Reviewing The Book 1984 English Literature Essay

Reason for choosing this book: One of the most singular and alone scientific discipline fiction novels that I have read. The fresh itself felt more than merely a superb sci-fi text but a socio-political and economic papers. Though fiction it ‘s bearing on the existent universe and political relations is undeniable. Furthermore 1984 is one of the most influential texts of the century. Its thoughts and constructs have been replicated in several signifiers of art even now.

About the Writer: Eric Arthur Blair ( 25 June 1903A – 21 January 1950 ) , his pen name was George Orwell, 1984 being his most celebrated work. He is besides known for his satirical book Animal Farm. The writer was an English writer and journalist. He was intensely politically cognizant and was vehemently opposed to totalitarian or Fascist authoritiess.

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Background: The events of the novel are set at the foreground of a dystopian universe ruled by a overzealous and totalitarian authorities. It is the narrative of one adult male ‘s effort to carry through his desires of love caught in the barbarous and awful intrigues of a authorities.

Writing manner e.g. linguistic communication: The composing manner of 1984 is precise, clarified and devoid of over-emotional or dramatic elements to the point where it feels about like a scientific discourse. His attending to every item of society and being in 1984 is testament to his scientific and fact-finding attack. It succeeds in arousing this sense of apprehension or fright as in the Draconian metropolis of future London, which he depicts. 1984 is even more singular for the ‘new ‘ linguistic communication that Orwell assigns to the new universe order and London. He calls it ‘newspeak ‘ ; methodically and logically explained, the novel even has a chapter which acts like a lexicon in the index. Orwell is known for his neology and 1984 is possibly his best book in grounds of that statement.

Use of beginnings and research:

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Genre of this book: scientific discipline fiction

Outline of the Narrative: The twelvemonth is 1984, Oceania or Britain. London, the main metropolis of Airstrip One. The Party and Big Brother regulations society, its regulations, its inhabitants every bit good as their actions and ideas. Winston Smith, an ordinary Party member every bit good as worker. His life, private and public, invariably monitored by telescreens and other surveillance setup. His actions keenly followed. Love is outlawed. “ Thoughtcrime is decease ” , the Party edicts. Winston Smith falls in love with Julia, another party member, they try to outrun and out think Big Brother and they try to interrupt the oppressive system which enslaves them all.

Fictional characters:

The protagonist Winston Smith who works for one of the weaponries of the Party is one such individual trapped in this oppressive government. The narrative tracks Smith ‘s rebellion, falling in love with Julia and eventual gaining control followed anguish and re-indoctrination. It is through Smith ‘s life that we explore Large Brother and The Party ‘s universe. He is an mundane adult male, yet he harbours the most unsafe thoughts of all ; dissent against Big Brother.

Large Brother is one of the most challenging characters that I have come across in my readings. He is a symbol, a metaphor and an icon. He transgresses the conventional lines of a character since he is one without a face but yet ever present. He is rendered through myth and legends yet feels as existent and touchable as a character can be. Indeed Large Brother is the most remembered, character, if one may term it so, from this novel. It is his presence that forms the Southern Cross to the concatenation of events in the text.


The text is set in the hereafter, where universe order as we know it has crumbled replaced by three super-nation geo-political divisions. The three states are Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. These super-states are at a province of ageless war with each other. The chief secret plan is set in Oceania which is modeled on Britain. Now, Oceania is ruled by a totalitarian authorities known merely as The Party. It is a dystopian universe where single autonomy and rights have no relevancy what so of all time. A universe where basic human emotions such as love is outlawed and regarded as “ thoughtcrime ” . Oceania and The Party is symbolic of Fascism and Communism and the states under its sway during the period when Orwell wrote this novel. It tells the narrative of how Winston Smith, tries to withstand and lead on the Party and its ageless surveillance for his love, Julia.


Subject and Plot:

The Party ‘s commanding officer or leader is said to Big Brother. Big Brother is this omnipresent, omnipowerful character whose true individuality is ne’er known. However Large Brother ever watches over everyone in Oceania, no 1 can get away his surveillance and regard. “ Large Brother is watching you ” is a note invariably being drones into the mind of the people of London or the main metropolis of Air Strip One of Oceania. Transrecieving telecasting proctors invariably serve as the eyes over the people as their every motion is continuously watched. The Party demands absolute obeisance and subjection. No 1 is permitted to inquiry or condemn the Party or its policies. Furthermore no person is free to keep ideas or feelings that excite the mind or stableness of the person. It regulations perfectly through its dogmas ; “ WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH ” ; Love, choler, fury, self-contemplation are all outlawed and termed as “ thought offenses ” . Winston dares to interrupt all these limitations. He and Julia embark on their love matter, fraught with danger and hazard. Ultimately both are caught and later tortured in the Ministry of Love or Miniluv. Here they are re-indoctrinated to the Party political orientation and encephalon washed to accept without inquiry, Big Brother and its inevitableness.


