Social And Technological Factors Also Affect The Company Marketing Essay

Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors besides affect the company as a whole. If the Political or Economical status of the state is non strong, this can impact the concern every bit good.

Political Factors

Politicss affects the concern a batch ; because a company must follow certain regulations or ordinances ( Torahs ) made by the authorities. Creation of different Torahs depends upon the governing political party. For illustration, the terminal of Cold War has been a large alteration for arm shapers. Furthermore Political factors include authorities ordinances and legal issues and specify both formal and informal regulations under which the house must run. Some illustrations include:

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Tax policy

Employment Torahs

Environmental ordinances

Trade limitations and duties

Political stableness

Economic Factors

The economic status of the state and province has a great influence on the company patterned advance. The different economic policies, which affect concern, are


Interest rates

Currency rate

Public economic status ( either people are hapless or rich )

Inflation rate

Social Factors

Social values, beliefs, faith and civilization truly impact the concern. Business must be harmonizing to societal facets. For illustration, in Pakistan we can non sale or purchase things like vino, because it is against Islamic religion. Another illustration is of have oning trunkss by the adult females. Here it is unsocial, so we can non get down the concern of selling trunkss to adult females. Social factors include the demographic and cultural facets of the external macro environment. These factors affect client demands and the size of possible markets. Some societal factors include:

Health consciousness

Population growing rate

Age distribution

Career attitudes

Emphasis on safety

Technological Factors

The most ambitious factor for selling director is technological factor, because growing of the company depends upon the “ invention ” and for invention, the usage of new engineering is really much of import. In order to crush the rivals, an organisation must hold effectual research, planning and selling of new merchandises and for this purpose new machinery, techniques and thoughts are really much of import Technological factors can take down barriers to entry, cut down minimal efficient production degrees, and influence outsourcing determinations. Some technological factors include:

R & A ; D activity


Technology inducements

Rate of technological alteration

Porter ‘s Five Forces

The pure competition theoretical account does non show a feasible tool to measure an industry. Porter ‘s Five Forces efforts to realistically measure possible degrees of profitableness, chance and hazard based on five cardinal factors within an industry. This theoretical account may be used as a tool to better develop a strategic advantage over viing houses within an industry in a competitory and healthy environment. It identifies five forces that determine the long-term profitableness of a market or market section

Power of providers

An industry that produces goods requires natural stuffs. This leads to buyer-supplier relationships between the industry and the houses that provide the natural stuffs. Depending on where the power lies, providers may be able to exercise an influence on the bring forthing industry. They may be able to order monetary value and influence handiness. A section is unattractive when an organisation ‘s providers have the ability to:

Addition monetary values without enduring from a lessening in volume

Reduce the measure supplied

Organize in a formal or informal mode

Compete in an environment with comparatively few replacements

Supply a product/material that is a critical portion of the terminal merchandise or service

Impose exchanging costs on their clients when they depart

Integrate downstream by buying or commanding the distribution channels.

Power of purchasers

The power of purchasers describes the impact clients have on an industry. When purchaser power is strong, the relationship to the bring forthing industry becomes closer to what economic experts term a monopsony. A Monopsony is a market where there are many providers and one purchaser. Under these market conditions, the purchaser has the most influence in finding the monetary value. The dickering power of purchasers additions when they have the ability to:

Be “ organized ” in some signifier with others supplying similar merchandises and services

Buy a merchandise that represents a important fraction of the purchaser ‘s costs

Buy a merchandise that is uniform

Incur low shift costs when they change sellers

Be monetary value sensitive, with other options available

Integrate upstream, to buy the suppliers of the goods.

Barriers to entry/exit

The possibility of new houses come ining the industry impacts competition. A key is to measure how easy it is for a new participant to come in an industry. The most attractive section has high entry barriers and low issue barriers. The definable features of each industry protect profitable countries for houses and inhibit extra challengers from come ining the market. These inhibitive features are referred to as barriers to entry.

