Situational Approaches To Leadership Management Essay

With constitution in 2005, Misty Abacus Academy started its operations in New Delhi. The administration marks in leaving instruction to pupils of age group between 5-14years. They offer a particular class of larning arithmetic by using the expression on a Chinese tool called ‘Abacus ‘ .

The administration works on franchising theoretical account. They look out for possible investors and assist them in puting their ain ‘Misty Abacus Academy ‘ Centre. To get down with, they provide academic preparation and selling stuffs to their franchises. My household is one of the Misty Abacus franchisee, and making rather good in runing it.

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But late the administration has been confronting a batch of jobs at the caput office. The abrasion rate is high ensuing in bad squad work and productiveness. This has led to the impairment in dealingss with the franchises. All the franchises have been confronting jobs in runing their academy as the committednesss are non fulfilled in clip. The franchisee orders for new books and academic stuffs harmonizing to the demand at their terminal. But because of of all time altering work force, the orders get misplaced and do incommodiousness.

The administration is missing in co-ordination and watercourse liner of work force. The CEO is non actively involved with the squad. The communicating is non channelised. Peoples are non self motivated and dedicated. Earlier the administration used to hold frontward be aftering schemes but now the top degree directors have become self-satisfied. This might be because they have expanded their franchisee base really rapidly and now their focal point is merely to bring forth royalties. No new concern programs are being initialised ; this has led to monotony in the administration ‘s attack for concern and people ‘s direction.

Solution TO THE CASE

The administration Misty Abacus Academy Pvt. Ltd has a good web of franchises all over India. These franchises are their clients and they earn through them. The job lies at the nucleus of administration construction, the directors are smug and make non endeavor invention in the concern. This consequences in bad control over the squad, and diminution in client ‘s dealingss.

The lone manner the company can be brought back to the path is through amending their organizational construction by ways of instilling leading and squad work features.


“ A leader is one who knows the manner, goes the manner, and shows the manner. ” – John C Maxwell

Leadership theory can be characterized into three countries: trait-based, situational, and

a behavioral attack. These three classs are traditional attacks to understand leading. The relationships between them are shown in Figure below.

Relationships for Leadership Theory ( Richman, 2006 )

Trait-based Approach

Trait theories are leading positions that focus on single leaders and effort to find the personal virtuousnesss that great leaders portion. These are all traits that an person can larn to use with pattern, over clip. The character traits associated with leading are identified as the followers:

1. Enterprising Spirit: Enterprising spirit refers to a set of features that reflect a high degree of attempt. It includes high bid for accomplishment, changeless nisus for flawlessness, aspiration, energy, continuity, and enterprise.

2. Loyalty: Leaderships who demonstrate trueness and honestness, and are willing to acknowledge to errors, show cardinal traits that followings look for in their leaders. A leader will besides increase their influence when people trust and believe his or her trueness.

3. Leadership Motivation: Great leaders non merely have an enterprising spirit, but they besides want to take. They have a high desire for power, preferring to be in place of leading instead than that of a follower.

4. Integrity: Integrity is measured by an person ‘s actions and words. Peoples who do non execute and make non put to death what they promised are non considered good leader.

5. Assurance: Assurance allows a leader to get the better of obstructions, make determinations despite uncertainness, and instil assurance in others.

6. Cognition: Effective leaders have a high degree of cognition about their industries, companies, and proficient affairs. Leaderships must hold the intelligence to construe huge measures of information.

In add-on to the traits mentioned supra, there are other features which have a important influence on leading, including being advanced, competent, inspiring, and intelligent.

3.2 Behavioural Approach

Behavioral theories of leading do non concentrate on congenital traits or capablenesss ; instead, the focal point is on what leaders really do. Three general classs of leading behaviors are mentioned often in the literature: behaviors related to task public presentation ; behaviors related to group care, and behaviours related to employee engagement in decision-making.

1. Undertaking Performance Behaviours: Undertaking public presentation behaviors are the leader ‘s attempts to guarantee that the squads or administrations reach their ends. Those behaviors include a focal point on work efficiency, quality and truth, measure of end product, and attachment to ordinances.

2. Group Maintenance Behaviours: These actions are taken to do certain the satisfaction of group members, develop and prolong harmonious working relationships, and continue the societal stableness of the group, concentrating on people ‘s feelings and comfort, grasp, and stress decrease.

3. Engagement in Decision-Making: This behavior appears during the procedure of doing determinations, in which leaders can be classified as bossy and democratic. Autocratic leading is a signifier of leading in which the leader makes determinations on his or her ain and so announces those determinations to the group ; democratic leading is a signifier of leading in which the leader solicits input from subsidiaries. Surveies of how the leader ‘s behavior influences employee attitudes and public presentation have focused on bossy versus democratic determination manners, or on performance- versus maintenance-oriented behavior.

