Reviewing The Problems Of Music Piracy Media Essay

Music cyberspace buccaneering is doing serious jobs within the planetary society, particularly the music industry. Music cyberspace buccaneering itself has resulted in large music companies such as Sony, in losing 1000000s of dollars every twelvemonth and is increasingly turning. There have been many establishments and schemes that have been adopted by the music industry to battle music buccaneering which have addressed music buccaneering but have non had the ability to halt it.

In this essay, I will be look intoing “ The consequence of Peer-to-Peer cyberspace buccaneering on the music industry. ” I will be making so by interrupting up my essay into different subdivisions. These include an introductory subdivision on music publication and right of first publication violations: this will give some background information as to the whole construct of music rights. Then I would be look intoing The Global Music Industry and to follow this, a subdivision on why music buccaneering has been so successful. Straight after this I will look at the industry ‘s response to battle music buccaneering and eventually a subdivision on the hereafter of the music industry

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This subject is worthy of survey because it outlines the impact of music buccaneering on the music industry. This should do you believe twice earlier downloading a vocal or album because you will witness the consequence it is holding on the creative persons, manufacturers, vocalists, and companies if you consistently download music. If music buccaneering continues, it will hold an consequence on people come ining the music industry because they are being denied of the money they deserve.

Music Publishment and Copyright Infringement

Music buccaneering is defined as “ the illegal duplicate and distribution of sound recordings. ”[ 1 ]Each clip an album or individual is purchased a cabal of that sale goes to the creative person or set that made the vocal. This money is called a royalty payment. This is where instrumentalists earn most of their income. If people continually download music or paths from the Internet without paying for them, the instrumentalists receive no royalties.[ 2 ]This is a serious job because if vocalists are non payed, this will endanger the hereafter of music right of first publication as they might go forth the industry due to the reduced return.

Music right of first publication is “ the legal right to print and sell transcripts of an creative person ‘s, vocalist ‘s, or author ‘s work. ”[ 3 ]In the music industry, the right of first publication to a vocal is normally shared by the vocalist and their recording company under the status that the entering company pays the vocalist for a portion in their right of first publication, which gives the company the right to forestall any other administration from selling the vocals. The effect of another company being found selling transcripts of the vocal is that the vocalist or their recording company has the right to action and imperativeness charges against that company for interrupting copyright Torahs.[ 4 ]The creative persons have this right to do certain that merely their companies can sell their vocals, which would ensue in merely that company having the money. But when the music is downloaded from the Internet, the companies do non acquire money out of it as it is a free passage to the downloader.

The Global Music Industry

The planetary music industry was rather successful during the 1990 ‘s. Harmonizing to the International Federation of the Phonographic industry ( IFPI ) , “ album gross revenues grew from US $ 24.1 billion to US $ 38.6 billion during the decennary. ”[ 5 ]Those yearss are good over now and the industry is fighting and gross revenues have been falling rather quickly. The Institute for Policy Innovation said “ music buccaneering is bing the U.S. economic system $ 12.5 billion every twelvemonth. 71,060 U.S. occupations lost, a loss of $ 2.7 billion in worker ‘s net incomes, and a loss of $ 422 million in revenue enhancement grosss, $ 291 million in personal income revenue enhancement and $ 131 million in lost corporate income and production revenue enhancements. ”[ 6 ]So non merely is music buccaneering endangering the hereafter of music right of first publication, it is besides endangering the planetary society in footings of occupations, revenue enhancements and wages.

This job has arisen from the on-line music file sharing plans that are now available to utilize through the cyberspace. The most normally used file sharing is ‘Peer to Peer ‘ ( P2P ) networking, which was used by Napster. Napster was created in June 1999 and made the work of many creative persons available for free. Napster ‘s popularity was immediate and harmonizing to Mediametrix, a company that provides internet rankings and measuring, “ Napster was the fastest package acceptance in history ”[ 7 ]and “ 2.8 billion music files were downloaded each month. ”[ 8 ]Napster is a different manner to administer MP3 files. Alternatively of hive awaying the vocals on a cardinal computing machine, the vocals live on users machines. When you want to download a vocal utilizing Napster, you are downloading it from another individual ‘s machine, and that individual could be your next-door neighbor or person midway around the universe.[ 9 ]Napster besides used a “ centralised directory that facilitated efficient hunts for vocals, albums and creative persons, ”[ 10 ]which made it really ‘user-friendly ‘ that helped it go more popular and widely used around the universe.

