Romeo and Juliet: Friar Lawrence is the reason Romeo and Juliet died Essay

In the play, Romeo and Juliet, one of the main characters, Juliet, commits suicide near the ending of the play.Friar Lawrence is directly responsible for the death of Juliet. He makes numerous mistakes that lead to her death.Which were when he gave the poison to Juliet. He also, trusted someone else with extensive importance a letter to deliver to Romeo.Lastly, he fled when she was in most danger at the tomb.

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Friar Lawrence made a major mistake that he could have abstained himself. He trusted Juliet, someone who is unstable and has not reached the age fourteen, with a fake death poison. This irrational decision was inferior choice on Friar Lawrence’s behalf. This quote from the text shows the irresponsibility of the friar, “If, rather than to marry County Paris,Thou hast the strength of will to slay thyself,Then is it likely thou wilt undertake, A thing like death to chide away this shame,That copest with death himself to scape from it: And, if thou darest, I’ll give thee remedy.”

The idea that Friar Lawrence had in mind for Juliet was a hazardous decision, that he should have known what the outcome would have been. This quote shows the truth about the meaning responsibility, when he says that Juliet’s life now rests in his hands.Others may say that Lord Capulet is even broken about the plan, because when he says that “ Death lies on her like an untimely frost.” The fake death has deceived Lord Capulet, and the rest of the Capulet family. If Friar Lawrence hadn’t given Juliet the fake poison she would have never been put in the position to kill herself.

Trusting Friar John to send the letter to Romeo, without even telling him that it was urgent, was Friar Lawrence’s next big mistake . The mistake to send someone else to do was blameworthy. If the Friar delvired the letter personally, the plan that he had in mind would might have gone smoother. Friar John shows his inadequacy in the fifth act when he says “I could not send it,here it is again.” This quote shows Friar Lawrence’s decision making again, it also shows that the Friar lacks responsibility by choosing Friar John someone who is not worthy or even smart to handle delivering something as simple as a letter.“The letter was not nice but full of charge, of dear import, and neglecting it may do much in danger.”

Many others may say that Friar John was just the messenger, he did what Friar Lawrence requested him to do, but could not suceed.Friar Lawrence trusted a ignoramus at a crucial time.The result is that Juliet dies due to Friar Lawrence , who did not think through the situation and the urgency that must dealt with personally. Lastly, Friar Lawrence is responsible for Juliet’s death.

He flees the tomb when Juliet is in most need, by leaving her alone the result ,was that she killed herself.In the tomb Friar Lawrence attempts to help Juliet, but doesn’t do a well of a job, before running away.“ (Friar Lawrence):Stay not to question, for the watch is coming;Come, go, good Juliet,I dare no longer stay.(Juliet):Go, get thee hence, for I will not away.” Friar Lawrence puts himself before Juliet because he didn’t want to get caught by the watch. The friar shows that he very self centered. As a man of God, he leaves Juliet to kill herself, even though it is entirely his fault that she was put in that specific situation.

If the friar hadn’t left the tomb Juliet wouldn’t have had the urge to kill herself.If the friar stayed he could have attempted to distort the dagger out of her hand. Others may think well it’s Juliet’s fault for her own death because she killed herself. Had Juliet not been in that situation because of Friar Lawrence she might have had a chance to live.Instead of staying to help, he decided run away from the watch for his own safety, and the result for his terrible choice, Juliet ends up dead.

Friar Lawrence makes dreadful choices throughout the play, choices that were inexpiable.The choices that he made inevitably lead to Juliet’s death. His irresponsible choices, trusting Juliet with poison, giving the letter to Friar John,running away from the tomb. He consistently shows that he is a horrible decision maker, and that he is entirely responsible for the death of Juliet.

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