3.3 Situational Approaches to Leadership

Situational theories distinguish leaders from others through the state of affairs at-hand. Leaderships adjust their decision-making, orientation, and motivational attacks based upon a alone combination of factors in their single state of affairss. These factors include:

Features of followings

Types of undertakings

Organizational constructions

Personal penchants

And high-level direction ‘s influences

Leaderships adjust their manner of direction in order to suit the different state of affairss.

Associating the Leadership theory to the instance

The top degree directors at Misty Abacus ought to hold a perfect blend of trait, behavioral and situational attack of leading. The top directors are the spearhead of any administration ‘s success. They should experience motivated and convinced about the concern they are making. The negativeness in the squad should be cured by their good influence. Each squad member should look up to their directors to larn from them and draw a bead on to be an at hand director.

The administration is lacking in constructing trust among its employees so, if you are a leader who can be trusted, so those around you will turn to esteem you. Directors at Misty Abacus pvt. ltd should exert leading with an influence upon its employees and clients that they tend to move in concert towards accomplishing a end which they might non hold achieved so readily had they been left to their ain devices. ( Pg 697 )

As the concern for Misty Abacus limited company is already up and running, they merely need to tweak their organizational attack by using ‘The Situational Leadership theory ‘ was coined by ‘Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard ‘ . This attack find the most effectual manner of influencing, sing the way and back up a leader gives, and the preparedness of followings to execute peculiar undertaking ( Pg713 ) .This leading manner encompasses four behavior types as shown in figure below:

Degree centigrades: UsersvaibhavDesktopmdl.jpg

Relation: It involves one manner communicating where a leader defines cardinal responsible countries of the subsidiary. What, where, when and how to make things. As this involves relationship behavior, the CEO of the company who has been inactive will hold to work out this with the squad.

Selling: This involves two manner communications between the subsidiary and the leader. This requires high sums of both task behavior and relationship behavior.

Participating: This procedure involves batch of relationship behavior and support, but small way or task behavior. If Brumous achieves this phase with the squad it will be easy for them to come on and the top directors can once more look at future programs of administration.

Delegating: Here the accent is more on groups or persons which take the burden. The leader oversees the advancement. There is low degree of both undertaking and relationship behaviors.


Teamwork is defined by Scarnati ( 2001, p. 5 ) “ as a concerted procedure that allows ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary consequences ” . Harris & A ; Harris ( 1996 ) besides explain that a squad has a common end or aim where squad members can develop effectual, common relationships to accomplish squad ends. Teamwork answers upon persons working together in a concerted environment to accomplish common squad ends through sharing cognition and accomplishments. The literature systematically highlights that one of the indispensable elements of a squad is its focal point toward a common end and a clear intent ( Fisher, Hunter, & A ; Macrosson, 1997 ; Johnson & A ; Johnson, 1995, 1999 ; Parker, 1990 ; Harris & A ; Harris, 1996 ) .

Teams are an built-in portion of many organisations and should be incorporated as portion of the bringing of third units. Successful teamwork relies upon synergy bing between all squad members making an environment where they are all willing to lend and take part in order to advance and foster a positive, effectual squad environment. Team members must be flexible plenty to accommodate to cooperative working environments where ends are achieved through coaction and societal mutuality instead than individualised, competitory ends ( Luca & A ; Tarricone,2001 ) .

Assorted properties required for successful teamwork. Many of these properties have been identified below:

aˆ? Commitment to team success and shared ends – squad members are committed to the success of the squad and their shared ends for the undertaking. Successful squads are motivated, engaged and aim to accomplish at the highest degree.

aˆ? Interdependence – squad members need to make an environment where together they can lend far more than as persons. A positive interdependent squad environment brings out the best in each individual enabling the squad to accomplish their ends at a far superior degree ( Johnson & A ; Johnson, 1995, 1999 ) . Persons promote and encourage their fellow squad members to accomplish, contribute, and learn.

aˆ? Interpersonal Skills includes the ability to discourse issues openly with squad members, be honest, trusty, supportive and demo regard and committedness to the squad and to its persons. Fostering a lovingness work environment is of import including the ability to work efficaciously with other squad members.

aˆ? Open Communication and positive feedback – actively listening to the concerns and demands of squad members and valuing their part and showing this helps to make an effectual work environment. Team members should be willing to give and have constructive unfavorable judgment and supply reliable feedback.

aˆ? Appropriate squad composing is indispensable in the creative activity of a successful squad. Team members need to be to the full cognizant of their specific squad function and understand what is expected of them in footings of their part to the squad and the undertaking.

aˆ? Commitment to squad procedures, leading & A ; answerability – squad members need to be accountable for their part to the squad and the undertaking. They need to be cognizant of squad procedures, best pattern and new thoughts. Effective leading is indispensable for squad success including shared decision-making and job resolution.

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