Strategic Marketing Plan For Aquafresh

This papers marks a major milepost in the development of a Strategic Marketing Plan for the AQUAFRESH Drinking H2O. Access Natural Water was established as a subordinate of Access International ( Private ) Ltd in the twelvemonth 2001 and is presently a taking bottled H2O maker in the state. The beginning of AQUAFRESH H2O is the all right springs that emerges from the mountains of Labugamkanda in the Ratnapura District. “ AQUAFRESH ” achieved the SLS 894 enfranchisement for bottled imbibing H2O in 2003 being the first to accomplish it. Subsequently emerging farther by obtaining the ISO 9001:2000 enfranchisement in 2004 for the quality direction system.

The scheme will seeks the current market for bottled imbibing H2O, major rivals in the field and place the development which will raise the market stableness over the hereafter. It will place the current state of affairs of AQUAFRESH imbibing H2O ‘s topographic point within the market now, and where it should take to be in future.

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This analysis will place the Strengths and Weaknesses of the AUQAFRESH imbibing H2O in the market degree and how these are control the consumer ‘s response to Opportunities and Threats in the market.

Besides it will analyze the characteristics of AQUAFRESH imbibing H2O and how it is presenting their benefits to the clients. Based on this analysis, the scheme will place the mark markets whose demands are largely satisfied by AQUAFRESH imbibing H2O.

Finally, the scheme sets the marks for incursion and market development to AQUAFRESH imbibing H2O for their existing and new mark markets. A portion from this identifies the chief schemes which can be used to accomplish these ends. It looks at the consumer power and the necessary alterations. Below analysis will give execution marks for future program.


This is to analyze the merchandises market state of affairs by using certain tools.

Macro and Micro environment

The macro-environment

Changes in the macro-environment will non impact closely to the house ‘s daily operations, but they are merely as of import. The chief factors of macro environmental have been segregated by four.

Political and legal environment

Economic environment

Social and cultural environment

Technological environment

Political and legal environment

To many companies, political considerations are likely to be of premier concern. Sri Lanka ‘s current political state of affairs is seems to be promoting the people to put in the concern for an illustration they are giving some revenue enhancement freedoms for importing the goods. Drinking H2O is one of the of import physical demands of homo. Anyhow human will devour the H2O in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. So any political state of affairss will non impact the Drinking H2O concern.

Economic environment

Economic factors are largely influence among demand, costs, monetary values and net incomes. In the current context of Sri Lanka, the consumer goods monetary values are increasing quickly and the consumer net incomes are less. So the in-between category consumer will diminish their involvement to purchase a imbibing H2O bottles since the H2O is one of the free elements in the universe.

Socio-cultural environment

Since the H2O is human ‘s of import physical demands, Socio-culture environment ‘s portion is really less for imbibing H2O concern.

Technological environment

Since the engineering is act uponing the development of many merchandises, it is a cardinal macro-environmental variable. Access Natural H2O is following latest engineerings in their merchandise. Through latest engineerings they are sublimating H2O without adding any chemicals.

The micro environment

The micro-environment indicates the elements which the selling house has controlled or which it can utilize in order to derive information that will break assist it in its selling operations.

Marketing Mix – The ‘four Ps ‘

The ‘four Ps ‘ bases for:


Monetary value

Topographic point


In the H2O concern Price and publicities part are more than other two Ps. Because H2O is the free component in the universe so merchandise is non obvious every bit good as H2O is available in everyplace in the universe, so topographic point besides non indispensable. But monetary value and publicity are indispensable.

Monetary value:

Since the H2O is a free component in the universe, pricing the H2O merchandises is really of import. Administration should see the consumer capacity every bit good as rival ‘s monetary value. Consumers will see the low monetary value and high quality merchandises. AQUAFRESH ‘s monetary value is small bit more than their rival ‘s monetary value. They are utilizing this monetary value different to keep the benchmark of their merchandise. Because of this monetary value, their consumer degree besides has been limited.


In the current universe, H2O concern is increasing quickly. There are so many rivals in the market. In Sri Lanka late Elephant House besides entered in to drinking H2O concern. So the publicity is indispensable in this concern. Currently Access Natural H2O is advancing their merchandise through selected supply concatenation. They need to increase their supply ironss.

Except above four Ps, the “ Peoples ” of drawn-out selling mix besides will be considered. Because they are of import in this concern, for an illustration small town people will non see the bottled H2O every bit good as they will non pass money for it. So aiming these people will non win.

Internal Organization Analysis

Internal organisational analysis assesses all related factors in an organisation in order to find its strengths and failings.

Fiscal place

Since Access is a group of companies, financially Access Natural H2O is in a strengthen place.

Merchandise place

When comparison with other H2O merchandises, AQUAFRESH monetary value is petite more than other H2O merchandises. So this merchandise is positioned with the certain consumers.

Selling capableness

This merchandise ‘s selling capableness is high. They are presenting the merchandise at the right clip and at the right topographic point.

Except above other factors like, Organizational construction, Human resource, status of installations and equipment, past aim and schemes etc. besides will considered for internal organisational analysis.

Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats ( SWOT )



The lively and reviewing gustatory sensation of ‘AQUAFRESH ‘ can be experienced by any individual devouring this H2O, and it is merely to mildly prickle your gustatory sensation buds.

Quality Assurance

Sequences of research lab trials are conducted systematically for each batch of H2O, both in to the full equipped in-house research lab every bit good as other accredited outsourced research labs in conformity to local and international criterions.


The untasted springs are located in aquifers situated 200ft beneath the stone bed. It of course preserves the pureness and freshness of H2O: a procedure that can non be imitated, and is non changed by the bottler.


The H2O does non necessitate a rough purification due to the pureness of the beginning from which the H2O is extracted, therefore riddance the usage of germicide chemicals which are a proved wellness jeopardy.


AQUAFRESH is certified with SLS 894, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000:2005, Dutch HACCP nutrient safety certification and the ministry of Health.


Monetary value

When comparison with other H2O merchandises monetary value, AQUAFRESH monetary value is petite more.

Market Topographic point

They have merely few market topographic points in island broad. Their distribution concatenation is less.


Fast turning field

The universe is altering the people to machinery life. So they are willing to travel for an easy ways to carry through their demands. In this state of affairs bottled imbibing H2O have more chances.


Since the state in a unagitated state of affairs, there are more chances to spread out their concern in island broad.

Introduce new spirit

Introduce the herbal H2O to the market which will assist to human wellness.

Fiscal competency

Since they are a group of companies, they have more chances to spread out their concern.


Entrance of new participants

Many new participants are come ining in the market. Recently Elephant House besides entered in this market. This is gives a tough competition to the current H2O trade names including AQUAFRESH.

Water Filter Manufacturers

AQUAFRESH is non merely acquiring competition from mineral H2O shaper but is besides confronting a tough competition from assorted H2O filter makers. They have been marketing there purifiers in the market which has decreased the gross revenues of bottled H2O supply to homely clients.

Strong distribution channel of the other makers

Marketing Research information methods

Market research is the procedure of roll uping, entering and analysing the information available, in order to assist the company understand and analyse its market and prospective clients.

Access Natural Water has planned to spread out their market. So these informations methods will assist them for a new market state of affairs. There are several ways to roll up the information. But here utilizing merely appropriate methods.

Questionnaire: This is one of the commonly used informations roll uping method. Fix the merchandise related inquiry and distribute among people to acquire their sentiment.


More informations can be collected.

Easy to analyze.

Datas can be collected from all degree of clients.


Lack of treatments or thought sharing between clients and distributers.

Telephone Interviews: reach the people over the telephone and acquiring their sentiment about merchandise. Here detailed informations can be collected but in this method administration can non roll up informations from more clients because all people do non hold telephone installations every bit good as more clip has to pass for informations aggregation and this method is expensive.

Other than above method there are sample study and personal interview methods besides at that place, but these are expensive methods to utilize. Water bottle monetary values comparably lesser than other soft drinks merchandise. So utilizing questionnaire method will be more cost effectual every bit good as more informations roll uping method.


Water Purification System

AQUAFRESH purifies H2O without adding any chemicals with a wholly natural biological purification system.


They have captured Leading Local / International Organizations as their clients ‘ e.g Apollo Hospital, UN Organizations. Recently they entered in to Sri Lankan Airlines as an Official provider.


The newest add-on to the production line is the recent launch of “ AQUAFRESH ” in PET ( polyethylene terephthalate ) bottles in 200ml, 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml and 1500ml capacities.


They have different type of bundles which targeted based on the consumer capacity. For an illustration they have different type of H2O dispenser so consumer can choose based on their capacity.


Build Brand Image

A long-run selling aim for AQUAFRESH could be to better gross revenues by constructing an image for the merchandise, trade name, and/or company. Ever more, this is a precise end for big companies with ample budgets.

Enhance Customer Service

Access Natural Water can increase returns in some manner by bettering client service. When clients are more satisfied, they tend to distribute the word about this merchandise every bit good as bargain more frequently themselves.

Lower Operating Costss

Access Natural H2O has desired to cut down their operating cost.

Increasing the Gross saless

Access Natural H2O is aiming to increase their “ AQUAFRESH ” gross revenues by 10 % in following twelvemonth.


Schemes are really of import to better the gross revenues of merchandises. Marketing schemes may differ depending on the alone state of affairs of the single concern. It is complete and an unbeatable program designed specifically for making the selling aim of a house. The selling nonsubjective point towards what the house want to accomplish. The selling scheme gives the design for accomplishing them.

When analysed the AQUAFRESH aims, it is exposed that they are intend to travel from their narrow market focal point to wide market. Their image edifice, gross revenues addition and low cost operational aims are exposing that they are seeking to do uniqueness and low cost competence for their merchandise. Since they are maintaining the monetary value as a benchmark of their merchandise, they will non do any immediate scheme for low cost. But this analysis is sing the both schemes.

Michael Porter describes a concern scheme class strategy where there are three general types for accomplishment and care of its competitory advantage.

