organisation about what is said about them on the web through the web logs, or some societal networking sites like Facebook and Orkut.

Role of the CEO and the Higher Authorities in Employee stigmatization

It is highly of import for a company to hold its top direction converse about the employee trade names in the earlier phases of the development of the same. There is an institute called the Employee trade name Institute which suggests that it is extremely positive for a company ‘s future chances to acquire involved with the cardinal stakeholders on this issue. These issues can include the undermentioned:

  • The support of employee stigmatization in development of the concern scheme
  • The civilization of the organisation and its consistence across the Earth
  • The perceptual experience of the organisation both internally and externally
  • The channels of communicating for bottom-up and frailty versa
  • The most critical places of success and the extent to which the company has gone in accomplishing the same
  • All the above defined can be with regard to the attractive force of the employees towards the organisation, the battle in accomplishing the organisation ‘s ends and eventually the remotion of policies of absenteeism from the organisation and accomplish maximal keeping of employees ( HR faces the challenges of 2002, 2002 )

Significance of Employee trade name

Many research workers have argued that in malice of following all the features of employee stigmatization, companies have by and large considered it as a cutoff for acquiring the best endowment available in the milieus. Many companies besides tie up with ad bureaus so as to market their employee branding even if they do non pattern them in world. These are some of the activities which fall wholly against the much valued significance that employee stigmatization has. It is frequently said that if one takes good attention of his invitees, there is all the chance that the invitee will go your ain and will go on to be loyal with you. This is followed by organisations like Google and Marriott. Every organisation must understand this fact really clearly that the organisation ‘s nucleus values are defined by the extent of being productive and antiphonal towards the clients. In others words it is a common belief that if a company takes attention of the people it affects, these people would surely take attention of the company. The competitory universe of today teaches a really simple construct which is that every addition is common. Along with the services, it is the employee trade name of a company that it would hold to present to do the best possible returns.

Execution in UAE

Employee stigmatization has seen its highs touched in UAE. One can see that every now and so there are some new entrants into every large organisation. For illustration, if one has a expression at the statistics of the state, more than 80 % of the population is that of the exiles. The degree is even increasing every now and so. For a individual to do a life in state, the work atmosphere has to be really good and along with that it is besides required that the companies offer many chances for the campaigners. Both these features on which the employee trade name depends are extremely followed in UAE.

Employee stigmatization and Tourism in UAE

The ceaseless development of touristry in the state is based on a figure of grounds. There is an full incorporate system that is responsible for the same. The state would ne’er hold had the same figure of tourers merely with the promotion in the substructure itself. There are besides many other grounds for the same. These grounds include the application of employee stigmatization in some of the celebrated companies in UAE. Alshamel Holidays is a really well-known name when it comes to tourism planning in the state. The company has reached its success because of the fact that the employees are extremely satisfied with the procedures that are followed by the company. The company has attracted the employees non merely by giving exciting bundles in footings of money and the other excess inducements along with it, but besides with the degree of motive that is practiced in Alshameel Holidays. The organisation connects more than 45,000 hotels all over and most significantly ; this strong web is maintained by persons employed all over. The difference that the company has with regard to other vacation planing organisations like Al-Futtaim is that, the company has made an image of itself that ca n’t be imitated in the market. The company has used its employee trade name scheme as a portion of the organisational ends that have been discussed in the first subdivision. There are many companies that are looking frontward to engage the type of employee aggregation that Alshamel Holidays can offer but the lone difference is that they have used the false significance of employee stigmatization as mentioned above. Many touristry companies merely guarantee a democratic manner of leading with a level organisational construction where the employees would besides hold their say in doing schemes. This is really followed in Alshamel Holidays organisation. Every seminar which is held so as to do the schemes to pull new tourers is besides attended by the other employees as good whom the company feels to do a suited part in the devising. This besides develops a healthy competition amongst the employees and the employee stigmatization is advanced farther. Once once more, we see that a common benefit has a major function to play. The company ‘s chances increase this manner every bit good as the employees ‘ morale.

