Roles of a Sous Chef at Chisholm Hotel

Having been appointed as the sous chef at The Chisholm hotel and the conference Centre.In this study I aim to analyse the staffing construction and the function of persons. The Chisholm hotel and conference Centre is located to a about upgraded stretch of expressway and is a locale which has become popular for conference invitee. It has been refurbished late which made it more attractive for conference usage. Now it can suit 1500 delegates.The hotel has a big kitchen and storage room installation which has the possible to streamline the operation with the addition in nutrient production.Currently hotel is utilizing cook fresh system. I shall besides be discoursing different suggestion of other production system that could be used within The Chisholm hotel. Food is delivered 3 times in a hebdomad as ordered by caput chef, Items are stored in conventional electric refrigerators on bringing and restocked as and when require. This system was good plenty for pre renovation delegate figure but now require a entire restructure therefore I will besides be discoursing at the new rhenium construction of the kitchen production system

Head chef

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Sr. Sous chef

Sous Chef

Sous Chef

1st and 2nd commis chef X 4

Modern learner

Kitchen porter X 2

Store individual

Shop room helper

Duties and Duties of Staff:

Head Chef:

Duties of Chef: –

AA chefA is a individual who the culinary staff and wears rather a few different chapeaus with expression upon to what is traveling on in their workplace.A The individual who holds the rubric ofA chefA has somewhat different generalA responsibilitiesA allied to their professional function. TheA chefA is responsible for pull offing all who work below them in the organisation and do certain that theirA dutiesA are being carried out to the fullest of their prospective. The Person who is aA chefA will besides be answerable to the direction for be aftering the bill of fare points and any specials every bit good as offer and replace the formulas in most instances. In accretion, theA chef is normally in charge for budgeting of whole kitchen and its regular outgos.

Duties of Chef:

The first responsibility which is overly around in and of itself is that of supervising subsidiaries or other staff of in their day-to-day work environment. TheA chefA is responsible for supervising all persons who workA in the kitchen. This list can include universally from adjunct executive chefs to the kitchen homework. TheA chefA is besides the chief contriver with respect to the bill of fare points and any specials which the dining constitutions offer to its clients. Along with be aftering the bill of fare, theA chefA is besides responsible for making or presenting the formulas and may or may non authorise input from the other staff. A

At the same clip along with day-to-day duties head chef is responsible for long term undertaking planning and administrative work like new staff enlisting, nutrient orders and pay measures of merchandisers, paysheet computations. Head chef is responsible for keeping nutrient criterions. Besides, theA chefA is one of the most of import person who is responsible for developing the junior staff therefore chef must do certain that the occupation they do is good.

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Sr. Sous Chef

The word “ sous ” comes from Gallic, and it really means “ under ” . Senior sous chef is answerable to the caput chef. In the absence of the caput chef he is responsible for the care for the kitchen. All the sous chefs have to describe to the senior sous chef. He besides helps the caput chef in fixing the responsibility Rota and the list of all the responsibilities and duties of all the kitchen staff. Senior sous chef has the duty of guaranting that all the sous chef are executing their undertakings expeditiously. He sometimes helps in nutrient readying and puting the orders. Therefore, it is necessary to hold a sous chef because in the absence of the caput chef he can replace him and he besides helps the caput chef in running the kitchen expeditiously.

Sous Chef:

A sous chef works below theA executive chef. The sous chef is straight responsible for twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours production in the kitchen. The executive chef largely works his or her office, sing to issues related to kitchen and its concern and long-run planning for the organisation, so the sous chef is responsible for guaranting that the kitchen undertaking expeditiously and efficaciously.

Sometimes, the sous chef aids head chef in executing some responsibilities, including ordination and buying, bill of fare planning. In the absence of Head chef, the sous chef will take the duties and responsibilities of the caput chef so that the work flow is maintained in the kitchen. Along with this, sous chef is responsible for fixing the responsibility Rota. The sous chef is responsible for supervising the storage countries as good sing the hygiene and handiness of natural stuff.

