Simulacra And The Real And Virtual World Media Essay

Today, engineering has changed the dimensions of our perceptual experience towards the universe. We are happening ourselves tilting and depending on it in about every manner or the other. We have observed a huge alteration in the technological sector in a really short period of clip, and its influence on our lives can be felt and we are still experiencing it. If we put in simple words, we have now arrived at a state of affairs where we can be rather prompt in stating that “ Technology has changed our lives ” .

The rate, at which the engineering is developing, is rather alarming, it is impossible to foretell what will go on in the close hereafter. We are recognizing that Technology is germinating at a rapid degree with clip, every twenty-four hours we see new merchandises doing their manner into the market some of the merchandises are able to do a really strong place and the others merely disappear behind the drapes of clip. However, this development is conveying away a whole new development ; an development in the mind of the human head, in other words, the developments in engineering is altering our lives every bit good. Some alterations are more direct than others and their consequence is more lasting to such an extent that that it changes the manner we perceive things.

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Today, we find more felicity in run intoing up on a societal networking site instead than really run intoing up and seeing each other. Our involvement towards going has finally declined, now that cyberspace and telecasting has given us the entree to see the whole universe sitting at our comfy sofas. We are now attained such a mental position that we have begun to populate in a universe that is non existent but we are under the belief that it is “ THE REAL ” universe.

Technology has become one of the cardinal constituents that construction the mind of the human head in the postmodern universe. We define our societies by the engineerings, be that the definition of the “ Stone age ” or the “ Computer age ” or the ways in which the ideological conflicts are supported by engineering races from “ Cold wars ” to “ Star Wars ” .

It is the same in the instance of gambling every bit good. When we play games on the computing machine, our head is highly gripped that one time we stop there is some sort of film overing that we experience in the existent universe. We try to fit the constructs we see in the game to the 1s to the existent. For, illustration a auto seen a racing game, goes superfast, hits the pole boards and even people, when we see autos in the existent we say that they are nil compared to the 1s seen in the game. We have begun to believe that the practical is existent.

About the game “ Second Life ” :

Second life is a game developed by Linden Dollars, San Francisco, in which “ participants ” create their ain an individualities, socialise with the people, purchase belongings and construct an environment of their ain that comprises of all the phantasies they have dreamt of holding or buy an bing one such environments with holding the trouble to construct one. It is a “ massively multiplayer on-line function playing game ” ( MMORPG ) , but one that offers users entire freedom to make and interact as if they were populating another life.

In Second Life, first-time occupants are asked to do their profiles with the first name of the coice of the person but the last name shall be chosen from a list and so the participant will hold to take a in writing individuality or an “ embodiment ” with which he shall be playing the game. Once approved, the name can non be changed, but the embodiment can be, therefore participants will acquire an chance to draw themselves into the characters they have opted for or possibly if they have even designed for themselves. In the game the keyboard becomes the cardinal participant utilizing the keys in the keyboard, one can travel about at will and even wing over them. It is besides possible for you to instantly teleport from one location to another.

There are infinite Second Life civilizations and subcultures and they are organized around humanistic disciplines, athleticss, games and other countries. The participants may organize groups and so attack to imitate mini-companies and mini-communities. The game pretends to be so realistic that even existent companies, such as Coca-Cola and Adidas, participate in Second Life, but the position of the company is to strictly utilize the platform as a selling locale Religious organisations hold meetings, and get downing with the Maldives and Sweden, states has created practical embassies. The participants find spouses, have practical sex and even acquire married in Second Life. In other words, Second Life is the “ practical existent universe. “ This game in itself is a practical universe and today users are glued into playing this game about all the clip.

Literature Review

We have to accept the fact Virtual world has come into the image because of the presence of medium like cyberspace or telecasting ( Steuer, 1993 ) . Virtual world is hence a more a proficient construct, the focal point here is on understanding how engineering has been drawing us out of the “ existent universe ” by puting us near to it in the format of digital prints and how we have been readily accepting it and believing that the practical universe created by such media is the existent universe. Now, the term “ Virtual World ” is more definite in the sectors of gambling, where the participants literally live “ the existent life ” in the practical manner. And now, with the coming of 3D, the whole construct in being given a new significance, it is non merely seeing anymore we can besides experience how “ existent ” the whole construct is turning up.

Technology is now playing a outstanding function in our lives and we are all good cognizant of the fact. The term “ practical world ” can be described as a point when something successfully makes one fuzz the boundary lines between the existent and practical objects, here we speak on gambling as the medium. By nearing Virtual Reality as a communications medium, we can understand how practical world can be approached even as the indispensable engineerings advancement ( Onyesolu, Azikiwe, & A ; Eze, 1993 ) . We can near the methodological analysis Virtual Reality ‘s component engineerings has drawn from visual image, representation, artworks, human-computer interaction, and other Fieldss, and explains how they are being united in cohesive Virtual Reality systems.