Given the impact on the music industry, the Recording Music of America ( RIAA ) shortly filed a instance against Napster in the U.S. District Court of San Francisco for aa‚¬A“engaging in or enabling, easing or helping others in the copying, downloading, uploading, transmittal, or distribution of copyrighted musical work or sound recordings protected by right of first publication or province jurisprudence without the express permission of the rights owners.aa‚¬A?[ 11 ]Napster was so shut down February 2001. This did non see the terminal of file sharing on the cyberspace though ; many other peer-to-peer options to interchange music over the cyberspace remained available such as “ Freenet, Gnutella, Gnarly, Wired Planet ”[ 12 ]and KaZaA. For case, KaZaA, is presently keeping the new record of most downloaded package with “ more than 230 million users worldwide. ”[ 13 ]In all the states listed by the Yahoo Buzz Index, which is an index that measures internet hunt sing the Yahoo hunt engine, KaZaA was the figure one and most popular hunt term on the cyberspace in many hebdomads during 2003.[ 14 ]

“ “[ 15 ]

The graph above demonstrates the increasing gross revenues of music from 1991 to 1998, but due to the debut of Napster in 1999, music gross revenues have decreased quickly from 2000 onwards and are still diminishing. The graph besides indicates that it is projected that in 2012, there would be an addition in the sum of digital format disbursement on music and less Cadmium gross revenues compared to the gross revenues in 2006.

File sharing has been turning of all time since it started. In June 2001, IFPI estimated there were 3 million coincident planetary users and 500 million files available for copying at any phase in clip. In 2002, the IFPI estimation went up to 5 million coincident users and 900 million files.[ 16 ]Clearly we can see now that file sharing is increasing quickly every twelvemonth and is acquiring more popular with more users and files being put up to download. In 2002, NetPD, a company that provides protection services to right of first publication proprietors whose stuff is being pirated through the cyberspace, reported that 3.6 billion files were downloaded monthly, of which around 60 % and 70 % were music files.[ 17 ]The most popular albums are enduring the most. The most popular albums are available for downloading about instantly after release and in some instances before release. “ Popular creative person Eminem ‘s album was available for download even before it was released. ”[ 18 ]So it is just to state that copyright protection engineering has been uneffective in forestalling music from being downloaded and threatens the hereafter of music right of first publication.

Not merely are the manufacturers and creative persons losing money, the top five recording distributers are besides experiencing the consequence of music buccaneering. “ The five recording distributers or record labels combine to administer over 80 % of all gross revenues in the United States in both 2002 and 2003. ”[ 19 ]These “ Large Five ” companies are, Universal Music Group ( IMG ) , Warner/Elektra/Atlantic ( WEA ) , Sony, Bertelsmann Music Group ( BMG ) , and Electric and Musical Industries ( EMI ) . These companies have enormous market power in the sign language of creative persons, the release of new albums and the distribution of the albums. If music buccaneering continues, it will endanger the rights of these large companies gross revenues and music right of first publication[ 20 ]and impact on their committedness to mark and develop new creative persons.

“ “[ 21 ]

“ Table above nowadayss aggregate market portion informations for entire album gross revenues in 2002 and 2003, the two old ages in the information sample. ”[ 22 ]

Reasons That Contribute to Music Piracy ‘s Sequence

File sharing and music buccaneering over the cyberspace has been successful due to many facets that are altering within the society. Back in the 90 ‘s there was no engineering about to help in file sharing. That is why the music gross revenues were so successful in those yearss. But now society has super fast broadband velocities and new computing machine engineering that assist to do file sharing and music buccaneering possible and simple to make. In this subdivision of the essay I will be underscoring all the facets that have been introduced in the society that have made it easier for music plagiarists ( plagiarists being a individual who downloads music or uploads music on the Internet ) , to do file sharing and music buccaneering so successful.

