Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited Marketing Essay


Sony Corporation ( normally referred to as Sony ) is a transnational company holding its central offices located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It was found on May 7, 1946 by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka and is now one of the universe ‘s largest media corporations holding grosss transcending 78.88 billion U.S. dollars. Sony has presently employed 170,000 employees all over the universe.

Sony is one of the taking manufacturers and makers of electronics, communications, picture, information engineering merchandises, and picture games console for the professional and consumer markets.

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Sony Ericsson is a joint venture established on the 1st October, 2001 between the Sony Corporation and the largest Swedish telecommunication company ‘Ericsson ‘ to fabricate nomadic phones. The chief ground for this amalgamation was to unite Ericsson ‘s technological leading with Sony ‘s consumer electronics expertness. Both the companies have now stopped doing their ain nomadic phones.


Sony Group surely does hold a common mission that welds their merchandise and service portfolio together. Sony is plants to make value for its employees and clients, and improves the quality of life for the following coevals with its inventions. They ever seek new attacks to better on their ability to accomplish both sustainable growing and net income.



Sony obtains assorted parts and stuffs for its merchandises from a figure of providers worldwide. Sony ‘s world-wide procurance activities evidently require a smooth relationship with the providers based on cooperation and common trust. Therefore, Sony places more importance on making such relationships with the providers. Sony believes that it has to be a good spouse with its providers in order to supply extremely appealing merchandises that satisfy the demands of the clients, and to be good corporate citizens through such activities as green procurance.


The major replacements for Sony merchandises are other electronics manufactured by companies like Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sanyo, Apple and many others depending on what merchandise is being offered. Some trade names are relatively rather cheaper for certain electronic merchandises and are besides capable of run intoing the demands of the clients and work out the intent. But for those who are after engineering and are trade name overzealous, Sony offers a diverse scope of merchandises.


A smattering of companies are seeking to set up them by offering a lower monetary value for the similar merchandise. Threat of new entrants into the electronics industry is non a large issue, because big graduated table is necessary and therefore big capital investings are required. Hence, these companies are non sharply seeking to spread out because large participants like Sony are already good established in this market.


Sony has a big mark market runing from Students to aged people belonging to every income bracket. In footings of merchandise, the major purchasing influences for a client are the merchandise monetary value, client service and merchandise guarantee and lastingness. In most instances the purchaser will be the terminal user and hence the client ‘s friends, household and work co-workers can be considered purchasing influencers as their sentiments will keep weight with the purchaser. For corporate user, whosoever is the proficient caput of the section can be considered as the purchasing influencer. Sony is continuously consides their client ‘s point of view and works difficult on bettering client satisfaction worldwide.


The industry depends extremely on demand from the computing machine industry and makers of telecommunications merchandises such as cell phones, which does vary from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. Some companies are successful in bring forthing standard parts at low cost or by bring forthing extremely specialised constituents. Small companies can vie efficaciously with big 1s by developing new applications or bring forthing specialized merchandises. Technological expertness is besides of import. The industry is capital-intensive where mean one-year gross per employee is about $ 300,000.

Listed below, are some sectors where Sony competes in:

Consumer Electronicss


Computer Hardware

Computer Peripherals

Projectors and Computer Displays

Imaging equipment and printing

By and large the rivals are companies like Hitachi, LG electronics, Samsung, Sanyo, Panasonic, Toshiba, Phillips, Sharp, Pioneer.


Social influence

Sony stepped into the amusement market by fabricating the Sony Walkman which was utilizing cassettes or tapes and followed by the Discmans. Initially there were many Piracy concerns. It really introduced a new market for the portable amusement system. Sony became a family name/brand. It helped the ‘Playstation ‘ name to lift and make the phase it is right now. It besides made Journalism much more efficient.

Sony ‘s societal part activity focuses on scientific discipline instruction, humanistic disciplines, civilization and music. In 2005, Sony spent around 4.2 billion Hankerings on societal activities and about 30,000 Sony Group employees from 21 states participated in these voluntary activities.

