Strengths Of Flexible Working Hour Policy Management Essay

The flexible working hr theoretical account has been introduced for decennaries, but it has non been forgotten by people. In contrast, it seems to be replacing the traditional on the job hr theoretical account by springs and bounds. Flexible working hr theoretical account is an adjustable employment agreement, which intends to fit the companies ‘ involvements to their employees absolutely ( Kathleen, 2005 ) . The theoretical account besides includes flexitime, telecommute, occupation sharing and others ( CareerBuilder, 2009 ) . In latter period of twentieth century, the demand for flexible working hr additions, particularly for adult females that working after holding kids and immature coevals ( Baer, n.d. ) . Nowadays, flexible working hr theoretical account has got high attending from all over the concern universe when 68 % of organisations such as Sun Microsystems offer flexible working hr agreements ( World at Work, 2011 ) . Since 1973, Hewlett-Packard became the first U.S. company practiced the flexible on the job clip theoretical account ( Santa, 2008 ) . Thereafter, many companies such as Sun Microsystems and Texas Instruments besides follow the new concern tendency to implement flexible on the job hours. This is because, it can help the employees to better go to to their personal demands and decrease in transposing cost for employees. However, there are many people and administrations which remain to prefer the traditional on the job hr theoretical account. The feasibleness and effectivity of the new theoretical account are questioned because no 1 can vouch the flexible working hr theoretical account will surpass the traditional theoretical account. Furthermore, many companies do non like to take the hazard lightly to alter their policy since there are many failings in the new theoretical account such as the troubles in monitoring and distraction to employees at work remain to be unsolved. Hence, this assignment has been prepared to critically analyze the strengths and restrictions of the flexible on the job hr policy, the challenges and suggestions in implementing it to demo to what extent the organisations should prioritise and implement it.

Strengths of Flexible Working Hour Policy

Productive employer and employee are by and large the medium of a successful administration as to guarantee all available resources are developed in this competitory economic system. Introducing a flexible working hours which is one of the agreements ( Workplace Flexibility 2010, 2006 ) that can be made by administration is perfectly good in both long-term and short-term to the administration and employee.

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One of the benefits brought to the employee with such flexibleness is that it assists employees to better go to to their personal demands. Committed employees will happen domestic and personal issues sing their kids and aged parents being handled at easiness without taking leave. ( Time for Smarter Working and Living, 2012 ) Sun Microsystems, Inc. a supplier of computing machine peripheral is one of the administrations that get high public presentations from its employees due to this variable. Proven that committednesss toward work and household can be every bit provided, Richard Jordan a undertaking director in Open Work Services Group of Sun Microsystems said it is perfectly deserving the trade of working longer and odder hours with flexible clip spend with his household. ( CareerBuilder, 2009 ) Besides, the sight of decrease in transposing cost for employees resulted on nest eggs of $ 1,700 gas and vehicle wear and tear cost yearly. It is stated that of Sun ‘s employees working home 2.5 yearss hebdomadally, turning away of 3,700 stat mis by norm achieved. ( CareerBuilder, 2009 ) Indirectly, employees besides get to do off-peak travelling that requires lower cost in the sense of dollar and clip.

To run into the demands of today ‘s work force while confronting the challenge of high employee turnover, First Tennessee Bank ( FTB ) a fiscal services company based in Memphis found the solution to that. Implementing flexible work agendas and parttime work choices with benefits show billowing client quality responses after a changed in policy for 5 old ages. Through employees ‘ comprehension towards the policy induced, FTB coverage of $ 3million nest eggs in turnover costs. ( Workplace Flexibility 2010, n.d ) The decrease of this cost shows a close relation with the direction theories exist sing the contentment of employees. This is because low turnover cost really indicates high satisfactory which in bend developing high motive in work force. Having the thrust to stand out in carry throughing sensible ambitious ends, the employees can be reflected to be practising McClelland ‘s Needs Theory ; Need of accomplishment. FTB besides experiences a 96 % of client keeping which is high as the industry norm was merely 87 % . ( Workplace Flexibility 2010, n.d ) Staff keeping was one of the advantages earned by FTB as the result. Reportedly, the turnover of people was reduced up to 85 % by holding 100 employees working parttime retaining benefits. ( Workplace Flexibility 2010, n.d )

Furthermore, flexible work hours allow an administration to execute better in organizing with concern operations internationally. This being the consequence of employees from Texas Instruments ( TI ) bespeaking for flexibleness in work hours has made TI successfully provide a solution which is by an “ ad-hoc ” flexible work policy. Without giving its employees any constrain on the different sorts of flexibleness agreement, employees took in the pick to change work agendas, compacting work hebdomads, and telecommute on occasion. Based on that, TI saw advancement on stress degree of employees fall with greater value being delivered to clients. ( Workplace Flexibility 2010, n.d )

Restrictions of Flexible Working Hour Model

Although flexible working hr policy seems to be welcomed by countless of international houses, but there are still many downsides within this policy. It is a fact that flexible work hr does help employees to better go to to their personal demands. However, there may be some irresponsible employees who prefer to prioritise their personal demands during working hours. Based on the study conducted by Wakefield Research ( 2012 ) , 43 % of 1,013 American office workers watch Television, and 20 % of them play video games while working at place ( Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012 ) . Besides that, employers who allow employees to work under flexible hr policy at place may do some troubles for employees to concentrate their work. This is because, it is ever uneasy for employee to equilibrate the allotment of clip between work and household when the office and place are the same topographic point. For illustration, Davis who runs the website says that she will ever be spontaneously taking the advantage of flexibleness of working hours to care for her kids while working at place ( Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012 ) .

