Social and Legal Responsibilities of an organisation

Companies should non merely concentrate on their concern activities ; legal and societal duties should besides be of involvement. There are a figure of legal and societal duties confronting the board of managers of an administration. Socially responsible administrations should travel beyond simply following with statute law. The duties of an administration are wellness and safety, environment, information protection, regulative conformity, favoritism ( age, race, gender and disablement etc ) , equality, preparation. There are Acts of the Apostless in topographic point associating to these duties.

The undermentioned duties are discussed in more item as these are of high importance.

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1.1. Health and Safety:

The first and most of import demand of an administration is to guarantee the wellness and safety of everyone that may be affected by their activities and/or merchandises.

The wellness and safety at work act 1974 requires all administrations – that employ more than five people – to hold a written wellness and safety policy in topographic point. The jurisprudence besides requires the administration to transport out an appraisal of the hazards that may be present as a consequence of their activities. The administration should besides set into topographic point steps to take the hazard from happening. If the hazard can non be removed so administrations should set in topographic point steps to protect people from the hazard. These steps should be controlled, monitored, reviewed and where applicable updated on a regular footing. To guarantee the company has up to day of the month information ; they should besides hold entree to wellness and safety advice and should be discoursing the hazards – and the steps in topographic point to forestall them – with their employees. ( HSE, 2010 )

If administrations fail to follow these reasonably straightforward guidelines and an accident were to happen they could confront significant mulcts, prison sentences or even disqualification. ( HSE, 2010 )

1.2. Environment:

Administrations should besides take history of the affect their concern has upon the environment. There are a figure of environmental issues confronting administrations. They are air pollution, H2O pollution, dirt eroding, clime alteration, devastation of biodiversity and the diminishing of natural resources.

( Pillai, 2010 )

Administrations wishing to be environmentally friendly should be undertaking all of the issues impacting the environment. Administrations should be continually supervising their concern processes to enable them to place countries where they are missing and therefore better their public presentation in regard to the environment.

The environmental protection act 1990 defines organizational demands associating to the environment. The environmental protection act 1990 covers – air, H2O and land – pollution every bit good as waste direction, statutory nuisances and litter control. ( Mod, 2010 )

1.3. Datas Protection

Administrations should pay peculiar attending to how they store personal information. The information protection act 1998 defines how administrations should travel about hive awaying personal information. The information protection act defines eight rules that set out how personal informations should be managed. The rules are:

Datas should be processed in a just and lawful mode

The information should merely be held for a specified intent

Datas collected should be relevant to the intent

Datas should be up to day of the month and accurate

Datas should non be kept for longer than is required

Data processing methods should follow with the rights of the person

Security steps should be in topographic point to forestall unauthorized entree to the informations.

Datas should non be transferred out with the European economic country

( City of London, 2010 )

Failure to follow with the informations protection act 1998 could ensue in the prosecution of an administration or even the person. ( Loughborough University, 2010 )

Therefore administrations and its employees who handle the informations have to be really careful that they are managing the information in conformity with the rules and rights of the person.

2. Applicable Standards

There are a few international criterions that are applicable to the societal and legal duties of administrations. Administrations can utilize these criterions to supply grounds that they are following with the assorted societal and legal duties.

2.1. ISO 9000

ISO 9000 is a name given to a aggregation of criterions that were created to supply administrations with a model for the successful execution of a quality direction system. ( BSI, 2007 )

ISO 9001 falls within the ISO 9000 household and is the criterion that outlines the demands of an administration who wish to run into the ISO 9000 quality direction system. ( Simply Quality, 2010 )

ISO 9001 requires administrations to pay peculiar attending to their clients as it focuses on fulfilling client outlooks. ISO 9001 allows administrations to measure how effectual their quality direction system is. As a consequence administrations should be able to place where they are traveling incorrect and are hence forced to implement betterments. ( 9000store, 2007 )

The ISO 9001 criterion does non needfully specify the quality of the concluding merchandise ; it allows the administration to continually better their procedures. The criterion should better the quality of the procedures such that the administration can do a good quality merchandise every clip. ( 9000store, 2007 )

ISO 9001 shows an administrations committedness to supplying a quality product/service and that the administration is seting their client foremost. ( ISO9000 Council, 2009 )

An administration that wishes to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation will profit if their administration shows the undermentioned cardinal properties:

Customer focal point

Strong leading

Peoples engagement

Procedure attack

A systematic attack

Factual determination devising

Common provider dealingss

Willingness to better

( Tricker and Sherring – Lucas 2005 )

If the administration disbelieves in/lacks any of the above attributes ; it is likely they will fight to run into the demands of ISO 9001 as these properties are reflected in the demands for ISO 9001. ISO 9001 covers the four chief countries shown in the theoretical account of ISO 9001 i.e. Management duty, resource direction, merchandise realization and measuring, analysis and betterment. ( Tricker and Sherring – Lucas 2005 )

( Tricker and Sherring – Lucas 2005 )

There are 5 stairss outlined in the ISO 9001 criterion that aids administrations in the execution of a quality direction system.

