Strengths And Weaknesses Of Competitors Marketing Essay

The merchandise in service selling mix is intangible in nature. Because of this intangibleness, the house may happen it hard toA understand how consumers perceive their services. For developingA a good client service, the service seller should emphasize onA touchable cues and besides make a strong organisational image. This can be done by communicatingA clearly to the clients the characteristics of the service being provided.

Ufone ‘s cellular service excels its rivals at all degrees. When a new merchandise is launched it consists of complete bundle of design characteristics, quality, trade name name and after sale service. Ufone understands and value its clients therefore its primary focal point is on U.

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Post-Pay And Prepay Services Are Offered By Ufone In Telecom Sector:

Ufone Prepay

Ufone prepay service is segmented for the childs. They are divided on the footing of their position and age. They use postpaid cards to reload whenever they need.

Ufone Post-Pay

Ufone station wage is meant for the concern or executive category people who need doing calls all the clip for concern intent. Particular value added services are given to post wage clients.

U portion

Other services of ufone include u portion. Prepay consumers can now direct their balance to each other through a simple SMS in 3 easy stairss.

Mobile Number Portability

Ufone welcomes consumers to accomplish their nomadic phones to outdo service. Through the nomadic figure portability ( MNP ) , endorsers can maintain nomadic phone Numberss when they change operators. It therefore 0300-xxxxxx xxxxxxx-0345 can be ufone client in the MNP system.

Monetary value

Cellular companies are confronting major competition in monetary values because clients consider monetary value as nucleus of trade name choice. Therefore ufone besides see monetary value as major distinction. It offers least call rates. Ufone programs to capture bing demands of clients use them good on timely footing. For illustration call rates offered on Eid yearss are really economical, likewise hourly rates in Ramadan when they are less likely to be used. It ‘s an first-class scheme to hike the trade name image in the heads of clients in pricing footings and besides gain net income in making so. Ufone offer their services at lower monetary values and low-cost.

Ufone post wage provides you with odd call programs to accommodate your manner and after contact. Use your rear ufone for concern or leisure and remain connected all the clip.

Pricing method:

Because of the high quality of service call rates monetary values are set at cost plus a premium monetary value.

Pricing scheme

Pricing scheme plays a really of import function for a portion in a market where rivals giant is already working and traveling frontward. Ufone implemented low pricing schemes to make their ends. Pakistan population largely contains the in-between category and working category people. In this position of low pricing scheme for ufone gets the attending of many clients. Ufone usage dynamic pricing scheme and market incursion pricing scheme to run into the demands of its clients and to face compotators.

Topographic point

Topographic point is really of import for the distribution and publicity of services. Rivals are ever seeking to widen their web in every portion of Pakistan. In this instance Mobilink has an border because it ‘s the innovator of cellular telephonic service.

Ufone has planned to widen its coverage in all parts of Pakistan to run into the of all time increasing demand of its client base. Now ufone is using its web in northern countries. Ufone has huge publicity in metropoliss, but it ‘s sing bettering it in rural countries.

Ufone added 4.0 million endorsers in 20011-12 compared with the add-on of 6.5 million in the old twelvemonth. Ufone added the largest figure of cell sites in 20011-12. With the add-on of these, sum cell sites reached to 3471. Ufone is a web operator who works with a web of more than 365 franchises and 25 company-owned client service centres along with a distribution web of 150,000 mercantile establishments countrywide. Ufone covers more than 5442 finishs.

Ufone keeps on adding new metropoliss to spread out superior web. Ufone covering all the major metropoliss in Pakistan now consumers can bask comprehensive coverage in countries such as the GT route, the main road ace main road etc. And wherever they are in Pakistan, ufone keeps them connected.

Geographic coverage:

Ufone aims to supply users with a wider coverage, superior connectivity, clear signals and sound quality which covers more than 5442 finishs, ufone is the best manner to remain in touch.

It is divided into four parts, which are listed below:






Ufone usage blend of different publicity tools which is called incorporate selling tools. Ufone is engaged in different channels and activities to supply value to consumers. These activities or channels are organized to maximise communicating end product.

These channels includes: –


Through advertisement people get awareness about the merchandise and are able to take the best one to run into their demands in the field of nomadic communications.

Electronic Media

Ufone utilizes electronic media through telecasting advertisement. Ufone is holding a great trade of advertisement on telecasting, to their clients about the offers and the latest merchandises. Interesting portion is that adheres to carry through with its humourous entreaty and making a truly good occupation at that. Ufone is celebrated for its ain manner of humourous ads that truly became the talk of the town.

Print Media

Ufone offers actively its advertizements in printed signifier every bit good. They are used in different ways as a agency to advance the trade name. Ufone advertizements can be seen in newspapers and magazines.


Paintings ( including the skyscrapers ) are the chief beginnings to advance ufone. New aggregations are displayed or any updates about the merchandise characteristics. And you can see the different types of advertisement on telecasting and hoardings.

Word Of Mouth ( Buzz ) :

Ufone is the most popular of all the companies in the telecom sector in Pakistan. Thankss to the advertisement run, which remain in peoples mind for a really long clip. As ufone is the most popular in the young person, young person is the ground that refers to their friends and relations to utilize it proudly.