Economic Influences

Sony, being one of the universe ‘s largest corporations and among the most of import makers of consumer electronics, it has taken rather a whipping at the custodies of the economic crisis that ‘s harrying our universe as we speak and Sony ‘s income has well decreased by about by 71.8 % . After taking into history all the revenue enhancements, the operating income decreased 78.1 % . One of the factors doing this lessening in runing income was a more than 40 billion Hankerings impact from the diminution in the Nipponese stock market on the Financial Services section. Therefore, Sony recorded equity in net loss of 1.6 billion Hankerings for Sony Ericsson, compared to equity in net income of 21.1 billion Hankerings in the same twelvemonth. Whereas, In the Gaming section, gross revenues increased by 10.3 % , chiefly as a consequence of a rise in the figure of PSP and PLAYSTATION 3 consoles sold. And in the Pictures section, there was a 3.4 % addition in gross revenues due to higher gesture image grosss.

The economic environment consists of factors that affect the buying power and disbursement forms of the consumers. Sony considers its merchandise monetary values and quality before the launch of its merchandises. For illustration ; the purchasing power in Europe and North America is well more than the 3rd universe states.

Technological Influences

Technological betterments are taking topographic point at a rapid gait in the universe of electronics and the same are being applied to the merchandises every bit good. Sony has been at the taking border of for many old ages, winning awards for its advanced engineering. Despite the handiness of lower priced options, Sony continues to be the preferable trade name for its consumers due to rapid technological promotion. Sony ‘s digital engineering offers entire solutions to consumers from bantam, portable media-storage devices to Sony pressmans and Vaio computing machines. Technological environment being the most dramatic of all the environments, the alterations in engineering are so rapid that no 1 can foretell it. Sony is a engineering dependent company. So maintaining an oculus on the engineering and being ever in front of the rivals is a critical function for Sony ‘s endurance.

Political Environment

The political environment consists of authorities bureaus, Torahs, legal issues and force per unit area groups that influence the organisations and persons in a given society. Sony has to take permission from Government and other governments before it performs aggregate production of a merchandise for a state or a part.

Demographic Environment

Demography is the survey of human populations in footings of size, location, denseness, gender, age, business, race etc. For a company like Sony who has different merchandises for different ages need to maintain a close oculus on the demographic environment.

Natural environment

Natural environment are the natural resources that are needed as inputs by the sellers or that which are affected by marketing activities. Certain tendencies like increasing authorities intercession deficit of natural stuffs and increasing pollution autumn in such class.

Cultural Environment

The cultural environment is made up of establishments and other forces that affect a society ‘s basic values, behaviors, perceptual experiences and penchants. Technology alterations from part to part. Keeping in front of it and taking advantage of it is a successful company ‘s chief docket.

SONY Merchandise

The first market program component is Product. A merchandise is anything that can be offered to a market for attending, acquisition, usage or ingestion that might fulfill a demand or a want. Product determination is by and large based on Brand Name, Functionality, Quality, Styling, Safety, Repairs, Packaging and Support, accoutrements, guarantee and Services. These merchandise properties can be manipulated depending on what the mark market wants. The clients ever look for new and improved things and that is why sellers should better bing merchandises, develop new 1s, and stop old 1s that are no longer needed by the client. Sony has a assortment of merchandises runing from electronic devices, amusement and games.

So, briefly Sony merchandises can be categorized in the undermentioned major merchandise classs:

Television and Projectors

Home picture

Home Audio

Home Theatre system

Digital Photography

Hand Cam picture camera

Computer Peripheral

Portable Audio


In-Car amusement

Mobile phones

Storage and Recording media

Batteries and Charger

Other Accessories

Television and Projectors

In the class of telecasting and projector, Sony has farther divided its merchandises in different theoretical accounts, manner and public presentation.

