Role Of Women In Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

This phrase likely remains many subjects related to the English society that the novel “ Pride and Prejudice ” represented: The blessing of the society, seek of wealth and wellbeing more than love, and the function of adult females. As the citation says, all work forces in ownership of a good luck seek for a married woman, for the ground that he wants the blessing of the society, everything was about visual aspects. In the other manus, adult females did non hold any options at that clip, and the maxim end or dream that they expected for their lives was to acquire married, if it is possible with a affluent adult male in order to hold a comfy life. Marriage was a market, it was based chiefly in economical agreements ; where unluckily, a adult female did non hold opportunity to make up one’s mind for herself.

“ Pride and Prejudice ” is based specifically in the early nineteenth century under the Victorian Age. Even when a female representative was governing the state, adult females did non hold many options for their lives, they were seen as ideal, pure and saintsaˆ¦ and as saints they had no legal rights. During this essay, function of 19th century adult females will be developed, but foremost of all I would to advert a spot of Jane Austen, who is the writer of this antic and romantic novel. Second, life of English society in the nineteenth century will be discussed, speaking about matrimony and wooing. Third, adult females function at that century will be developed, associating those with the different characters that we noticed in the book.

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Jane Austen was an English novelist who lived among 1775 and 1817. It is possible to happen Austen ‘s plants since they are really celebrated and of import for English literature. Her novels still remain in our century, thanks to the version of several novels into films, which is the instance of “ Pride and Prejudice ” . That fact allows us, to new readers of her work, to experience closer to that clip and century and to cognize how people used to populate and face life. We have to maintain in head that Jane Austen despite of all the historical events that England was traveling through, for illustration Napoleonic Wars, she inspired her work on adult females and her life conditions. Chiefly, that was all she knew approximately: how hard was to be a adult female, all the force per unit areas, unfairnesss and biass that adult females faced.

Pride and Prejudice was a novel about how love can travel through many awkward, difficult and hard state of affairss and still can win after all, which is reflected in the relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Jane Austen made people believe that despite of many regulations and biass of society there is ever something that moves the universe ; there is ever something inside of any human which is pure feelings such as love. Love is like an semblance and it completes the felicity of every human being. However, in this novel it is “ likely ” possible to see all the dark side of this male- centered society. I said probably, because this narrative is covered with romantic scenes and love semblances, facts that every miss would wish, for illustration in the undermentioned quotation marks, where Mr. Darcy appears like a gentleman that every miss, after all, would be in love with:

“ In vain I have struggled. It will non make. My feelings will non be repressed. You must let me to state you how ardently I admire and love you. “ – Darcy to Elizabeth. ( Jane Austen 1813:236 )

“ You are excessively generous to piddle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, state me so at one time. My fondnesss and wants are unchanged, but one word from you will hush me on this topic for of all time. ” Darcy to Elizabeth ( Jane Austen 1813:451 )

However, this narrative was under a male-centered society, where work forces were the biggest favored here: they could take and take the determinations they wanted, they could gain money and have privileges if their married womans were affluent, they could analyze and do concern and maintain being successful. This type of thought ( male centered ) kept go oning even when a queen was in charge of the state. Anyways it is non many clip ago that this state of affairs started to alter thanks to the courage of adult females that wanted a alteration, but that is decidedly another subject.

Harmonizing to the society in the nineteenth century, ruled by Queen Victoria, was a society where visual aspects and societal category were truly indispensable. Money had the existent power at that place: to sort people thanks to shocking societal conditions. As it is possible to detect in the book and in the film every bit good, it was everything about affecting the societal order with the well being and money you had, in order to organize a household and to be considered for the “ society ” as person of import, to derive regard and award every bit good. Sing adult females, they were seeing as ideal for the most portion of society: her organic structures were pure and they were labeled as saints, cleanaˆ¦her function was to raise kids, to be given the house and they did non hold legal rights, for illustration: adult females could non vote and could non have a belongings.

Talking about matrimony, it can be said that it was more an economical agreement than an establishment where love was the chief issue. For many adult females, to acquire married it was the redemption to hold a comfy life thanks to the well being that a hubby can supply. Pride and prejudice reflected this state of affairs in Charlotte Lucas ‘ instance:

“ Happiness in matrimony is wholly a affair of opportunity. If the temperaments of the parties are of all time so good known to each other or of all time so similar beforehand, it does non progress their felicitousness in the least. They ever continue to turn sufficiently unlike afterwards to hold their portion of annoyance ; and it is better to cognize every bit small as possible of the defects of the individual with whom you are to go through your life. ” Charlotte Lucas. ( Jane Austen 1813:27 )

As Charlotte said, matrimony was a affair of opportunity, to hold a better life, since a adult female for itself could non have anything. Love was non of import every bit long as you live good and with the credence of society. That is why Mrs. Bennet wanted her misss to acquire married so shortly, since the concern of her life was to see all her girls marriedaˆ¦ for what? For maintain her, as good.

