Southwest Airlines Strategic Controls Management Essay

This study gives a brief sum-up on the strategic control systems within southwest air hoses. The study reveals that the company has been able to continue their civilization and construction through the usage of mission, vision and aims. It is these that have helped it in their strategic planes, competitory advantage, corporate strategic and operational schemes. The same ends have besides guided how the company is able to continue and actuate their employees in order to recognize productiveness and give quality service to their clients.

Strategic direction entails the direction of resources through the usage of tools like mission, vision, ends, values, functions, aims, based on a timeline and duties. Strategy in an organisation is achieved through organisation construction, civilization, people and command systems Buller & A ; Schuler. ( 2006 ) . Therefore, in looking at the strategic direction design of Southwest air hoses, this paper shall detail its organisation construction, civilization, people and control systems. The air hose has managed to maintain its caput above Waterss despite the crisis like terrorist act, recession and high fuel monetary values that have locked the air hose industry. This has been associated to several advantages and strengths the company has been able to bask over the old ages as compared to their rivals Southwest air hoses ( 2010 ) .

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This airlines civilization revolves around the public assistance of their employees base on their rule “ employees are first and clients are 2nd. ” This reflects the direction ‘s belief in the bringing of first-class service to the employees and the proviso of occupation security. It is this civilization that led them to cut back on flights instead than put off employees during the recession and planetary economic crisis. This is the direction rule that has been upheld by the company for many old ages, so that the company and the employees are able to thrive in bad times. The air hose has been seeking to continue the rule of low operational cost, low adoption, and a high hard currency flows Southwest air hoses ( 2010 ) .

The company is able to value the employees such that they offer them compensation and benefits from net incomes and excesss. This is seen as a agency to promote employees to execute and increase their production. The corporate civilization of employee motive, compensation and confidence of occupation security is the steering rule that ha enabled the employees of sou’-west air hoses to hold high occupation public presentation. At the same clip, these employees are encouraged to value their work and the air hose as a whole. This facet has been associated to the part of stableness and security in the work in the company. hence, the execution of a no lay off policy in this company has been the chief ground the air hose has been able to keep high rates of employee keeping.

Buller & A ; Schuler ( 2006 ) posit that another corporate civilization that guides the company, is their ability to promote brotherhood members and negotiant to carry on employee ‘s studies, before they commence any contract dialogue. This facet has helped the company to concentrate on the issues that concern the company and the employees. It is this concern that is associated with the publicity and encouragement of employees and the creative activity of an employee friendly environment. The air hose has been able to efficaciously utilize squad work and tam edifice actitivities to actuate and steer the public presentation of their squads and workplace.

The creative activity of squads and the proviso of accomplishments in squad declaration, squad work and squad harmoniousness is another corporate civilization that guides the workplace of sou’-west air hoses ( Southwest air hoses, 2010 ) . This is seen as the air hoses most of import map used in the direction of their squads. The direction of such squads involves conflict declaration consciousness where they have an overview of the declarations. The squads are besides stimulated scenarios, training, preparation, larning and human resources development plans which they use in the workplace. When discoursing strategic direction, it is critical that scheme preparation is besides incorporated ( Buller & A ; Schuler, 2006 ) . This is because through scheme preparation one is ale to recognize how effectual an organisation is able to efficaciously run into their missions, visions, ends and objects every bit good as pull off their resources. Strategic preparation entails three procedures, these are diagnosing ; is the preparation of a situational analysis of the internal status of the organisation. Looking at the corporate construction of sou’-west air hoses, we find that they are able to do usage of their situational analysis where direction is involved in the designation of the organisations aims, the current undertakings, any current schemes, plus the strengths and failings of the organisation. The air hose has been able to place undertakings, program and lay down schemes that will assist their squads to accomplish the undertaking ends. The direction of the air hose has the exclusive duty of steering and developing staff and employees on scheme preparation. This is besides seen as really critical in the creative activity of a competitory advantage within their industry. The company has been able to critically place their organisational environment and place their chances in the market that give them an advantage over their competition.

Strategy preparation should besides assist steer the company towards the creative activity and accomplishment of their mission, vision, ends and aims. The mission of Southwest air hoses focal points on their employees and clients ( Southwest air hoses, 2010 ) . The air hose has gained and maintain their clients by giving exceeding client service which has provided for by the employees who are seen as the basis of the company. This mission hence, sets southwest air hoses apart from other air hoses since they are able to handle their clients like they are all in first category. These first category services can merely be seen as being provided for to first category clients in other air hoses. Therefore by holding mission statement that directs their schemes and ends towards the proviso of first category service to its clients makes southwest air hoses have a alone relationship with the clients. This is the same mission that besides guides the employees, and the workplace public presentation.

Looking at the instance of Southwest air hoses their mission has enabled them to develop their corporate degree schemes. This is due to their strategic part which is at all degrees of Southwest ‘s concern, and which starts with its work force, this implies that they carefully select and train their employees to demo and picture the image of the company. in add-on, those who apply to work in Southwest are put through a choice procedure, which is strenuous since the company is aimed on acquiring people who have the right attitudes to the company. Additionally, the company invests to a great extent in handling its employees good. For illustration, sou’-west air hoses are able to pattern net income sharing with the employees. This is really critical since they encourage employees to personally hold a vested involvement in the company. This has created a room for salary dialogues. They besides give their employees good medical and dental benefits that are of import in this age of lifting health care costs. Furthermore, they have good wages, net income sharing, wellness attention plans which are tools sou’-west air hoses uses to retain the valuable employees. A position at their missions and aims reveals that have influenced their operational schemes and competitory schemes. This is seen where they assign their staff roles through informal occupation descriptions which are concerned with client service.

Their mission, vision and aims have besides affected their corporate administration that is both the mechanistic theoretical account and organic theoretical account. This is because, at the flight crew degree and corporate degree, the mechanistic theoretical account is used, whilst at the lower structural degrees, where there is no usage for safety and clip, the organic theoretical account is used. The air hose besides forward went the functional construction which was common with its rivals, they decided to hold a positive equalitarian civilization that created the positive equity based civilization seen today. It is this cultural attack that contributed significantly to Southwest air hose holding the lowest employee turnover, and the highest degree of consumer satisfaction.

In decision we have seen that the air hose has been able to efficaciously do usage of their corporate mission, vision, aims and ends to direct their direction, civilization, construction and the resources.

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