Administrations need to:

Identify the procedures required for the successful execution of a quality direction system.

Determine how the procedures interact and how they are built up to organize the needed sequence of events.

Determine how to run and command the procedures efficaciously

Make sure that all the information that supports the operation and monitoring of the procedures are made available.

Measure, observe and analyze the procedures, so that any needed actions are implemented. Therefore guaranting continual betterment

( ISO9000 Council, 2009 )

The ISO 9001 quality direction system requires an administration to document the above stairss to supply grounds of conformity with the criterion. The paperss that are required for grounds of conformity are choice manual, quality policy, quality processs and quality aims. The above paperss can be combined into a individual comprehensive manual.

The ISO 9001 criterion besides requires an administration to supply elaborate instructions to all its employees sketching how they should travel about their work. ( ISO9000 Council, 2009 )

2.2. ISO 14000

ISO 14000 is a series of international criterions based upon environmental direction. It provides administrations with a model for the successful development of an environmental direction system. ( ISO 14000, 2002 )

ISO 14001 falls within the ISO 14000 household and is the criterion that outlines the demands of an administration who wish to run into the ISO 14000 environmental direction system. ( ISO14001, 2002 )

ISO 14001 is about striking a balance between profitableness and environmental impact. ISO 14001 identifies the environmental impacts of an administration. Once the impacts have been identified ISO 14001 requires administrations to implement an appropriate action to let for continual betterment. ( BSI, 2010 )

The ISO 14001 criterion does non needfully specify specific degrees of environmental public presentation. However the criterion does supply a model for the execution of a holistic and strategic environmental policy and for the programs and actions of the administration. ( ISO, 2010 )

ISO 14001 has 8 chief demands of an administration associating to the development of an environmental direction system. The 8 demands are reinforced in the ISO 14001 theoretical account.

Administrations need to

Create an environmental policy

Identify and measure their environmental impact

Establish legal and regulative demands

Develop and on a regular basis reexamine environmental aims

Document their environmental direction system

Continually step and supervise their operational activities

Carry out regular internal audits

Ensure the continual suitableness and effectivity of their environmental direction system.

( Whitelaw 2004 )

( Suffolk Council, 2010 )

2.3. ISO 27000

ISO 27000 is a series of international criterions that were created to supply organisations with a model for the execution of an information security direction system.

ISO 27001 falls within the ISO 27000 household and is the criterion that outlines the demands of an administration who wish to run into the ISO 27000 information security direction system.

ISO 27001 is capable of placing, managing and cut downing the assorted hazards that administrations information may be subjected to from one twenty-four hours to the following. ( 7safe, 2010 )

An effectual information direction system should supply the degree of unity, confidentiality and saving of informations to administrations to fulfill the legal demands. ( Calder, 2008 )

The term ‘information ‘ in ISO 27001 context refers to all types of informations from paperss to telephone conversations. ISO 27001 hence provides complete informations security for an administration. ( Praxiom, 2010 )

To run into the demands of ISO 27001 an administration needs to:

Create an information direction model

Identify and measure the information security hazards

Select and implement controls to understate the hazards

ISO 27001 identifies a figure of controls that can be used to understate the hazards, they are listed in appendix Angstrom

ISO 27001 accreditation does non vouch that hazards will non happen but it does cut down the likely goon and besides reduces the cost and break if a hazard does happen. ( Isoqar, 2010 )

ISO 27001 utilises a PDCA theoretical account.

( Calder 2006 )

3. Deriving Accreditation

Administrations may wish to follow with international criterions in the purpose of deriving accreditation. This may look like a good thought at first ; nevertheless it is deserving taking a little more to clip to see the pro ‘s and con ‘s of the criterions.