Barriers to entry are alone features to each industry. They cut down the rate of entry of new houses and, hence, maintain a degree of net incomes for current industry rivals. Barriers to entry can be created or exploited to heighten a house ‘s competitory advantage. Barriers to go out work likewise to barriers to entry, Exit barriers limit the ability of a house to go forth the market and can worsen competition unable to go forth the industry, a house must vie.

Substitute merchandises

Porter ‘s Five Forces theoretical account refers to “ replace merchandises ” as those merchandises that are available in other industries that meet an indistinguishable or similar demand for the terminal user. As more replacements become available and low-cost, the demand becomes more elastic since clients have more options. Substitute merchandises may restrict the ability of houses within an industry to raise monetary values and better borders.


Firms strive to procure a competitory advantage over their challengers. The strength of competition varies within each industry and these differences can be of import in the development of scheme. For illustration, the strength of competition is increased by the undermentioned industry features:

Numerous rivals that are peculiarly strong or aggressive that are viing for the same clients and resources

Worsening gross revenues grosss and volumes ensuing in slow market growing, making the demand to actively contend for market portion

High fixed costs result in an economic system of scale consequence

High storage costs or extremely perishable merchandises

Plant capacity is being added, over and above what is needed to run into demand

Low shift costs for purchasers

Low degrees of merchandise distinction

Strategic bets are high when a house is losing market place or has possible for great additions

High issue barriers place a important cost on abandoning the merchandise.

Discuss and Propose Segmentation Criteria to be used for any of two merchandises of the above company in different markets ( Pass )

Market Cleavage: -Market cleavage divides market into smaller units that can be reached more expeditiously and efficaciously. Market cleavage is divided into four groups.

Geographic Cleavage

Geographic cleavage is spliting the market into different geographical groups e.g. states, parts, metropoliss, towns ‘ etc World part or state ( Europe, Middle East, India, China, Pakistan )

Demographic Cleavage

Demographic cleavage is spliting the market into groups based on variables such as age, gender, household size, household life rhythm, income business, instruction, faith and nationality.

Age: -Consumer demands and wants alteration with age. Companies offer different merchandises for different age groups e.g. Johnson ‘s babe lotion for childs, drama Stationss for adolescent age ‘s etc

Gender: -Gender cleavage is spliting the market into different groups based on gender e.g. apparels for males and females etc

Income: -Income cleavage is spliting the market into different income groups. Sellers produce merchandises and services for different income segmented groups such as car industry, boats, vesture ‘s etc

Psychographic Cleavage

Psychographic cleavage is spliting a market into different groups based on societal category life manner or personality feature.

Behavioral Cleavage

Behavioral cleavage is spliting a market into groups based on consumer cognition, attitude, uses ( possible users/non users ) or their response to a merchandise.


Is spliting the market into groups harmonizing to juncture when purchasers get the thought to purchase, really make their purchase or utilize the purchased point e.g. orange juice is most frequently consumed at interruption fast but orange juice makers have promoted imbibing orange juice as a cool and reviewing drink at other times of the twenty-four hours.


The underside of the pizza, called the “ crust ” , may change widely harmonizing to manner thin as in a typical hand-tossed pizza, or midst as in a typical pan pizza or deep pan pizza It is traditionally apparent, but may besides be seasoned with garlic, or herbs, or stuffed with cheese.

In Domino ‘s, pizza can be baked in an oven above the heat beginning, an electric deck oven, a conveyer belt oven or, in the instance of more expensive eating houses, a wood- or coal-burning oven. On deck ovens, the pizza can be slid into the oven on a long paddle, called a Peel, and baked straight on the hot oven or baked on a screen ( a unit of ammunition metal grating, typically aluminium ) . Another option is grilled pizza in which the crust is baked straight on a barbeque grill.

Each ingredient used in the pizzas has a different value and a different demand and all these ingredients are value added characteristics. This differentiates dominos from other local pizza parlours in Pakistan.

