Social Media Essay

In this current generation, teenagers in high school spend more time on the computer more than anything else. Teenagers do have priorities and I’m pretty sure everyone else can understand that. But if Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Mocospace, and other social media websites become their number one priority; that’s where the conflict begins. A typical student in high school has at least one social media account that they constantly check throughout the day; maybe two based on popularity. Soon, grades will start to fall, cyber bulling erupts, feelings starts to get hurt, jealousy starts to kick in, basically, everything that a normal high school student will have to put up with will be maximized.

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The time used on social media websites is valuable time that can be used to get better in school. Social media websites will soon become more important than studying because it’s more interesting to get involved in. Two hours and twenty minutes a day on average spent online, teenagers love to stay updated in the current dram in the social world. They will voluntarily check their newsfeed every few minutes just to stay informed. Social media is to teenagers just as News Channel 5 is to adults. That’s where all the current events will get broadcasts. Eventually, five minutes used to check their account will turn to one hour because they can’t afford to miss any information. That one hour in the social world can be used to study for one of the most important exam of the year or even extra credit for those who need it. But as always, social media became their number one priority and it will hurt them in the long run.

In high school, everybody’s dream is to become popular. Once an individual become popular, everything is in their favor: increased chances to win homecoming or prom king/queen, more friends, just more attention overall. Same goes for social media. Every teenager’s goal on Instagram or Twitter is to gain more followers; become Instagram or Twitter famous. They will do anything they possibly can to become famous, including cyber bullying. One will bully somebody else just because they have fewer followers than them or their photos aren’t getting as many likes as them. Cyber bullying has the same effect as bullying in person. Bullying can lead to low self-esteem, depression, or worst case scenario, suicide.

A typical high school student worries about pimples in the morning, getting the latest pair of shoes, or what they’re wearing to prom. But the main worry should be their social media account. Everything that is put on their internet stays on there and will never be deleted. It’s on there for the entire world to see, privacy is no longer a factor. Anybody can find the information on the user’s profile and create another account as you; “Catfishing.” Now at the age of 15, 16, 17 or 18, the high school student has to worry about exams, relationships, college, and somebody who is claiming to be them over the internet.

I personally believe that high school students shouldn’t participate in social media activates because it will distract them from their success. It will take their attention off what’s really important and people may end up getting hurt in the long run, including themself.

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Niemer, Ellen. “Teenagers and Social Media.” How to connect with—and protect—your kids online (2013): n.pag. ALIVE PUBLISHING GROUP. Web. 15 Sep 2013.

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