In this class we have designs which are:

Bravia LCD Television

CRT Television

Home Theatre rear Projector Television

Business Projector

Public Display Panel

Home Video

In this class, Sony has tried to convey in new format so as to rule the market, for illustration the emerging informations storage format called Blue- beam has been launched. Besides, the devices which can be used to run such a latest storage engineering have been launched. In these classs, Sony has included place picture systems and accoutrements which can enable the user to enter assorted favorite Television plans.

These merchandises include:

Blue-ray phonograph record participant

DVD participant

DVD portable participant

Home Audio

Depending on the client demands, use and budget, Sony has provided several place merchandises runing from little bundles to large audio systems. They boast on their engineering which delivers rich music. Among other characteristics which Sony self-praise to offer are like, multiple phonograph record modifiers. Besides, some extra characteristics such as the ability to manage multiple formats, path scheduling, repetition and random drama is besides available.

The place sound merchandises categorized by Sony are:

High-fidelity Systems

Home sound accoutrements

Home Theatre System

Sony has tried to unite the latest picture and audio engineerings. Sony has developed a series of Home Theatre Systems that provides clients with an enhanced place theater experience like the environment sound.

In this class, Sony has categorized the merchandises as:

DVD Home Theatre System

Home Theatre Component System

Home Theatre System Accessories

Digital Photography

In footings of digital picture taking, Sony has been a successful manufacturer of assortment of imaging devices depending on the users and their professions. For person who is fond of picture taking and is truly enthusiastic about it or a professional, there are cameras with advanced characteristics like digital SLR camera. And besides they have produced exposure pressmans and frames.

The sub-categories of Digital picture taking are:

Digital SLR

Cybershot Digicam

Photo Printer ( Digital )

Photograph Frame ( Digital )

Handy Cam Video Camera

Sony has produced a assortment of picture camera for domestic or corporate usage. A assortment of this handycam picture camera is easy to utilize as from bring forthing household picture, developing feature movies or bring forthing documental movies.

The subcategories of these ready to hand Cam picture cameras produced by Sony are as follows:

Handycam high definition picture Camera

Handycam Standard Definition Video Camera

Handycam Accessories

Digital Photo Printer

Digital Photo Frame

Computer and Peripherals

Uniting signifier, map and the latest engineering, Sony provides a scope of IT and calculating devices and services. In footings of computing machines, Sony has produced a assortment of laptops with different monetary value scopes and public presentation to run into the needs/wants of the users like place users, pupils and corporate people.

The sub-categories of these are:

VAIO laptops and computing machines

VAIO accoutrements

Business Projectors

Memory Stick

Portable Audio

Sony has produced a batch of assorted assortments of portable audio systems whose chief mark are the young person of this coevals.

The sub-categories of these portable sound produced by Sony are:

Walkman mp3 series

Cadmium Walkman series

CD/Radio/Cassette participant


Voice recording equipment

Audio Accessories


Sony offers games of all types to fulfill client ‘s gambling penchant. Besides, Sony has produced Powerful consoles which are accompanied with compelling games.

The games produced by Sony include:

Playstation 3

Playstation 2

PSP ( Playstation Portable )

Mobile Telephones

With Sony Ericsson, Sony has produced a assortment of nomadic phones for different people, budget, life style, use and profession. Besides a assortment of nomadic phone accoutrements have been manufactured by Sony so that client can titivate up their nomadic phone ‘s visual aspect, forestall them from harm, or better its use.

Among the subcategories are:


Telephone Accessories

In-Car Entertainment

Different in-car amusement merchandises have been produced by Sony. Apart from the normal auto wireless and CD changer devices, Sony has produced more entertaining devices to see different media like picture and telecasting. Among the merchandises subcategorized in this class are as follows:

Xplod Cadmium Receiver

Xplod in Car Visual

Xplod Cassette Receiver

Xplod Amplifier

Xplod Speaker/Subwoofer

Storage and Recording Media

Sony has developed a scope of dependable entering media and storage options that clients can depend on for recording, hive awaying or reassigning their information. These merchandises have those media to hive away a big sum of informations for good or those devices which can be used to hive away little sum of informations for transportation.

