Schools as organisations – Different school types Essay

2.5 Schools as Organisations

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Learning outcome 1

The two main state schools are either LEA (Local Education Authority) funded or Academies. The main independent schools are Private schools and free schools. Faith schools can be either state or independent schools.

Within state schools, pupils get an education free of charge and the National Curriculum must be followed

LEA funded schools are controlled by the local council and some of these can be faith schools which will have links with different religions, although mostly a form of Christian denomination.

With academies, they are directly funded by the central government. However they also have other funding which can be from individuals or other bodies or groups. These individuals or bodies can then have some influence on the governance of the school.

Independent schools do not require their teachers to have QTS and do not have to adhere to the National Curriculum as state schools do. Some of these are also single sex schools, although this number is decreasing.

Private schools, also referred to as fee paying schools, will usually require the pupils education to be paid for in tuition fees, although most will have some scholarship places for assisted fees. These schools are governed by an elected board of directors.

Free schools are independent schools which are non-fee paying and are funded by the taxpayer. They are not under local authority or government control and mostly governed by a non-profit charitable trust or organisation.

Faith schools may also be independent schools. These will be either funded by tuition fees similar to private schools or funding from religious groups, or a combination of both. Although the religious tone of the school will usually be more prevalent than in the state faith schools as the governors have control over the curriculum.

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