Many Virtual Reality applications have been developed for fabrication, instruction, simulation, design rating, architectural walk-through, ergonomic surveies, simulation of assembly sequences and care undertakings, aid for the disableds, survey and intervention of phobic disorder, amusement, rapid prototyping and much more. ( Onyesolu, Azikiwe, & A ; Eze, 1993 ) Virtual Reality engineering is now widely recognized as a major break-through in the technological progress of scientific discipline.

Games like FarmVille on Facebook take you on a circuit on the full construct of agriculture, sowing, irrigation and what non. But once we come out in the unfastened and see the existent farms, there is a sense of blurring. The relation between the existent and the practical is someplace dazed. The construct of farming seems to be more apprehended in the computing machine than in existent.

Other games like GTA San Andreas, NFS, DOTA, FIFA besides attracts gamers into the universe of practical world where they are far more satisfied than really seeking to play the game. There are people who are experts while it comes to the game “ FIFA ” , a association football game, but in world, they would n’t flush how to play association football in existent.


Post-modernistic author Jean Baudrillard speaks of Simlucra and Simulations by raising Borges ‘s fabrication of the map that was so accurate it had a one to one ratio with the district it represented ( Polasek ) . When we look at an object say a exposure of the Eiffel tower, we understand that the digital print is reflecting what is seen in existent, but alternatively of reflecting, it the object referent or the signifier shams or simulates, the existent instead than merely reproducing, the print can non be called the transcript of the original, it is something else and has nil to make with the existent object. Now with the mark and the signifier being no longer related to each other, the procedure of simulation can be observed in the society, in about every kingdom of the sectors, from political relations to telecasting. The district no longer precedes the map, nor does it last it ( Polasek ) .

Today, it is no longer the inquiry of imitation, or duplicate or even lampoon for that affair. It is the inquiry of we are replacing the marks of the existent for the existent itself. ( Polasek ) . It is about impossible to reproduce an original transcript of the existent in this epoch of clip, there is a transcript but in most of the instances it is a bogus transcript or possibly even a lampoon.

This comes up with the uncertainty of the written text non being in the district of that which has been mapped by adaptation. In the instance the reply is negative, because, the beginning is written text and non a physical theoretical account. However elaborate possibly the text specifying every minute item of the set, it can ne’er be imagined in the same manner.

Baudrulard ‘s “ mark of the existent ” here are the versions of Sherlock Holmes and the ocular presence of 221b Baker Street in peculiar, where they substitute themselves for the existent here, as the figure of versions continues to turn, the figure of word pictures of the infinite will turn, but they can ne’er once more be infinite. When we see the 221b Baker Street in world we can see how the ocular adaptations from the artworks have been portrayed and to what extent has the representation of the street in the film has been shown as “ hyper-real ” . The transcript of the street seen in the film has no similarity with the existent Baker Street seen otherwise ; the one in the film is a complete duplicate, where the connexion between the existent and the practical is lost.

Baudrillard condemns this, offering that at least a fake environment, such as word pictures of Baker Street on screen, do non gull anyone. An audience has an built-in apprehension of fictional infinite. However, make fulling an existent infinite and “ playing as if nil had happened ” is prosecuting in what Baudrillard calls hallucination and basically alters world.


The similarities between the world of the twenty-first century and the narratives of the books are really clear and the genre of the narratives and books are categorized as scientific discipline fiction, makes one admiration about the metaphoric and direct connexions between the world of the modern industrial, consumer oriented, planetary corporate systems of today and the fabricated plants which are “ science fiction ” because they appear to hold a batch in common. ( Adam, 2012 )

It seems we are populating in a universe of scientific discipline fiction or should we name it fantasies. The thought of the dominant mechanical and over powering system in the society forcing and commanding the heads of the people exist both in the theoretical psychological science, cultural, media surveies and the scientific discipline fiction works.

The construct of internet makes its first visual aspect, with Gibson contriving the word to depict a consensual hallucination experienced day-to-day by one million millions ( Adam, 2012 ) . In this paper Adam makes a reference of writer McLuhan who has pointed out the construct of “ Simulation of Reality ” . The footings of the form, signified and the myth came up ; he besides draws attending to the important facet of media explicating a certain hierarchy and system of moralss and refers to the mechanisms involved in the use of the idea processes on the receiver side. As the dimension of the engineerings changes the medium requires more senses to be involved in the interaction, the medium itself becomes more like world. This engagement of multiple senses in the medium stimulates them, and therefore transportations them into a new sort of world or simulation as we call it.

