Reviewing The Novels Of Jayne Eyre English Literature Essay

In the narratives of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, the chief female characters face enormous contentions. These adult females face many hard battles in their lives. Both narratives start out with the misss at a immature age. Both adult females finally fall in love with, and marry, a adult male named Rochester. Jane, from Jane Eyre, gets the happy stoping by remaining with Rochester ; However, Bertha ‘s stoping is non the same. Bertha ends up deceasing at the terminal of her narrative. Rochester does non recognize the consequence he has on these adult females. This paper compares Bertha and Antoinette, their childhood isolation, their asleep parents, and their falling in love with Rochester.

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Jane and Bertha are really much isolated when they are kids. The narrative of Jane Eyre is about the life of a immature miss who is forced to populate with her aunt after her parents go through off. Jane lives with her aunt, uncle, and three cousins. Jane is ne’er treated like she really belongs with the household. But unlike Jane, Bertha, in Wide Sargasso Sea, is isolated her full life. Mrs. Reed, Jane ‘s aunt who she is sent to populate with after her parents base on balls, wholly separates Jane from her kids. Jane must kip in a little cupboard, and she eats dinner entirely ; all of her free clip is spent in the baby’s room. Mrs. Reed does non desire her kids tie ining with Jane. Jane is excluded from the household ; she is excluded from Christmas and New Years jubilations. When Jane eventually leaves for school, Bessie, the retainer, inquire Jane if she would wish to talk to Mrs. Reed before she leaves. “ No, Bessie: She came to my cot last dark when you were gone down to supper, and said I need non upset her in the forenoon, or my cousins either ; and she told me to retrieve that she had ever been my best friend, and to talk of her and be thankful to her consequently. ” ( Bronte 39 ) . Jane is taking the journey to her new school, which is about 50 stat mis off, entirely. Jane leaves Gateshead, her place for the past few old ages, without every bit much as a adieu. Another illustration of Jane ‘s isolation is when she is at the Lowood School. Mr. Brocklehurst separates Jane from the other kids by abashing her. He says, “ A careless miss! It is the new student, I perceive. I must non bury I have a word to state esteeming her. ” He makes Jane stand on a high stool with all eyes on her. He tells the full room that she is a prevaricator, like he had promised Mrs. Reed ( Bronte 72 ) . “ My beloved kids, this is a sad, a melancholic juncture ; for it becomes my responsibility to warn you, that this miss, who might be one of God ‘s ain lambs is a small outcast: non a member of the true flock but obviously an intruder and an foreigner. You must be on your guard against her ; you must eschew her illustration: if necessary avoid her company, exclude her from your athleticss, and shut her out organize your converse. Teachers, you must watch her: maintain your eyes on her motions, weight good her words, size up her actions, penalize her organic structure to salvage her psyche: if so, such redemption be possible, for this miss, this kid, the indigen of a Christian land, worse that many a small pagan who says its supplications to Braham and kneels before Juggernaut-this miss is-a prevaricator, ” ( Bronte 66-67 ) . Jane does non even feel like she belongs when she is at school. In the narrative of Wide Sargasso Sea, we meet Antoinette. Antoinette is Bertha in the narrative of Jane Eyre. Antoinette ‘s household did non hold much money ; they were the “ white niggas, ” of Jamaica. ( Rhys 22 ) . Peoples of the town did non like Antoinette and her household. They would state things to others about the kids, “ The male child and imbecile kept out of sight and head and the miss traveling the same manner in my sentiment. ” ( Rhys 26 ) . Freed blacks protest outside of Antoinette ‘s house, they “ accidently ” set the house on fire, Pierre is severely hurt. Tia throws a stone at Antoinette ‘s caput while they are running off from the combustion house. Antoinette ‘s caput is badly cut unfastened, doing her caput to shed blood. No 1 else is badly injured ( Rhys 41 ) . When Antoinette aftermaths, she sees her Aunt Cora. “ You hair had to be cut. You ‘ve been really badly, my favorite. ” ( Rhys 41 ) . Antoinette is told that her brother, Pierre, died on the manner out of the house in the fire. Antoinette had been ill for about six hebdomads, she had no memory of anything that has happened since the fire. Not merely does Antoinette non retrieve anything that has happened, no one even notices that she is gone. Unlike Jane who is merely stray in her kid goon, Antoinette is isolated when she is a kid, a adolescent, and while she is an grownup. Rochester ne’er loved Antoinette. Many of the things he does, he does to hurt her. Alternatively of naming her by her name, he calls her “ Bertha, ” a name with no important significance. The lone ground Rochester moves out of Jamaica and back to England is because he knows Antoinette is happy in Jamaica. He is non making it to intentionally do her disturbance, but Antoinette has already begun to demo marks that she is mentally sick, precisely like her female parent and brother. Rochester feels he will be safer at place in England. It is at that place that he can engage person to watch Antoinette, so she is non in his changeless attention. It is about like Antoinette ne’er existed to Rochester after he returns to England. Grace Poole is left to care for Antoinette, the same Grace Poole that appears in Jane Eyre. Grace is paid double to non talk of Antoinette ( Rhys 160 ) . This answers the inquiries that arose in Jane Eyre. Antoinette has gone huffy. These adult females are really similar, but at the same clip, the major events taking to the terminal of their life are really different. In an article written by Carey Snyder and Eric Anders, they refer to Antoinette ‘s narrative, like Jane ‘s, is about a “ heroine ‘s effort to get away the lunacy of isolation, ” ( Snyder 1. ) Both adult females face isolation from people they love. In Jane ‘s instance, it is in the beginning of her life, But for Antoinette, it last throughout her life. ( Snyder 1 ) . After Jane leaves the Lowood School, Jane ‘s life significantly improves. Jane finds true love, and she finds the household that she has ever wanted. Unlike Antoinette, who loses the lone household she has, goes off to school, a topographic point where she is teased, and so marries a adult male that does non love her. Antoinette ‘s life ne’er improves ( Neck-Yoder 5 ) .