Demographic Cleavage:

Age: Attracts kids ( 6-15 ) , adolescents and immature grownups ( 16-22 ) , and general grownups.

Family facet is the footing of dominos. It got strong facets about households sing it.

Income: Income Degree: This is besides an of import variable on which cleavage can be carried out. Peoples belonging to the lower income groups can non afford to purchase dominos pizza will aim that section whose income puts them in the upper center and higher income groups.

Social Class: dominos caters to the upper- upper center to middle upper societal category.

Occasionss: Birthday Parties, Get together.


Free bringing and take away counters have eased that service that dominos offers. This changes the mentality and satisfies client ‘s demands on clip.

Overall if we see, the distinction is all on quality and hygiene and this provides the best value for the client ‘s money. A benefit of the hygienic factor and delectability is the quality that dominos has offered through out.

Psychographic Cleavage:

Life StyleSocial Class: Buyers are divided into different groups based on societal category and life manner. Many consumers live a simple life manner and belong to lower and in-between category ; they do n’t pass on purchasing pizza. So dominos should aim that section populating a high category life and can afford to purchase pizza.

Behavioral Cleavage:

Juncture: The other section can be of regular occasions, which includes parties and acquire together.

Foreigners: This can be an of import section for dominos because those who come from abroad are really trade name witting.


Domino ‘s Sandwiches are a widely popular type of tiffin nutrient, typically taken to work or school, or field daies to be eaten as portion of a jammed tiffin. They by and large contain a combination of salad veggies meat, cheese, and a assortment of sauces or savory spreads. The staff of life can be used as it is, or it can be coated with any condiments to heighten spirit and texture. They are widely sold in dominos mercantile establishments.

Geographic Cleavage:

Regions: Normally people prefer to eat sandwich. So dominos can section the market on the footing of people gustatory sensation.

Cities: Consumption of sandwiches is more in the big metropoliss as compared to the little metropoliss or town due to assorted factors such as income and instruction degree. dominos should concentrate more on doing its sandwiches available in the metropoliss where people are willing and able to purchase.

Demographic Cleavage:

Age: dominos can easy aim assorted age groups. The most of import of these groups are kids and immature peoples. For kids it can present club sandwiches with extra nutritionary contents such as cheese and minerals. For older people it already has salad sandwiches. A smaller section can be of the people who are aging. These people can be convinced that the sandwiches will assist their diet remain healthy ( particularly adult females ) .

Gender: It will be really good to aim working adult females and work forces. If they are convinced that the sandwiches will be good for their wellness during working hr specially in tight working agenda.

Income and business: People will purchase sandwiches when they have adequate pecuniary resources. Dominos should aim people in the higher income groups. Peoples with bluish neckband occupations can be targeted by stating them that the sandwiches will assist them in their day-to-day modus operandi. Life rhythm phase can besides be of import because households with younger childs will desire to purchase sandwiches.

Psychographic cleavage:

Social category and life manner: Peoples belonging to the higher societal categories tend to pass more on luxuries as compared to people in the lower categories. Such people can be easy targeted as they are really wellness witting. dominos can press these people ( along with diet witting ) to purchase their line of diet sandwiches.

Discuss any two factors which influence the pick of aiming scheme ( Pass )

Target Market Selection

Target selling seamsters a selling mix for one or more sections identified by market cleavage. Target selling contrasts with mass selling, which offers a individual merchandise to the full market. Two of import factors to see when choosing a mark market section are the attraction of the section and the tantrum between the section and the house ‘s aims, resources, and capablenesss.