However, all the ownerships of a adult female passed to her hubby at the minute to acquire married. To be more specific, to be a adult female was really hard ; you expected to be “ perfect ” and reasonably and all that material but it was a state of affairs where you can experience a prisoneraˆ¦ a society captive. Furthermore, a adult female depended, of class, of her hubby and accordingly, she has to obey him. It was a life little better than bondage, to state it in some manner. When a adult female was married and her hubby was affluent, she had to form parties to run into new people in order to convey prestigiousness to her hubby and her household every bit good. Those societal parties were the chance to set up new economical relationships. Another point about adult females and matrimony, it was that they must hold certain cognition in different countries to assist and educate kids.

In add-on adult females in Victorian Era were seen like this:

“ Sweet is to adult female what sugar is to fruit. It is her foremost concern to be happy – a sunray in the house, doing others happy. True, she will frequently hold “ a tear in her oculus ” , but, like the bride of immature Lochinvar, it must be accompanied with “ a smiling on her lips. ” ( Victorias by )

As it is possible to detect in the citation, adult females seem to be happy and perfect, but what was go oning inside it might be truly different, sing to the phrase “ she will frequently hold a tear in her oculus ” . Womans were truly suffering, but in that rough society cipher could of all time hear them. A adult female was expected to be perfect, but what about her life, her determinations, her thought and her feelings?

However, non everything was so bad for adult females ; this epoch leaded some infinite to romanticism in term of wooings. Pride and Prejudice reflect that in its secret plan, a love narrative of a affluent adult male and a hapless adult female. Peoples in England are recognized as polite, so wooing was followed by codifications. Love ever was under moral codifications, specific ways to handle people, regulations of etiquette and so on. As I said regulations of etiquette were really rigorous, and sometimes it seem like people attitudes ‘ were non existent, due to the fact that there were so many rulesaˆ¦ you do non even know if they are serious or they are playing wooing. Consequently, a adult female here plays the function of being so perfect and pure, merely like jewellery, even more those adult females belonging to upper categories, but as I have explained beforeaˆ¦ these footings are possible to detect in the book, and all that codification and etiquette issue. Harmonizing to Victorian Past:

“ Queen Victoria and her household were function theoretical accounts in Victorian society. Subsequently, the ‘perfect matrimony ‘ became the socially acceptable end of wooing. ” ( Victorias Past ) .

Talking about female characters of the novel and their relation with the function of adult female in the society of 19th century, there is a batch that can be said. Sing Elizabeth Bennet, she was the chief character of Pride and Prejudice, being in my sentiment, the bravest 1. She did non mind what to state in order to show herselfaˆ¦ no affair what. She and her sisters were under the force per unit area of her female parent in footings on seeking a hubby. Elizabeth understood all the emphasis and trouble of her household if she did non happen a husbandaˆ¦ but despite of all the facts, she disagreed to travel against her feelings, she wanted to be happy after all. When Elizabeth did non desire to acquire married with Mr. Collins, her female parent was so angry and defeated of her, due to the fact that being individual was a wholly societal disapproval. If a adult male was individual, it was non seeing so severely as a adult female individual. At least a adult male could raise a concern and happen a married woman so easy, but a individual adult female did non hold options. Elizabeth was non really disquieted about it, but her female parent was.

Consequently, Charlotte Lucas who was Elizabeth ‘s best friend was worried about being individual. As I mentioned before, she saw matrimony as an chance and she was witting about the small options she had at her age. She was non in love with Mr. Collins, but she knew that in some manner love may come afteraˆ¦ every bit long as she has a comfy life and to experience accepted by the rough society every bit good. She was really hapless, and maintaining with the thought, she did non hold many options. Sometimes, you can experience that in these novels there is all about love, good in some manner it could be, but non all the clip. Love in this epoch was a secondary termaˆ¦ since the society and the blessing and visual aspects and holding a respectable well being was the indispensable issue.

