Statement of purpose Essay

I am entering one of the most crucial phase of my life; a phase during which I need to make a significant academic decision which will shape my future life and career. After thorough introspection of my strengths and interests, I have concluded that a program that integrates Project Management, International Business Opportunities and Business studies is the most appropriate choice for me for my further studies. I have completed my 10th Std. in year 2007 securing 69% and 12th Std. in year 2009 securing 60% from Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar.

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Thereafter, I successfully completed my Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engg.)in year 2013 with 68.2% from Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad. In the first half of my Engineering studies, due to certain reasons my performance was not up to the mark, but during the second half which is considered in awarding the degree I have improved and maintained good academic record for my bright future. After completion of my under graduation, I’ve decided to study further in Canada and for that purpose I have given IELTS examination in October 2013 and secured 7.5 bands.

I have taken International Business Management Program in Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario as my further studies, because this course gives me an opportunity to acquire knowledge regarding all the aspects of the international business as well as it prepares one in understanding various business cultures and strategies all around the world. It also imparts the knowledge concerning Corporate Social Responsibilities, Market Research and much required Professional Skills. The International Business Management program gives me a wide choice of careers and no prerequisite courses or previous business experience is required for this course.

This program opens doors in many fields like Transportation & Trade Industry, Government Organizations, Foreign affairs Analyst, International Market Research Analyst etc. The study of International Business Management includes the development of skills, whereby students learn to think in the business context of another trading nation.

As I have done my under graduation in technical field, my technical knowledge is sound enough and now by opting this business related course, I can get deep practical and theoretical knowledge for better managerial, administrative, coordinative and marketing skills. The main reason of selecting this subject for my future is that, I will be a person who has both technical as well as managerial knowledge.

After getting this international degree, my career will get a boost towards international business field. I will have a better opportunity in gaining an excellent job in multinational companies in India, because nowadays there are so many Multinational Companies in India, which prefer candidates having international degree. I have selected Mohawk College because, it is one of the best community college of Canada and its diverse program provides me a broad knowledge in particular field.

After completion of my course at Mohawk College, Canada, I intend to return to India and work in leading Multinational companies. I have already paid Canadian $ 10,015 tuition fees and also have deposited Canadian $ 10,100 in Nova Scotia Bank under GIC(SPP) to fund my studying & living expenses in Canada and my father and mother is getting total annual income of Rs. 4,00,000/Four Lakhs from Agriculture and Rs. 6,00,000/Six Lakhs from Government Job respectively. I hope my visa application with the above facts will be looked positively by you.

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