Significance of Attending a Christian College Essay

Significance of Attending a Christian College

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“All of life with its culture and its learning must be penetrated with Christian perspectives, if Jesus Christ is to be Lord of all. All of a young person’s human potential must be as fully developed as possible, if the stewardship of his or her life is to honor God. The Christian has a mandate in education.” Page 22

Education is important and “The educated Christian must be at home in the world of ideas and people.” Page 5. With new Classic Christian Colleges springing up, I can see these great colleges churning out their finest students to achieve great things in academia, influencing change all around us from the news media to our crippling government–all rising up the ranks in leadership and becoming game changers in our nation from the top on down.

So how do we get game changers back on the map, breaking through the curtain of mediocrity and expecting more from our educational systems, our students and our nation? Is it feasible to turn back the hands of time and try to undo what has already been done with many of the colleges and teaching institutions that have “become rootless?” Page 9

Even the still prestigious, and once great Christian Colleges and University’s have become “religiously neutral.” And in becoming religiously neutral, any shred of God’s truth has become so watered down, misinterpreted, and lost. The bar has become set so low that we have students educated in watered down, misinterpretations of truth, and producing lost individuals that are breaking forth and bringing us to where we are today as a society.

Do we want our educational system and society to change, and recapture moral standings? Is it even possible? I believe it is! With well-rounded liberal arts colleges reclaiming their spiritual fundamental belief systems, along with the great liberal arts and sciences, we have a win-win! And there is no question in my mind, we will be able to follow the career paths of some of these Christian College men and women, educated in God’s truth, making a difference in every aspect of our nation and world.

Holmes, Arthur Frank. “Theological Foundations.” The idea of a Christian College. Grand Rapids, Mich.: W.B. Eerdmans, 1975. 22. 9. 5. Print.

The New Classical Approach to Christian Colleges Article

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