The first ground for music buccaneering ‘s success is the development of broadband and overseas telegram cyberspace which has facilitated music swapping. A soundtrack that takes more than 12 proceedingss to download with a dial-up connexion can be downloaded to your computing machine in every bit fast as 20 seconds with a high velocity connexion.[ 23 ]Napster enjoyed the super fast velocity of the cyberspace in Universities and used it efficaciously until they were banned because file swapping was devouring much of the bandwidth available. “ In the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, file sharing had amounted to 75 % of the entire bandwidth. ”[ 24 ]Now that the cyberspace velocities are faster and more efficient, downloading music is much easier and makes life much easier for the plagiarist. If this continues and engineering supports on bettering, so this will certainly endanger the hereafter of music right of first publication because as mentioned before it is quicker to download and easier.

Another alteration in engineering that has the ability to endanger the hereafter of music right of first publication is that it is acquiring easier to utilize such digital formats. The development of digital compaction formats has had a major influence on the illegal distribution of music. “ On-line bringing is possible in “ Motion Picture Expert Group-1 Audio bed 3 ” format ( MP3 ) . ”[ 25 ]“ MP3 is a digital compaction method that reduces a piece of recorded music to one-tenth of its original size. ”[ 26 ]This is the format used in the on-line sharing of plagiarist transcripts. MP3 is the most popular and productive format of informations compaction. MP3 compresses the information without significantly compromising sound quality which is what the plagiarists want. Besides, “ the easiness of trading vocals utilizing MP3 format will deter consumers from purchasing legal transcripts of albums or vocals, ”[ 27 ]which potentially does hold the ability to endanger music right of first publication as it has become really easy to download and hive away music with minimum fuss, due to the MP3 format.

MP3 files are more productive to utilize than Cadmium ‘s. A 5 minute soundtrack that would take more than 50 Ms in CD compaction format would merely take a file of 5 Ms to hive away without perceptibly impacting the sound quality. This 5 M compressed file takes 12 proceedingss to download with a dial-up cyberspace connexion ( 56Kbps modem downstream ) , 1 minute and 20 seconds with a regular DSL or overseas telegram connexion ( 512Kbps downstream ) and 20 seconds with a fast DSL connexion ( 2000Kbps downstream ) .[ 28 ]So now that faster cyberspace aids with faster downloads, many people buy fast velocity broadband to download tight MP3 files expeditiously and efficaciously.

The development a myriad of portable MP3 participants runing from top of the scope IPods to inexpensive pocket sized MP3 participants has besides had an impact and will farther endanger the hereafter of music right of first publication. Peoples can upload ( rake ) Cadmium ‘s to their Personal computer ‘s difficult thrusts and listen to music on their computing machine. The computing machine so has the ability to compact the files to a suited MP3 format to cut down the storage memory on the difficult thrust and to ease the sharing of the files over the cyberspace, and change over the files back to a Cadmium format and “ burn ” Cadmium ‘s that can be played by any MP3 participant. So the portability of the music is now more convenient, as now the music can be carried in a MP3 participant device. MP3 participants and Ipods are the most popular beginnings of listening to music, so now if everybody ‘s downloading music files off the cyberspace, they will happen it more convenient to listen to music from a small device such as an MP3 participant. So if there is a turning figure of MP3 users, there would besides be a turning figure of music downloader ‘s, which has the impact to endanger the hereafter of accredited and copyrighted music.

The Industry ‘s Response in Combating Music Piracy

The music industry has adopted many schemes, penalties and policies to combat and prevent music buccaneering from go oning. In this subdivision of the essay I will analyze the responses that the industry have implemented to battle music buccaneering.

The first response that the music industry implemented was that the RIAA ( Recording Industry Association of America ) separately sued participants in file sharing web. On June, 25, 2003, the RIAA announced publically that it would be supervising file sharing webs and taking legal action against users of these webs. This proclamation had the consequence of cut downing file sharing activity across the board because many consumers became concerned about the hazard of being sued for 1000s of dollars. “ The RIAA focused their attending on the “ major wrongdoers ” who were averaging more than 1, 000 copyrighted music files each. ”[ 29 ]Making this reveals that as a consequence of the case scheme, album gross revenues increased by 2.9 % over the 23 hebdomads in the informations sample after the scheme was announced. During this period, existent record gross revenues in the U.S. were an norm of 11,470,652 albums per hebdomad, based on national degree informations reported by Billboard magazine ( 2003 ) each hebdomad, and therefore would hold been 11,147,378 per hebdomad in the absence of the decrease in file sharing caused by the case scheme.[ 30 ]As you can see this case scheme was effectual in battling music buccaneering. It increased the music gross revenues and helped get the better of the issue of music buccaneering. RIAA continued with this for 23 hebdomads and stopped it. Because RIAA had focused merely on the “ major wrongdoers ” , this gave the opportunity for many insouciant users who ab initio abandoned file sharing for fright of being sued to return to the music buccaneering webs.