Womans could remain individual, but merely those who were really affluent. Lady Catherine was non individual, but she was entirely. Her hubby died go forthing her with a girl. In the instance if Lady Catherine was a hapless adult female, all her ownerships would hold been under a adult male hands. She was really powerful and affluent ; that fact allowed her to be wholly independent. That was acceptable, for the society due to the fact of her societal place. Everybody was worried about delighting her ; merely take an illustration the behaviour of Mr. Collins. By the manner, we do non hold to bury that Lady Catherine was besides set uping a matrimony between her girl and Mr. Darcy. In that instance matrimony was non about loveaˆ¦ it was merely an economical relationship, merely an agreement. Nevertheless Lady Catherine, when she knew about Elizabeth and her relationship with which she wanted her girl to acquire married Mr. Darcy, she was so angry, because Lady Catherine had the cognition of the economical state of affairs of Bennet familyaˆ¦ she thought that Elizabeth was interested merely in money and to salvage her life economically, merely to state it in some manner. Do non bury that Lady Catherine belonged to the upper category, where societal standing and visual aspect was genuinely of import.

If we talk about visual aspects it is indispensable so to advert Mrs. Bennet and Miss Bingley. Unfortunately, the function of many adult females was to be accepted by the society no affair how. In the instance of Mrs. Bennet, she was ever forging being in some ways educated and intelligent. She was really sillyaˆ¦ she ever used to state to her girls to move of course, but that was all a false ; it was merely to affect Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy. Mrs. Benner had the demand to demo herself and her household as a likely and a baronial pick for affluent work forces in order to set up matrimonies. Harmonizing to Miss Bingley, she was really clannish ; ever worried about her image, her societal standing and her prestigiousness. She did non like the thought to be linked with people from in-between category. This attitude toward life, and the fact of impressing was truly superficial, she was non existent at all if we compared her with Elizabeth Bennet, at least Lizzy was existent. This behaviour in adult females in 19th century was really common. Situations were demanding a batch of regulations codifications and etiquette, bogus and shallowness.

Another subject which was really critical was the award to the household. The household, despite of all the false that a matrimony would be was really of import. It was the base of the society at that clip. It was non accepted at all, for illustration, that a individual adult female escapes with a adult male without being married. That was the instance of the younger girl of Bennet ‘s household: Lydia Bennet. She committed a error that was really dismaying for her household, she run off with Wickham. Since, the English civilisation was all male-centered, work forces could make anything they wanted, they could hold many personal businesss or being free, merely every bit simple as that. However, if a immature miss acted like Lydia did, that fact would convey many bad effects to her household. Bennet ‘s household would hold loss the prestigiousness at all if people would cognize that one of the girls escape with a adult male. Nowadays, that state of affairs would non count, because people ‘s heads have changed, but in that eraaˆ¦ people in general were all stopping point minded.

Sing Jane Bennet, what can be said, is that she was the “ ideal adult female ” . She was respectful, distinct, beautiful and she had grace. Even though Jane belonged to a in-between category household, she ne’er made a error that put into hazard her household ‘s prestigiousness. She was in love with Mr. Bingley, a matrimony which was seen for most of the people as something economical, but they truly were in love. Jane ‘s attitude towards life represented the romanticism that adult females lived in that epoch, even more if they were into a wooing. Even though, Jane every bit good as Elizabeth knew about the existent purposes of her cockamamie and clannish female parent, Jane was existent. She was in love at least, and she was really lucky to be engaged and to be married subsequently with a affluent adult male: Mr. Bingley. Mrs. Bennet was so pleased when she knew about this, because in some manner she and her household were “ safe ” .

In decision, Pride and Prejudice reflected the English society during Victorian ages. Money used to govern the universe, in footings of defining and labeling people into societal categories. Appearances were truly indispensable at the minute to set up different sorts of relationships. As a male-centered society, adult females were the footing of the household, but they did non hold voice or ballot. Her options were reasonably limited by the regulations code imposed by the people. Role of adult females were truly different as we can detect really. They were pure but with no rights. Life seemed to be truly unjust for them and that was what Jane Austen wanted us to believe about. Even when Pride and Prejudice was a fresh about love and how it can travel through many barriers, adult females had a really hapless function. During the novel and the narrative reveled, we can see several type of adult females: individual adult females, married, powerful and hapless. All of them had something in common: how hard was for them to confront life in general. Sometimes society and codifications restricted them to be existent and to contend for a just life. Jane Austen in some manner besides showed how false is people in several state of affairss: when they tried to affect and to be accepted by the rough English society, in order to hold a comfy and happy life. This fresh make us believe about adult females state of affairs in presents, things have changed and demo us that during clip there were baronial and courageous adult females that wanted a alteration, and that adult females after all are strongaˆ¦ they are the footing of the household and the footing of the society. However, cipher said that being a adult female was a easy undertaking but it is admirable how they face life.

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