Although working at place through flexible on the job hr policy can salvage transposing cost but there can be perchance conceal some extra disbursals such as the addition in heat and electric measures while employees working at place ( MIT, 2004 ) . Furthermore, employees work in office with their preferred clip will increase the public-service corporation cost of the company excessively. Besides that, with the permission to let employees to do off-peak traveling, it is bound to be fewer employees who are willing take the enterprise to work at busy working hours which have a batch of work to make.

Furthermore, it is inefficient to retain employees under the execution of flexible work hours if they are irresponsible. Based on the study conducted by Wakefield Research ( 2012 ) , 24 percentof 1,013 American office workers admit to hold a drink and 26 per centum of them take sleeps during work hours ( Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012 ) .A Besides that, it is unbeneficial to the company to fulfill employees by leting them to hold flexible work hours policy as it can diminish the productiveness. Human resources confer withing executive, Terry McGeorgesay claims that fabricating end product suffers when flextime implemented since many mill operations depend on the presence of each employees at there ( Reference for Business, 2012 ) .

In add-on, flexible work hours may impede the administrations to execute better in organizing the concern operations internationally as audio communicating via phone or other digital appliances is less effectual than the face-to-face treatments. This is because it can neither efficaciously promote the exchange of thoughts, nor can positively further the relationship among the group members. Besides, it would be troublesome to pass on when proficient job occurs such as job in telephone or networking ; hence, it is likely to impact the gait of production. Furthermore, flexible work hours may decrease the chances of employees to work as a squad in organisation and detain the gait of group productiveness due its restricted coaction ( Small Business, 2012 ) .

In decision, this policy is non encouraged by many employers. Wakefield Research shows that half of the surveyed employers oppose the pattern of working from place ( Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012 ) . In add-on, the deficiency of employees ‘ assurance in implementing the flexible work agreement besides strongly supports the statement above.

Suggestions for Improvement

Despite the figure of restrictions of flexible working hr policy is non little, they can really be improved or solved through several ways. First of all, employers may set up the timetable earlier, and decline the employer to alter the timetable often or instantly. Furthermore, the timetable of employees can be shown publically in the office to actuate them to be after their agenda earlier. Therefore, the agreement of working clip and undertakings will be clear to them to avoid any confusion when the timetable is shown to them earlier.

Second, employers can hold a just equity system to actuate the employers. For case, the employees with first-class public presentation shall be rewarded suitably, whereas the employers with the unsated public presentation shall be warned or punished reasonably. Hence, it can supply a strong inducement for the employees to pursuit for higher public presentation, and avoid the unsated public presentation which may be them the penalties. In add-on, employers should put a steadfast deadline for employees ‘ undertakings and remind them when it is near to guarantee them to subject their work on clip.

Third, the organisations may utilize a narrow span of control to organize a smaller squad to closely supervise the employees even when they work outside of the office. Through a little squad, the employers can easy rede and look into the work advancement of every member since there are fewer employees straight reported to them.

Fourthly, companies may let the employees to take their coveted members for better cooperation, because a harmonious squad is important for effectual communicating within the squad. Besides, employers should necessitate employees to hold face-to-face meeting on occasion ; so, they may discourse their undertakings and exchange information more efficaciously.

Last, employers may put up a suggestion and ailment web site which is opened for clients and employees based on the unfastened systems position. By making this, the employers can straight get their sentiments to farther better the on the job hr policy. In add-on, the employers should be modest and open-minded in having the unfavorable judgments from others to avoid any prejudice or bias in placing and bettering the restrictions of current policy by hearing the sentiments of others.


In decision, the tendency which replaces the traditional theoretical account with the flexible working hr theoretical account is inevitable as the concern environment and employees ‘ life style presents have ne’er stopped in altering. Hence, a flexible on the job clip is certainly a win-win scheme for both the employers and employees since it can fulfill most of their demands at the same time. Therefore, after the ratings of both strengths and restrictions of the policy, it is clear and advisable for the companies to prioritise the flexible on the job hr policy for their employees. Although, restrictions can be found within the policy, they are believed that they can be settled through the concerted attempts made by both employers and employees in different facets. Furthermore, the strengths of this policy will still be farther exploited by the companies when they get more experience in implementing them. Finally, the flexible working hr theoretical account will surpass the traditional theoretical account under the great attempt made by the employers and employees, and the wagess brought by it shall be unmeasurable.

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