Another successful scheme that was implemented by the music industry that has eased music buccaneering was that it put up legal digital music online. Many companies and administration are now leting music to be downloaded with a cost attached to it. The most popular and outstanding administration is ITunes. “ ITunes charges their clients $ 0.99 per path downloaded. As of April 7, 2009, and onwards, ITunes is bear downing $ 1.29 per path to the most popular vocals and $ 0.69 per path to the least popular vocals. ”[ 31 ]

The ITunes shop has sold 8 billion paths since its launch in mid-2003. It has been confirmed that recent months have seen music gross revenues climb really high to four billion projected path gross revenues each twelvemonth.[ 32 ]“ Between January 6, 2009 and July 21, 2009 the service sold 2 billion vocals. ”[ 33 ]This compared to the gross revenues between April 28 2003 and January 10, 2007 to sell the first two billion vocals. ITunes has besides been running extended programmes of unrecorded events in London, hosting great and jammed crowds and some of the universe ‘s popular and successful creative persons.[ 34 ]So we can state by this information that ITunes is a successful execution by the industry and is go oning to turn quickly. It is acquiring so popular that ITunes is now widening its shops to new European markets during this twelvemonth.

“ “[ 35 ]

This graph shows a rapid addition of music gross revenues of ITunes from 2002 to 2009.

Another scheme that the industry has been implemented is that the major labels such as, Pressplay, owned by Sony and Universal ; AOL MusicNet, owned by the other 3 large labels ( EMI, AOL Time Warner and BMG ) and by RealNetworks, “ are set to get down offering consumers digital-music subscription bundles. ”[ 36 ]Most services offer limitless downloads, for a fixed charge from US $ 10 to US $ 20 per month and the possibility to make lasting burnable downloads for around US $ 1.[ 37 ]These digital- music subscription battalions contain their ain library of music and clients are admitted to download the accredited music that is on show and available for downloading. This proved to be a successful scheme every bit good. It gave consumers maximal downloads for a fixed monetary value, the consumers were happy to utilize it because they were secured when downloading vocals as they were legal to download.

The music industry decided to prehend Cadmiums from Cadmium companies in Italy, Greece and Spain due to the fact that these companies are bring forthing more Cadmiums to hive away downloaded music and administer them illicitly. “ Entire ictuss of CD-R phonograph record in 2001 were three times higher than in 2000, at 9.6 million. ”[ 38 ]Seizures of clean phonograph record destined for illegal CD-R labs totalled 19 million, compared to less than one million a twelvemonth earlier bespeaking monolithic degrees of awaited production. There were besides major actions against the mass-producing Cadmium workss. Around 42 Cadmium fabrication lines, up from 20 the old twelvemonth, were put out of action by IFPI assisted police enterprises, chiefly in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. These makers have a possible one-year production capacity of some 200 million Cadmiums, approximately tantamount to the legitimate market in the UK. A farther 22 makers were taken out of action in the first four months of 2002.[ 39 ]

In some topographic points, like the United Kingdom, the “ Three work stoppage policy ” has been introduced to seek and battle music buccaneering and illegal file trading across the cyberspace. The three work stoppages policy disconnect the Internet for users who have offended the right of first publication misdemeanor which have been promoted by the RIAA.[ 40 ]

Hull, in the UK, has put the three work stoppages policy into pattern to cover with the cyberspace users caught downloading copyrighted stuff. Karoo, the metropolis ‘s lone cyberspace service supplier ( ISP ) , functioning about 90,000 cyberspace users has been cutting connexions instantly if a user is caught downloading copyright stuff without warning the wrongdoer. This rough pattern of cutting the internet connexion without advising the client, has brought contention from clients and several digital rights group. Under the new jurisprudence, Karoo will direct three written warnings notices to the client before call offing their ( ISP ) connexion, after the ( ISP ) accepted it was transcending the outlooks of right of first publication proprietors. The ( ISP ) ‘s policy remains combative every bit good as well harsher than that of other UK ( ISP ) ‘s, which have seemingly been unenthusiastic to cover with illegal file sharing across their webs, and merely recently agreed to direct warnings notices to relentless wrongdoers.[ 41 ]

The Future of the Music Industry

The hereafter of the music industry looks inexorable for the old ages in front. In this subdivision of the essay I will be look intoing the hereafter of the music industry and music right of first publication.

