Restructuring Strategy Of Nokia Marketing Essay

Nokia came in universe scenario in 1986 as a mush and paper factory in Finland. In 1960 it increase concern portfolio in gum elastic and overseas telegram industries. In 1975 Nokia expended its concern portfolio more such as computing machine consumer electronics and cell phones. Since 1998 Nokia become the market leader in nomadic phone industry and acquired major portion market worldwide.

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Align construction to scheme

As successful leader Nokia add more value in its concern theoretical account clip to clip and take the Crown as leader in nomadic industry. To prolonging in the competitory industry Nokia had go through organisation restructuring scheme. Nokia promotes invention and add more value in organisation civilization. In company history Nokia has had two major moving ridge of reconstituting procedure foremost one came in early twenty-first century and second in twelvemonth 2002 to 2003.

We can split it into two parts

First portion Technology & A ; organisation restructuring which led cut downing complexness in working map of organisation and Second Organization reform into new construction in this focal point on nucleus activity.

Reduce complexness

In epoch of 90s Nokia precedence shifted from 2G engineering to package development because 2G engineering has limited growing chances due to bandwidth restraint and deficiency of high velocity informations. Nokia start its work on 3G engineerings which lead in telephone, calculating and cyberspace. Nokia has massive organisation construction which no longer suited for nomadic market. Market required more flexibleness and faster motion to capture chances so Nokia alteration in organisation construction to back up the new cooperate scheme.

In 2002 Nokia spared its Mobile phone division into separate concern centre based geographics and specific market independently.

Taking the farther measure of reconstituting Nokia do structural alterations now company has four divisions -mobile phone, multimedia phone, endeavor solution and webs. This division along with the cross-divisional market operation and engineering platforms which provides it ‘s a matrix construction with flexibleness.

In this Period Nokia win to growing in emerging market and besides able to vie its rivals like Motorola.

Loses in first moving ridge

Mobile market quickly turning and other company besides stared offering same engineering in footings of characteristics. Problem for Nokia that construction was incapable of run intoing such demand and the major issues faced by construction were-

Repeat of work division and non -standardization of merchandise

Lack of coordination among the divisional squads working on the same engineering

Inability to develop any singular merchandise

And this led to be for company and need the 2nd restructuring moving ridge in construction.

Focus on nucleus activity

This clip Nokia restructured itself into three major functional groups -Market, Devices and package & A ; Servicess

Market –

This division deals with the consumers, front-end gross revenues and the spell to market scheme of Nokia gross revenues universe across.


This division handles the full hardware and package demand for the development of a new Mobile. In earlier construction Research and development, Product development and package separated in three divisions but now work together under a unit.

Software and Services

This division chief purposes to concentrate on the hereafter of nomadic industry.Focus of this unit to supply to clients internet application in nomadic phones.

Nokia -Siemens Networks

Nokia wants to spread out successes graduated table in nomadic market. To take advantage in nomadic market it stared a web division with Siemens which provides nomadic webs substructure and services. ‘

Nokia restructuring procedures have following chief facets –

Nokia focal point on merchandise by increasing no of theoretical accounts of Mobile

For engineering betterment Nokia focal point on proficient and functional division.

Nokia mark Mobile selling based on geographic country.

Researching Internet services for nomadic engineering

The consequence of the 2nd restructuring scheme reflects as a consequence and now Nokia gaining control the large market section in nomadic industry.

How Nokia Do it

Restructure of organisation is large undertaking for any company. Nokia besides have the same job with construction. Two chief fact faces by Nokia during the restructure of organisation one is Size of organisation and the employee work manners.

Basic demand for civilization of mobility required an external strategic and flexible environment in the Organization. Flexibility led chief advantage that major alterations in consequences in minimal sadness among employees. Transparency and clear definition of new functions and responsibilities give velocity and smooth passage from one construction to another.

Purpose of Study

Nokia recognize as a planetary leader in digital engineering and communicating but now the scenario has been changed and Nokia losing its value over the last few old ages. This survey focal point on the fluctuation of the market portions of the Nokia in the recent few old ages. Decision of this survey gives the market place of this company at different phases.

Importance of undertaking Areas

Mobile phone is necessary tool for day-to-day usage in present society civilization. Consumer demands every clip new characteristic and upgraded engineering in nomadic French telephones. In this undertaking, I focus on Nokia was planetary leader in communicating service and it can once more alter its place by following new restructuring scheme.

