Review of the Parable of the Sadhu Essay

Reflection of the Parable of the Sadhu

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Every person is faced with situations that involve stopping what they are doing to help someone else. Some may stop, but many keep going on with their busy lives. Many people find it difficult to stop their everyday life just to help out another person. In the article, “The parable of the Sadhu,” McCoy faced a situation in which he had to make a decision, either to complete his once in a lifetime opportunity or stop and help someone in a life threatening situation. McCoy chose to do his part and help the man but only take part responsibility in caring for him.

If I was placed in the exact same situation as McCoy, I would have reacted very similar. Understanding the complete extent of his situation, McCoy had good reason for what he chose to do. Being in his once in a lifetime situation, to complete this climb he had sought out to do for many years, there was a lot of self-fulfillment at stake. McCoy was unsure he could physically and mentally complete the climb, he states, “I was very concerned about my ultimate ability to get across.” McCoy appears to be worried and unsure if he himself could make the climb and he was observing his own teammates experiencing possible altitude sickness.

McCoy was clearly under a lot of stress, but he still chose to do his part in assisting the Sadhu in his care. I would give as much as I felt I was able to and willing to lose on my end. He already was in a stressful situation when he arrived on the Sadhu. McCoy chose to assist the Sadhu until there was someone else available to take over. I know I would have done the same thing. I would have helped him until I could pass the responsibility onto someone else. This would enable myself to still complete my journey but also allow me to help in the recovery of the Sadhu. Every day we face situations in which we must make a decision, either to continue on with our own responsibilities or pick up someone else’s. McCoy chose to pick up a portion of the responsibility of another person. In my own life I think I would feel comfortable doing the same if faced with the same situation.

Mccoy, B. H. (1983). The parable of the sadhu. Harvard Business Review, 61(5), 103-108.

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