Rhetorical Stance In To Kill A Mockingbird English Literature Essay

In Harper Lees To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus is a perfect illustration of the usage of the Rhetorical Stance: poignancy, ethos, and Sons in a novel.A He illustrates these three things non merely in the courtroom but throughout the novel. In the novel, Harper Lee uses the three to depict his address in carrying jurymans of the artlessness of Tom Robinson from the accusals that he molested Mayella by working his existent individuality as a truster in God. In his context, Atticus uses ethos in his address in an effort to acquire across to the jurymans what he believes is meant by proclaiming one ‘s fear of divinities. This is an illustration of ethos for the ground that in ethos, you struggle to demo up yourself as plausible in order to act upon the audience. As Atticus continues to use ethos to act upon the jurymans about Tom ‘s artlessness, he besides begins to utilize poignancy to pull strings his audience.

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However, Atticus swears to the audience that he did non make the act, and the latter believes that he is guiltless in his version of the narrative. In this instance ethos is presented in the narrative as a agency of demoing credibleness in converting the audience. Atticus moves on in exerting poignancy in his address by foregrounding the world that the jury has a important undertaking to follow. In reminding the jurymans of this indispensable responsibility, Atticus tries to give them a esthesis of aristocracy that they ought to make the same for Tom Robinson. The technique used by Atticus to pull strings the jury ‘s feelings every bit good as converting them is an example of poignancy since poignancy necessitates the usage of sentiment in an attempt to convert the audience.

Taking a expression into this scenario, it becomes clear that people in the society ever seek to support themselves as being rather good but their immoral facets are far worse than you of all time thought. Atticus argues that Tom is so a good individual and does non merit to be treated like a felon for he has non been convicted yet of perpetrating the act of colza. He insisted that unless justness is practiced there is no legal grounds as to why Tom should be accused of ravishing the white adult female.

Furthermore, Atticus tries to utilize poignancy in stressing the importance of the jurymans and their duty in the society. He undertakings a pauper as equal to Rockefeller and ironically an nescient adult male as equal to the president. This statement is used to remind the jurymans of their of import responsibilities. In this instance, Atticus uses poignancy in a more convincing mode, using emotions in an effort to convert the witnesss. Atticus, therefore, comes up with Sons as his last option to convert his audience that Tom is so guiltless of the charges. He, for illustration, said, “ the province of Alabama has non produced one shred of medical grounds that shows that the offense Tom Robinson charged with of all time took topographic point ” ( Lee 126 ) . In this context he tries to do Tom out to be guiltless of the offense, stating that Mayella herself poses a counterargument to the accusals hurled against Tom thereby raising serious uncertainties to the groundss of colza by continuing to proclaim that, “ grounds has non merely been called into serious inquiry, but has been categorically contradicted by Mayella Ewell. “ ( Lee 128 ) .

The uses of these simple facts are meant to convert his fellow jurymans of Tom ‘s artlessness. However, the usage of these facts helps him to proclaim some information to his audience. The use of those facts to carry the jury of Tom ‘s inculpability is an case of Son. The evidences is that Son entails a talker like Atticus seeking to convert the hearers such as Tom ‘s Judgess by usage of facts like the deficient in of facts against Tom and the gainsay cogent evidence from Mayella.

Logos merely means an entreaty made to any authorization. Atticus in his address expostulates his audience about Tom ‘s charges. In the book, Atticus is made out to be a really mature individual and that he has a stable character and able to get by with all unreasonable and the most emotional elements within May comb. It is really worse because Atticus in his side knows good that it is really hard to win the instance but on the other manus he does everything to contend amid the prevailing unfairnesss in the society. This absolutely shows how he thirstily protects Tom from being imprisoned. “ In the name of God, make your responsibility. In the name of God, believe Tom Robinson ” ( Lee 6 )

The context shows how the Earth we are populating in today is full of avaricious people utilizing power to protect the less fortunate in the society. It is apparent that although many people sympathize with Tom when he is accused below the belt until he was shot seeking to get away the sad destiny. He entreaties to the jurymans to be merely, without biass. There is no more fruitlessness or withdrawal in his voice. This shows that Atticus is in support of Tom who has been wrongly accused of the colza instance. It besides shows that people do non esteem what Atticus is seeking to turn out to them. There are facts that jurymans grew cognizing that black people were really evil and non respectable in the society. Therefore, Atticus ‘ recent prophesying about inkinesss could neither convert the jurymans nor increase Tom ‘s opportunities of going inexperienced person.

Atticus uses Sons to present his address claiming that the instance should hold taken topographic point for the province have ne’er delivered grounds that truly confirms Tom to hold of all time committed the offense. In malice of this, Tom was bound to be judged guilty. These instances either are seen in the modern society where people believe in familial factors more than what they see in an person. The lessons are the societal stigma where people live in a frozen civilization, where household name is taken as the symbol of one ‘s character. “ Bing Southerners, it was a beginning of shame to some members of the household that we had no recorded ascendants on either side of the Battle of Hastings. “ ( Lee 3 ) . The facet of heredity is shown here in the early pages of the novel. Hereditary is taken as the facet of hereditary belief where the base of certain households in the society is the order of the twenty-four hours. This text negotiations of the wealthy as being the most of import people for they have every resource. More so, racism has been portrayed to be killing the society. Atticus tries to support the black race from being discriminated and taken as a bad portents to the society. He says that unless there is ground as to why the black are supposed to be treated in such a humiliating mode so they should seek for the best option that will convey Tom into justness for he is non guilty.