Both adult females lose their household at a immature age. Days before Jane leaves for school, she learns the truth about her parents. Jane ‘s female parent, her uncle ‘s sister, was affluent like the remainder of the Reed household. But Jane ‘s female parent fell in love with Jane ‘s male parent, a reverend. After the two get married, against Jane ‘s female parent ‘s household and friends will, Jane ‘s gramps writes her female parent out of his will. Jane ‘s male parent caught typhus while working with the hapless, a month after he died, and Jane ‘s female parent passed off with the same disease ( Eyre 1 ) . In Wide Sargasso Sea, Antoinette ‘s male parent dies before the narrative begins. Antoinette ‘s female parent re-married. After the fire that killed her brother, Antoinette ‘s female parent is sent to populate with a colored household while she recovers. Later her female parent dies in the attention of these people ( Mason 1 ) . Jane ‘s parents die from typhus, a disease that seems to assail some of the influential people in Jane ‘s life. Antoinette ‘s female parent dies because she is mentally sick, and after losing Antoinette ‘s brother, Pierre, Antoinette ‘s female parent can no longer maintain herself together any longer. Antoinette ‘s male parent died at the beginning of her narrative, the lone male parent figure in her life was his step-father, and subsequently Rochester.

When Jane arrives at Thornfield, she realizes the adult female who has summoned her, Mrs. Fairfax, is non the proprietor of the house. Mr. Rochester is the proprietor, but he is frequently off on concern. Jane will be tutoring Adele, and eight year-old Gallic miss ( Bronte 101 ) . This is the first clip we are introduced to Rochester, who Jane ends up get marrieding in the coming old ages. Jane first meets Rochester when he is siting his Equus caballus, the Equus caballus slips on a spot of ice directing the, Mr. Rochester, to the land. Jane hurries downstairs to assist the adult male to his pess. She realizes subsequently from Mrs. Fairfax, that she has merely met Mr. Rochester. One of the first darks Rochester was place, he has dinner with Jane and his girl, Adele. Rochester has been imbibing, but that does non halt him from inquiring Jane if she finds him attractive, when she replies “ no, ” Rochester is hurt ( Bronte 133 ) . “ Ah! By my word! There is something remarkable about you, you have the air of a small nonnette ; quaint, quiet, sedate and simple, as you sit with your custodies before you, and your eyes by and large bend on the carpetaˆ¦ ” ( Bronte 133 ) . After her aunt ‘s decease, Rochester tells Jane he had decided to get married, Blanche Ingram. Jane describes Blanche Ingram as “ dark as a Spaniard ” ( Bronte 173 ) , but Jane ascribes to her a “ low forehead ” ( 172 ) , a “ grade of racial lower status harmonizing to nineteenth-century race-science ” ( Mead-Willis 1 ) . When Rochester tells Jane he plans on get marrieding Blanche, Jane is heartbroken. Rochester offers Jane a governess place in France. While Jane and Rochester are sitting under an oak tree, Jane expresses her love for Rochester, at the blink of an eye he asks her for her manus in matrimony. “ But, Jane I summon you as my married woman: it is you merely I intend to get married. ” ( Bronte 258 ) . When Jane and Rochester effort to acquire married, a unusual adult male, indentifying himself as Mr. Briggs. Briggs claims that Rochester is already married. He is married to a adult female named Bertha. Bertha is the adult female that Grace Poole maintains in the upstairs room, Rochester is to the full cognizant that Bertha is alive ( Bronte 288 ) . Jane feels betrayed by Rochester ; he ne’er told her he was even antecedently married. Jane begins to doubt if she can swear Rochester, he left out a large portion of his life to her ; she should non hold informed him of