Nokia fail

Three major factors play of import function in failure

Lack of Innovation -With the clip other nomadic companies presenting new engineering to the clients. In instance of Nokia fail to provides pulling characteristic in nomadic section. Nokia stack with their old engineerings that reflect in diminishing gross revenues.

Complacency-Nokia did n’t truly be after for the hereafter and supplying old theoretical account when the definition of Smartphone takes a degree. Nokia is non aiming Smartphone section. As consequence Apple Samsung capture the market of Smartphone.

From Symbian to windows-Nokia solely dependants on Symbian boulder clay it entered into a partnership with Microsoft.But it excessively tardily other rival like Apple, Samsung had established their spheres.


In this undertaking we have studied the reconstituting schemes of the Nokia, how it has evolved as universe leaders in nomadic communicating from a little paper mush factory in Finland. As stock monetary value is the index of the public presentation of any company if company performs good its stock monetary value by and large increases and if it underperforms its stock monetary value lessenings. So we used stock monetary value index of Nokia as a public presentation index of its restructuring activities.

Collection of informations and analysis of informations

We have used stock monetary value of Nokia to mensurate the effectivity of its restructuring activities, we have collected portion monetary value of Nokia from its official web site. We have taken sample from 1992 to 2012, as during the 1998 to 2007 Nokia was universe leader in nomadic communicating but since the entryway of Samsung and Apple in nomadic market it loses its portion and suffers from stiffer competition. So Nokia once more in demand of some is reconstituting activities to acquire in front of its rival like Samsung and Apple. We have used twelvemonth wise informations sample of stock monetary values with taken merely annually close monetary value of portions into consideration for mensurating the portion monetary value of the peculiar twelvemonth. The information sample that we have collected is given below:

Table: Nokia Share monetary value and volume ( Nokia, 2012 )


Close Price in dollars

Volume of portions in 1000 1000000s





























































Datas Analysis:

From the information we saw that the portion of Nokia was in good status from 1998 to 2007.

During these old ages Nokia was market leader in nomadic communicating sphere.

But reconstituting schemes of Samsung and other companies gives stiffer competition to Nokia and its portion value and volume both tend to diminish.

It has once more come up with some revamping schemes to once more capture its repute in market.

Findingss and Interpretation of informations

Share monetary values:

The portion of Nokia on annual footing represented diagrammatically below:

Figure: Stock monetary value of Nokia

The volume of portions of Nokia in 1000 1000000s in graphical signifier is given below:

Figure: Volume of Shares

Interpretation of informations: ( NOKIA: Restructuring Schemes, 2010 )

The stock monetary value of the Nokia was in its highest extremum during 1996 to 2001 and falls after that.

But after 2004 it once more starts rise, it continues to fall after that due revamping schemes of Samsung and other companies and failure of Nokia in tackle those schemes.

Lapp happened with volume of portions, it was in the steady growing stage since 1993, reached extremum during 2006, but after 2008 it starts diminishing.


There was a clip when Nokia was the leader of the nomadic French telephone market. But now Nokia is fighting and its rivals are taking the nomadic French telephone market. Approximate 14 twelvemonth Nokia ‘s nomadic French telephone regulations the market but now apple and Samsung has successfully replaced Nokia nomadic French telephones. In Quarter 1 of 2012 entire gross revenues of Nokia was approximative 83 million French telephones and Samsung shipped around 92 million French telephones. It clearly demoing that demand of Nokia ‘s merchandise is diminishing as comparison with their rivals. During 1998 when Samsung entered into the nomadic French telephone market at that clip Nokia was the largest planetary phone shaper. Main ground beyond the failure of Nokia French telephone is the deficiency of invention. Nokia ‘s rival comes with modified engineering phone every twelvemonth but Nokia lacked some engineering necessities to drive its gross revenues higher. After holding the analysis of the portion monetary value of the Nokia, we found that portion of Nokia started to increase from 1993 and they reached at extremum at 2007. After 2008 portion monetary values of Nokia started to diminish and they are still diminishing. Consequence of analysis shows that Nokia did n’t be after for the future competition. When Apple launched its first i-phone in 2007, Nokia was still marketing with its E-series phone which was holding deficiency of engineerings as compared with the smart phone of Apple. So, I have concluded this after analysis of the portion monetary value of the Nokia that Nokia tried to reconstitute its merchandise and schemes. But the gait of their invention is really slow as comparison to its rival therefore it failed to last in the competition. As consequence its portion value and measure of portions is acquiring lower twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Nokia must convey invention in their merchandises faster than their rival to last in the nomadic French telephone market. The dominant ground of deficiency of invention must be overcome by the Nokia in order to last in the current market.

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