Attractiveness of a Market Segment

The followers are some illustrations of facets that should be considered when measuring the attraction of a market section:

Size of the section ( figure of clients and/or figure of units )

Growth rate of the section

Competition in the section

Brand trueness of bing clients in the section

Attainable market portion given promotional budget and rivals ‘ outgos

Required market portion to interrupt even

Gross saless potency for the house in the section

Expected net income borders in the section

Market research and analysis is instrumental in obtaining this information. For illustration, purchaser purposes, gross revenues force estimations, trial selling, and statistical demand analysis are utile for finding gross revenues possible. The impact of applicable micro-environmental and macro-environmental variables on the market section should be considered.

Suitability of Market Segments to the Firm

Market sections besides should be evaluated harmonizing to how they fit the house ‘s aims, resources, and capablenesss. Some facets of fit include:

Whether the house can offer superior value to the clients in the section

The impact of functioning the section on the house ‘s image

Entree to distribution channels required to function the section

The house ‘s resources vs. capital investing required to function the section

The better the house ‘s tantrum to a market section and the more attractive the market section, the greater the net income potency to the house.

Target Market Strategies

There are several different mark market schemes that may be followed. Targeting schemes normally can be categorized as one of the followers:

Single-segment scheme: -Is besides known as a concentrated scheme. One market section ( non the full market ) is served with one selling mix. A single-segment attack frequently is the scheme of pick for smaller companies with limited resources.

Selective specialisation: -This is a multiple-segment scheme which is besides known as a differentiated scheme. Different selling mixes are offered to different sections. The merchandise itself may or may non be different in many instances merely the promotional message or distribution channels vary.

Merchandise specialisation: -The house specializes in a peculiar merchandise and seamsters it to different market sections.

Market specialisation: -The house specializes in functioning a peculiar market section and offers that section an array of different merchandises.

Full market coverage: -The house attempts to function the full market. This coverage can be achieved by agencies of either a mass market scheme in which a individual uniform selling mix is offered to the full market, or by a differentiated scheme in which a separate selling mix is offered to each section.

Discuss how purchaser behaviour affects marketing activities in different state of affairss in visible radiation of the assigned companies ( Pass )

Buyer Behavior

In add-on to understanding the demands of your clients, you besides need to understand what motivates them to buy, and how you can act upon the purchasing procedure to guarantee that your merchandises or services are on the shopping list.

Understanding your clients will assist you to develop and administer your merchandise, every bit good as acquiring the right monetary value point and developing successful promotional activities. The psychological science of the purchasing procedure has been widely studied, and no affair what size your concern, cognition of this procedure can assist you go more successful.

Both concerns and consumers exhibit forms of purchasing behaviour. The concern theoretical account is less unfastened to debate as your concern clients will about surely have some formalistic procedure of purchasing in topographic point. Your undertaking is to understand the procedure and fit your selling activities to the different phases of the procedure. This means that the client will have the right sort of contact at the right clip.

Selling in Domino ‘s:

Selling is based on the rule of client satisfaction. This is the foundation for the environmental selling attack of dominos. Environmental merchandise claims in advertisement, promotional stuff and on packaging are in conformity with legal demands, based on solid scientific grounds and used in a serious and sensible mode. Their purpose is to minimise wastage in communicating, promotion and promotional stuff, in peculiar through more precise targeting of selling activities. Consumer publicities and trading stuff such as consumer offers, in shop publicities, display stuff, cusps, printed affair, etc. take environmental facets into history. This means due consideration of environmental impact in choosing both stuffs and publishing methods. In distribution, energy efficient and pollution controlled methods are encouraged wherever possible.

The attraction of ads may pull consumers

Strong trade name image besides help in pulling clients that influence their purchasing behaviour.

Quality of merchandise its monetary value & A ; packaging besides influence purchasers behavior

The distribution channels, the arrangement of merchandises besides influence the behaviour.

3.1 Describe how merchandises are developed to prolong competitory advantages.

Now a twenty-four hours ‘s engineering is bettering so as baking and warming ovens will be of new and efficient engineering and will supply efficient service. Due to new engineering there are new ways of selling like cyberspace ; teleselling and the organisation can publicize their merchandises with much more faster gait. Computer based client informations that is MIS ( pull offing information system ) helps in roll uping client informations, day-to-day minutess, future prediction and determination devising. New vehicles will do their service more efficient.