The orders of Simulacra that leads to the construct of “ Virtual World ” where the connexion between the Real universe and Virtual universe is lost on the long tally, was foremost formulated by post-modernist Jean Baudrillard. He speaks of Simulacra in three different orders ( Lane, 2003 ) , The first order is when we see of transcript of the original, where what is see is the reproduction of the original, the 2nd order in when we see the transcript of the transcript, the extra of the transcript, which is once more retroflexing the existent object but there is some sort of blurring that is observed. The 3rd and the concluding order is “ lampoon ” when there is no connexion between the existent and the extra, which the beginning of the definition of the “ Virtual World ” . In the book Lane ( 2003 ) speaks about Jean Baudrillard illustration of Disneyland, a topographic point in US, where the bogus representation of world seems to be more fantasizing, this is a instance wherein the simulation of existent has been taken to the extremes. Buadrillard says that Disneyland is lending to the 3rd order of simulacra where a state of affairs of the “ hyper-real ” arises where theoretical accounts of practical replaces the original without beginning or world. In this instance there is no film overing between what is existent and what is represented ; here there is a entire withdrawal. What is upseting in the whole scenario is that Hyper-real does n’t be but the human mind believes in what is being represented than seeking to understand the connexion that is lost between the existent and the practical.

The construct of simulation of world is an impressive topic. It is same thing when the audience leapt out of their chairs in a film showing when the train arriving at a station was shot at a really close perceptive. The people could n’t truly distinguish between the existent and the practical. Cyberneticss, semiotics and simulation are the cardinal footings that operate on the human senses and they determine the indispensable stimulations and their perceptual, cognitive, cultural and ideological effects. The practical and the cyber infinite, the unreal interaction and experiences replace the existent infinite clip, world and the existent ( the physical, societal interaction ) and experiences in the societal constructions dominated by the media ( Adam, 2012 ) . The Television, wireless, printed media and the computing machine create a preset, designed, formulated and fabricated practical / cyber infinite where the witnesss are physically inactive receiving systems and they are merely active mentally and there is a minimum degree of physical activity involved.

Second LIFE-THE Game:

The game Second Life is one of the monolithic multi-player online role-playing games where multiple participants across the Earth can log in and interact in the practical environment ( Brookey & A ; Cannon, 2009 ) Like most of the other monolithic multi-player online games even one can make embodiment, purchase and sell trade goods, but the line is drawn when the existent game is played. Unlike the other games, in Second life, there is no mark to make, one can alter the environment of the game, make their ain edifices, and do any uses as they please. ( Brookey & A ; Cannon, 2009 )

There is Liberty in this game to make your ain practical environment and “ unrecorded ” in it. You are free to make new relationship and so re-create them in new and different ways every bit good. The article analyzes the illustrations found in SL where some users of this practical environment have created content that sexually objectifies adult females and marginalizes sexual minorities.

In the Liberatory Prescriptive, the article analyses how participants manipulate their genders as per the wants of the game. The possibilities of gender exchanging lets a adult female live the life of a adult male and frailty versa, and participants claim that “ it feels so existent ” . In the Interactivity and the docile organic structure subdivision the article analyses how the users in SL create their ain characters ( embodiments ) , give them primary and secondary sex features, dress them and find their sexual patterns. Indeed, when it comes to the building of gender and gender in SL, the users exercise a great trade of control. These users, nevertheless, represent topics whose individualities have been formed by the manner gender and gender is disciplined in society. Once gender was invested in the individual, persons aligned their sexual patterns with established norms, and actively assumed the duty for their ain sexual wellness. In other words, the sexual topic became a ”docile organic structure. ” The Virtual Objectification subdivision spoke the different ways in which participants designed their embodiments, the participants are limitless options to construction their individualities, they are besides given the autonomy to further pull strings their embodiments online and in certain instances theses embodiments are ‘bought ‘ for a monetary value. The following subdivision of analysis was labeled Virtually Queer ; here the article speaks of the other types of sexual orientations people would take up in 2nd life. The hunt questions for “ homosexual ” or “ tribades ” would demo up tonss of consequences. In this case ”gay ” and ”lesbian ” mean nil more than two options in a long list of options, including ”porn, ” ”BDSM, ” ”orgy ” and ”escort. ”


“ Life in a practical universe ” is what most of the monolithic multiple on-line function playing games suggests when they are introduced. Working for a company, constructing the most epicurean flats, driving the best and fastest autos, acquiring married, altering spouses, decease, life after decease etcaˆ¦ It seems to be truly great to populate in such a universe, even though it is a practical one where life is easy, no hurdlings to face, the manner of life alterations as per the person ‘s wants.

Here, the article speaks of negative impacts such games that are run alonging up the skyline. Peoples have begun to populate their lives behind the embodiments they have created for themselves online and games such as Second Life and World of Warcraft are pulling people into the practical universe at dismaying degrees ( Erler, 2009 ) . The article speaks about Palgrave Macmillan who in his book refers to the “ Exodus to the Virtual World ” where he foresees the instance wherein people may populate in such a universe where there will less or about no connexion to the existent universe, they would hold their Android version made, their encephalon maps shut and these android version would work for them.