Employee stigmatization and Real Estate in UAE

Not many of us are eluded from the fact that the real-estate concern in UAE is amongst the best in the universe. Once once more, there are many grounds for the same. The state has seen some of the nest constructions that it would non hold even woolgather about in the yesteryear. Where did all the skill come from? Every real-estate company in the state follows the rule of Employee branding. They know precisely where they are and what they want to go. Not merely this, they are besides peculiar about giving the employees all the benefits that they deserve and even more on the company ‘s success. Whichever company does so, has an image for employee stigmatization and wherever this is non possible, the instance is different. A UAE citizen must hold heard the names of Emaar Properties and besides Emirates Property Investment. The two companies are the representatives of existent estate concern in the state. They are responsible for doing the tallest construction on Earth, the largest promenade in the Earth and besides have the repute of suiting the highest figure of people in the universe. It is non merely a affair of opportunity that has made this a world. The companies have the best employees that a existent estate company can of all time hold. First of wholly, their recruitment policies implement the employee stigmatization to the fullest. The employees are attracted by the already created image of first-class work conditions within the company. Besides, they are given the best bundles and inducement in class of their working in the state. But, for most other existent estate companies this is the terminal of employee branding that they do. On most occasions, the companies do non even follow the inducement policy that they promise. This is the ground that in malice of the exceeding success of the existent estate concern in the state, there are really few really known. Here once more, we can see the common advantage of the employers and the employees. Once the old employees resign old companies, they move on to companies like Emaar and Emirates Properties. This manner, the latter companies besides have an thought of the competent scheme that is made. One of the best thoughts of employee stigmatization that are followed by the top direction in Emaar and Emirates Properties, is that they ever hold meeting in personal with the employees so as to follow the intent of pulling and retaining. This manner, even the degree of absenteeism and initial surrenders are prevented. The best portion is that the top direction besides follows the ides of employee branding with regard to the work experience of the employees and besides the endowment that they are capable of. They do non go forth a rock unturned in actuating the employees as and when required. The two companies are besides extremely bothered about the fact that they have an first-class external image. This is because ; the entryway of employees is extremely based on the same. ( Warren, 2009 )

Employee stigmatization and Hotel Industry in UAE

We have all heard about the Hilton Hotel in UAE and the Le Meridian hotel in Jumeirah Beach. These are amongst the best hotels that even middle category tourers can trust to suit themselves in. Not everybody in the state has the privilege to afford Burj Dubai. But when it comes to doing net incomes, the two hotels are non far behind Burj Dubai! A really of import ground behind the same is the pertinence of Employee branding in the two hotels. Even during seasons when the rates are slashed, the invitees are treated in the best possible mode. The two hotels believe in the rule that if a hotel takes attention of the invitees, the invitees will take attention of the hotel and besides be an built-in portion of the same by being loyal in the hereafter. This can surely non go on without the important part of the hotel staff. The staffs of Le Meridian and Hilton Hotels in UAE are recruited from amongst some of the best hotel direction institutes in the universe. The credibleness of the staff is so much that they can besides be recruited in hotels like Burj Dubai and that excessively with higher wages in the beginning. But what keeps them to the mentioned hotels is the sum of attention that the top direction has for them. Not many employees are given the option to take amongst their ain suitableness of responsibility timings. These hotels are amongst the lone exclusions that allow this to go on. There are many occasions that even the higher functionaries are ready to help the staff during excess critical state of affairss. This non merely gives a sense of assurance amongst the employees but besides makes them loyal to the several hotel in the hereafter. The two hotels are so bothered about their staff that they keep taking their interviews and besides be a portion of observations so as to see if the leaders behave ethically or non. Much to the surprise of many leaders, the hotels besides take action against the leaders who do non turn front-runners amongst the staff. Even though it does diminish the power to command, the company sees to it that the consequences are really near to what really takes topographic point in the practical sense. Another rule of employee stigmatization that the two hotels follow is to look into the distribution channels. A invitee is served merely after a systematic set of procedures followed by the hotels. For illustration, the receptionist, the bodyguards, the functioning staff, the cleanliness staff and all other departmental staff that the clients encounter. The two hotels guarantee that all these staffs are happy with the proceedings of the hotels. The ground for the same is that, if this is non followed and even if one distribution channel fails, the hotels ‘ reputes would be at interest. So, one can see that the employee branding political orientation of frequent conversation with the staff for the improvement of the organisation is extremely followed in Le Meridian Hotel and Hilton Hotel for their best chances.


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