The sub- classs of these merchandises include:

Memory Stick

USB storage devices

Data storage devices

Video Storage devices

Audio media devices

Professional media

Battery and Charger

Sony has a scope of batteries that are durable and offer maximal power for optimal public presentation, doing certain that the client will ne’er be left hanging during the most important clip.

It is clear from the above listed broad scope of merchandises that sony has to offer, PS3


Decisions with regard to distribution channel focal point on doing the merchandise available in equal measures at topographic points where clients are usually expected to shop. Depending on the nature of the merchandise, selling direction decides to set into topographic point an sole, selective or intensive web of distribution, while choosing the appropriate traders, retail merchants or jobbers.

Sony being the company which places itself as a marketer of lasting and high-end merchandises is practising selective distribution of its merchandises. Apart from this there are grey-markets in the UAE and other states where a pattern of intensive market coverage is practiced, and the merchandises in these sort of markets usually do non posses all the characteristics and benefits which Sony offers e.g. guarantee and warrant.

Through the Internet, Sony has helped its clients to happen the nearest retail store where they can purchase the Sony merchandises. All you have to make is to come in their web site and stipulate the merchandise and the location. Sony distributes its merchandises in assorted channels. In the UAE, Sony has used the method of one-level distribution channel. This means that, client bargains their Sony merchandise from the retail merchants recognized by Sony, and these retail merchants buy the merchandises from the company straight.


Pricing determinations are about ever made in audience with selling direction.

Monetary value is the lone selling mix variable that can be changed rapidly. Price variables such as trader monetary value, allowances, price reductions, retail monetary value, recognition footings etc. act upon the development of selling scheme, as monetary value is a major factor that influences clients.

Customers straight relate monetary value to quality, peculiarly in instance of merchandises that are engineering based. Sony being a company which emphasizes merchandise quality tends to sell its merchandises with monetary value scope from moderately-high to high-prices, depending on the usage and the mark market.


The name Sony stands out among planetary trade names and dominates its class in the same manner that Coca-Cola does in the soft-drink market or Levi ‘s does in denims. In the consumer electronics market, Sony is the most recognized trade name. Despite the outgrowth of South Korean and Chinese trade names over the past 15 old ages, offering consumers a wider pick than of all time before, Sony continues to project itself as a really strong trade name. It represents up-to-date engineering and merchandises that most people aspire to have. Sony ‘s Sri Lankan market presence, and its development and incursion over about 50 old ages, has been mostly due to its strategic concern partnership with Siedles – a company that has placed Sony at the head of the consumer-electronics market. Siedles has to a great extent invested in trade name development, supported by advanced advertisement runs. In the audio-video section, Sri Lankan consumers have keen gustatory sensations – and they understand modern engineering. In the digital universe, Sony ‘s diverse merchandise scope covering Television, digital cameras and portable radios/stereos has made its grade – and the Sony trade name continues to be a strong front-runner among Sri Lankan consumers. Whereas engineering is valued really extremely in the market place, consumers besides like the after-sales service and the path record of the company behind the merchandise. Recognizing this as a precedence, Siedles invested more in set uping a modern service Centre to complement Sony ‘s high-level trade name image. Today, this ‘state of the art ‘ Centre is what sets the trade name apart in Sri Lanka. With technicians trained by the Sony group, guaranting that merely echt Sony spare parts are used, the Siedles Service Centre is the lone one by Sony to mend its merchandises in Sri Lanka.