There is a loss of genuineness, as worlds we have several desires ; it may be going across the universe, holding romantic relationships, driving the fastest of the autos etc. , and it is rather natural to possess such yearnings every bit far as the human mind is concerned, but in this instance Erler ( 2009 ) refers to the games where people involve themselves in practical gambling experience simulacra of these phantasies and if it is go oning as their posing in the amenitiess of their ain places and they have readily begin to accept this sort of practical imagination of existent.

And in this whole construct of life in the practical world there is a reduced chance to pattern. See a participant who is highly diffident and reserved but is the major of an ground forces in the game ( Erler, 2009 ) . He would hold had the capacity to undertake the enemies easy, solve cryptic mystifiers, lead the ground forces military personnel, he may be even winning awards for his righteous Acts of the Apostless in the games without truly making it in existent life. Therefore the thought of building such qualities may diminish. There are several illustrations of people who have extraordinary accomplishments of undertaking highly tough games and in world they are decorating a wholly different image or ‘avatar ; as they are called in the gambling universe.

And since they are populating the life of person wholly different in these games, they make no attempt to integrate the alterations in the world, their felicity lies in how they fare in the game ( Erler, 2009 ) . The so called repair of life ‘s jobs, a individual may hold trouble in doing friends in world, may repair his jobs by holding a big figure of friends on-line, the worst instance may go on when he decides to utilize a sham profile to “ do ” friends but in world he has lost the connexion with himself and the existent universe every bit good. There have been instances wherein practical have affected the participants to such degrees that they find it impossible to allow the twenty-four hours travel without playing the game. That is the consequence the games have in the mind of a human.

Social Disaffiliation will be another job, what would go on if the “ life ” in the practical universe would be so preferred that the existent universe would sound excessively simple when you can populate in your universe of phantasies, the existent life may look to for the interest of life and non for any other ground. Obviously, such a tendency would drive people farther off from democratic engagement, as their concerns would switch from this universe to the other 1. When people would work merely to afford life in this “ Virtual World ” , and they would retire from work early so as to acquire the feel of life in a luxury flat.

Discussion of “ practical world ” environments or interaction within “ practical communities ” suggest an premise that there is something basically false about such infinites and people ‘s ability to see true relationships in a computer-generated environment ( Campbell, 2011 ) . This paper explores thoughts of world and genuineness in relation to “ truth ” in a digital age. As the cyberspace has become more embedded in mundane life, the inquiry of what is existent in refereed on-line relationships raises treatment about how people experience truth or true interactions in a universe progressively mediated through distanced work in practical meeting infinite to leisure clip spent in Second Life.


We have now accepted that engineering is outstanding portion of our lives but at the clip we have to besides understand that we are populating in a universe where we are accepting the “ Virtual facets ” as existent. With the origin of 3D engineering, experience fast traveling autos or the ice age is n’t a large undertaking, but the really fact that we believing this technological development as “ existent ” are a affair of concern. We have begun to populate in a universe of phantasy where we are accepting what we are seeing instead than seeking to see it. Visiting the unreal snow Parkss seems to more exciting that really sing a topographic point there is existent snowfall. Playing Farm Ville on Facebook is much better really seeing a existent field. The auto on the route seems to look like the 1s seen in the game NFS. Watching a film shooting in London in 3D has fulfilled the long permanent desire of seeing London, there is n’t a necessity to really see the topographic point.

Bet oning has besides made life different. Childs claim playing games that involve the construct of practical world helps them out of the emphasis they come across in the existent universe. What they ca n’t “ acquire ” in the existent universe, they get in this practical universe and they are happier sing such “ world ” .

Why are we happier in this universe of Virtual Reality? Why are we stepping back when it comes to understanding the constructs of existent universe? Why are n’t we able to link to the existent universe? The chief thought of the thesis is to understand how engineering has revolved the mind of a human head into believing in the thought “ Virtual World ” and how is altering our lives?


To understand the ways in which ‘Second life ‘ is brewing in the construct of “ practical world ”

To analyse the countries wherein the connexion between the existent and practical is blurred

To analyze the effects of Virtual world that 3D gambling has brought in particularly in the game “ 2nd life ” on young person.


A Qualitative research affecting the analysis of the construct of Virtual Reality by Jean Baudrillard techniques of the degrees of Simulacra. How has one signifier of media evolved from developing the different degrees of Simulacra?

From bring forthing the transcript of the original

The transcript of the transcript

The Parody of the original

Understanding how 3D gambling has evolved developing into the different degrees of Simulacra therefore drawing an single manner far from the existent universe.

Conducting a study on young person who are into the universe of gambling, particularly “ Second Life ” how is it altering the manner they perceive before and after the usage of such engineering.

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