There are legion advantages to an administration in deriving ISO accreditation. The first is a decrease in operating costs through continual betterment and through reduced insurance premiums. Clearly this advantage has a high entreaty to an administration as they could potentially increase their net incomes and therefore delight the stockholders. ( Iowa State University, 2010 )

Another benefit to an administration is an betterment in their image. This can ensue in the administration being awarded more contracts and can ensue in an betterment in client keeping. ( Iowa State University, 2010 )

Now let ‘s see the cons of the ISO criterions. The first disadvantage to an administration is the cost of deriving accreditation. The cost associated with deriving accreditation stems from: buying the criterion, upgrading certification, developing employees, mensurating public presentation, enfranchisement organic structure audits and the one-year fee are all expensive for the company. ( Iowa State University, 2010 )

The procedure is besides dearly-won in footings of adult male hours because of the sum of certification and internal monitoring that is required to fulfill the criterions. ( Business and companies, 2008 )

Another job with the ISO criterions is the fact that they do non demand that a specific degree of public presentation is achieved. Administrations merely need to demo a continual betterment in each of the criterions country. This issue hence masks the degree of public presentation at which an administration is presently runing at. This makes things more complex when it comes to comparing two administrations with ISO enfranchisements.

The statement that deriving accreditation to ISO criterions is really expensive is a valid point ; the disbursal of ISO accreditation is really high ab initio ; nevertheless one time accredited the costs falls significantly to merely the one-year fees.

The cost of accreditation can be offset by the associated cost decreases and the potency of being awarded moneymaking contracts that are non accessible without ISO accreditation.

The fact that ISO criterions do non demand a specific degree of public presentation be achieved makes the whole thing instead complicated for the client. The client may believe that all companies with accreditation are runing with equal public presentation degrees. This is done to let administrations at any public presentation degree the ability to follow the criterion.

The benefit of cost decreases and increased concern in most instances will outweigh the costs of ISO accreditation. This does non intend to state it will be a benefit for all administrations ; therefore administrations believing about ISO accreditation should transport out a elaborate analysis to find whether it is worth it. ( Ehow, 2010 )

All things considered ; ISO accreditation is a good thing for administrations as the advantages usually outweigh the disadvantages ; nevertheless ISO accreditation should be considered on a instance by instance footing.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate societal duty in administrations is about placing, measuring and taking duty of the consequence their concern procedures have upon society. Administrations should seek to pull strings their concern processes so as to extinguish any negative impact upon society. ( Baker, 2010 ) .

Milton Friedman one time said that “ A corporation ‘s rule duty is to maximize returns to its stockholders. ” ( Reason, 2005 )

The thought of maximizing returns for stockholders is true of all administrations as this is what concern is all about in the eyes of the stockholder. The clients, providers and the community have different outlooks of an administration. Therefore maximizing returns should non be the chief duty of an administration ; their societal duty should be because it has the ability to delight all. Administrations can maximize their returns while following a corporate societal duty scheme as they are likely to profit from a greater public image which could ensue in more gross revenues and more net income than if they were non runing to a CSR scheme. ( Business Link, 2010 )

There are some factors that are seen to be more important than others for a company to be socially responsible.

One of the important factors is the environmental public presentation of an administration. Over the old ages environmental public presentation has become more and more of import. For illustration carbon dioxide emanations have had a damaging consequence on the Earth ‘s ozone bed. The harm to the ozone bed is irreversible and therefore administrations need to take action.

Companies should be cut downing their environmental impact as it affects the current coevals every bit good as the future coevalss. Companies should besides be cut downing their environmental impact because society at big has a greater consciousness and apprehension of environmental issues.

The company should non merely think about their ain environmental public presentation ; they should see that of their providers and subcontractors besides. There is small benefit to society of an administration being environmentally friendly if their providers have small concern for the environment. No affair how environmentally friendly an administration is ; it is merely of all time seen to be every bit good as its poorest executing provider or subcontractor. Therefore an administration and its contacts should be working together to accomplish an environmentally friendly bundle. ( Business Link, 2010 )

Another important factor that affects the societal duty of an administration is their wellness and safety public presentation. An administration must be making everything in their power to extinguish or cut down the hazards that their employees and clients etc are subjected to. It is clearly apparent that administrations who have a batch of hurts or deceases on their custodies ; is non a socially responsible company.

No favoritism of the work force is another important factor for socially responsible direction. The administration and its work force should non know apart against other people in any manner form or signifier as it will hold a damaging consequence on the morale of the full work force. The company should therefore make all in its power to supply employees and the local community with a high quality of life. ( Helium )

Other factors that signify an administrations committedness to corporate societal duty include community engagement, just trade, equality and to supply clients with a quality service/product.

Therefore it is apparent that administrations need to see their providers, clients, employees, community and the environment when traveling about their concern.

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