Sony has about 50 companies affiliated to it, with over 20 companies within Japan itself.

iˆ Sony Bank Inc.

iˆ Sony Broadband Solutions Corporation

iˆ Sony Broadcast Media Co. , Ltd

iˆ Sony Chemical & A ; Information Device Corporation

iˆ Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

iˆ Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. ,

iˆ Sony Digital Network Applications Inc.

iˆ Sony Disc & A ; Digital Solutions Inc.

iˆ Sony EMCS Corporation.

iˆ Sonny Assurance

iˆ Sony Manufacturing Systems Corporation

iˆ Sony Marketing ( Japan ) Inc.

iˆ Sony Music Communications Inc.

iˆ Sony Music Distribution ( Japan ) Inc.

iˆ Sony Music Entertainment ( Japan ) Inc.

iˆ Sony Energy Device Corporation.

iˆ Sony Engineering Corporation

iˆ Sony Enterprise Co. , Ltd.

iˆ Sony Facility Management Corporation

iˆ Sony Finance International, Inc.

iˆ Sony Financial Holdings, Inc.

iˆ Sony Global Solutions Inc.

iˆ Sony Human Capital Corporation.

Sony Institute of Higher Education Shohoku College

Sony Life Insurance Co. , Ltd.

iˆ Sony LSI Design Inc.

iˆ Sony Americas Holding, Inc

iˆ Sony Australia Ltd.

iˆ Sony Benelux B.V.

iˆ Sony Berlin G.m.b.H.


iˆ Sony BMG Music Entertainment


iˆ Sony Brasil Ltda.

iˆ Sony Broadband Entertainment Inc.

iˆ Sony Capital Corporation

iˆ Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

iˆ Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited.

iˆ Sony de Mexico S.A. de C.V.

iˆ Sony Deutschland G.m.b.H.

iˆ Sony Device Technology ( Thailand ) Co. , Ltd.

iˆ Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

iˆ Sony Electronics Inc.

iˆ Sony Electronics ( Singapore ) Pte. Ltd.

iˆ Sony Korea Corporation

iˆ Sony Latin America Inc.

iˆ Sony Magnetic Products Inc. of America

iˆ Sony Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

iˆ Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.

iˆ Sony Corporation of Panama, S. A.

iˆ Sony ( China ) Limited

iˆ Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.



One of Sony ‘s greatest strengths is their ability to bring forth high quality advanced merchandises.

Personal computer World published the most Advanced Merchandises for the Year 2006. Sony ‘s Reader was listed at figure six and Sony ‘s PlayStation was at figure 16. Sony Corporation has managed to be a competitory and a powerful organisation by larning from its failures in the yesteryear. Sony states the followers: “ Sony has learnt much from old unsuccessful merchandises. The Sony MSX place computing machine, for illustration, did non achieve a satisfactory degree of success. But the Sony development applied scientists did come to cognize about the valuable know-how that would be applied in future. In consequence, these applied scientists became living resources, stand foring latent power within Sony that did non be in other AV companies ” .

Strength of Sony is their ability to be successful in rather a batch different markets. They have made an impact on the picture game market, the Personal computer market, and more significantly in the telecasting market and there are still many others.


Sony ‘s biggest and most recent failing is their deficiency of invention with PS3. Sony focused on digital engineering when bring forthing the PS3 and it has the ability to export picture in high-definition format. But this engineering can merely be viewed on a high definition Television. As a consequence of this, a batch of people are non able to see the full potency it can offer. Another factor of failing is the monetary value of PS3, which Sony has lowered by $ 100. Yet the failing of the PS3 is even deeper when the scope of picture games is considered. The bulk of games available entreaty to a peculiar subdivision of the market. There are few games that appeal to a different subdivision of clients. Sony executives made it clear that they are cognizant that they have to make more than take downing the monetary values to acquire the consumers back to Sony.


Sony seeks a batch of chances that utilize their strengths of invention. At Sony Ericsson, design is about more than merely a good looking merchandise. It is integrated into every measure of the procedure – Intelligent characteristics, attractive ocular visual aspect, advanced stuffs and, of class, user-friendly applications.

Another CSL undertakings which was most likely to win was a small piece of artworks package for cell phones by Ivan Poupyrev. It might non sound like much, but the ability to pull realistic embodiments and icons straight on a standard phone is certainly to add entreaty to users of nomadic social-networking sites.


A common menace confronting any company in gross revenues is competition. Sony ‘s Vaio is its newest invention in notebook computing machines. The assorted theoretical accounts range in monetary value from $ 845 – $ 2300. However, Dell has a good repute when it comes to laptops similar to the Vaio and has a broader scope of laptop computing machine systems to take from, non to advert that Dell has besides been a top marketer when it comes to desktop computing machines.