Domino’z pizza is the market leader in supplying different merchandises of pizzas as there are many rivals in this sector. There good image makes the organisation more strong. Domino’z pizza is supplying good gustatory sensation, quality merchandises with qualified staff, good ambiance and hygienic environment. They are specialized in pizzas. Motivation degree of staff is really high which make the organisation more comfortable. They are ISO ( International Standard Organization ) certified. They have adequate resources for runing different activities of the organisation. They are supplying free place bringing service. Another large Strength and even a Competitive Advantage is the fact that they have a full service eating house every bit good as bringing services. Most of Domino’z pizza ‘s rivals do non hold eating houses. Because of the eating house, Domino’z pizza can market excessively many different sections that other pizza ironss can non.

However, the fact that Domino’z pizza does hold a eating house to run is besides a failing. Domino’z pizza has higher operating expense costs, due to the eating house that other rivals do n’t hold to cover with. Another consequence of higher operating expense costs is higher monetary values Domino’z pizza must bear down. Obviously, Domino’z pizza is non the low cost manufacturer. They rely on their quality pizza and good service to account for their higher monetary values. They are supplying less scope of merchandises relatively with high monetary values. They are more focussed on Western gustatory sensation alternatively of Eastern.

New markets can be explored and new chances they can derive. Domino’z pizza can come up with the new merchandises sing the Eastern gustatory sensation of the people as similar McDonalds. Diversification of new merchandises can increase their market portion. They can cut down their monetary values because of more resources.

3.2 Explain how distribution is arranged to supply client convenience


It refers to the best topographic point to offer plan. That is the topographic point where it is located and through what channels are we administering plans and the competitory advantage lies in distribution. The Domino’z pizza Islamabad is situated in bluish area.. Second the catchment country is of a specified minimal size and within a given thrust clip to the site.

Distribution The type of distribution channel used by Domino’z pizza is the direct channel. The direct channel is successful when there is an highly big market that is geographically dispersed. The direct channel is besides utile when there are a big figure of purchasers, but a little sum purchased by each.

Domino’z pizza uses three different methods of selling its merchandises straight to the market.

The first method of distribution used by Domino’z pizza is Home. Office bringing. Customers can name Domino’z pizza in front of clip, topographic point an order, and the order is delivered to the client ‘s place.

Another method of distribution is for clients to dine-in. Customers can travel to the nearest Domino’z pizza, topographic point an order and either leave with the order or eat at the eating house. One of Domino’z pizza ‘s largest competitory advantages is its restaurant manner installation. Domino’z pizza offers a clean topographic point to sit down and bask the assortment of pizzas, salads, and sandwiches in a merriment, household atmosphere.

The 3rd method of distribution is to order Online. Selective County Customers can now travel on the Internet and topographic point an order for Pizza. This method is utile because it allows clients to see the full bill of fare, download any particular vouchers, and order without holding to unwrap any recognition card Numberss.

3.3 Explain how monetary values are set to reflect an organisations nonsubjective and market conditions.

Pricing Scheme

The degree of competition a concern faces determines its pricing scheme. Sometimes a concern has the range to put its monetary value and sometimes a concern can non. When a concern has the range to put its monetary value there is a figure of pricing schemes or policies it might take. As there are no such rivals of Domino’z pizza which could vie with the quality of pizza produced at Domino’z pizza, hence, the pricing scheme adopted by Domino’z pizza is ‘market planing ‘ . Domino’z pizza has adopted this pricing scheme as they want to keep maximal portion of the market by maximal net income. This is a aureate epoch for Domino’z pizza, as there are no rivals and hence, Domino’z pizza is free to bear down any monetary value they want. They are bear downing higher monetary values due to the singularity of the merchandise. They satisfy the mark market as the nutrient quality is worth the monetary value paid. The pricing scheme is non merely to acquire the worth of quality but besides to derive maximal net incomes before any rival enters because so Domino’z pizza will hold to alter its pricing scheme. Although the monetary values would be lowered with the new entrants in the market but non to a greater extent as the quality nutrient merchandises are non home-produced. They are imported from different states maintaining in position the best