Monetary value BASED Selling STRATEGY

Since the H2O concern is quickly increasing in the worldwide, the competitions besides increasing. So the companies are utilizing the monetary value as their chief competitory degree. It will monetary value its merchandise to accommodate the changing competitory demand. AQUAFRESH imbibing H2O monetary value reasonably higher than their rival ‘s monetary value because they are keeping their benchmark every bit good as their production cost is high due to the latest expensive H2O purify engineering.

As per their aims, they are meaning to spread out their market because they are happening the manner to cut down the merchandise monetary value. To spread out the market in the extremely competitory concern, they need to cut down the monetary value. Here their one of the aim is lower runing cost. So if they cut down their operating cost, they can cut down their merchandise monetary value every bit good. If they reduced the monetary value, the gross revenues will increase. Proper scheme has to follow to cut down the operational cost.

A Web based concern can assist by take downing costs. Automated client service maps – Web-based FAQ, order position studies, merchandise specifications, etc. can take down the figure of client service calls, cut downing client service labour costs.

For clients, administer the merchandise through supply concatenation. It will cut down the transit cost.

Increasing the supply concatenation channels in island broad. It will cut down the cost of supply for long-distanced consumers. Equally good as addition the merchandise gross revenues.

Using societal webs ( Facebook ) to advance their merchandise. It will cut down the many operational disbursals.


Due to the high competition in the market, Access Natural Water has to place their merchandise in consumer head. Since they intended to travel from their narrow market range to wide market range, they need to make the trade name image among the consumers. So consumers can easy place the merchandise.

To make the trade name image they need to distinguish the merchandise from their rivals. Already they differentiated their merchandise in the bottle. They are holding different type of palpebra for their bottle. But this is non plenty to concentrate. Here are few schemes to do image about their merchandise.

Introducing flavoured H2O: Until now there is no any flavoured H2O introduced in the market. S o this debut will distinguish the merchandise. But in our state, utilizing herbal with H2O will win.

Puting the right retail monetary value: monetary value besides will make the trade name image among clients. Since they are seeking to spread out their market, they need to cut down their monetary value equal to or less than their rival ‘s monetary value.

Ad: They need to publicize to make the image in consumer head. For an illustration they can publicize like little babe besides can imbibe this H2O. In our state, most of the people are non willing to give bottled H2O to babes. The advertizement should make to more consumers. So they can publicize in their bottle label, use the societal webs ( Facebook, Twitter )

Distribution Location & A ; Channel: Merchandise should administer in the right location. As discussed earlier, if they distribute in the small town country, the per centum of win will be really less. So when they select the distribution location and channel, they need to categorise that. For an illustration they can categorise like metropolis degree, below metropolis degree, small town. So in the metropolis degree, they can choose the major ace markets like cargills, Arpico, fast nutrient eating houses etc as their channels and below metropolis degree food market shops where people holding frequently visit.


Printing the H2O purification system brief in the bottle label.

Asking providers to maintain the merchandise sample in the forepart show.

Keeping advertisement streamers in-front of mercantile establishments and in the metropolis chief countries where people going frequently.

Explaining to the clients about the benefit of the merchandise ( flavoured H2O )

Publishing the notice of merchandise item with intelligence documents.


There are several benefits of making and utilizing a selling budget. The end of selling budget is to command disbursals and undertaking grosss. It besides assists in the coordination of selling activities within organisation.

Web based concern

Since the scheme has for web based concern, Internet based marketingA has been included in the selling budget. There are now many ‘websites in a box ‘ for the budget bound, there ‘s many web interior decorators who will plan a site to demand specifications.

Cost countries to see –

Web hosting

Consulting & A ; development

Search engine optimisation


Following cost countries can be considered in distribution:


Overtime and Transport Allowance for long distance traveling

Labor charges for goods uploading and downloading.

New Flavor Introduction

New machine for spirit adding ( erstwhile outgo ) .



Low budget advertisingA can work highly good for H2O bottle concern. There are many media to publicize every bit good as societal webs and web based advertizement besides available.

Following standard can be considered to do budget:

No. of spectator or reader of specific media

Does the advertisement range mark audience?

The length of the run


Rental for societal webs

Web infinite charges


Market Research

Relationship with Distributors


Gross saless Team Support

Field Support


This paper has analyzed the selling scheme be aftering procedure of an AQUAFRESH bottled imbibing H2O. All concern should get down with an first-class selling scheme. Organization ‘s sections are fixing this scheme foremost to utilize as a base for it.

A brief executive sum-up to the company has followed by an analysis of import of the strategic selling program procedure within Access Natural Water Company. The paper farther discusses trade name ‘s selling aims, selling research, SWOT and selling mix etc as a tool to help the selling scheme. The key for successful selling is in changeless measuring of consequences retrieved from marketing research. These consequences need to be analyzed and shared throughout the whole organisation as they consider their budgets. Merely if all the facets of the selling mix are on a regular basis monitored and changed as needed, the company would remain on the top of all possible menaces.


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Access Natural Water Brochure

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