SMS Selling

Ufone non merely do usage of the electronic media and promotional activities. But Ufone is besides marketing new bundles and updates on their ain, that is, through SMS. Ufone is committed to retain bing clients to acquire on the web operator turned to another. Selling through SMS, Ufone makes consumers cognizant, with new elements that are launched.

Internet Selling

There are users who are active users. They connect and communicate through the cyberspace. These users try to happen solutions through the cyberspace. Ufone site ( ) contains a aggregation of information about the merchandise, services and coverage, arrangement, and value-added services.

Personal Selling

Ufone besides uses per selling techniques for its station wage connexions aiming business communities and good to make individuals.

Public Relations

Ufone less considers its public relation. But it has late introduced “ Hajj Guide ” service.

Direct Selling

Ufone has umbrella in-road franchises were they straight sell their Sims and connexion.

We can state that ufone has gained the topographic point where it is now through first-class publicities.


There is difficult nucleus competition between the cellular service suppliers in Pakistan. Ufone is a rival in the market in its competitory place, where Mobilink is the taking company in the market. Warid, Telenor, Zong freshly introduced in this field. Ufone has the following four direct rivals: –





Competitive Scheme:

Competitive schemes are ufone client familiarity and distinction. Ufone aims to go through the lead of Mobilink in the competitory race.

Market Tendencies:

Latest update of PTA figure of endorsers reveals really interesting consequences. The figures showed the entire subscriber base of cellular services to make 95,500,000. Last update takes this figure up to 95900000 shows the lowest growing rate of 0.13 % this twelvemonth. Telenor and Mobilink both showed an addition in the figure of endorsers, about cervix to make out in the Numberss. More interesting figures are Ufone, which has gained really small in July and lost a batch in two months. Warid and Zong besides do non see a important addition in the period from July to September.

Market Share:

Business proctor international ( BMI ) ranked Pakistan as a major finish for the growing of telecommunications. BMI rankings takes into history a figure of factors, including the position and industry, and the growing potency, competitory landscape, economic system and political hazards, and so nomadic operators want to avoid competition on monetary value merely, they will hold to vie for superior service, and advanced characteristics and easiness of usage.

Mobilink -Reshaping Lifes

Mobilink entered the market in 1994 as the leader in the market both in footings of growing every bit good as larger articulation clients for more than 30 million and turning.

Telenor- Smart Call

Telenor, a recent entrant with about one billion U.S. dollars investing in Pakistan is all right, on the footing of its recent net incomes study. Have about 24 % of the market.

Ufone -It ‘s All About You

Ufone, a entirely owned subordinate of Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited ( PTCL ) , is now under the control of Etisalat group of United Arab Emirates. It has more than 8.8 million endorsers.

Warid -We Care

Warid Telecom is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Group & A ; SingTel Group. Warid Telecom is backed by the Abu Dhabi Group, a big concern pudding stone in the Middle East and a major investor in Pakistan. With 5.9 million endorsers in the market, which controls 17 % of the market.

Zong -Say It All

Zong is the first international trade name of China Mobile being launched in Pakistan. It is meant to enable and emancipate the people of Pakistan. Zong endorsers are 3,146,763.

Strengths And Failings Of Rivals


At the top of the list of Pakistani nomadic companies Mobilink. With more than 30 million endorsers has the largest market portion. Its portions are listed in London and Egyptian stock markets ( OTLD ) .

Strengths and failings in Mobilink ( major rival ) :


Extensive web

International trade name

Network capacity

Leading Telecommunications Company in Pakistan.

Strong trade name name

Good coverage



Rising monetary values

Foreign trade name

Less known in the civilization


High revenue enhancement rates

Competition basic Ufone and Mobilink is with quality, monetary value and bringing to clients.


Telenor Pakistan is the state ‘s individual largest European foreign direct investor, with investings in surplus of $ 2 billion. It acquired a GSM licence in 2004 and began commercial operations on March 15, 2005.

At the terminal of December 2011 it had a reported subscriber base of 28.11 million, and a market portion of 24 % .


Network quality and design

Superior client attention

Fiscal strength

Excellent coverage and distribution

Contract with Siemens and Nokia

Brand image of quality.


Relatively low market portion

Low net income borders

Negative hard currency flows in the early old ages.


Warid was launched in Pakistan 23 May 2005. Warid telecom is backed by the Abu Dhabi group, a big concern pudding stone in the Middle East and a major investor in Pakistan.


Experienced higher direction

Compatible monetary values

Effective selling scheme


High degrees of revenue enhancements and fees proceedingss

Delayed activities


Zong is a portion of China nomadic Pakistan ( CMPAK ) , a 100 % subordinate of China Mobile. The assignment of major abroad consists of China Mobile through the acquisition of a licence from Millicom to run a GSM web in Pakistan.


Operators, if unchecked, could impede market growing.

Transport web


Government trade

High growing rate

The first company that made Mobile.



Mobile of China, and the perceptual experience of people around Chinas mobile non good. So a low resale value.

Weak signals

Old Staff

Sustainable Competitive Advantage:

Ufone has the advantage over rivals gained by offering greater value to consumers. Ufone scheme is to acquire more and more competitory advantage. Ufone presently is basking the undermentioned competitory advantages: –

Lowest overall call rates

Value-added services ( VAS )

Name block service

Corporate colour

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