3.4 Illustrate how promotional activity is integrated to accomplish selling aims

Promotional Activity

This forced rivals to look for new methods of increasing their client bases. Many pizza ironss decided to diversify and offer new non-pizza points such as Buffalo wings, and Italian cheese staff of life. The current tendency in pizza ironss today is the same. They all try to come up with some newer, bigger, better, pizza for a low monetary value. Offering particular publicities and new pizza fluctuations are popular today as good. For illustration, poulet is now a common topping found on pizzas.

In the yesteryear, Domino’z pizza has ever had the first mover advantage. Their selling scheme in the yesteryear has ever been to be foremost. One of their chief schemes that they still follow today is the variegation of the merchandises they offer. Domino’z pizza is ever adding something new to their bill of fare, seeking to make new markets. For illustration, in 1992 the celebrated counter was launched in Domino’z pizza eating houses worldwide. They were seeking to offer many different nutrient points for clients who did n’t needfully desire pizza.

Another scheme they used in the yesteryear and are still utilizing is the variegation of their pizzas. Domino’z pizza is ever seeking to come up with some advanced manner to do a pizza into something somewhat different – different plenty that clients will believe it ‘s a whole new merchandise. For illustration, allow ‘s expression at some of the pizzas Domino’z pizza has marketed in the yesteryear. In 1989, Domino’z pizza introduced their Pan Pizza, which had a warrant of being ready to eat in 5 proceedingss when dining at Domino’z pizza eating houses. In 1994, they introduced the “ Bigfoot, ” which was two square pess of pizza cut into 21 pieces. In 1995, they introduced “ Stuffed Crust Pizza, ” where the crust would be filled with cheese. In 1997, they marketed “ The Edge, ” which had cheese and toppings all the manner to the border of the pizza. Presently, they are marketing “ The Big New Yorker, ” seeking to convey the celebrated New York manner pizza to the whole state.

3.5 Analyze the extra elements of the drawn-out selling mix


The employees in Domino’z pizza have a standard uniform and Domino’z pizza specially focuses on friendly and prompt service to its clients from their employees. The employees are portion clip workers and full clip workers ( non a policy ) . The aprons of the employees separate them as Domino’z pizza workers.


The nutrient fabrication procedure at Domino’z pizza is crystalline and concealed ( the whole procedure is non seeable to the clients ) .

Physical Evidence

Domino’z pizza focuses on clean and hygienic insides of its mercantile establishments and at the same clip the insides are attractive and the Pizza maintains a proper etiquette at its articulations.

The design, trappings, illuming, layout and ornament of the Pizza concatenation every bit good as the visual aspect and attitudes of its employees will act upon client perceptual experiences of the service quality and experiences. Now another constituent of the service experience can be the Eviction Model which illustrates the assorted unseeable and seeable factors which influence the client ‘s experience.

4.1 Recommend selling mixes for two different sections in consumer markets


Main sections which Domino’z pizza has captured are the combination of higher incomes and double calling households, due to higher income consumer have more disposable income, leting them to eat out more frequently.

Domino’z pizza holds the most market portion in the Pizza industry, the sensed quality and service of the company will assist to guarantee a better the mean opportunity at a successful debut of a new merchandise. The debut of a merchandise that keeps with today tendencies is besides of import to cut down the hazard of failure.

Domino’z pizza maximal market section is younger coevalss. These coevals ranges from 12 to 30, the overall disbursement of these coevalss is largely on non indispensable points, the higher sum of disbursement has been done on eating out.

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