Analysis and rating of text

The degree of elaborateness and deepness in which Orwell has rendered his station apocalypse universe is amazing to state the least. I would daresay, characters are secondary to understanding the text. It is the universe, the societal construction and the hegemony practiced and established by the Party which is critical to comprehension of the text. The political orientation and its execution on the citizens of this future universe is chilling, even more so, it is a universe or the apparition of which is non rather impossible. Communism and Fascism had already envisaged such a society. In England being chosen as the scene, Orwell about warns that dictatorship can go on anyplace such is its intoxicant influence if one time allowed to boom and raising. The fact that Winston and Julia fail in their attempted rebellion of kinds about highlights the terrifying nature and inevitableness of flight from such an establishment once it has spread its roots. Every possible branching of a totalitarian authorities is keenly etched in the chapters of the text. Censorship, intense about hawkish patriotism, repression of freedom of about every sort is articulated through the lives of Winston and Julia. The party regulations by writhing, corrupting all positive values of human nature. Complete hegemony and surveillance that echoes the nature of Bentham ‘s panopticon.

Possibly one of the most iconic, influential and deep making text of the twentieth century is 1984 by George Orwell. The construct and secret plan which he penned has had such acute effects on non merely our societal mentality but besides popular or pop civilization is amazing to state the least. Large Brother is one of the most recognizable mentions or metaphors in the educated universe, farther amplified by a wildly popular world telecasting show of the same name and other such popular media. Now what or who is Big Brother? Where did this term come from? How is it relevant to a world show that has several spinoffs? How can a book published in 1949 have anything to make with such manifestations of popular civilization? What was the book all about? How is it important politically, socially, economically every bit good as culturally? These are few inquiries that this novel answered for me, a reader in the twenty-first century universe of cyberspace and atomic arms.


Measure the overall impact of this book to the audience it is intended for:

The novel ‘s relevancy and significance becomes obvious when viewed along with the history that led to World War II and the subsequent Cold War, when the universe was divided between two ace powers. Nineteen Eighty-Four has been, at times in its history, either banned or lawfully challenged as intellectually unsafe to the populace, merely like Brave New World ( 1932 ) , by Aldous Huxley. “ Nineteen Eighty-Four will non come in the U.S. public sphere until 2044, and in the European Union until 2020, although it is in the public sphere in Canada, Russia, South Africa, and Australia. On 17 July 2009 withdrew certain Amazon Kindle rubrics, including Nineteen Eighty-four, from sale, refunded purchasers, and removed the points from the Amazon Store after detecting that the publishing house lacked rights to print the rubrics in inquiry. ” Even more than 60 old ages 1984 has non lost any of its relevancy. The Bush initiated Patriot Act in the US which legalized all sorts of surveillance in the name of national security. The act met terrible unfavorable judgment due to its disposition towards the misdemeanor of privateness of the person ; nevertheless it was still ratified in the aftermath of the terrorist Acts of the Apostless on the US. The Patriot Act queerly evokes the Big Brother system where absolute surveillance was the norm of society. Several pop civilization texts reverberation 1984 in its word picture of dictatorship. Alan Moore ‘s acclaimed in writing novel V for Vendetta comes to mind here. Even more mainstream is the movie Equilibrium starring Christian Bale which was about an action thriller rendering of 1984 sans its deep mastermind. Half Life 2, a massively popular picture game bears strong similarities to the novel, particularly the Combine government in the game. Surprisingly even a interruption through world show format, foremost televised in Holland, named Big Brother is based slackly on the subject of the novel. It ‘s Indian opposite number being the Big Boss series. However this is in no manner an thorough list of its allusions and influences on pop civilization. Even so the universe put frontward in the fresh though fictious and the text itself being by and large regarded as scientific discipline fiction has a startling similarity to world and practical politics. The subjects of sexual repression, censoring, dictatorship of single freedom and autonomy are really much relevant even to this twenty-four hours and besides to the hereafter societies ruled by engineering and paranoia born from insecurities of assorted sorts.

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