[ ]

Chef De Partie:

A Chef de Partie, on a regular basis called a “ station chef ” or a “ line cook, ” Chef de Partie is in charge for one peculiar country of production of nutrient in the kitchen. By and large this appellation normally exists in those hotels where a big kitchen is at that place and individuals for specialised responsibilities are required. Normally, each “ location ” in the kitchen works with one or two workers on undertaking. If there ‘s more than one chef de partie in the kitchen, they ‘re often separated into a hierarchy utilizing rubrics like “ first cook, ” “ 2nd cook ” .

A Chef de Partie is responsible for describing to Sous chef. In a large kitchen there is more demand of specialised chef de partie chefs, such as saucier, enter metier, garde trough, rotisserie, poissonier, pastry chef. Chef de partie is the individual who gives direction to commie chefs.

[ ]

Commis Chef:

Report to Chef De Partie.

To affect in existent nutrient production.

Prepare day-to-day mice-en-place.

To maintain their working table clean.

Modern Apprentices:

Report to the senior chef.

Prepare day-to-day mice-en-place.

Assemble the shop and nutrient production country.

Interaction with other section.

Kitchen Porter:

Report to senior chef.

Wash the used equipments and utensils.

Involved in running work flow.

Involved in kitchen stock list.

Store individual:

Report to Head chef or adjunct general director.

Order natural nutrient stuff after discoursing with the Head chef.

Responsible for cleanliness of storage country for hygienic facets.

Responsible for labeling of nutrient points.

To look into handiness of natural stuff and besides makes responsibility Rota for shop staff.

Interaction with other section.

Receive nutrient from market.

Store-room helper:

Report to hive away director.

To look into quality of natural stuff.

To look into termination or best before day of the month.

Receive natural stuff from trader.

TASK 1 [ B ]

Kitchen production systems:

In Chisholm Hotel the chief nutrient production system used i.e. cook fresh. But harmonizing to me while redevelopment the size of hot kitchen and storage country may be reduced or it may switch to other suited topographic point, so the cook fresh nutrient production system will non work expeditiously.

Cook Fresh System:

This is a kitchen production system in which the nutrient is prepared merely before it gets served. The nutrient is non stored in deep-freeze or in hair-raisers. The nutrient is prepared in little parts so that it does non gets wasted.

This kitchen production system largely used in eating houses and mercantile establishments, where nutrient is served by “ a La ‘cart ” bill of fare.


Requires minimal country for storage.

Nutritional value of nutrient is maintained.

Natural stuffs are required on day-to-day footing.

Fresh nutrient is served to the consumer.


Requires bigger nutrient production country

It is clip devouring production system

It requires extremely skilled staff

It requires more staff to fix nutrient than other systems.

[ Ceserani and Kinton ‘s Theory of Catering. David F. , Victor C. , 11th Edition ]


The Chisholm hotel is traveling under renovation procedure, so most portion of the current kitchen will travel under building, so to avoid loss of concern as a Sous Chef of The Chisholm Hotel I would wish to present new production systems for better consequences, and achieve desired ends.

The new production systems are explained below,

1. Cook Chill

2. Cook Freeze

3. Sous vide

[ 1 ] Cook Chill:

Cook Chill procedure is split into four bomber procedures

Basic Preparation:

It is normal manner of cookery in which nutrient is cooked in hygienic status with best quality ingredients. The nutrient should non be cross contaminated so it will savor better after reheating and looks great. Most of the nutrient points can be made utilizing this procedure.

Initial cookery and portioning:

The chief intent of hive awaying nutrient by utilizing this method is to continue nutritionary values of the nutrient and most acceptable spirits and texture.

Particular attention should be taken in the temperature measuring, it should be 70 degree Celsius at nucleus of nutrient point, but for safer consequences it is recommended at least 75degree Celsius. While assigning, the temperature should non be more than 10 degree Celsius and the deepness should non be more than 5 centimeter of the cooling container. All containers should be labeled.