This implies that racism is a rampant societal disease and there is no regard amongst the people who are populating in this town. The word “ Negro ” is used to depict Tom who is a black individual ; this is a manner of know aparting Tom. In the novel, Harper Lee expresses the merciless planetary racism. Not merely are the coloured people criticized by the Whites but besides the Radleys who are themselves portion of the white society. The Radleys live otherwise from the remainder of the Maycomb people. However, merely by populating in a different manner, the people believed that they are different human existences. Even Jeremy described Boo Radley as “ about six-and-a- half pess tall, judging from his paths ; he dined on natural squirrels and any cats he could catch, that is why his custodies were bloodstained ” ( Lee 13 ) . This is instead a description suitable for monsters than a human being. This means that even the white people besides despise one another and that they do non esteem each other in any manner.

Certain people from certain countries are seen to be bad people. For illustrations in the book, we learn that the Southerners were regarded every bit shame to the society. The book besides covers countries of immorality where Mayella is seen to score Tom and in the procedure the male parent caught her in the act. This grounds shows that Tom is so guiltless. However, retaliation is seen when Bob vows to take retaliation, ptyalizing at the face of Atticus on the route for supporting Tom. This is apparent that there is no regard between the two households particularly after Atticus represented Tom in the tribunal. On the other side, Bob besides tries to interrupt into the presiding justice homestead seeking to endanger the justice over the affair. On the other, we see Bob when he tries to assail Scout and Jem, the kids of Atticus ; they ‘re on their manner place from school. This shows that he is non acquainted over the affair and he wanted to see that Tom is brought into justness and that Atticus should hold non defended him in any manner. The onslaughts among the Whites show hatred because Atticus has helped salvage the instance of Tom as being guilty. The Whites take retaliation at each other to demo that they wanted to take centre phase and inmate Tom because he is a black individual, non believing that he is non guilty ( Lee 131 ) .

In decision, being influential in the society affects day-to-day life in many cases. For illustration, the Cumming jambon, a nice household although really hapless garbage to take money believing that this would take down their self-respect in the society and therefore they will be taken as mendicants. This facet shows how wealth is taken as the facet of ownership and that they should non take what belongs to the hapless and what will do them lower their topographic point in the society. However, the Ewell household backs the procedure and footings themselves as non in the same degree to the Cumming jambons household. In this facet the Ewell household is seen to hold benefited in the past three coevalss and therefore have been looked down by the other society members. The procedure shows societal stigma where the society members lack chances in the fright of being looked down by the remainder of the society. It shows that societal stigma has a greater consequence on life, chase of felicity and degree of economic system. However, it is viewed from the book that some challenges have been encountered ; for illustration, the usage of the colza instance was used as immoral. “ Why sensible people go blunt raving mad when anything affecting a Black comes up, is something I do n’t feign to understand ” ( Lee 100 ) . For illustration by naming Tom a Negro has an consequence that they do non swear the black people at all. This has been challenged by the facts that Mayella ‘s scoring attitude towards Tom was a certain word picture of the colza instance thereby impeaching Tom who is inexperienced person has a great significance to the white people. “ Now what did she make? She tempted a Negro. She was white and she tempted a Negro. She did something that in our society is indefinable: She kissed a black adult male ” ( Lee 95 )

In the other instance, we learn from Mr. Cumming jambon after his refusal to accept the public assistance officially because this could hold affected him and his kids for he believed that what happened to one of the members was nil compared to what had happened long clip and it could be a repetition of the same. These words tell how the society believes in superstitious notion that if something happened to other people in the yesteryear, the same will besides go on to the coming coevals if appropriate steps are non considered. On the other side, Atticus is seen as non to protect the white race by supporting a black adult male over an allegation that he raped a white adult female. The stigma revolves down to the household members.

In his sentiment, Atticus opposes how Tom is being treated below the belt when there is no adequate grounds over his instance. Therefore he suggests that Tom should be treated in a just mode because it ‘s non him that they are tormenting but his little kids at place. Atticus wants to state that by condemning Tom the kids will lose any agencies of populating a nice life because the farther is the bread victor of the household. The white coevalss believe that it was supposed to be the Whites that should protect the other Whites unlike protecting the black race that was believed to be illiterate and ignorant of virtuousnesss. Lookout is quoted stating, “ I think at that place merely one sorts of folks ” ( Lee 102 ) . Lookout does n’t care if you are black, white, adult females or adult male. She implies that everybody is the same no affair what your tegument colour is.

However, the characters who are presented in the book can non get away from their household stereotype. This means that some of the characters will ne’er alter their behaviours. Furthermore, some characters are able to see their errors and seek to alter the stigma and the stereotype as revealed in the society. Atticus says this best with “ Most people truly are n’t that bad Scout, when you truly look at them ” ( Lee 35 ) . Prejudice is witnessed in several signifiers for illustration ; some characters in the context suffer favoritism race where, societal position, age and sex is exploited. Racism is seen to be the nature of the people populating in Maycomb. In this facet we see the white adult female contemning the black people terming them as niggas. This is a mark that the black people are non liked at all. It is of import to understand that the white entity ne’er would desire the inkinesss to profit from anything for they believe that the black people are illiterate and that they do non merit anything of the sort.

Atticus Finch sets a criterion of morality that no other character in the book comes near to correspondence. He is one of the few people, in the town of Maycomb, who understand the single worth of a individual regardless of the colour of their tegument. He is the lone attorney that is able to set some uncertainty in the heads of the jury. In most states, tribunals are the great levellers. In the tribunals, all work forces are created equal. The judicial systems should do citizens believe steadfastly in the unity of the tribunals and of their jury systems. They should do this a world and a normal on the job experience. They are the bastion of justness, and for that ground, must ne’er be corrupt. Innocent people should non be punished, but alternatively justness ought to be restored to them.

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Lee, Harper. “ Atticus ‘ Address ” . To Kill A Mockingbird. New York, NY: USA. InfoBase Publishing. 2010. Print.

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