File sharing has made a dramatic alteration in the distribution procedure since it started doing alterations in the music industry. “ In 1999, 51 % of albums were sold in retail shops and 34 % in “ other shops ” . ”[ 42 ]In 2002 and 2003 the portion of gross revenues in music shops had a dramatic bead to about 35 % , whereas the ‘other shops ‘ had increased to 50 % of music gross revenues. Besides, by 2003, 5 % of all music acquisition occurred through the cyberspace and music buccaneering, and it is continually turning. The ground is that the industry is switching from retail shops to gross revenues through big electronics ironss such as Best Buy and Circuit City, every bit good as mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart.[ 43 ]Therefore, music buccaneering is set uping non merely music gross revenues music right of first publication, it is besides set uping the concern industry. Now that most of the music is electronic and can be downloaded at place utilizing the cyberspace, music retail merchants such as Sanity have suffered due to internet file sharing and music buccaneering, which does hold an consequence on the hereafter of the music retail industry as more music is being downloaded than sold ‘traditionally ‘ in retail shops.

Besides, “ ‘buying a record ‘ may be replaced with ‘downloading a record ‘ , ”[ 44 ]which can impact the hereafter of music industry as ‘downloading a record ‘ eliminates the “ demand for labels to fabricate, warehouse, and ship touchable merchandises. ”[ 45 ]If consumers continually downloading music and ignore purchasing them, the industry will impact “ what music the public listens to and how they listen to it. ”[ 46 ]Because of this, many ‘digital labels ‘ would be introduced. In the new web-based music industry, creative persons could do their ain labels and record companies separately on the cyberspace, utilizing their ain computing machine. This can impact the current major record labels as many indie[ 47 ]labels could easy bring forth their ain record labels at place, which will increase the popularity of them, ensuing in some of them being every bit successful as past indies such as Yahoo and Microsoft, which will give manner to a more dynamic free market.[ 48 ]


In this essay I investigated “ The consequence of Peer-to-Peer cyberspace buccaneering on the music industry. ” I believe I have demonstrated that music buccaneering does hold the ability to endanger the hereafter of music right of first publication. I have besides analysed the executions the music industry have implied to battle this job within the society and measure how successful they were to forestall music buccaneering from go oning.

In decision, music buccaneering is conflicting copyright Torahs and bing the music industry 1000000s of dollars each twelvemonth. With the debut of Napster in 1999, music gross revenues decreased inordinately. In 2001, Napster was put out of concern but this did non see the terminal of music buccaneering. KaZaA, a Napster replacement than came in concern and is now keeping the record for most downloaded files. As you can see, music buccaneering is really difficult to halt because if you shut down one distributer, many other distributers and administrations come into the illegal universe of music buccaneering.

Music buccaneering is acquiring easier due to the engineerings available for the plagiarist to work with. Now there is ace fast broadband cyberspace velocity, informations compaction, MP3 and portable participants for the plagiarist to utilize to successfully download music expeditiously and efficaciously. Digital music is now one of the most popular formats of music.

The music industry has been working difficult to battle music buccaneering and file trading online. Although they did non wholly stop music buccaneering wholly, they had surely eased it and decreased the figure of music downloads online. The most successful scheme that was introduced by the industry was to set legal music online. The music was digital, but it had a monetary value fixed to each path. Many companies, viz. ITunes, set their vocals online lawfully and this decreased the degree of music buccaneering over the Internet. ITunes is continually turning and is selling more and more paths each twelvemonth.

A new focal point that could be emerged from my survey in this essay is “ What should the planetary society and music industry do in order to halt music buccaneering at one time and for all? ”

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