3. Chilling and Storage:

Harmonizing to DoH guidelines recommendation the cooked nutrient must be chilled within 90min up to 0-3 grade C. Food must be left exposed otherwise it may non make to optimise or desired temperature. It should besides be stored in separate infrigidation.

4. Re-heating:

For Re-heating nutrient is removed from deep-freezes and left it to make up to 10 grade C. To avoid possibility of cross taint, safe and hygienic country should be used. Cook chill nutrient should be heated as possible up to minimum 70-75 grade Celsius.

[ Ceserani and Kinton ‘s Theory of Catering. David F. , Victor C. , 11th Edition ]


It requires minimal infinite for readying of nutrient as compared to cook fresh system.

It requires minimal staff for cooking nutrient.

The portioning of nutrient can be controlled while hive awaying of nutrient.

Food is stored under -18ISC so there is low hazard of nutrient spoilage.

Requires minimal measure of equipment and utensils, [ less invent ] .


There is ever a hazard of cross taint due to over or incorrect nutrient handling

Requires bigger prepared nutrient storage system

Nutritional values of nutrient can be loosed

Requires a large blast hair-raiser which may increase the cost of nutrient storage

[ Ceserani and Kinton ‘s Theory of Catering. David F. , Victor C. , 11th Edition ]

[ 2 ] Cook Freeze:

Assuming that the demand of nutrient in the hotel is in bulk parts [ conference counter ] so it will be really utile for kitchen profitableness.

This procedure is based on cardinal readying and production and freeze of nutrient. The standard formulas need to be reformulated to let for alterations in freeze. It is a speedy procedure. Harmonizing to section of wellness one time cooked, nutrient should be stacked in the streetcars within 15 proceedingss in little parts.

Then the laden streetcars should be wheeled into the air blast deep-freeze, where nutrient is frozen with particular deep-freezes. In this procedure the nutrient reaches to 5 grades Celsius temperature instantly.

After 90 proceedingss the temperature of nutrient gets dropped up to 5 grade Celsius. Sometime liquid N of -196 grade Celsius is sprayed on nutrient and this procedure particularly used for soft fruits.

Equipments used in Cook Freeze procedure:

High force per unit area soft-shell clam for steaming, terror pans continues ovens, kombi-ovens, leaning boilers etc are used in this procedure.

Packaging of nutrient:

For packaging of nutrient parts Sn, aluminium or composition board plastic laminates are used. They must protect nutrient from oxidization and ice edifice on nutrient surface.

Deep-freezes and Storage equipments:

Blast deep-freezes are largely used in this procedure which carries a large streetcar. The doors should be air fast so there is a less opportunity of oxidization of nutrient. Label should be used so the nutrient is identified as per day of the month of readying.


Combination ovens are used for reheating in which the 2nd beginning of heat may be micro-cook or infra ruddy oven for dissolving.

[ Ceserani and Kinton ‘s Theory of Catering. David F. , Victor C. , 11th Edition ]


It requires minimal infinite for readying of nutrient as compared to cook fresh system

It requires minimal staff for cooking nutrient

The nutrient is stored in little parts so the portioning of nutrient can be controlled

Food is stored under 5IS C so there is low hazard of nutrient spoilage and growing of bacteriums

Requires minimal measure of equipment and utensils,


High hazard of cross taint due to over nutrient handling

Requires bigger deep-freeze for storage of nutrient

Food may lost nutritionary content

[ Ceserani and Kinton ‘s Theory of Catering. David F. , Victor C. , 11th Edition ]

[ 3 ] Sous Vide ( Vacuum Cooking ) :

It is the procedure of puting prepared nutrient ( natural, blanched ) in particular plastic pouch pull outing all air, sealing the bag and cookery in combination oven at low temperature. The nutrient is cooked in its ain juice.