hers. When Rochester confronts Jane about Bertha, Jane is ashamed. She refuses to get married him. Rochester tells Jane the narrative about how he was tricked into get marrieding Bertha by his male parent after he was forced to go forth Thornfield. Jane is reunited with Rochester. Jane learns that Thornfield was burnt down by Bertha Mason. She died in the fire. Jane and Rochester eventually acquire married. Rochester had lost his seeing in the fire, but after many old ages he regained it in one of his eyes. “ Jane, have you a glistening ornament round your cervix? ‘Yes, ‘ and you have a pale bluish frock on? ” ( Bronte 460 ) . At the terminal of the narrative Jane and Rochester have been married for ten old ages, and Jane has given birth to one boy.In the terminal, Jane gets the happy stoping that she wanted and deserved, However, Bertha, or Antoinette as she appears in Jean Rhys ‘ book Wide Sargasso Sea, does non acquire a happy stoping or a happy beginning Rhys ‘ thinks that she deserves. Hilda van Neck-Yoder surveies Rhys and her book Wide Sargasso Sea. Rhys tells Neck-Youder that she is stating Antoinette ‘s side of the narrative. She is stating, “ the existent story- as it might hold been ” ( Neck-Yoder 1 ) . Rhys believes that Antoinette did non acquire the happy stoping that she deserved in Jane Eyre. Jane gets married to Rochester, the perfect narrative of the orphan miss who ends up impairing the rich land proprietor. But this is non the same for Bertha. Thought her full life, Bertha is largely suffering. She has a suffering childhood, and her grownup life is non really pleasant either. Antoinette, or Bertha, ends up deceasing a suffering decease. Antoinette marries Rochester ; Rochester merely marries Antoinette because his male parent told him he would have money from him if he married Antoinette. Both adult females ‘s narratives take topographic point when they are immature kids. When they should be excessively immature to understand the events go oning around them, but because both adult females have lost their parents before their clip, from disease, whether mentally or physically. He represents the “ male parent, ” they ne’er had in their life. Jane ‘s male parent died when she was immature, and so her uncle subsequently died while he was watching after her. Antoinette ‘s male parent dies, and she is practically raised by her step-father after her female parent ‘s decease. Both adult females besides had a “ retainer, ” that acted as the female parent figure in both adult females ‘s lives. Jane had Bessie, a retainer who worked in the Gateshead sign of the zodiac. Although Bessie cared for Jane in a heartfelt way, being a retainer, she could non over-rule how Jane ‘s aunt, Mrs. Reed, treated Jane. It was non Bessie ‘s topographic point to interfere, but the manner Bessie cares for Jane after the incident in the red-room ( Bronte 16 ) , shows how much Bessie really cares for Jane. Antoinette is besides raised by a retainer, Christophine. Christiophine, along with Antoinette ‘s aunt, attention for her after the fire and decease of her brother. Rochester shows both adult females comfort. However, he merely pretends to care for Antoinette, where as he supports Jane until the terminal of her life. However, Rochester merely pretends to care for Antoinette, where he really loves Jane. Rochester proves his love to Jane after they reunite in India, where Jane is off making mission work with St. John, a adult male she refused to get married. Jane forgives Rochester after he lied to her about Bertha, because she genuinely loves him. Jane married Rochester although he is unsighted. Antoinette would hold done the same, but she was so mentally unstable, that she would hold non been able to care for Rochester like Jane did if they had switched functions ( Hammack 7 ) .

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