Besides, the cost of a Dell laptop seems to hold a lower monetary value than many of Sony ‘s Vaio theoretical accounts.

Sony ‘s top rivals in the gambling industry are Microsoft and Nintendo. The PlayStation 3 gross revenues have fallen behind late. In 2007, over 360,000 Nintendo Wiis were sold whereas Sony could merely sell 82,000 PS3s merely.

In the LCD telecasting market, Sony excels but still faces some strong competition, including Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic and more. Many of these same trade names appear in the DVD participant market that Sony competes with.

Competition is n’t the lone menace Sony is confronting. Sony most late had to do a public apology refering the usage of a background in a violent picture game, “ Resistance: Fall of Man. ” Sony used the Manchester Cathedral in northwest England in this picture game, which features a gun conflict scene between foreigners and America Soldiers. Sony officially made a public apology on July 6, 2007. However, when they were asked to retreat the game and do contributions to community groups, they merely refused.


When the Sony Walkman was launched, it started a revolution in portable music. We all can conceive of the disturbance that a Walkman caused when it was the newest piece of engineering when it came in the market. Possibly that sort of expectancy has been slightly lost in the inundation of new merchandises which now hit our shelves on a regular footing.

Most of us agree upon the thought that the iPod is a merchandise of the clip we live in. The factors that made it come into being are related to the engineering behind the merchandise, but besides to motions in modern civilization and Apple ‘s originative capital.

The iPod, together with other theoretical accounts of portable mp3-players, is looked upon as a technological discovery by music-listeners of the universe. The iPod ‘s slender design and high technological capacity are more or less obvious characteristics, but it is besides a socially constructed technological artifact ensuing from a ballyhoo dating back to the yearss of Napster. The Walkman is instead cumbrous, and it is surely non minor, unless you have big pockets. A noteworthy characteristic that the iPod has and the Walkman does n’t is “ shuffle ” , where the participant selects random paths to play. It ‘s a map that, on the face of it, the Walkman lacks.

An obvious mark market for the iPod is that of Macintosh users, but Apple is besides interrupting new land by let go ofing a merchandise for an unfastened system. Some experts mean that the pick to do the iPod compatible with Personal computers is a long-run scheme to sell more Macintosh computing machines. They besides made it possible to utilize the iPods with the Windowss and that is where they hit the remainder of the users.

In the aftermath of the iPod, Apple has launched the service iTunes, which is an interface for downloading and playing music. This is clearly a manner of adding value to the nucleus merchandise, but besides perchance legalizing the merchandise after the controversial Apple advertizement with its ‘rip, mix n burn motto. Apple has a repute for its capableness of invention, merchandise singularity, and being able to “ believe outside of the box ” . In our sentiment these are major factors for success and the ground why their merchandises cut through the jumble of consumer electronics. Besides fulfilling the basic functional demand of listening to portable music the iPod besides represents something more ; it provides alone value in the signifier of certain emotional benefits.

It is understood that iPod impacted the user market chiefly due to mass selling. Analogous to the Sony Walkman as described by Du Gay – the iPod, seen as a cultural artefact – can be defined as something that is non merely a portion of our civilization ; it has besides acquired a civilization of its ain with peculiar significances. The iPod represents different things for different people, depending on which needs it fulfils. The iPod has pre-emptied a place in the market that gives it a strong competitory advantage. And with iTunes, Apple has obtained media-synergies and established a strong bridgehead in the market that consists non merely of mp3-players, but besides of other “ cool ” appliances.

One of the anchors behind the iPod ‘s success is the Apple trade name. Ever since Apple ‘s foundation and the debut of the first Macintosh, the company has succeeded in keeping the associations and myths around the trade name where creativeness, invention and imaginativeness have been keywords. These same myths and associations were passed on to the iMac and now recently the iPod.


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