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[ ]

Some sort of nutrient demands browning such as steaks lay on particular spatula seasoned somewhat, placed in the plastic pouch and so bag is vaccum sealed. Then the nutrient is cooked in H2O bath at slow temperature until the nucleus temperature of nutrient ranges to 70 grade Celsius. To cognize exact temperature of cooking nutrient temperature thermometer is inserted in center of nutrient bag.

Air may alter the nutrients olfactory property, gustatory sensation, colour or weight loss, for that the nutrient is deoxidized before cookery.

Assuming that hotel has forte eating house so this procedure of kitchen nutrient production will be really utile, where nutrient can be prepared in progress for a La menu bill of fare.

[ Ceserani and Kinton ‘s Theory of Catering. David F. , Victor C. , 11th Edition ]


Food can be prepared in progress as per demand for a la cart bill of fare

Food is vacuum jammed, so there is low hazard of cross taint

Food holds nutritionary values

Reduce labour cost


Required particular agreement for Sous Vide production system

Increase nutrient cost due to ordinance and care of Sous Vide machines [ Ceserani and Kinton ‘s Theory of Catering. David F. , Victor C. , 11th Edition ]

Undertaking 2: Work Flow

THE CHISHOLM HOTEL is a busy hotel and most of the gross comes through conferences and client visits. So there is a large demand of quality nutrient in majority sum. To run a kitchen for such large operations direction needs a good work flow in kitchen.

For the smooth operations direction must follow following stairss while building new kitchen and its storage system

Storage country should be near to having country

Always purchase nutrient or natural stuff from a dependable provider

Receiving country should be monitored by caput chef or sous chef sing quality and measure facets

Storage country must be monitored by authorised individual sing hygiene, nutrition, temperature facets

Food production and storage country should be cleaned on regular footing

Hot kitchen must be monitored by sous chef sing nutrient handling, hygiene, appropriate clip of nutrient readying for a peculiar dish

Inventories must be conducted on regular footing

Staff should be honest toward their work

Overall quality must be maintained

Actual work flow for an operation

Delivery of natural nutrient


Receiving of natural nutrient


Checking and Weighing of nutrient


Send it to Storage country


Dry nutrient storage Frozen nutrient storage

a†“ a†“

Fresh fruits Canned Vegetables

Vegetables [ 5ISc ] Different types of meats [ -18ISc ]


Preparation of nutrient in equal mode






Storage at appropriate temperature


Regeneration of nutrient


Reheating as per demand


Service of nutrient


Cleaning of kitchen

In a kitchen organisation work flow is carried through assorted phases. First natural stuff is received from the provider under the caput chef ‘s review. Then natural stuff is sorted out harmonizing to classs like cold meat, fresh meat, dairy merchandise, veggies, dry nutrients etc. Then storage countries are monitored for their cleanliness and appropriate temperature. Then natural stuffs are used for nutrient readying. The nutrient is so prepared under hygienic conditions and in bulk parts. Cooked nutrient is so cooled instantly by dividing in little parts. Then nutrient is stored in deep-freezes in equal status.

Then cooked nutrient is taken out as per demand of service section. Food is reheated at 70 degree Celsius and is served to the invitee.

Factors that influence work flow:

Workspace: workspace puts a direct impact on kitchen work flow because the nutrient is prepared as per topographic point available in storage country or capacity of storage country.

Layout: It has a direct relation with work flow, in kitchen layout assorted sections are placed harmonizing to demands like storage country must be near to having country, dairy merchandise or veggies are stored off from meat storage.

Resources: Resources has its impact on work flow because nutrient can be prepared as per gas, H2O, natural stuff and electricity handiness.

Type of Menu: Menu is decided by chef harmonizing to handiness of current skilled staff, market tendencies, handiness of natural stuff, budget, expected concern, prediction of concern.

Food Production Systems: work flow depends on nutrient production system what they use to cook like cook freezing or cook fresh because nutrient is prepared and stored as per demand and current nutrient production system.

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